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A Story I Never Told

My name is Lynn and what I’m about to tell you has never been shared with anyone. The events of the story happened several years ago, when I was 18, but I have to start it a few years earlier. I was 12 when I got Tobie for my birthday. I will never forget how excited I was when Mom and Dad surprised me in the middle of my party. Dad came in from the garage with a big box, wrapped with pink paper and tied with yellow ribbon. He set it down on the family room floor and called me in from the patio. All the party guests (a group of my girl friends and a few neighborhood boys) came in with me. I unwrapped the box and inside was a small puppy!

He was a light golden color, with soft curly fur.

“Happy Birthday, Lynn!”, said my Mom and Dad. “He’s a labor-doodle and will get pretty big. He’s 3 months old now”

Well, I had no idea what a labor-doodle was, but I knew he was ADORABLE! I scooped him up out of the box and held him up near my face, just looking into those beautiful eyes. He reached forward and licked my nose! This was the start of my relationship with Tobie (the name I picked for him). Over the next few weeks, Mom and I trained Tobie so he wouldn’t piddle or poop in the house. He was very smart and picked up what we were trying to teach him pretty quickly (although there were a few ‘accidents’ that it was my responsibility to clean up!).

As soon as we were confident that Tobie could be trusted not to mess in the house at night, he was allowed to sleep in my room. He started out on the floor but, after I found him trying to get up on my bed, I picked him up and tucked him under the covers with me. It was great, his warm body snuggled up against me on cold nights. Time passed and both Tobie and I grew. By the time I was 13, Tobie had reached pretty much his adult height (a good 26” at his front shoulder). His days of sleeping under the covers were done – just not enough room as he liked to sleep on his side with those long legs sticking out, digging into me!). He was regulated to sleeping on top of the covers, down by the foot of the bed. During the day, Tobie had the run of the house and his own ‘safe area’ in the laundry room off the kitchen, with a nice bed. He was never confined to this area, but could slip in there when he wanted to take a nap.

Everything changed when I started to get my periods. Tobie developed a very sudden interest in my crotch when I was having it and my panties and used pads were not safe from him. I found a pair of soiled panties in his bed one day and that’s when we started putting these items into plastic bags before they made the laundry hamper in my room. Other than that, Tobie was a perfect gentleman.

My room looked out over our back garden. There was a high stone wall between our house and our neighbors. They had a 16 year old son (Robbie) and a 12 year old daughter (Monica) as well as a female standard poodle named Rosie. Tobie and Rosie used to bark at each other through the stone wall and, when Robbie would come over to see my older brother Ben, he would sometimes bring Rosie over to play with Tobie on the back lawn.

Things went along like this until I was 16 or so. Shortly after I got my periods, I started to develop the way girls do – breasts, hips, hair and hormones! Robbie started to look a lot different from the boy that I used to see playing ball with Ben and some of the other guys at school started to find me interesting in a very special way. I was 5′ 3”, long brown hair, a pretty nice figure (sports, sports, more sports!) and freckles over my nose.

About this time, I also found a special pleasure in touching myself between my legs, rubbing a little nubby button at the top of my girl slit. Mom sat me down and explained what a clitoris was and how it was special to girls. After that, I would lay on my bed with my panties down around my ankles and my hand busy rubbing and stroking my sensitive clit, all kinds of thoughts running through my head, wonderful feelings radiating up into my abdomen and belly. The girls at school referred to their girl parts as a pussy or a cunt, with tits or boobs for their breasts. I sure did explore my pussy during that time. Only thing was, I had to keep Tobie out of my room while I was doing it as he really seemed to find the scent coming from my pussy and the girl fluids it leaked as an invitation to shove his nose into my crotch!

