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A Trip to Remember by Zan

The names in this story are yahoo messenger names me and my girlfriend have. The places are also changed. Whether this story is true or not is up to you, I won’t tell. But to all who read this, please know that I love my girl more than anything in the world and would die to save her without a second thought.

Me and my girlfriend Ani met in a pretty weird way. In a chat room to be exact. I don’t really know how, but we just kinda hit it off and started cybering. It wasn’t exactly unusual, but Ani seemed to be different then a lot of the other people but I kinda blew it off. After about a week though, I started to talk with her, not just as someone to cyber fuck, but as an actual person.

It turned out that we had a lot in common. Both pretty much nerds. We shared a lot of the same likes and dislikes, opinions, and pretty much everything else. We were getting along pretty well, and eventually I asked her to be my girlfriend. She said yes and I lucked out. The only real problem with the relationship was that fact that we lived pretty far away. Like opposite sides of the country far.

Still, that didn’t really stop us. We really cared about one another and distance wasn’t any match for it. Well one day, we agreed to give pictures of each other. She went first and as I got the pictures of her, my jaw dropped. She was drop dead beautiful. Curly red hair pulled up into a ponytail, long, supple legs that went all the way up, and ass that wouldn’t quit, and the most perfect set of breasts ever. And all at 17. These weren’t even nude pictures and I was already rock hard. She was young, but her body easily put anyone else’s to shame. I was almost embrassed to send her back pictures of myself.

I’m not a very good looking guy. I’m more of the average kind. My face is always rough cause of thick facial hair, my hair is short and black, my stomach is a keg, not a six pack, and I’m 6 foot exactly. Thanks to the Italian in me, my chest is also hairy. It’s pretty unsightly, but I can’t shave it off without it looking horrible. So yeah, I’m no Brad Pitt. Still, she thought I looked good and I didn’t complain one bit.

A little bit down the road, I made the idiotic mistake of mentioning I was a virgin even at 19. I never found that one girl I wanted to lose that too. To my surprise, she told me she was one too. With how she looked, I was really surprised and at the same time relieved. I thought I was the only person left in the world that still did things like that. The worst problem is that I’m a hardcore pervert. And Ani ..Ani loved it. Which made me even more perverted

Our cybering sessions got more and more intimate as we grew closer and closer. Soon, we were taking about a future together. Naturally, we agreed to meet each other. Within the month, I had flown over to California to meet her.

I still remember that day. It was nice and warm, with a cool breeze blowing through. I grabbed a rental car from Hertz when I left the airport. Just a basic Toyota Camry. It did its job and that’s all that I needed. Her house was about a 30 minute drive from the airport and I couldn’t wait.

I arrived at the house, knocked on the door, and felt my stomach get some butterflies. After all, I was about to meet the girl I loved more than anything else for the first time. It seemed like an eternity before the door opened. My eyes fell on Ani for the first time. She was wearing a short red skirt and a black halter top. And when I short, I mean another half inch up and I would have seen her panties. The shirt came up just over where a bra would be. On her whole body, more than half of her milky white skin was visible. I swear, it almost made me cum in my pants right then and there.

“Hi love!” She jumped on me and I twirled her around in a massive hug, feeling her soft breasts against me. After I set her down, I reached over and grabbed her ass. Nice and firm, and yet soft. I was rewarded with a soft slap and a giggle. Her perky breasts bounced with every step as she led me inside the house. We sat down on the couch and she instantly jumped on me. We sucked face for what must have been twenty minutes before her roommates came back and ruined it.

The rest of the night was pretty uneventful. Some chatting, a dinner, and nothing else really. We all turned in at about midnight. I got the couch, but already knew I wasn’t going to be able to sleep. I had already seen her and she was really something else. We had promised to hold ourselves off until we were married but I just couldn’t. I waited not even half an hour, before sneaking over to her room.

