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40 Pages Worth of Text -> Cums 10 Times

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like sex.

Stranger: Asl

You: 17 f

You: you?

Stranger: 16 m

You: It’s so hot

You: where I’m at

You: I just took a dive in my pool

You: to refresh myself.

Stranger: Oh yeah

You: I’ve still got my bathing suit on, my bikini top and bottom, hee hee.

You: Baby, it’s so hot,

You: do you want me to make a nice, delicious smoothie for you?

You: Just for you?

You: It’ll be fruity and creamy and thick, just good for the both of us.

Stranger: Oh yes please

You: Woo.

You: Sit down baby.

You: Sit down at the counter.

You: Relax and just watch me.

Stranger: Im sittin

You: I’ll do all the talking and do all the work for you.

You: Feel yourself up ;), let yourself relax, and just follow my lead.

You: I walk over to the kitchen, my ass swaying in my bikini bottom.

You: The tight, flexible, pink material grabs around my big, round ass.

You: I pull an index finger down to my suit,

You: pulling it up, stretching it to make it comfortable.

You: It snaps back on my ass with a nice resounding Papp!

You: I dry my hair with a towel on the way,

You: my dark, long hair losing its water on the soft, white towel.

You: I’m ready baby!

You: Let me grab my apron,

You: and I throw the white, frilly piece over my bulging, pink top, my big breasts struggling to break free.

You: I plug in the blender,

You: a big, thick, black metal piece, ready for action.

You: Baby, what do you want in your smoothie?

You: What kind of delicious, yummy fruit do you like?

You: I’m already at the fruit cabinet, reaching inside for something good.

You: Bananas? 😉

You: I know I like bananas.

Stranger: Oh give me all u got

You: Slowly I peel one ripe skin down,

You: the fleshy, erect banana meat inside curving upwards,

You: I walk towards you,

You: throwing the peel aside, as I slowly inch my mouth to the tip of the banana.

You: Then my tongue touches it,

You: curving around and slurping up and down the curved shape.

You: My lips find the tip, kissing it softly before shoving a good chunk of it up my mouth.

You: You can hear the slurping and sucking sounds as I pace it up and down my mouth.

You: You watch as the saliva drips and swivels around the fruit,

You: one drop mistakingly falls onto my chest,

You: falling downwards and downwards

You: disappearing between my tight breast crevice.

You: I put it on the cutting block,

You: grabbing a knife from the tool tray,

You: One by one I cut it into tiny pieces,

You: before throwing them all inside the blender.

You: Baby, what else do you want?

You: Do you want some oranges? Some grapes? Some mango?

You: I’ll grab anything for you, anything.

You: I run to the refrigerator, pulling the outside apart,

You: first we’ll need some ice though, hee hee.

You: I pull out an ice box, full with blocks and cubes of ice.

You: Tilting it into the blender, I try and push them all in.

You: Oops!

You: Some pieces fall out,

You: one piece landing down my chest.

You: I recoil, unfamiliar with the cold touch,

You: It melts over my hot, beating breasts,

You: slowly draining its way between the two curves,

You: Wooo,

You: I can’t wait baby.

You: Baby, baby,

You: are you hard?

You: Are you hard for me?

You: I really want to

You: finish this smoothie for you and let you taste it.

You: I move to the cabinet once more,

Stranger: So freakin hard

You: fishing for some more fruit to take out.

You: Keep on watching baby,

You: just pour all your attention on my cuddly body with my frilly apron covering me. 😉

You: I pull out an orange and lemon.

You: Baby, let’s make this smoothie so sour.

You: I walk back to the blender,

You: Back to the cutting board,

You: slowly I put the round, curvy balls on the chopping block,

You: ready to continue.

You: One by one I split them, revealing the fleshy, meaty insides.

You: I pick the pieces up,

You: take off their skin,

You: ready and ready for our nice little smoothie.

You: One piece, two piece, three pieces of oranges inside.

You: I playfully hold a lemon piece over the ice and fruit,

You: squirting it out,

You: some of it spilling out onto my rumpled apron.

You: I smile, letting the lemon fall inside.

You: Are you ready baby?

You: Are you ready to make our nice, sour smoothie?

You: I can’t wait any longer.

You: I have to do this.

You: I need it.

You: I push the start button,

You: the slick metal blades strain to rotate around the metal shaft,

You: but

You: Oh no!

You: It gets stuck.

You: I stop it, unimpressed.

You: Baby, we’ll need to go harder,

You: we’ll need to go faster.

You: We’ll need to spin the blender faster and harder and better!

You: I twist a notch to the right,

You: increasing it to level 5.

You: Level 5,

You: the max level.

You: The highest possible speed and velocity it can go.

You: Once again I press the start button.

You: It slowly begins churning,

You: slowly begins spinning,

You: until finally it reaches maximum speed,

You: cutting up and smothering everything inside with a wicked whirl.

You: You watch as all the fleshy pieces inside slowly dissolve into thick liquid,

You: you watch as the ice breaks into tiny tiny pieces,

You: you watches as everything whirls together, blending into a thick, thick, fruity, fruity drink.

You: Ooo.

You: I stop it,

You: whiffing the poignant, distinct smell.

You: Sour, fruity, and delicious.

You: Baby, do you want a drink now?

You: Do you want to drink a cup full of this juicy goodness?

You: Do you want me to feed you?

You: Do you want me to feed it to you personally?

You: I grab two cups by the side,

You: two long, clear glass cups ready for the taking.

You: Slowly I tilt the spent blender over,

You: pouring the thick juices out of the large vat.

You: You watch as the drink slowly slimes its way down the glass walls,

You: into the thin, tall glasses.

You: One done.

You: Second one done.

You: I take my index finger,

You: rubbing it across the walls.

You: I taste it, it’s delicious, it’s sweet, it’s cold, but it’s amazing.

You: Here baby,

You: take a suck.

You: I take another finger full of juice,

You: hovering my finger from your mouth.

You: Do you want a try baby?

You: Do you want a suck on my delicious smoothie?

You: Baby?

You: Do you want some?

You: Baby…

Stranger: Oh yeah I do

You: Woo

You: I hope you’re still hard

You: still paying attention to me.

Stranger: Ohyeah

You: Still watching me make my yummy, yummy smoothie.

You: Keep on pounding baby,

You: keep on watching me.

You: This is all for you, this whole entire night’s just for you.

You: I slowly whiff my finger into your mouth,

You: your cool, eager lips tickling me.

You: My finger enters into your warm, slippery mouth,

You: it fingers its way downwards, feeling for your tongue.

You: The tongue playfully curves and wraps around,

You: slivering and covering me in another slimy coat.

You: The taste of my smoothie leaves my finger, reacting with your pulsing tongue.

You: Your lips suddenly lock over,

You: pressing against my soft finger as you taste the sour smell.

You: But you quickly smile, hungry for more.

You: Baby, baby let me give you the whole thing.

You: I move forward now, slowly churning my hips back and forth,

You: slowly waving my ass cheeks left and right,

You: enticing you.

You: You watch me, entranced, as I throw away the silky apron and show you my open bikini top.