Again, time moved on. I started dating guys from school, but most of them were pretty immature and couldn’t keep a conversation going beyond their sports teams or what their buddies were doing. Boring! When I was 17, I met Dan. 19 years old and going to the local community college. We hit it off pretty well and and, by the forth date, I found myself in the back seat of his car with my skirt bunched up around my waist and my panties around my ankles, Dan’s fingers working at my pussy and driving me crazy! He moved up between my wide spread legs and I heard the zipper of his pants going down. I felt something sliding over my wet pussy lips, nudging into the folds.

“Please don’t, Dan! I’m not sure I’m ready for this!, I squeaked.

“Lynn, just let me put the head in. I promise I won’t go any further”, he said (I wonder how many girls fall for that line each year!?! I know I did!). Before I knew it, Dan was tearing into my hymen and the pain was pretty bad that first time. He had taken my cherry and proceeded to give me my very first fucking. Well, the first time wasn’t great, but the second time was so much better. By the third month of our relationship, Dan was screwing me just about every other day. I was as eager for his cock as he was for my cunt! Once I surprised him after girls soccer practice. I waited till everyone had left and went back into the girls locker room. I called him and told him to meet me there. I stripped off my sweat pants and panties, got a towel and placed it on the bench between the lockers. I knelt down on the bench with my ass in the air, waiting for him to come in, my pussy juices running down my thighs. When he came in, all he saw was my pussy and ass raised up high on the bench. Didn’t take much time before I was being fucked like mad!

Well, Dan graduated from community and went off to university and that pretty much ended that. Here I was, 18 and graduating high school, I’ve had a super year of being screwed just about every other day (when I wasn’t on my period), and now nothing. One day, I was sitting by the window in my room, my legs open as I diddling my clit. Tobie was in the back garden and Rosie was with him. Somehow, she had gotten into our yard. At first I thought they were playing like they used to do when Robbie would bring her over. This seemed somehow very different. I saw Tobie sniffing around her rear end and licking at her back there. I kept a pair of binoculars by the window (so I could spy on Robbie when he had girls over!) and I picked them up and focused on the two dogs, just as Tobie reared up and put his paws on Rosie’s back. He scooted forward and I saw that his cock was coming out of the fur sheath that covered it. I watched in wonder as his cock got bigger and longer, an angry red. I had seen his cock before, usually when I got home from a date and Tobie buried his nose in my crotch, but nothing like this! I realized Rosie was about to be screwed and, if truth be known, I was a little jealous!

Tobie found the hole he was seeking and he proceeded to give Rosie the benefit of a series of jack hammer thrusts, his head bent forward and his hips going back and forth like a piston. His cock was deep into Rosie and she was standing as still as she could with that action going on in her pussy. By now, I had one hand on the binoculars, focused on Tobie’s cock servicing Rosie and two fingers of the other hand deep in my cunt!

I watched the knot at the base of his cock expand and bang against her pussy, seeking entrance. He slipped in and I saw him make several final thrusts then hold still, with just several small movements. After a few minutes, he turned around so they were ass to ass, finally slipping our of her. A few drops of glistening dog cum slipped from poor Rosie’s distended pussy (poor Rosie, my ass! She had just gotten laid and here I was for the past several weeks without a hard cock in my warm, wet pussy!). A very dirty idea sprang into my head. If Tobie could do Rosie, why not me? After all, Tobie was very interested in my pussy and didn’t mind letting me know about it! I had to think about this. For several days, I agonized over the idea, trying to see how dirty and perverted it was but the picture of Tobie servicing me like he had done to Rosie wouldn’t go away. I decided on a test run, to see how it might work, without going that far with him

That night, I lay on my bed. Tobie wasn’t usually allowed to sleep in my room, but I waited until everyone was asleep and softly called him up from downstairs. He came into my room and I closed and locked my door. I hopped up on the bed, calling him up to be with me. I slid my panties down and spread my legs, my knees bent and my feet flat on the sheets. Tobie was at the foot of the bed, watching my every move. When my legs separated, he got a whiff of my aroused girl scent and moved between my legs. I felt his rough tongue start to lap at my pussy, drinking the fluid that seeped from it. Now Dan had introduced me to having my pussy licked, but Tobie’s tongue was so much more talented! He licked and slurped away, forcing it in between my pussy lips and up into my channel. My hips were dancing to the cunt eating he was giving me, and I felt a major climax building in my pussy and rushing up to my abdomen! God, that dog could eat cunt!