I opened the door very slowly and peaked inside. She was just laying there, tossing and turning. It was easy to see she wasn’t sleeping either. I just waited until she turned over and quickly ducked inside her room, closing and locking the door behind me. I may be a bigger guy, but I have some agility. I made my way to the foot of her bed and gently untucked the covers. Slowly, I made my way under her covers and over to her body.

Her legs were partially spread under her thin black nightie, and it gave me the perfect opening. I made my way up, and placed myself next to her thigh. Slowly, my tongue slipped out of my mouth and brushed against the inside of her right thigh. My reward was a light and low moan. She flung her covers aside and our eyes met. I thought she was gonna scream out but all she did was stay there and look at me. All of a sudden, those butterflies came back. I realized I didn’t know what I was about to do .I was just gonna copy the things I had seen in porno movies.

We stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity before she gave me a small nod. I didn’t know what to do anymore I was just gonna go with the flow of things. Now, I was stuck there, with my lover’s pussy not even 6 inches away from me. I had no idea what to do anymore and I almost backed down, before I got a whiff of her. Her panties were soaked completely and the scent was the sweetest thing I had ever smelled. Something just took over me and I slid off her panties.

One look at that soaked cunt was all it took and all the nervousness was gone. I positioned myself between her milky thighs and took a deep whiff of her pussy. She had trimmed her hair to a small line leading up, and it was a huge turn on. I lifted my head and gave her a small smile, before leaning down and gently kissing it. Her body let off a tiny shudder as I gave it a single lick. I had never tasted anything as good as her pussy juices. As I gave it another lick, I looked up to her face. It had turned a bright red from all her blushing. She was unsure of this as well, but we were too caught up to stop. As I gave it a third lick, she put her hands on the back of my head and ran her fingers through my hair. I slid up her pussy and gently clamped my lips around her rock hard clit.

After only a few moments of sucking, she let out a silent scream. I looked down as her juices began to flow out. I just gave her the first orgasm she’d had from another person and I could see she wanted more. I couldn’t stop myself even if she wanted me too. Her sweet aroma and the irresistible taste of her pussy juices made it impossible. I flattened my tongue against her pussy and slowly dragged it up once, ending at her clit. With a small smile, I pushed my tongue into her.

Her walls clamped down on tongue instantly as she came again. A large gush flowed into my mouth as my tongue licked around inside of her. I reached up with my hand and gently fondled her breasts, making her moan out with pleasure. My tongue slid up to the top of her pussy and dragged in and out as my hand pinched her nipples. In no time, she came for the third time and began to pant loudly.

I looked up at her, with her juices dripping off my lips. As I moved up and kissed her, she licked off her own juices and smiled at the taste. She knew what I wanted to do to her and I could see the small hint of fear in her eyes. But I kissed her gently and whispered to her. “Ani, I love you more than anything else. Don’t be afraid.” I smiled at her as she nodded softly, consenting to everything I wanted to do.

I undid my pants, letting my cock stick out. I have an average sized cock now, only about 6 inches, but I was so hard that it actually seemed bigger. I moved into position and slowly pushed into her. I couldn’t believe it I was losing my virginity to the woman I loved and she was giving hers to me. People say that you climax almost instantly when you’re first touched, but that didn’t happen to me. Maybe I just wasn’t nervous about it, but it doesn’t matter.

I continued to push into her until only about an inch and a half was it, and she got really tight. We looked at each other and knew what was about to happen. I kissed her softly and gave a gentle thrust, pushing through her virginity barrier. I could see a tear or two roll down her face and knew that I had hurt her. I gave her another kiss and licked away her tears as she smiled at me again. With that smile, I felt my heart just stop for a moment. She looked like an angel and she was. She was my angel.