You: You watch my heaving, panting breasts struggle against the tight pink fabric,

You: just waiting to burst out and fill out its firm, upright form.

You: My nipples are erect, hard and ready for any action.

You: Baby, do you like them?

You: Do you want to touch them?

You: Do you want me to take off my top?

Stranger: Oh I love them

You: I throw my hand around my back,

You: fumbling but easily tossing the top off.

You: Slowly I reveal to you my big, busted chest,

You: my two, juggular mounds sitting upright on my torso.

You: You watch as I coyly dance about,

You: my creamy, white breasts jiggling with anticipation.

You: Come here baby,

You: come play with them.

You: I know you want to, I know you want some sexy, lovely action.

You: I grab the smoothie still laying by the side,

You: tilting the cup and slipping the smooth, thick liquid over.

You: The sweet, sticky drink pours over my breasts,

You: throwing it in an exotic gleam of colors.

You: Baby, come try your new drink

You: Do you want it?

You: do you want to drink it all?

Stranger: Oh yeah i do

You: Do you want a taste of your cool cool smoothie?

You: You watch as my breasts heave back and back, panting with the coldness of the icey, fruity drink.

You: I slowly move forward,

You: my breasts standing perfectly on display for your hungry eyes and mouth.

You: You move forward now,

You: gripping one sticky breast with your eager hands,

You: It feels soft, tender, and so gentle to the touch,

You: like jelly, like jelly it moves with the ease of your hands.

You: You begin massaging, caressing my gentle, sensitive tits, I moan as I feel the waves of pleasure throw over me.

You: Come closer, baby.

You: Come closer and suck my tits.

You: Drink all your smoothie I worked so hard to make for you.

You: You lean in, thirsty for more,

You: pressing you mouth to one cool, erect nipple.

You: It tastes sour, it tastes milky, but damn does it taste good.

You: Bite me baby, bite me harder baby.

You: You nibble my nipple’s end,

You: crunching softly over my pulsing spot.

You: Yes,

You: baby it feels so good.

You: Slurp up all of that juice, slurp it all down in my crevice.

You: I push my soft, gentle breasts forward,

You: pressing the wet, jelly globes to your cheeks.

You: You motorboat around, throwing out your tongue,

You: reaching for any smoothie you can find,

You: any flesh you can feel.

You: How does it feel baby?

You: How does it feel to taste my big, creamy breasts?

You: Is your cock okay?

Stranger: Oh so fucking good

You: Does it feel needy?

Stranger: Oh yea

You: Can you keep on going?

You: Woo.

You: Keep on pounding baby,

You: I’m coming for you.

Stranger: I am

You: Slowly I dip my way down,

You: looking for your big, big cock.

You: My hands throw away your useless belt,

You: tear down your pair of pants,

You: searching and searching for that throbbing member.

You: There it is, bulging from your loose boxers,

You: ready for action, ready for me.

You: I thrust my soft fingers forward,

You: grabbing the pulsing rod with a gentle touch.

You: Slowly I begin rubbing, rubbing your tip and body with more and more force.

You: does it feel good baby?

You: Does it feel good?

You: I rub harder,

You: thrusting my hand back and forth faster and faster.

You: Baby, I wanna make you cum.

You: You arch your back forward,

Stranger: Oh please do

You: pushing your hips as far as you can.

You: Tell me when you’re about to cum baby.

You: Faster and faster,

You: my hand goes in and out,

You: I can feel your penis growing,

You: filling every inch of my small palm,

You: ready to burst.

You: Baby, give it all to me.

You: I want it all, I want it all.

Stranger: Oh god I’m about to coun

You: I throw down your boxers,

You: pushing you down,

You: rubbing you faster and faster and harder and harder.

Stranger: Oh god I’m cumming

You: Oh

You: I throw my hands aside as I feel your cock twitch and expand to its fullest length,

You: ready to burst.

You: You spray all your seed to my open face,

You: landing globs and globs of clear and white fluid over my cheeks, forehead, lips, mouth, and teeth.

You: You keep pumping,

You: keep throwing your dick forward, as the fluid drips more and more and more out, squirting more and more in my face.

You: I lick my lips, tasting the sweet sweet smell,

You: swallowing everything I can find.

You: How was that baby?

You: Did you enjoy that?

You: Did you like that?

Stranger: Oh fucking amazing

You: Did you like my soft hand job?

You: Can you keep going baby?

You: Can we keep on going with your smoothie?

Stranger: Oh you know it

You: I really want to make your time today so so so good.

You: Are you hard again?

You: Are you rubbing again?

You: Can you take me in once more?

Stranger: Oh yeah Im ready form ore

You: Ooo baby.

You: Keep on watching me,

You: keep on thinking about me.

You: I take the cup of smoothie,

You: still full with its thick, juicy fruits.

You: I pour it over your dick,

You: the icey touch suddenly cooling you, threatening to break your still hard, throbbing rod.

You: You back away, uncomfortable with the sudden touch,

You: but then you relax,

You: realizing that what came next was so much so much better.

You: I threw my mouth over your penis,

You: begging to taste the smoothie for myself,

You: my lips softly kissed the tip of your head,

You: before forcing its way down your dripping body,

You: eager to take in every inch of your large, big penis.

You: My tongue playfully enters in,

You: slurping and slivering its way around and around your sensitive head.

You: It revolves around and around,

You: clockwise,

You: counter-clockwise,

You: begging and spinning for more and more.

You: How is it baby?

You: How is my tongue on your dick?

Stranger: Oh god do good

You: I thrust my head forward, bobbing up and down,

Stranger: So*

You: wanting your big big dick down my fleshy throat.

You: You feel your dick filling every inch of my soft sides,

You: feeling the walls of my throat struggling to keep you in.

You: It’s no longer cold,

You: no longer freezing from the chilling smoothie.

You: My warm saliva,

You: warm gaping cavity,

You: fills the warmth for your beating cock.

You: Oh, baby, I want it so bad

You: I want your cock so bad.

You: It feels so good.

You: So amazing and so delicious, sour, and sweet.

You: You throw your hands forward,

You: gripping my tossing hair with an iron force.

You: You mash them to your dick,

You: throwing me harder and harder against your pulsating penis.

You: Oh.

You: baby.

You: I follow your rhythm,

You: keeping in sync,

You: slurping and sucking your entire shaft down my throat.

You: Baby,

You: does it feel good?

You: Are you ready to blow?

You: Tell me when you’re going to cum all into my rough, rough stomach.

Stranger: Oh so good

You: I go faster,

You: I want you so much more.

You: I push my head deeper and deeper into your mouth.

You: I want it.

You: I want it all.

You: Every inch,

You: deep throat me baby!

You: You suddenly ram your full length forward,

You: The entire thing slips through my whole body.

Stranger: Oooohhh I’m cumming so harrdd

You: I feel the end of the penis, your body sweating and heaving for its full length through.

You: Baby!

You: Ah.

You: I feel your squirting fluids

You: dripping down and down my twitching throat.

You: Your cock is twitching, in orgasm, spazzing as it throws out its entirety into my mouth.

You: I struggle to keep it down, to swallow it whole,

You: your big big dick is choking me,

You: Slowly you pull your dick out of my mouth,

You: still dripping with small amounts of smoothie, cum, and saliva.

