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All seen – Dirty Sex Tales

Ali was a sixteen year old Bengali boy who was hoping to be a nurse so was spending a week at a rehabilitation centre in London near to where he was now living. Ali knew that there were all types of people in the centre ranging from alcoholics to thugs that were going through treatment to change their life style. Ali was bi sexual and hoped it would not affect his chances of being a nurse, Ali saw Tina a classmate of his who was also at the centre for the weeks course, Tina was the girlfriend of Simon a local thug hated Ali, but Tina was friendly with Ali and knew all about Ali. Ali had just arrived at the centre and learnt from Tina that Simon had been admitted during the night along with his best mate Adam and his girlfriend Dawn and that all three were in the secure unit where there was only one staff member an old woman who did not do much she sat in her office most of the day. Tina took Ali to the unit to look around, It was the first time Ali had been to the unit and saw it was made up of cells and was surprised to find that all the inmates were naked in cells on their own, Tina looked through the hatch to one cell then called Ali over when Ali looked through the hatch he broke out into a big smile he saw Dawn fully naked he admired her ample boobs and love tube as she lay on the bed, Tina then called him to another cell where he saw Adam stood by a wall his five inch dick dangling down, Tina then said “come on if you want to see Simon” and took him to another cell where Ali saw Simon, Ali looked in awe at the naked thug admiring his seven inch soft hairy dick, Dawn said they are all fully drugged up so will not know you have been here, Ali could feel his hard dick pushing against his trousers and was surprised when Tina put her hand on his bulge and said “who has got a hard on” and undid his trousers and freed his eight inch erection which she started to stroke, as she did Tina gently pushed Ali backwards into an empty cell where she knelt down took Ali’s dick in her mouth and started to suck it, Ali could not believe what was happening but stood and enjoyed the unexpected but welcome blow job and after a few minutes shot his cum into Tina’s mouth which she swallowed, Tina stood and said “yeah I have always wanted to suck your cock dry now I have” Ali was left to work in the drug addicts section, at lunch time Ali met up with Tina who was with Dawn’s sister July who had a big smile on her face, Tina told him that she had taken July to see Dawn and showed her Adam and Simon and that Adam had been wanking off and July had watched him, Ali smiled thinking lucky girl, Tina then added “wonder what Adam will say if he finds out a twelve year old girl watched him have a wank” the trio all laughed, Later that day Ali was walking home on his own when he saw July near a derelict factory and when she lifted her skirt Ali smiled she was wearing no panties and he could see her love tube, July lowered her skirt and went inside the factory, Ali was soon following the girl and inside found July had stripped naked and was laying on an old mattress her legs apart, after admiring her developing boobs Ali undid his trousers thinking I am going to enjoy being a nurse.

To be continued

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