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Alone or Not – Dirty Sex Tales

Martin stood on the steps of the one hundred and fifty year old mansion watching as his parents drove away for the start of their six week holiday, as he waved them bye bye thought do not hurry back I am only sixteen but I can manage well for six weeks and will certainly not miss your constant nagging, Martin slammed the big doors closed, Martin stood listening surprised at how quiet the big house was with out any staff and thought all alone I can do what I want when I want and where I want and not get moaned at, my house my rules. Martin went to the lounge got a drink and went to the stairs stood and looked up them he did not see Shelly the twelve year old daughter of one of the servants who was collecting a book she had forgot when the staff had all left for holidays. Martin kicked his shoes off then removed his socks and shirt when he undid his trousers Shelly smiled and watched as Martin took his trousers off and when he removed his underwear Shelly thought nice as she looked at the naked snob boy and thinking that is big as she admired Martins seven inch soft hairy dick. Martin stood where he was drank his drink and left the glass on the banister, Shelly was watching Martin and when she saw his dick grow and stick out from his body Shelly thought cool and when it went to a full nine inch erection shelly thought well cool and when Martin started to jerk off Shelly could hardly believe what she was seeing, Martin stood jerking his dick unaware he was being watched by Shelly who had now undid her jeans and was rubbing her love tube as she watched, after five minutes Shelly saw Martin’s knees bend and three spurts of cum shoot from his dick, Shelly watched mouth wide open, Martin stood where he was for a short while then said “one of you servants clear my spunk up” giggling as he did, he then jumped in surprise as Shelly said “you made the mess you clean it up” and after doing her jeans up stood up, Martin looked at her his face turning red with embarrassment, Shelly said “I seen you naked seen your cock and watched you have a wank my friends are going to be jealous that they were not here to see it” Martin said “you should not be here” Shelly told him why she was there as she walked down the stairs, then said “you white boys should be naked for us black girls all the time” when Shelly got to Martin she reached out and held his dick in her hand, Martin flinched and said “big deal you saw me wank off now fuck off” Martin could see the pokies in Shelly’s tee shirt and said “you got the pokies” Shelly smiled and said “and a wet cunt and your cock in my hand” Martin reached out and slid his hands under Shelly’s tee shirt and rubbed her developing boobs then lifted Shelly’s tee shirt over her head and off bent forward and started to lick her developing boobs while undoing her jeans. Two hours later Shelly was walking down the drive thinking I am no longer a virgin, I am going back tomorrow with some of my friends.

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