You: I throw my hands to my mouth,

You: it’s bulging,

You: trying to keep in everything you squirt.

You: You watch as my throat works its fullest,

You: falling out,

You: falling back in.

You: I open my now empty mouth,

You: Full,

You: clean,

You: empty!

You: Only white, shining teeth staring back.

You: I stare into your eyes, my eyes pleading and begging for more.

You: Baby,

You: are you still hard?

You: Can you keep on going with me?

You: Can you keep up with my pace?

You: Please baby.

Stranger: Oh my god I could go all night

You: Ooo

You: are you still rubbing yourself?

You: Are you still pounding yourself?

Stranger: Ya

You: I want you so much.

You: So so so much.

You: I drop down to my knees,

You: cuddling my beautiful, round gems sitting stilly on my chests.

You: Baby, do you want a full, nice tit job?

You: I swing my breasts left and right,

Stranger: Oh plz yes

You: the fleshy globes glowing in front you.

You: Woo, you’re soo soo kinky.

You: I lean froward,

You: in between your spread legs,

You: looking at your sweating, slivering, glistening cock still pointing big and strong to the ceiling.

You: I want it,

You: so bad,

You: so much.

You: I inch my way forward,

You: my breasts now splitting cleanly to each side of your cock,

You: you feel the soft, soft tender flesh sitting on your thighs.

You: So soft,

You: like pillows ready for your rough taking.

You: I mash the two globes together,

You: enveloping your cock in the soft, cotton sheets.

You: You arch your back, surprised at how good and amazing it feels.

You: A wave of pleasure radiates out from your cock.

You: How does it feel baby?

You: How do my big, creamy tastes feel to your cock?

You: Do you like it?

You: Do you like their soft, soft texture?

Stranger: Oh god keep going

You: I rub it up and down,

You: up and down,

You: faster, and faster.

You: You throw your hips forward, pressing my full breasts closer and faster to your chest.

You: You can feel it, every inch of my soft, tenderness closing around you,

You: I turn my head down,

You: opening my mouth as saliva drips sloppily into the crevice.

You: Oh

You: So delicious

You: and so slippery and amazing.

You: You pound harder,

You: pounding harder and faster into my slippery, slippery breasts.

You: How does it feel baby?

You: How do my beautiful big slippery tits feel?

You: I reach over to the side,

Stranger: Oh my god soooo good

You: finding the cup of smoothie,

You: I pour it down,

You: the cold, fruity smell enveloping my breast hole.

You: Baby, keep on going,

You: keep on beating,

You: let your cock

You: eat every single drop of my thick, sour smoothie.

You: Oh.

You: You charge forward, charge forward more and more.

You: Tell me when you’re going to cum baby.

You: Ram harder.

You: Impale me.

You: Fuck the life out of my bouncing, jiggling breasts.

You: Fuck me harder!

You: You press your hands to my own,

You: gripping them with lusting desire,

You: thrusting my bouncing jugs harder and harder over your pulsing cock.

You: My saliva juices, the smoothie juices bubble around your slippery sides,

You: begging and begging you for you to release.

You: Baby,

Stranger: Oooohhh I’m cummin again

You: I want it all.

You: Cum all over my tits.

You: All over them!

You: You sit up,

You: thrusting your dick once again forward,

You: it’s twitching,

You: squirting its entire load over my breasts.

You: Oh baby!

You: It feels sooo good.

You: The drops hit,

You: drip,

You: colliding with the saliva and smoothie,

You: pooling all over my supple, supple, ample breasts.

You: You watch as the drops curve and drop around the side,

You: You watch as they fall and slip into my cleavage.

You: I goop up as much as I can under,

You: rubbing my whole body in the sticky, sweet substance.

You: You watch as my stomach glistens in the soft, warm light of the house,

You: watch as my arms glow in the fluid.

You: I touch my finger to my mouth,

You: tasting the sweet honey.

You: Delicious baby,

You: just delicious.

You: I caution my hand forward,

You: spidering down the floor to you heaving self.

You: I reach for your balls,

You: tenderly massaging and caressing them.

You: How are you baby?

You: Can you go on?

You: Can you cum more for me?

You: Can you keep on going for me?

Stranger: Oh plz I crave more

You: I want you so bad.

You: so hard.

You: Can you still keep pounding yourself?

You: Can you keep on feeling yourself up for me?

Stranger: Yes

You: I want you to keep on going

You: keep on staring at me.

Stranger: Keep going

You: I want your cock hard, hard, and erect for me.

You: Baby.

You: Just relax and sit back.

You: You laid your back down,

You: still staring at my lusting gaze.

You: I want you in me now.

You: I want you in me, to pleasure every inch of my oozing, wet pussy.

You: It’s been craving for you, craving so much for you.

You: You’ve came so many times

You: I can’t let you go now. 😉

You: My body crawls forward,

You: my arms, reaching for your head,

You: a finger coyly plays around with your hair, curling and tossing itself through your cropped hair.

You: My other hand slivers up your rough chest,

You: feeling for your heart

You: it’s beating

You: it’s desperate

You: it still wants to go and go and go some more.

You: My chest now touches your chest,

You: my sweet, jelly, glistening breasts touching bare skin with your own.

You: The softness to your tough muscles,

You: the beating of my heart to your pounding heart.

You: It’s all in sync

You: all prepared, all ready for each other.

You: I tilt my ass in the air,

You: showing you what I can of my full, curvy hips and cheeks.

You: My oozing pussy

You: drips and drips downwards,

You: tipping your cock with its clear, musty fluid.

You: Your cock twitches,

You: begging for entry

You: begging for more.

You: Then I pull my chest up into the air

You: and ram down,

You: full force down your slippery cock.

You: The tip flows in effortlessly, down the entirety of my walls,

You: squishing against my tight, wet sides as it penetrates every pore of my pussy.

You: I gasp and freeze in shock,

You: a wave of intense, warming pleasure boiling throughout my body.

You: My blood is on fire,

You: My brain is fried.

You: All I can think about is your cock, my pussy, and riding,

You: riding your thick, hot member to the ends of time!

You: You’re eager, desperate, hungry for more action.

You: Your hands reach for my hips,

You: Pushing me downwards,

You: throwing me to fill me with all your throbbing flesh.

You: Oh

You: baby.

You: It’s amazing.

You: How does it feel?

You: How does my wet, hungry pussy feel to your pulsing cock?

Stranger: Oh god so good

You: Eat me baby.

Stranger: More

You: let your cock devour me.

You: Eat everything in me,

You: suck me and devour me like you did my smoothie.

You: You shove me down harder,

You: I throw my hips in harder,

You: Oh

You: so good.

You: My breasts bounce

You: bounce up and down

You: jiggling around,

You: swirling up and down in a hypnotic dance.

You: You stare at them,

You: mesmerized,

You: the perfect, creamy globes swirling in a maddening frenzy.

You: Yes.

You: Baby.

You: Baby!

You: I grab your hands.

You: Pushing them harder and tighter into my skin,

You: grip me more,

You: throw me in harder,

You: I want every every inch of your cock down my pussy.