After a very few minutes of his administration, I came with a crash! This was by far, the best climax I had had since Dan last fucked me the night before he left! I twisted and turned on the bed, wanting more of this great feeling in my pussy! Tobie went on and on and I came several times that night. At last, I couldn’t take any more and pushed him away. I looked up at him and saw his cock was about half out of his fur sheath. Poor Tobie wasn’t going to get what he wanted that night, but I was pretty sure he would have me before too many more had passed! Tobie’s tongue had hooked me!

Tobie started sleeping in my room again. Mom asked if everything was alright and had he stopped bugging me. “Sure thing, Mom. I think Tobie has learned his lesson”, I said. Yes, he had learned that what was between my legs was now an open secret to him! Over the next few days, Tobie became really familiar with my pussy! About this time, I determined to let him have his way with me, I just needed the right time. I got my period that week and didn’t want the mess of trying to clean him up after he got through servicing me (that’s how I thought of it, him servicing me like a bitch in heat!), so I had to put it off for a few days.

The following week, Mom, Dad and Ben went off for a weekend to see about grad school. Well, that was just great – I had the whole house to myself! Just me and my furry lover! Now, how would I do this? I decided to act like a bitch, getting down on all fours, my ass and pussy high in the air. Tobie pranced up behind me, licking my upturned pussy, his tongue going from my clit all the way up to the rose bud of my ass! God, that was WONDERFUL! I wanted more, much more. My cunt was positively pumping out girl juice, my ass was clenching and unclenching, and my shoulders were now down on the floor, my breasts mashed against the rug.

I felt Tobie back off for a few moments, then his paws on my back as he mounted me. This was it, I was about to be fucked by a dog! He scooted forward, just as I had seen him do with Rosie. I felt the tip of his cock bouncing on my ass cheek, as he sought the opening he wanted. I reached back between my spread legs, grasping his rock hard cock (it was so hot!) and guiding him between my the slick cunt lips and into the channel beyond. That was all he needed, as he rammed the full length into my gaping pussy! No finesse here – just animal jack hammering of the bitch under him! Well, what he lacked in finesse, he more than made up for with length and girth! He was at least three inches longer than Dan and about half again as big around! Don’t ever believe that size doesn’t matter – IT DOES!

He humped forward, the weight of him on my back forcing my head down even further and arching my back. This brought the plane of my pussy even higher, giving him total access. My head was on my forearms my face looking back between my legs, my pussy and ass raised high! I watched his cock flash in and out of me! It was beautiful! He didn’t stop for a moment, just jack hammered that beautiful cock into me, his hips a blur as he fucked me. He kept it up, pounding me like I have never been pounded before (and I thought Dan was an expert at pounding my pussy! Compared to Tobie, Dan was a rank amateur!). On and on he went, deeper and deeper. I came again and again, wanting more of his length and hardness! I felt the knot at the base of his cock banging on the spread lips of my cunt. I looked back between my legs and saw a baseball sized swelling at the base of his plunging cock. I was afraid to take it inside of me, afraid it would rip my pussy wide open! I leaned forward as best I could to keep it out, but Tobie wasn’t to be denied. He kept forcing it forward, hell bent on completing the breeding of the bitch under him! The knot pushed in and I felt a moment of pain as it stretched my already stretched cunt wider. With a final thrust and a soft ‘POP”, it slide in and started to expand inside of me. His cock was so deep, I swear it was up against the opening of my cervix!

