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All free – Dirty Sex Tales

Adam was an out of control sixteen year old thug who was not liked by many people, it was the early hours of the morning when Pia one of his class mates saw him laying drunk in the back yard of their shop, Pia was working on her own and decided it was time for some fun and after switching of the security cameras went outside to where Adam was laying and after undoing his joggers and along with his underwear pulled them down and off then stood admiring the white thug’s seven inch hairy dick, after shaking him hard Pia got no response from Adam so started to rub his dick loving the feeling of the first ever white dick that she had ever felt after five minutes Pia smiled as Adam’s dick crew to a nine inch erection, Pia stroked Adam’s dick for a few more minutes feeling it getting harder, she then stopped and lowered her jeans, then after holding Adam’s dick up straight lowered herself down onto it and as it slid in to her very moist love tube Pia gasped then slowly started to ride up and down the thug boys dick groaning as she did after five minutes Pia reached a climax, after a minute Pia climbed off Adam’s dick as she did she heard a girl say can I have a go turned and saw Sara the fourteen year old blonde haired girl from the shop stood watching, Pia nodded her head and when Sara took her dressing gown off Pia smiled when she saw Sara was naked under it, Sara stood over Adam and like Pia had done held Adam’s dick up before lowering herself down onto it, as a girl who was bi sexual Pia liked the sight of the naked Sara riding Adam’s dick and thought the wat Sara’s boobs were swinging was really sexy, after five minutes Sara cried out yes yes yes as she climaxed, Pia watched as Sara climbed of Adam and after putting her gown on left. Pia saw Adam move and rushed back in the shop locking the door as she went, the following morning Pia was doing the early morning papers when Sara walked in with Adam’s sister Tina who was fifteen, Sara stood by the door then Tina said “you rode my brothers cock Last night” Pia felt nervous, Sara said “all clear” then to Pia’s surprise Tina raised her short skirt, Pia saw she dad no panties on and looked at the girl’s love tube and watched mouth open as Tina started to masturbate, Pia heard the door lock then saw that Sara was naked and watched as Tina stripped naked then watched as the two girls started to masturbate each other and suck each other’s boobs, Pia watched in awe as the two white girls had sex and when both girls gushed Pia thought cool. After the girls had left Pia thought wait till you two come back.

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