You: Baby!

You: Oh

You: My hair tosses in the wind,

You: swirling around my side.

You: My ass cheeks bounce Papp! Papp! down your legs,

You: slapping with a slippery snap with every bounce.

You: Baby.

You: I can’t take it anymore.

You: I can’t stop myself!

You: How does my pussy feel!?

You: Are you about to cum!?

You: Are you about to let off your load?

You: I can’t concentrate.

Stranger: Oh god yes

You: I can’t take it anymore.

You: Oh my god.

You: I’m thrown into a dreamy haze,

You: a sexy, sex haze as I waddle around trying to feel my body.

You: I’m numb.

You: Numb with emotion and sensitivity.

Stranger: Oh god I’m cumming

You: Your cock is so amazing,

You: so much!

You: Oh!

You: We cum together,

You: throwing each of our hips against each other,

You: arching our backs,

You: your twitching, throbbing cock filling every inch of my pussy,

You: my pussy filling every inch of your big, large pipe.

You: I tense up, clamming my wall to your dick.

You: You throw and expand outward,

You: threatening to break my precious sac.

You: Then we squirt,

You: we explode,

You: we fill my pussy with all our pools of precious human fluid.

You: Semen, vaginal juices, water, smoothie, it doesn’t matter.

You: the sweet, sweet nectar pours slowly out of my hole.

You: I’m panting,

You: heaving with exhuastion.

You: That was so amazing baby.

You: So good.

You: So much pleasure.

You: I fall on top of you,

You: reaching for your cock once more,

You: rubbing you up and down, side to side, playing with your head with a soft finger.

You: How are you baby?

You: How do you like my cute, clean body?

You: How do you like fucking me?

You: Cumming so many times?

Stranger: It’s everywhere

You: Can you keep on going baby?

You: I want you hard,

You: I want you beating.

You: I want you to keep on going.

Stranger: Oh my god yes I want to tear you apart

You: I want you to take me and fill me up, everything.

You: Keep on pounding baby,

You: keep on sitting there going,

You: I’ll do everything for you!

You: everything.

You: You throw me to the side,

You: turning around behind me,

You: hungry still for more and more of my supple, big ass.

You: I playfully raise the cheeks to the air,

You: supporting them with my pale, long legs.

You: My slim sides meet to my two, spread cheeks.

You: I throw my hands to them,

You: slapping them once with a Papp!

You: catching your loving attention.

You: Then I spread the cheeks further,

You: pulling my big buns to each side,

You: throwing my still oozing and pouring pussy and small, cute asshole in your face.

You: Slowly I sway side to side,

You: up and down,

You: clock wise, counterclockwise,

You: come here baby.

You: Come and fuck me.

You: You know you want it, don’t you?

You: Do you like my big, round ass in your face?

You: Do you want to fuck my fucking ass out?

You: Fuck my brain out and blow my mind?

You: Pick a hole baby.

You: Pick a hole, any hole,

You: just take me whole!

Stranger: Oh you know I crave it

Stranger: Ass now

You: Take me.

You: Take everything.

You: Wooo

You: You’re so kinky.

You: You throw your hands around my supple, cuddling ass,

You: ready to throw everything in.

You: I take the smoothie by the side,

You: pouring whatever was left down my big big ass.

You: The juice runs down my thin crack,

You: oozing down my tingling asshole and my raging pussy.

You: You make no hesitation,

You: and throw your dick forward,

You: hungry now for my asshole.

You: Oh!

You: It’s

You: It’s so tight!

You: So incredibly tight.

You: You force your sensitive head in,

You: almost buckling down as you realize

You: just how forceful my walls were.

You: It was so, so so tight!

You: Clinging to your dick,

You: It wants you out,

You: my tight asshole doesn’t want you.

You: But you slap my ass,

You: leaving a red indentation in my place.

You: Fuck me!

You: I yell out.

You: Fuck me harder! I scream!

You: Fuck my in the asshole baby!

You: I want it all! I want everything down my tight, tight, TIGHT hole!

You: You respond with force,

You: gripping my cheeks with every pore of your iron hand,

You: You thrust your hips forward,

You: arch your back backwards,

You: craning your neck,

You: forcing every fiber every muscle of your body to penetrate.

You: Your blade shoots like a rapier,

You: down my tight asshole.

You: The walls cave in,

You: Squeezing and threatening to pop your thick member,

You: but your iron, metal pipe still pierces through.

You: Oh, it flies in,

You: lubricated by saliva, smoothie, body juices,

You: it flies in,

You: a sword piercing a sheath, ready for more.

You: Baby.

You: It’s so

You: So SO good.

You: It’s so amazing.

You: It’s so delicious.

You: Fuck me.

You: FUck me harder!

You: You pick up your pace, my body now hungrily begging and craving your cock to enter in.

You: Yes!

You: Yes!!

You: Pierce me harder.

You: Throw it into me,

You: fuck me like we’re the last couple on earth!

You: Fuck me as if there’s going to be no tomorrow!

You: Oh

You: .You go faster,

You: faster,

You: gripping for my full, beautiful breasts,

You: pressing your body full full into me.

You: I want it.

You: every inch of your flesh,

You: throw everything in,

You: down to your base,

You: fuck me!

You: Fuck me harder!

You: Harder! I want it harder!

You: You tilt forward, raging,

You: your body heating and burning up,

You: Your cock was on fire,

You: lighting my asshole with sparks,

You: setting me into a swirl and cloud of amazing emotions.

You: How does it feel baby?

You: How does it feel to fuck my tight, tight hole?

Stranger: Oh god do tight

You: I can’t help myself.

You: I’m killing myself.

Stranger: So*

You: It’s sooo much.

You: So full and big.

You: Give me more of your thick rod!

You: I’m so numb!

You: So numb with pleasure.

You: yes!

You: Oh

You: I lost myself,

You: losing sense of the world,

You: it’s all blurryu

You: all just a glaze

You: I could only feel one thing,

You: my stretching, splitting asshole,

You: throwing everything it can to pull your massive dick inside.

Stranger: Speaking of glaze here.

You: It’s so big.

Stranger: Come s another

You: Oh baby!

You: I feel it,

You: your orgasm

You: throwing and filling every wall of my body.

You: I feel parts of me crack,

You: crack with insanity as I feel your massive blow down my rectum.

You: Your dick enlarges, twitching,

You: spewing its squirting juices down into me.

You: It’s so good, so slippery, wet, but so so sweet.

You: You huff and puff,

You: pulling your soaping dick out,

You: juices slicking and slipping down my filled, aching asshole.

You: I throw a hand down,

You: feeling for my dirty, messy mess,

You: Putting as much as I can into my sickening mouth.

You: It’s so delicious baby.

You: So dirty and sweet and amazing.

You: Your smoothie, your body smoothie is soo sooo good.

You: I can’t get enough of it,

You: can’t get enough of your massive massive cock.

You: How are you baby?

You: How is your dick?

You: How many times have you came now?

Stranger: I’m shaking but I’m still going

You: Wow

You: Baby,

You: you’re just

You: you’re just incredible.

You: I grab your hand, guiding it once more to my soaking pussy.