Now his movements were shorter, as he seated the knot, getting ready to unload his cum inside of me. I held my breath, pressing back against his belly, just as the first jet of his cum hit the opening of my womb! I was being bred by a dog! The cum was hitting me in places Dan had never reached, jetting deep inside of me. I was cumming like mad now, climax after climax. As the intensity of one would drop down, Tobie’s baseball sized knot pressing at my G-spot, the short fucking motions he was making and his cum jetting into me started another!

After what seemed like hours, I felt the jets of his cum slow and stop. He was still deep in my pussy, his knot still pushing on my G-spot, giving me the most intense climax I had ever experienced! After a few minutes, while he held still, his knot shrank enough so he could pull it out (glad we weren’t locked together like he had been with Rosie!). Again, that soft “POP”! He dropped back on all four and sat down, licking himself clean. I felt what must have been a gallon of his cum gush out of my distended and thoroughly fucked cunt, pooling on my rug. I collapsed forward, my legs quivering from the most through fucking I had ever received!

Eventually, Tobie came over and started licking my pussy, cleaning me up just as he had cleaned himself. Dan never did that! I rolled over to give him greater access and the licking turned into a wonderful, soothing sensation, especially when his long tongue went after whatever cum and juices were still inside my pussy channel. Man, what more could a girl ask for – a wonderful screwing and a long tongue to clean out her sore pussy! Human guys should come equipped like that!

Well, I cleaned up the room, getting the large pool of dog cum off my carpet (“Better remember to kneel on a towel next time” I thought, already planning on a repeat performance!) Tobie had settled down to a nap (“Guess he wants to relax after breeding his bitch!”, I thought). The room smelled of sex, mostly mine. I guess that female dogs don’t have the same amount of sex scent that girls do, only to male dogs it must be really overwhelming!.

Tobie mated me again that weekend and it was even better than the first time! I now knew that the knot was coming and that I could take it inside me without it tearing my cunt apart! Over the next few months, I let him mate me every time I was alone in the house with him. We had quite a routine going. I would strip, kneel on a thick towel, drop my head into my curled forearms and reach back to get my pussy warmed up (not that it took much – just knowing I was about to get fucked by Tobie was usually enough!). Tobie would be there, his cold nose pressed against my anal rose bud while his tongue tried to get into my pussy. I would feel him mount me (after the first time, I put socks over his paws – those dew claws left scratched on both of my hips!) and try to slide his cock into me. Usually, I had to help him by getting the tip seated, but after that it was all Tobie!

Every mating was a little different, and one time I didn’t react fast enough to guide him into the right hole. His cock found my anal star and drove in just like he would into my pussy! Talk about a surprised girl, with his meaty cock buried in my ass, and no way I was going to stop him! I had never done anal and here Tobie took the last vestige of my virginity! The only thing I wasn’t going to allow him to do was to get that knot into me! My back channel was a lot tighter than my pussy channel and we would be stuck together for hours, waiting for it to shrink. That’s all I need – Mom to coming home to find her daughter on her knees with a dog cock buried in her ass! I must admit, that ass fucking was really something, especially when I reached back and shoved two fingers in my cunt and felt his rock hard cock fucking my stretched open ass! Talk about cumming – I came back there and up front!

I even let him mate me when I was having a period and I just know this was a special treat for him (messy, to be sure, but he loved it!). He lapped my period flow up like it was some kind of doggy brew! He was so eager he started to shot his cum even before the knot was fully inside me (I missed that knot!). Another time I just had to try sucking his cock, which proved a lot of fun, but not as much as being thoroughly fucked by him.

I was Tobie’s bitch for the last few weeks of the school year and then through the summer, getting fucked pretty often and no longer in a funk over Dan. College was next and I couldn’t bring Tobie with me. I knew I would miss being his willing bitch, but life moves on and I needed to move with it. I’ll never forget the first holiday I was home from college – and that night the way Tobie reintroduced me to his brand of fucking! I had been fucking a guy at school, but really missed the way Tobie could hit all the right spots! All-in-all, Tobie was the BEST FUCK I EVER HAD!

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