A neigbors dog; my ONLY FREIND!

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I was young, and a bit naive, but very curious about sex. Also,   I felt I was not loved, basically. No one would teach, or show me things!   Teddy, one of my paperroute subscribers’ dog was always friendly with me! He’d follow me, while I was on my bike, delivering papers. I was always afraid he’d get hit by a car or something.   Sometimes he would jump up and lick my face!  He was a happy dog!    Sometimes, I noticed, he was a bit TOO happy!  

When he first nudged his noze into my crotch, I told him no, but I was aroused by it!  He would do it often, when I got off my bike and I would push him aside.  I had a job to do!   But sometimes, I’d just let him!   I LIKED feeling him doing that to me!    Several times I noticed his long, red doggie dick exposed.    I strangely liked seeing that because I felt at least Happy (that was his name too) liked ME!

   At a very young age, I MYSELF, questioned my sexuality as I found that I like boys!  I was picked on, and teased by it.   Happy wasn’t picking on me, and I wanted to know things!   So….

One time, after my paperroute was done, Happy followed me into the woods nearby.  Thinking I was alone, I took off my pants and underwear, and let Happy lick me openly!   I was VERY aroused by him tonguing me there!  I turned around and got on my hands and knees for him.  I was scared, more so about someone coming around and seeing me; NOT for what was, I hoped would happen!

   Sure enough, Happy, after licking me there, began whining and scratching me.  I had to pull down my shirt some as his scratches hurt!   Then he got on top of me and I felt his doggie dick poking me and I started getting second thoughs about this.    Then the tip of his dick pressed into my opening and sunk in.   It was immediate, and I didn’t expect it to happen like that!    I tried to get him off me, but then his dick thrusted deeper inside me and he began humping me!  

Now, I was scared!  I had been aroused by the thought, but now it was happening!    Then the pain wasn’t gone, but my mind was getting carried away about it!  I was getting more aroused by this!  It hurt, but it felt so good!  But then, it did start hurting again!    I felt being stretched more!    I started to say,  “Happy; Wait! ”  Obviously futile, talking to a Dog who’s fucking me!    Then he gave me short deep jabs and I felt this warmth inside me, scarring me further!   His breath over my neck, panting, I realized what had happened!   Being the stupid boy I was, I panicked and thought,  “What if he got me pregnant? ”  How was I going to explain this? (as I said, I knew very little about sex).  

   Happy stayed still a minute or so, before he was able to pull out.  I put on my underwear and my pants, but soon felt my underwear very wet!   There was no way I could explain THAT, so I took off my underwear, wiped myself even more, and left my undewear in the woods that day. 

    For a while, I was afraid to do it again, but was aroused by the thought of it!  So, for a few times a week, for as long as I had my paperroute, I found a way to make Happy, HAPPY, and me too!

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