You: it’s still wet,

You: it’s still craving

You: still wants every inch of your supple body.

You: I bend over,

You: massaging my cheek to your cheek,

You: playfully biting and nibbling your right ear.

You:  “Fuck me.

You: Take me.

You: Fuck the living day lights out of me. ” I whisper, quietly to your ear.

You: You throw an arm behind me,

Stranger: You don’t have to tell me twice

You: hugging me close close close to your hot hot body.

You: You propped me up,

You: throwing me over you.

You: And I felt your dick in me once more,

You: straddling you,

You: riding you over your body.

You: You stand up,

You: cupping your hands around my gaping ass.

You: Do you want it baby?

You: do you want me on your dick,

Stranger: Oh fuck yeah I do

You: bouncing and throbbing, straddling you like an animal?

You: Wooo,

You: fuck me.

You: I cup my arms around you,

You: pressing your head down into my chest.

You: Your face slams to my chest,

You: the big, fluffy pillow catching and throwing you in.

You: Your tongue wraps out, slipping about,

You: feeling about my crevice,

You: kissing me with passion and passion and passion.

You: Fuck me!

You: I bounce up and down,

You: throwing your shaky, surprised legs in a wild dance,

You: as I pound my pussy forward,

You: I’m hungry.

You: I’m desperate,

You: I’m desperate for your dick.

You: Fuck me baby!

You: Straddle me!

You: You throw me to the wall,

You: my hair and back thrown against the barrier.

You: You pound forward,

You: your heaving, gasping breaths glazing against my bouncing breasts.

You: I toss my head into the air, my hair flowing side to side.

You: Your dick rams into me,

You: pushes me against the wall,

You: I’m excited,

You: I’m full of pleasure.

You: I’m lost in ecstasy.

You: I wrap my legs around your back,

You: locking them in place,

You: pushing your body ever closer to mine,

You: I’m sweating so hard,

You: sweating so much,

You: I’m slipping from you, our gleaming bodies ready to break at any step,

You: but you hold me strongly,

You: grab me closely,

You: pounding and pounding every fiber of my pussy, slamming me hard and harder against the wall.

You: How is it baby?

You: How does it feel to fuck me against a wall?

You: How does my pussy pussy feel?

You: Fuck!

Stranger: Oh god took good

You: Harder, baby, pick up the pace.

Stranger: Too*

You: Fuck me with more force!

You: Fuck me with every inch of your cock!

You: I need everything!

You: Everything!!

You: All of your cum!

You: All of your cock!

You: Every inch of your body.

You: Press me harder!

You: Fuck me harder!

You: I can’t

You: I can’t take it.

You: I felt sandwiched,

You: the meat between two supple pieces of bread.

You: You,

You: shoving your cock, ramming me.

You: And the wall,

You: pressing me back,

You: giving me no exit.

You: I have no where to go,

You: nowhere to go but forwards,

You: forwards, and down on your ramming dick.

You: Oh baby.

You: My hands clasp around your hair,

You: tightly pulling against the strands.

You: It’s so amazing baby.

You: I feel like I’m going to cum again.

You: I can’t control myself.

You: I can’t control my gaping, heaving pussy.

You: Your cock is just too good.

You: I feel like I’m going to rip.

You: I’m too tight.

You: Too tight!

You: I can feel everything!

You: Your dick’s head, your dick’s body,

You: everything!

You: slithering in and out,

You: a snake killing its prey, over and over again.

You: I can feel you hit my womb,

You: almost blowing into it,

You: it’s so good!

You: I can’t control myself!

You: Fuck me harder!

You: Baby

You: I’m going to die.

You: Die getting sandwiched, die in ecstasy and emotion, in pleasure and in happiness, and in love.

You: I can’t stop myself.

You: I can’t stop it!

You: Baby are you going to cum!?

You: Because I’m about to blow my entire load!

You: Blow everything out of my pussy

You: I can’t stop it!

You: Can’t stop the flow.

Stranger: Oh this the hardest one yet

You: It’s too much,

You: it’s too much!

You: Ah

You: I arch everything forwards,

You: throw everything I coulde,

You: my pussy grabbed and locked and smothered your member, hard and hard as much as it could.

You: The slippery walls turned iron hard,

You: gripping and grabbing with everything it could.

You: And then it sputtered,

You: spewed, squirted its load,

You: Spilling your cock, throwing out all its juices.

You: The thick, glowing substance spun off the sides of my legs,

You: falling, slipping,

You: down and down my tall, slim, cream legs.

You: Amazing.

You: Amazing.

You: You pounded harder

You: faster

You: greedily pulling my agonized pussy closer and harder in.

You: You gasp,

You: throw out a final groan,

You: spewing every inch of your cock into my shaft,

You: throwing everything out, spilling everything out.

You: It filled me.

You: Filled my entire womb,

You: Reaching up through my tight tube.

You: We heaved, struggled to find our feelings,

You: numb with passion.

You: You fall to your knees, slipping me from my grasp,,

You: and we laid there,

You: staring at each other with eyes of desire and fire,

You: muscles aching with exhaustion.

You: Baby, you’re so incredible.

You: So amazing.

You: Your dick is so hard, so erect, so daring.

You: I’ve never met anything as insane, anything as hot, big, thick, and strong as yours.

You: I’m gasping for air,

You: every inch of my body is tired.

You: I’m not sure if I can go on, baby.

You: I’m not sure if I have the strength to keep up with you.

You: How are you baby?

You: Talk to me.

You: Tell me about you.

You: How hard is your dick?

Stranger: Idk if I can go either

Stranger: My rooms such a mess now

You: How many times

You: did you cum?

Stranger: 6

You: Baby

You: let’s go one more time.

You: One more orgasm.

You: One more time just for me.

You: Please baby.

You: Look at me,

You: look at my glistening,

You: burning body sitting there at the wall.

Stranger: Oh god alright I promise it’ll be the best one

You: My dark, flowing hair, ready for more.

You: Sit back baby, let me give you the show.

You: You take a seat,

You: still rubbing your pulsing, bulging, almost purple penis.

You: The head is screaming with exhaustion but still

You: so ready for more,

You: still sensitive, still begging its entry into my warm, wet pussy.

You: I run off to the side, grabbing a cup of smoothie,

You: still wet, cold, juicy, and fruity.

You: I return back, giving you a seductive smile, waving my body once again in a heating frenzy.

You: Look at my breasts, baby,

You: look at my creamy, dreamy breasts swaying its way side to side,

You: jiggling tenderly side to side.

You: Look at my hips, look at my full, spread buns,

You: juggling itself left and right.

You: Look at my wait, it’s thin, slim panting with every breath.

You: And look at my legs,

You: strong, sturdy, tall, slim

You: going on forever, their snow white complexion, filled with the scent and sight of our bodily juices.

You: Baby,

You: can you go on?

You: Can you go on with me and this smoothie?

Stranger: Yeah

You: Can you help yourself?

You: Can you fuck me, one last time?

You: Good.

You: I move in, inches away from your mouth,

You: you’re rubbing harder,

You: rubbing yourself faster and deeper with each stroke.

You: I pour a mouthful of the smoothie into my mouth, opening my lips to let you see it slosh and swirl inside.

