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3 some with wifes ex


I have been asking my wife Liz to find someone to have a three some with for ages and the only person she said she would do it with was her ex fiancé Jim. One night when she was a bit drunk. I got her to send him a text asking him if he fancied a three some he did not reply for a few days it must of shocked him but after two days he did send one back asking if she was for really or just messing about, she sent one back saying it was really and a big fantasy of mine for us to have a three some and the only one she felt safe with was him, he was quit shocked but was kind of glad she had thought of him, a couple of messages and a few emails back and forth arranging a meeting. We agreed to meet at a local hotel called the daresbury. I picked this hotel because it was so close to where we live and was easy for me to book a room.. We were going to meet the following Friday night. We had arranged to meet at the hotel so I could get to know Jim better

The week dragged on and my wife was getting a little antsy and unsure. She talked about backing out but I encouraged her and said we could always drop it if things didn’t work out at the last minute

Wednesday rolled around and I came home from work and my wife had a devilish grin on her face. When we went to bed that night she showed me her pussy and I saw that it was completely bald. And one night when they was younger she had sex nine times in 24 hours with Jim, I was quit shocked nine times was a shit load I could not get anywhere near that record.

I went to go down and give her a good licking and she pulled away saying,  “Sorry the next cock I get will be Jims ” I went to sleep with a raging boner.

Friday night came and when I arrived home my wife was just getting out of the shower. She had a look of lust in her eyes sat on the bed spread her legs and said,  “Do you think Jim will still like this after 10 years? “
I was very quick to tell her that he would love it.  “You think you will enjoy his cock after 10 years? ” I asked her. She replied with a groan and an,  “Oh yeah, baby. “

She got dressed in a conservative black skirt with a top that revealed a nice portion of her breasts. She wore a nice push up to show them off. I wondered if she was wearing panties underneath.  “You look fucking hot, baby, ” I encouraged her.

She replied,  “I feel even hotter than I look. My fanny is soaking. Could you grab some condoms babe, I asked her how many she replied at least 12 I said 12 fuck me that’s a lot. She laughed and said if we were going to do this she wanted to do it right and make the most of it and even 12 may not be enough.

We drove down to the hotel. I was trying to feel her pussy but she kept brushing my hand away and saying,  “You’ll have plenty of time for that later. ” She did flash me to show that me that she was indeed panties.

When we got to the hotel, she told me to check in and she will go to and get a table for us there was a disco on in one of the rooms they had there. I  checked in. And went to find her I was very surprised and pleased to see that Jim was already there and Liz was sitting beside him. They were both having a drink and chatting about old times.

I went up to greet Jim.  “Nice to finally meet you. And shook his hand, he was looking Liz up and down and you could tell he wanted her.  Then again anybody would she was looking really hot. I gave Liz the key to look after it in her bag.

We sat and did some chit chat and I could tell that the chemistry was still there between them. Liz  finally said she wanted to dance and grabbed Jim by the hand and led him to the dance floor. A hip hop beat was playing and Liz soon was grind into Jim’s leg. They danced a couple of songs and came back to their drinks. Jim excused himself and went to the bathroom. When he was gone, Liz said,  “His cock is huge I could feel it when I was dancing with him it’s bring back some good memories. I have to have him again. ” I replied,  “He’s all yours. Do whatever you want. ”

We ordered another round of drinks. Once Jim returned, we chatted some more. A slow song began playing and Jim took Liz to the floor. They were  dancing really close and I saw him begin to suck on her neck. She loves this and started melting into him. He put one hand on her ass and gave her a squeeze.

By now I had to go to the bathroom. I looked over to Liz and told her I was going to the loo she nodded to me and just carried on dancing letting Jim put his hands anywhere on her.

When I returned from the bathroom they were nowhere to be seen. I went to our table and sat down. They hadn’t touched their drinks. I sat there and waited for them to return. I finished my drink  and ordered another and watched the people in the bar. The place was starting to get pretty hot there was loads of people in there now.

Thirty minutes passed before I finally saw them return. Liz walked up to me with a big smile on her face. She looked like the cat that had all the cream. They sat and started chatting with me some more.

