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3 dog night – Dirty Sex Tales

You’ve heard the expression, it’s a three dog night, right? I believe it refers to very cold nights in the arctic when you would keep warm by having three of your dogs sleep with you.

This is a story about a woman who was kept more than warm by her three dogs.

Julia lived in the East Tennessee mountains in a log house on 7 acres of mostly timber. She was rather reclusive so didn’t mind the solitude of mountain life. The only thing she didn’t like was that there were so few eligible men.

But she had her three German shepherd dogs to keep her company and provide extra security in addition to the rifle she kept.

Up until one fateful night they just provided normal canine companionship. But for some unknown reason that changed.

Julia usually slept in long pjs due to the normally cool nights in the mountains. But one summer there was a heat wave and the temperature stayed warm all night, so Julia slept nude to stay cool. She covered with a thin sheet but during the night she had kicked it off. She was laying on her side with one leg in front of the other. She was dreaming that a handsome man was licking her cunt. She was nearing an orgasm when she woke to discover that it wasn’t a dream! She turned her head to find Rusty on the bed, licking her cunt!

“Rusty! Stop it!” She commanded. Rusty looked at her, hurt that she was angry at him. She petted him on the head and said, “I’m sorry, but you can’t do that.”

Of course Rusty didn’t understand what she was saying. He was just glad she wasn’t angry anymore. But he could still smell the delicious aroma emanating from her special place. He put his snout back in her cunt.

Julia jerked at the contact, about to chastise him again when his tongue licked her again. It separated her labia and penetrated her cunt.

“Ohhhhhh Rusty! Oh no! You shouldn’t!” But she didn’t pull away this time. It had been too long since anything but her toys or her hand had touched her down there!

She rolled over and spread her legs wide, “okay, you devil! If you want to taste my cunt, have at it!”

Rusty dove back in and went at it with more enthusiasm. He loved the taste but he knew that that meant she wanted him to fuck her. He got over top of her and Julia moaned, “oh god! You want to fuck me? Okay, but I need to roll over.”

She rolled onto her belly then raise up on her hands and knees.

“Come on big boy! Fuck me! Give me that big hard cock!”

Rusty jumped onto her back and wrapped his legs around her waist. Then he started to stab at her, his cock hitting all around her crotch until with one thrust he hit the target! His cock penetrated all the way, hitting the bottom of her cunt!

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Holy fuck! You’re fucking huge! Oh god! Oh god! Fuck me! Oh god! Fuck me hard!”

Rusty was not being gentle and that was just what Julia needed. He jammed his cock in so fast his haunches were a blur. It had been so long since Julia had been truly fucked that she came almost as son as he started to stroke into her.

“Oh my god! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh god! I’m cumming! Oh god!”

She pushed back at him and he pushed hard, his knot lodging in her opening and started spewing dog cum into her.

“Oh yes Rusty! Fill my cunt! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh god yes!”

Rusty emptied his balls then pulled out, his cum spurting out of her cunt. He jumped off the bed and went to a corner to clean himself off. Julia was about to clean herself up when Brownie jumped on the bed.

“You want some too, Brownie?”

She stayed in the doggie position and after sniffing her cunt, Brownie jumped on her. It took several jabs before he found his target, but when he felt the warm wetness, he jammed his big cock in all the way and started to fuck rapidly, just like Rusty did.

“Oh! You nasty devil! You’re trying to make momma cum again! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh god yes! Fuck me you big fucking brute! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yes! Yes! YESYESYEEEEEESSSSS!”

She pushed back against him and titled her pelvis up to get his knot into her entrance. He began filling her already cum filled cunt with his dog goo.

He pulled out and his cum squirted out to join the puddle on her bed.

She saw Blackie looking with his usual sorrowful eyes.

“Okay Blackie, I know you want to fuck me too!” She patted her ass and he jumped on the bed. He jumped right on her back and like his brothers, he started stabbing at her looking for her hole. He found a hot open hole and jammed in hard!