You: You watch as the thick juices melt,

You: my tongue swirling and curling its way around the swaying water.

You: then I dived forward,

You: planting a thick, soft, loving kiss with your mouth.

You: The smoothie sloshes inside,

You: accompanied with my playful tongue, exploring your mouth.

You: You respond, sucking the juices between us, swirling it around as your tongue wraps and catches around mine, begging for more.

You: Saliva, juices, and smoothie collide in our mouth,

You: we swallow, trying take as much of each other as we can.

You: We’re heaving, breathing, panting and moaning with more and more passion.

You: We can go on baby.

You: We can continue.

You: You throw me to the floor,

You: kiss still locking me in place.

You: I reach my hand around you, feeling your beating chest and beating heart.

You: It’s on fire, pounding and panting with every breath.

You: I silently open my mouth,

You: slowly form my lips into letter.

You: You instantly understand

You:  “Fuck me. “

You: Your legs throw itself forward,

You: feet digging to the floor with what energy it has left.

You: The dick penetrates me,

You: shoving its head down my wet, pussy once more.

You: I scream.

You: A spasm of pleasure gripping my entire body.

You: You grunt,

You: hungry,

You: craving

You: craving the walls of my pussy,

You: craving my hands gripping tightly to your muscles,

You: craving for my hot, musty breath,

You: craving for my screams, and yells of joy, lust, and desire.

You: Fuck me baby!

You: Fuck every inch of me!

You: I still want it!

You: Still want everything!

You: I want your entire dick, your entirety! Give me everything! Give me your whole body!

You: You picked up your pace,

You: grunting and fronting with more force,

You: rubbing, and lighting my pussy once again with fire.

You: Dig harder.

You: Dig more and more.

You: Dig as if you’re looking for the world’s last gold.

You: Your pickaxe carved its way into my loving earth,

You: shoving the rock aside, cutting my pussy aside,

You: looking for, searching for my prized core.

You: Dig harder, baby, dig more!

You: Drill me!

You: Drill me with everything you can.

You: You thrusted more.

You: More and more.

You: drilling my core down, screwing me with all you’ve vgot.

You: Baby.

You: How does it feel?

You: How does my pussy feel and taste to your craving dick?

You: How does it feel, still to your hungry dick?

Stranger: Oh god to good to be Real

You: Is it amazing baby!?

You: Fuck me harder.

You: Fuck me insane.

You: Fuck me ’till I’m well beyond sanity.

You: How is my pussy baby?

You: How does it feel?

You: How does my wet, sucking walls feel to you?

Stranger: Soo juicy

You: Baby!

You: I need it.

You: Fuck me!

You: Fuck me hard! Harder! Hardest!

You: I yell,

You: screaming,

You: screaming in passion and joy.

You: I can’t take it anymore,

You: my breasts

You: flopping around wildly,

You: I just don’t care anymore, just don’t care about anything.

You: I throw my lips to you once more,

You: craving for your touch, craving for more.

You: We lock lips,

You: passionately still,

You: locking together,

You: trying to find each other,

You: trying to dig into each others’ souls.

You: So good.

You: So deep.

You: So penetrating.

You: I’m heaving, sweating,

You: uncontrolable, uncontrollably!

You: I can’t take it.

You: I can’t take it anymore.

You: I’m so exhausted.

You: I’m so tired,

You: My muscles are dead,

You: My body is dead.

You: But my mind isn’t and my pussy isn’t.

You: They’ll never be dead.

You: So long as you thrust me,

You: so long your dick is alive and carving its way into me.

You: I’ll live,

You: I’ll live if it’s just you that’s fucking me!

You: Fuck!

You: I couldn’t take it anymore

You: I couldn’t feel myself anymore.

You: Only my pussy

You: Only my pussy taking your gigantic shaft still,

You: still throbbing,

You: still erect,

You: still ready to pound every inch of my body.

You: That’s all I could feel.

You: All I could feel was pleasure, happiness,

You: all I could feel was the fire burning and radiating from my pussy.

You: Too good.

You: Too amazing.

You: Simply

You: Unbelievable.

You:  “Fuck! ” I yelled,

You: vocal chords screaming,

You: spit flying out of my mouth,

You: I felt it,

You: my smoothie,

You: my sweet, thick, juicy shake

You: throttle around your cock.

You: Baby.

You: I’m spent.

You: I ca’nt do it.

You: I orgasm,

You: holding with what energy I have left.

You: around your pulsing cock

You: Too good,

You: too amazing,

You: my smoothie, spilling around you,

You: spilling around your open, wide cock.

You: It’s taking it in,

You: taking every drip and drop of it in,

You: sucking it in,

You: begging for it.

You: Baby,

You: are you about to cum?

Stranger: I’m cumming to and it’s the biggest yet

You: Yes!

You: Give me your smoothie,

You: thrust me hard, give it all to me.

You: You shove me,

You: Grabbing me closer,

You: throwing your dick as far in as possible.

You: Baby!

You: Baby.

You: It’s too good.

You: It’s too amazing.

You: Give me all of your smoothie!

You: We mix,

You: we throb together,

You: we dive together.

You: Our smoothie collides, dripping and fusing together,

You: a mixture of juice, a mixture of our bodies.

You: I feel it.

You: The biggest load yet.

You: The biggest pool we’ve ever made,

You: pooling out of our mouths.

You: I look downwards,

You: exhausted,

You: but then suddenly surprised, with a coy smile in my eyes.

You: You back away,

You: Broke away,

You: falling to the floor,

You: completely exhausted,

You: inches away from death,

You: dick spent, limp, finished.

You: I rub my pussy hard,

You: feeling for the juices,

You: throwing them all out,

You: because underneath,

You: underneath my oozing, gaping, dripping pussy,

You: was a cup.

You: How convenient,

You: I poured half the oozing fluid into another,

You: clanged them together,

You: and gave one to you.

You: Cheers!

You: Have a wonderful, juicy, thick, smoothie, baby.

You: We drank.

You: And man.

You: was it delicious.

Stranger: Holy shit it was the best

You: How’s your dick baby?

You: Did you jack off a lot?

You: Did you cum a lot?

Stranger: I think I need a wheelchair

You: Hahaha.

You: How much did you cum? 😉

Stranger: So’uch I’m still dripping remains and it’s running down my thighs still

You: Wow.

You: You’re so good.

You: Is your dick

You: still hard?

Stranger: Ya but idk if I can keep up with my dick

You: If it says it can,

You: you have to.

Stranger: Alright

You: You have to baby.

You: You have to keep on coming with me. 😉

You: Can you do it baby?

You: Are you tired?

Stranger: Guess I ain’t stopping at luck 7

You: Are you exhausted?

You: Then let’s

Stranger: Oh yes my dick craves more and more

You: take a shower, hee hee.

You: We pile into the bathroom,

You: naked,

You: still feeling each other,

You: grasping at each other.

You: My hand is around your firm butt,

You: gripping your muscles with force and tension.

You: So good.

You: Too good.

You: Yours too,

You: hungrily grips my ass.

You: You pull the cheek close,

You: gripping and handling it with care.