Her pain was rapidly replaced by pleasure and she let out a loud moan. My cock was a perfect fit for her. I moaned with her and began to move faster as a little trail of blood leaked down the side of her pussy. I kissed her again and positioned myself at just the right angle, then slid in and dragged against her g-spot. She let out a loud yell and I felt her pussy tighten again as she climaxed for the fourth time. The feel of her pussy tightening like that was too much for me and I pulled her close as I came. I could feel my cum shooting deep inside of her and it must have lasted for a minute as almost every drop I had went into her.

We laid there, both panting heavily, and covered with sweat, kissing each other passionately. I thought we would both fall asleep like that, but I was dead wrong. The two of us rolled over, and she was now laying with her back on my chest as we continued to kiss. My hands reached up and grabbed her breasts, pinching the nipples gently and twisting them. She let out another moan of pleasure and it was more arousing to me than I knew.

As we laid there and I was fondling her breasts, I felt a sudden twinge of pleasure from my cock. I was already hard again, having just blown such a load into her. I’d never climaxed that hard before when I beat off and didn’t think I would be hard again for a long time. But something about her set me off. She wasn’t done either, and licked my lips softly. All I did was sit there as watch as she lifted her small frame up and slid down over my cock. I let out a loud moan as she enveloped my cock in that tight wet pussy of hers.

Slowly, she began to slide up and down on it and it wasn’t long before I began to thrust upwards to meet her. I leaded up and reached my arms up under hers, squeezing her breasts hard as she sucked in my cock. Her breasts were beautifully sized, maybe about 34C, with tiny little rosebud nipples. They were also rock hard and very sensitive something I used to my advantage. “Ani Your pussy is so tight ” I almost yelled out as she worked along my cock.

I could feel my cum from earlier and all her juices leaking over my cock and soaking her bed completely. We couldn’t stop either. The feeling of the cum and juices mixing drove us over the edge. We were alone in the room alone in our own euphoria of sex, lust, and love. I sucked on her neck, leaving a small mark as we both hit our orgasms. I could see over her shoulder and my jaw dropped. She wasn’t just climaxing, she was squirting. Her juices were blasting off the bed and onto her floor. Seeing it was so absolutely arousing that I actually came again right then and there. I had filled her up again with a double orgasm and we both fell back exhausted.

Once again I thought we were done and once again I was wrong. A little more fondling and making out and my cock hardened again. She reached down and fondled it for a bit, then slid down my body with a small smirk. I just laid there, watching her, as she took my cock in one hand and my balls in the other. I gave a loud moan as she squeezed my balls roughly, then briefly sucked on each on individually. She removed her hand from my cock and licked it all over, savoring the flavor of our mixed cum.

She pulled away from my cock and cupped the base of it, squeezing hard and smirking again. I didn’t know what she was doing but I liked it. She leaned down, gently kissed my cock, and backed off. She repeated this several times, teasing and taunting me by occasionally licking the head. I wanted her to suck me off so badly I thought I was going to explode if she didn’t.

As I moaned again, she smirked and opened those luscious lips of hers. “I bet you want to feel these on your cock don’t you?” All I could do was nod my head in response. The thought of having those on me was more than I could stand. I felt my body shaking with another orgasm, but nothing happened. She had grabbed the base of my cock for a reason it made it impossible for me to cum unless she let me. And she wasn’t ready to do that.

Slowly, she lowered her mouth over my cock, and I watched it disappear into that warm, wet mouth. If I could have spoken, I would have made a comment about how vegetarians didn’t eat meat but not a word came out. I was lost in the pleasure of her tongue against my shaft. As I laid there moaning loudly, I felt my dick pressing against a warm wall. My eyes looked down to see that my entire cock had vanished inside of her mouth. That wall I felt was the back of her throat.

I couldn’t take it anymore. My whole dick felt like it was about to explode from the built up cum. It actually began to hurt too. I was worried that she would never let go. I yelled at the top of my lungs “ANI PLEASE LET ME CUM!” And she let go of her grip. My cock rippled as the cum exploded out of me and poured into her throat. I laid back, breathing heavily, and watching her swallow every bit that I had shot. All she did was smirk.