 “Where have you guys been? ” I asked them. Liz quickly said that they had gone for some fresh air. We continued our idle talk. Jim announced that he had to go to the toilet. While he was gone, Liz  moved closer to me and reached for my hand. When I took her hand she put something in it. I pulled my hand away from hers and found she had placed a used condom in my hand. It was full of cum. She smiled at me and said,  “My fanny is stretched and really wet when Jim gets back lets go back to the room and get this party started. He is huge I can’t remember him being that big but it has been 10 years I want to fuck him again. He pounded me for a full half hour and made me cum three times before he finally came. I want more and I want you to fuck me as well. “

My cock instantly sprang to attention and I almost came on the spot.  “Aren’t you full of surprises! Did he like your bald pussy? ”  “He licked me to one orgasm before he pounded me. Jim knows how to lick I can hardly wait to fuck him for you. ” when Jim returned she grabbed his hand and led him away.  “
she told me to come up to the room in 15 mins as she wanted to be sucking his cock when I walked in, don’t worry babe the door would not be locked she said.

As I walked in I found Jims cock deep inside my wife.

 “I thought you wanted me to see you sucking him when I opened the door? ” I said.  “He was hard as soon as we got here so I couldn’t wait. Come on Jim fuck me hard. That’s it make me cum for my hubby. Yeah right there. Oh fuck, I’m Cumming. Yes yes. Harder. Oh God. ” ..Jim started pounding her harder and harder. She was screaming in pleasure as her orgasm continued. He didn’t stop. She looked at me and motioned me over. I pulled my clothes off. My cock was rock hard and she took it and started sucking it. This was the best blow job I had ever had. Jim continued to pound her fanny. She looked so hot taking us both on like that. I could not hold back and started Cumming in her mouth. She just sucked me dry.

 “You like watching me get fucked don’t you baby? Why don’t you sit back and watch some more while he pleasures me some more. “

I sat back and watch Jim fuck my wife hard and fast. He told her to flip over and he started to fuck her from behind. I couldn’t believe my wife could take all that cock inside her. She pushed back and met every thrust. She motioned me over and told me to lick her fanny while Jims fucks her from behind. That’s what I have always fantasized. I got into a sixty nine with her and Jim re-entered her. Her juices were flowing down my face while he pounded away. She started sucking my cock again and in no time I was as hard as a rock. She stopped sucking to groan, “I’m Cumming again fuck me deep. Fuck me hard. Faster. Suck my clit, John. Suck it. Fuck yes, yes, yes. ” That was it for Jim. He pounded hard and almost pushed her off the bed. Jim stopped and told Liz to get on top of him as he lay on the bed I could see how big his cock was and it was a good 8 inch and quit thick too Liz spread her leg and eased her way down on his cock her eyes rolled as she went down more and more god it was big and she took it all down to the balls she looked at me and I knew this was it I had dreamed of this so many time I went round the back of her and gently started to slide my cock into her arse, Liz started shouting get it in and fuck my arse she pushed back and told Jim to pull her down onto his cock she was like a crazy women telling us both to fuck her as hard as we could I could feel Jims cock inside her throbbing it was allot bigger than mine and he knew what to do with it, Liz was screaming with pleasure and told us to swap she wanted Jims cock in her arse to get the full effect of being fuck properly as she may never get the chance again, I pulled out Liz jumped off and we all moved around my cock slid straight in with no probs her fanny was so wet and Jims cock had made it very easy with the size of it, Jim moved behind her and slowly started pushing his cock in.. Liz jerked forward it had more girth than mine but she still wanted it I could see from her eyes she looked behind to him and slowly guided his cock to a better angle pushing slowly down I could feel her fanny getting tighter and tighter. Liz was in ecstasy his cock was in and she loved it pushing back on it like she had done with mine but moaning and groaning even more her body was shaking she was Cumming and I think it was more than once we was in a proper rhythm now and I could feel Jims balls they was banging her arse, this guy was a machine he just kept on going, I could not hold back any more and spurted my load inside Liz. Jim pushed one more time and held her tight, his 8 inch cock buried to the hilt. What a site sight it must of been his balls touching her fanny lips that were stretched as wide as they had ever been.