You: It’s so soft.

You: So tender.

You: So gentle,

You: Yet so firm.

You: You dig me into the counter,

You: pressing your still, amazingly hard dick into my body.

You: My pussy is still oozing,

You: still desperate for your dick.

You: We’re panting, on the brink of exhaustion,

You: but one look in the eye,

You: says it all.

You: Fire, fire, desperation.

You: We need each other.

You: Want each other so bad.

You: Do you want me baby?

You: Can you still take me?

You: Can you still fuck my day lights out?

You: Oh baby.

You: I need it.

Stranger: Oh I want you all over me

You: Need you in me.

You: Woo.

You: We jump into the shower,

Stranger: Ill make it night time for you

You: the warm water, beating on our bodies.

You: We let the warm, hot water slosh around us,

You: pooling around us.

You: You watch as the water drips down my soaking, long hair,

You: down my cheek,

You: down and down

You: down my chest,

You: down, hidden underneath my breast.

You: Are you aroused baby?

You: Do you like that?

Stranger: Too aroused

You: do you like it when water drips down my chest?

You: Down the crack of my butt.

You: Baby, give it to me.

You: I throw myself under the water,

Stranger: Oh yes I love it all

You: letting it now hit you.

You: You feel to hot, warm stream cover down your waist, spill down your spine,

You: piling around your legs.

You: It feels good.

You: Feels amazing.

You: Feels nice to your aching muscles.

You: But it doesn’t feel

You: as good as my lips,

You: now softly touching your sensitive cock,

You: pushing its way forward,

You: taking your entirety once more into my mouth.

You: You grabbed my hair once more,

You: pushing yourself in,

You: begging for more.

You: How is my cock baby?

You: So fine, I reply.

You: So good.

You: So amazing.

You: Give it to me.

You: Baby, I need it.

You: I throw my mouth deeper

You: Throw my mouth in more,

You: craving,

You: craving for more.

You: Deep throat me baby?

You: Can you deepthroat me once more?

You: Can you shove your entire length down my thick, slimy mouth?

You: You grab my hair,

You: shoving me hard,

You: pulling me like a magnet to your cock.

You: I feel your thick member

You: struggling once more against the walls of my throat,

You: pressing inward,

You: hungry to reach my stomach.

You: Baby, keep on going, keep on going.

You: Keep on pressing into my mouth.

You: you let yourself relax,

You: let your dick and hips do all the pulsing,

You: let yourself enjoy the warm stream of water pooling down you

You: and also the warm stream of saliva pooling down your dick

You: You hear the slurps

You: hear the slaps as your balls pound to my chin

You: hear the resounding papps as your base slams to my lips

You: So amazing baby.

You: So good.

You: I put my fingers to my pussy,

You: fingering me,

You: Pleasure flowing everywhere around my body.

You: Baby,

You: are you ready to cum again?

You: Can you do it one more time?

You: Can you cum once more? Inside this shower?

You: I need it.

You: Everything.

You: Let me drink it,

Stranger: One step ahead of you

You: let me take it all.

You: Oh!

You: I feel it.

You: Streaming down the walls,

You: streaming into my stomach,

You: pooling,

You: down,

You: Everything.

You: So good.

You: So amazing.

You: So delicious.

You: Your smoothie.

You: Was too good.

You: too sweet.

You: Hee hee.

You: Baby, how are you feeling,

You: are you still hard?

You: Are you still erect?

Stranger: So tired but so hard

You: Hee hee.

Stranger: Let’s go for 10

You: Ooo.

You: You think you can do it?

You: You think you can keep up.

Stranger: Ya imma try

You: Then let’s do it.

You: Let’s push you to the limits.

You: Tell me if you’re going to cum baby.

Stranger: Ok

You: Tell me anything you feel.

You: I want to know.

You: I want to know everything about you.

You: Sit down now though.

You: Sit down and let yourself relax.

You: You’ve just had a long day,

You: no need to get up now.

You: Let yourself sit down, rub your dick on the couch.

You: Let me be the one to put on a show.

You: You sit down to living room couch,

You: the soft leather nice and cool to your hot, showered body.

You: Your dick is still hard,

You: screaming for more,

You: but your body says otherwise.

You: Still, you can’t let yourself up,

You: rubbing yourself hard,

You: rubbing yourself, keeping yourself erect.

You: I approach by the stairway,

You: freshly done with my shower.

You: You see me towards the distance,

You: pale skin beauty,

You: creamy skin,

You: beautiful curves,

You: beautiful mounds curving to a slim waist,

You: followed by my round, full ass cheeks.

You: One step at a time I walk down the stairs,

You: my high heel shoes clicking with a a slight snap,

You: you move your eyes upwards,

You: following my long, slim legs,

You: before seeing my short short miniskirt,

You: tightly snugged to my thighs.

You: It curves around,

You: humps around where my butt is,

You: cleanly catching my side.

You: Then you move up,

You: see me in a thin, white tank top,

You: barely covering up my massive jugs, wrapped tightly in a dark bra.

You: I smile at you as you see my face,

You: swaying side to side, one of my hands tosses through my long hair.

You: I reach the end,

You: pose for you,

You: one hand in front of my lips

You: blowing a light kiss for you.

You: I close one my eyes, blink the other for you,

You: Do you like it baby?

You: Like me and my sexy poses?

Stranger: Oh I love it

You: I walk down the final hallway,

You: standing squarely in front of you.

You: I cup my breasts,

You: smile once again,

You: pulling the breasts up and up on my bra,

You: The creamy texture softly entices you,

You: begging for you to continue rubbing your delight on the couch.

You: My legs move side to side,

You: hips dancing.

You: Slowly, I reach for my tanktop,

You: tossing it aside with a soft thump,

You: only my dark bra hiding my tits from view,

You: Baby, baby, this is all for you.

You: I twisted off my skirt,

You: throwing the piece of cloth behind me.

You: Then I grabbed a bottle of oil,

You: enticing you.

You: Baby.

You: do you want to pour baby oil for me?

You: do you want to pour it all over my big, boobies,

Stranger: Oh all over you

You: pour it all over my big, big butt?

You: Please.

You: Help me,

You: pound yourself harder,

You: ram yourself more,

You: I want your oil.

You: Alll over me.

You: I hand you the open bottle,

You: pulling myself closer.

You: You’re rubbing yourself furiously, your eyes lighting once again with fire,

You: as I cup my breasts,

You: arching my back,

You: showing you my entire cleavage, up in view.

You:  “Baby, baby, give it to me, you sexy beast. ” I said, twisting my lips into a smile.

You: You took no hesitation,

You: tilting the bottle,

You: squirting the oil down my big mounds.

You: You watched as the stream dipped from the open hole,

You: down a waterfall,

You: hitting the top of my breasts with a gentle puddle,

You: but the puddle grew bigger,

You: it couldn’t hold it, it started falling, faster and faster,

You: down and down the side of my creamy breast.

You: You watched as it poured off to the side,

You: curving off to the middle,

You: hidding its deep down in the cleavage.

You: I moaned, sensitive to the oil’s touch.

You: The stream of oil didn’t stop,

You: rubbing downwards, continuing to flow down,

You: curving its way around my stomach,

You: down and down further.