As I lay there, I was sure that my balls had emptied every last drop they had. After all, I had gone through 4 massive orgasms and was sweating profusely. I looked up at her and saw that she was the same. The sweat shined on her perfect body as she laid down next to me and we embraced. We were both exhausted and we both wanted more. I began to get hard and knew it was my last time. My dick had started to go raw from the feel of her tight pussy.

We nodded at each other, silently agreeing to one final round. Ani got up on her hands and knees, showing me that tight pussy and her tiny star of an asshole. I pushed my finger into her ass, probing around as she let out a loud moan. My cock briefly rubbed against her pussy before going inside of it. Even though we had been fucking all night, she was still just as tight as when we started. My cock pushed deep inside of her, pumping her rhythmically as my finger began to press against her pussy wall.

Her only response was a loud moan and a tightening pussy as her juices dripped from her sixth orgasm that night. I held off my orgasm though and continued to pump deeper and deeper into her. Already, my cock was brushing against her g-spot again, and it was setting her on fire with pleasure. She screamed my name several times, and I felt the now too familiar feeling of her tightening pussy walls. I couldn’t believe it either. I had given her two orgasms in the same minute.

Her body began to go limp and I knew she was exhausted. I was too, but I just couldn’t stop. Somehow, her pussy sucked in more and more of my cock, before I began hitting a barrier. She let out a piercing scream of pleasure as I pushed against it. I wasn’t sure what it was, but it made her clamp down tighter than ever before.

I pushed against it a few more times, with each push yielding a louder and longer scream of pleasure. It dawned on me that I was hitting her cervix. I had actually gone deep enough into her pussy to hit it and she seemed that she was going to explode.

My body coursed with pleasure too as I put all the force I could into my thrusts. I hit her cervix one last time and she let out an ear piercing shriek of pleasure. “ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNN” I heard her scream out my name in pure orgasmic pleasure and the pressure that she clamped down with was beyond anything she had done before.

“ANNNNNNNI” I yelled out her name with her, as my entire body shook and unloaded the largest and hardest climax I had ever had. Her pussy seemed to suck in every bit and we both fell down exhausted. It was all I could do to move over and hold her tight.

The room was a mass of odors. Pheromones, juices, cum, sweat, and our natural scents filled the room with an unforgettable scent. I kissed her forehead and told her I loved her one last time, before passing out from exhaustion. I never did ask her if she remembered me telling her that.

In the morning, we both woke up in each other’s arms. We were sore and didn’t want to move. There was too much on our minds. As we laid there, we talked about everything that had happened. I got really worried because I didn’t wear a condom but she took care of that when she took a morning after pill. The other thing we couldn’t figure out, was why her roommates never came in.

Eventually, we got up, dressed and walked outside. It was the middle of the day and her two roommates where sitting there talking. We didn’t say anything as we got some food and sat down. Instantly, one of the roommates, Sakura, began to laugh loudly. Zack joined her afterwards. We just looked at them as Sakura said, “It sounded like you two had fun last night!” The both of us were a bit embarrassed by that, but we didn’t deny it that was the greatest night either of us had ever had.

Zack spoke up and said, “Hey let’s all go watch a movie. After last night, you two probably need a break.” They laughed again as we all sat down. Sakura popped in a tape and started playing it. Ani’s and my face lit up red as we saw what was on the tape. There was me eating out her pussy and her moaning loudly. We couldn’t say anything just stare at them blankly for the longest period of time as they howled with laughter. “Hope you like our present!” Sakura yelled out. “Yeah, we decided to hang around in your closet to get the footage,” Zack boasted.

We were so caught up in the moment that we didn’t even realize the partially opened closet door. Sakura and Zack had taped every minute of the night, from me sneaking in to the goodnight kiss at the end. We were both embarrassed as hell, but at the same time I was glad that I had something to remember the night.

The best part in all this was that it was a weeklong trip I had taken. And that was only day 1.

– The End –

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