We all lay in bed totally spent. I must have passed out because I woke up a little later to the bed shaking again. My lovely wife was riding Jim like a mad women.. He had some stamina and I couldn’t believe how much lust my wife had for him. I just watched her as she rode to multiple orgasms while she rubbed her clit hard. Liz rolled off  him and started so suck on his huge cock licking the rim then moving up and down on it, then every now and again she would lick and suck his balls she had to open her mouth really wide to get his cock in but in it went and down she went I was quite impressed as how much of his cock she got into her mouth, I could see Liz loved this cock and would do anything for it she was sucking and slurping on this huge tool of his, I could see Jim start to jerk and Liz knew he was about to cum she put both hands around his cock put her mouth right over the head to make sure she got all his cum inside her mouth. Jim jerked and did a huge groan, and Liz just took the lot and none came out of her mouth I could see her swallow and the lot had gone down, WOW  I thought.  

 “You like fucking her Jim?  I asked him.

 “She is the horniest girl I have ever fucked. And I wish I was still with her he said, Liz looked at him right into his eyes I could tell she thought the same way and still wanted him.
I was tiered and just continued watching the relentless pounding. Finally my wife fell forward and was twitching. I could see her fanny lips twitching as her orgasms subsided. She looked so fucking sexy. She asked Jim to stay the night and cuddled up to him. Her skin was as hot as I had ever felt. We all just fell asleep.

I was awakened a couple of more times during the night to Liz groaning as Jim made love to her yes it was making love not just sex when they knew I was asleep the sex between them was different they held each other more, moved a lot slower, Jim kissed her on her neck and lips I could see their tongs in each other’s mouth Liz sucking on Jims bottom lip, they whispered things to one another. Liz had her legs wrapped around his legs and her hands moved up and down his body very slowly. I even hear Jim say that he loved her and she replied I love you to. His arm’s where wrapped around her waist holding her very close to his body her tits where squashed against his chest, there body’s where well and truly gelled together.. I watched allowing her the evening of pleasure she deserved.

The next morning I awoke and Liz was snuggled into me and Jim . I got up and went to the bathroom. The room reeked of sex from the evening before and there was condoms all over the floor. I looked over at Liz and could see Jim’s huge cock between her legs.

I went back towards the bed and Liz stirred and smiled. She let out a little groan and said, ” I love you, baby. Thanks. ”  “I love you too.” I said.

Can you go get me a cup of tea please, I really need one. ” She asked. I quickly got dressed and ran downstairs to get one for her.

When I returned about 15 minutes later I was greeted with more groaning and slurping.  “I want you to fuck me bareback. ” she said to her Jim like old times.  “All the condoms are gone and I need you one last time. Just pull out before you cum.

Jim did not waste any time his cock was soon back in my wife’s fanny and pushing it right to the hilt.

 She had no problem taking him she was just so wet from all the sex they had had from the night before..  Liz  started screaming that she was Cumming again.  “Fuck me hard. Don’t stop. Keep it deep. Harder, harder. I love your cock.. ” Jim was beside himself and started pounding her hard and deep.  “I’m starting to cum. ” he groaned.

Liz  grabbed his ass and pulled him to her. ” Come in me. Fill me with your cum. I want it all. Don’t you dare pull out I love your cock. Let it go deep inside me. Oh my god I thought he can’t cum inside her. Then I heard Liz yes yes  I can feel it  I want all your baby gravy inside me. Oh yes empty your balls. Fuck me hard. I’m Cumming again. Ohhh. “

With that Jim thrust hard again and collapsed on top of her. They lay together for about five minutes until his cock slipped out of her. I could see the cum leaking out of her fanny.

She just looked at me and smiled. My head was spinning I could not believe Jim had cum inside her what the fuck was we going to do if she got pregnant by him, but it still turned me on. Jim’s sperm was oozinf out of her fanny I was dying to get in there and for sloppy seconds and mix the baby gravy and my cock was really hard now. I told Liz I wanted to get in there for seconds.  Liz looked at my cock and said “I’ll take care of that later babe. My pussy is too sore and full right now for your cock babe but don’t worry there is that much of Jim spunk inside me you will still get sloppy seconds later I think it will be coming out of me for days . “

With that Jim got up and got dressed and said to Liz you give the best sex ever and if you ever leave him pointing to me I will have you back and left us alone.

 “Thanks for such a great evening she said to him. ” You have fucked and, made love to me all night and we have even beat our recorded of 9 times babe. Maybe one day soon we can try to beat this one. He smiled kiss her on the lips and left.

 I need to go home now babe and get some rest. She said to me.  I love you and don’t worry I won’t leave you for Jim but Jim has a big cock and he is great in bed babe. he makes me feel good and. I will always go wild for it from him.

 “I love you too, ” I said. We got up and left the hotel.

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