You: You stopped, threw the bottle aside,

You: now eagerly throwing hands forward to rub my breasts.

You: There, that’s it,

You: that’s perfect.

You: Yes.

You: Circular motions.

You: Around my nipples

You: Yes, that’s perfect.

You: How do my breasts feel baby?

You: How do my natural beauties fell to you?

You: Is it good?

You: Is it soo good and delicious?

Stranger: So soft an natural

You: Good.

You: So good.

You: You massaged harder,

You: caressed into my skin,

You: watching as the oil lit up in the soft light above.

You: I groaned a bit harder,

You: Groaned a bit louder.

You: Baby,

You: it feels so amazing. so good, so soft and amazing.

You: How is your dick baby?

You: Are you still pounding?

You: Are you going to cum?

Stranger: Getting ready to explode baby

You: I brought a hand to yours,

You: gripping you,

You: guiding you,

You: enticing you to smother me further,

You: your hand followed,

You: reaching down in between my crevice.

You: I pushed my boobs together,

You: rubbing the lubricated, soft, oily jugs around your hand.

You: You straightened it out, now a forward palm,

You: and I gave your hand a tit job.

You: In and out

You: in and out it effortlessly went,

You: so good.

You: So soft

Stranger: I’m exploding now

You: so effortlessly massing back and forth.

You: Baby!

You: You stood up,

You: rubbing furiously over your cock,

You: it’s twitching,

You: it’s growing,

You: it’s spilling out now!

You: You came out everywhere.

You: Down my slim waist,

You: spilling down my legs,

You: Spilling down everywhere.

You: You watched as it hooked and turned around everywhere,

You: as it pooled to my feed.

You: You breathed, sighed, groaned once more.

You: Baby, how many times does it make it?

You: 😉

Stranger: 9

You: Wow.

You: The final one?

You: Are you ready?

You: what do you want to do?

You: Let’s make this special.

You: anything you want.

You: Anything you desire.

You: This is your night, your situation, your event.

You: Anything you want.

Stranger: Im thinking some hard anal while I’m pleasuring your pussy at the same time for double the pleasure

You: Ooo.

You: Alright.

You: I turned my back around,

You: my panty wet with oozing juices.

You: Playfully I dogged it in front you,

You: begging you.

You: Please, please fuck my so hard.

You: Please fuck my tight, tight anal canal.

You: Please fuck my pussy.

You: I want it!

You: So much.

You: So hard.

You: You didn’t take my enticement, so I pressed my ass closer,

You: up to your face,

You: You breathed in,

You: smelling the fresh scent of soap,

You: but now,

You: the overcoming smell of sex.

You: Your dick sprung up,

You: hungry once more,

You: desperate to press itself against the smell.

You: Enticing, bring you forward,

You: you couldn’t resist.

You: You pushed me down,

You: my ass now leveled with your growing, growing bulge.

You: Baby, do you want my ass?

You: do you want to fuck me?

You: Do you want to fuck my ass out?

You: Give it to me.

You: Give me your hard, iron cock.

You: Give me your iron shaft,

Stranger: Oh I’ll fuck your entire body

You: I want it all

You: all down my ass.

You: I reel around,

You: grabbing the tossed bottle of baby oil.

You: Baby, come and get it,

You: come and get your dick lubricated.

You: You went forward,

You: sliding the dick over my asscrack,

You: In between my beautiful cheeks,

You: So good.

You: It’s like a set of tits but bigger.

You: Your hands press to my buns’ side,

You: squeezing,

You: pushing

You: pulling it together on your dick.

You: I twist the bottle over,

You: pooling the oil down,

You: spilling on your shaft.

You: How does my cheek feel baby?

You: How do my big, big ass cheeks feel?

You: Baby,

Stranger: Sof and hard at the same time

You: touch my pussy!

You: Don’t cum yet.

Stranger: Moist so hard

You: you ahve to cum in my ass!

You: The oil drips down,

You: lubricating your cock more,

Stranger: Ill tell u when

You: your hand reaches up to my pussy,

You: feeling me.

You: Feeling me harder and harder and harder.

You: Two fingers in,

You: with the oil?

You: The whole thing.

You: Fist me baby.

You: Throw your gigantic hand in there.

You: You slid in and out,

You: feeling the walls, feeling my sensitive clitoros,

You: feeling anything you could.

You: I moaned and groaned as my cheeks collided, screamed and shouted when my clit and walls felt aroused.

You: So much to handle,

You: so much space.

You: baby, give me your dick!

You: Give it all to me!

You: throw it into my ass!

You: Everything.

You: You grabbed the oil from me,

You: My hands now splat on my ass cheeks,

You: spreading the oiled, glistening butt to you.

You: You pushed the tip in,

You: struggling,

You: but with the oil,

You: pounded its way in.

You: Oh

You: So tight

You: the walls still cave in

You: but now they slurped and gripped effortlessly.

You: The oil felt so good,

You: so much, so fast, so slick.

You: It felt

You: So so amazing.

You: Baby

You: how is my ass?

You: How is my lubed ass to you feel?

You: Oh baby.

You: Your hand in my pussy continued further,

You: I pounded back,

You: throwing my ass back into you as your pounded me from both angles.

You: Oh, your hand felt so good.

Stranger: Tighte as hell I love it squeezing my cock

You: Oh, your dick is so amazing.

You: Double rodded,

You: double penetrated,

You: double impaled.

You: It’s just

You: simply

You: Simply, utterly amazing!

You: complete ecstasy.

You: Baby.

You: I’m almost done.

You: I’m almost at my limit.

You: I can’t

You: I can’t control yourself.

You: You have to cum.

You: YOu have to cum fast.

Stranger: Oh uh my god this is a huge one

You: It’s too much.

You: I have to come.

You: Baby!

You: Now.

You: Now!

You: Come with me!

You: I can’t

You: can’t control myself!

You: Oh!

Stranger: Alright

You: I lift myself up to the air.

You: My pussy clamming around your soaked hand

You: desperately,

You: desperately clinging.

You: Baby.

You: I’m about to go,

You: I need it,

You: I need it,

You: everything!

You: Up my ass!

You: Cup down my ass!

You: Give me your whole

You: entire dick!

You: Oh!

You: I feel it

You: you’re increasing your pace,

You: speeding up your tempo,

You: it’s growing, your dick

You: it’s growing and finally

You: finally

You: You blow your load,

You: twitching as the thick, hot substance

You: flows down my walls,

You: down my rectum.

You: Baby.

You: I’m done.

You: I’m exhausted.

You: I’m finished.

Stranger: Same

You: Sorry.

You: I’ve got to go eat dinner, for reals now.

You: How long did we fuck, holy shit

Stranger: I can’t go anymore

Stranger: I think 2 hours

You: Did you cum

You: 10 times?

You: 😉

Stranger: Ya

You: Good.

You: Amazing.

You: Good job. XD.

You: Enjoy your smoothie.

You: I’m done.

You: I’m spent.

You: I’m dead.

You: Thanks for the

You: amazing time.

Stranger: Idk how I’m going to clean it uP

Stranger: And thank you for being so sexy

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