“Ohhhhhh no! Not there! Oh god! It hurts! Oh god nooooooo!”

He missed her cunt and his cock had skewered her asshole! He didn’t care and he rapid fucked her, holding her to him with his powerful legs.

“Oh Blackie! Your big! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh god! It hurts! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh god!”

But there was another feeling starting to overcome the pain. Julia had never had anal sex and was stunned when her cunt started to flow with cream and her clit was throbbing. She reached back and rubbed her clit as her big dog fucked her ass hard.

“Oh god! You’re making me cum again! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!”

He jammed in hard and his knot spread her opening even more, causing her to cry out in pain and pleasure. Then her tortured anal tunnel was soothed with warm cum as the dog filled her ass with cum!

She finally was able to collapse on the bed. She was so exhausted she fell asleep without cleaning herself.

In the morning, her whole crotch was sticky with dried cum. She showered and

After breakfast she got a call from her sister. Her niece wanted to stay with her for two weeks starting the following week. While Julia loved to see her niece, she was looking forward to lots of fucking now that her dogs had discovered that she was a female worthy of fucking.

She made good use of the remaining time before Cindy arrived, fucking each dog at least twice daily.

When Cindy arrived she was happy to see her and the first afternoon they spent catching up. While they were talking, the dogs came in and Rusty put his snout into Julia’s crotch. She was embarrassed and told him to get down. He sat in front of her and whined, not knowing why his mistress was being mean to him.

The he picked up the odor of another bitch in the room and she was definitely in heat. He walked up to her and put his nose into her crotch.

“Oh my!” She said, “he’s certainly friendly!”

“Rusty! Stop that boy!”

She was blushing and Cindy noticed and wondered why she was blushing and why Rusty was so insistent on smelling their pussies.

“Julia, why is Rusty doing that? Is he always that horny?”

“Uh, yeah, I don’t know?” She stammered.

Then Cindy knew the truth!

“You let the dogs fuck you, don’t you?”

“Oh god! I’m so embarrassed! Yes! You must think I’m horrible.”

“Oh no, actually I think it’s really hot! Can I do it?”

“Really? You want Rusty to fuck you?”

“God yes! My cunt is already dripping. Will he do it to me?”

“Oh yeah! Just get naked and then get on all fours. He knows what to do.”

Cindy quickly stripped then got on the floor with her ass toward Rusty. His cock was already out, looking long and nasty. He smelled her cunt then licked it.

“Ohhhhhh god! His tongue is amazing!”

He licked for a while and then jumped on her back. His first thrust found her center and he shoved his cock deep into her tight cunt!

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! God! It’s huge! Oh god yes! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!”

Julia stripped and called the other two dogs in. She got on her hands and knees next to Cindy and blackie jumped on her.

“Oh wow Julia! This is wild! Oh my god!”

Brownie whined in frustration and Julia called him and he went to her head. She pulled his cock to her mouth and wrapped her lips around it.

“Oh my god!”, Cindy moaned. “Oh god! I have to suck him! Let me suck his cock!”

Julia held the cock while Cindy took him open her mouth! He was already spurting dog cum into her mouth and she swallowed as it filled her mouth.

Cindy was already having mini orgasms as Rusty fucked her with rapid strokes. She moaned around the cock in her mouth that was now pouring cum into her mouth, overflowing. Julia licked it off her chin and when Brownie pulled away, they kissed, swapping dog cum.

Rusty shoved hard and lodged his knot in Cindy as he came.

“Oh god Julia! He’s cumming in me! Oh god! His knot is in me!”

“Oh yes! Blackie is cumming too! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh god! I’m cumming!”

They were both cumming and kissed each other until the dogs pulled out.

“Wow! That was awesome! I never dreamed you were such a slut!” Cindy told Julia.

“And I never dreamed you had become one also!” They both laughed.

They fucked the dogs every day and Cindy stayed another week, and asked if she could come back again that summer. Maybe her mom would come and use the other dog?

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