Amazing night with my friend’s hot mother

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Hi readers, i’m kinda new to this website and this is my first story.Hope you’ll enjoy it.

 When I was 20 I had a friend at university who’s family lived in Italy. I had never been to Italy before and he invited me to go and stay there for a couple of weeks. His parents had recently separated so it was just my friend, his older sister and his mother, who was in her fifties. I was attracted to her immediately and we got on really well.

The first morning of my stay I took a shower and noticed that there was a laundry basket in the bathroom. I adore the smell of pussy, and I could never resist having a sniff of some dirty panties whenever I had the chance so I opened the basket and found a couple of pairs, and it seemed fairly obvious that one of them was his sister’s and the other his mother’s. I had a good sniff of both, but the smell of his mother’s pussy made my cock throb. Her scent was much stronger than her daughter’s and it was very intoxicating and made me cum so hard. Now that I knew how good her vagina smelled, I had a full-on crush on her, and I couldn’t stop thinking about her pussy whenever I was talking to her. When my friend wasn’t around I tried a little subtle flirting with her but it didn’t seem to work. One evening when we were all having dinner I admitted that I had a thing for older women, and I think from the way she looked at me after I had said this, that she knew I wanted her.

I was sniffing her panties and fantasising about her daily, but my mild flirting didn’t seem to be having any effect on her, as I knew it wouldn’t. She was a classy lady and would never feel the same way about me. My friend and I were booked on separate flights back to the UK, and he and his sister left the day before me, leaving me alone with his mother for one night. She cooked us a nice dinner, which we ate together with a fair amount of wine and had a good conversation. After dinner we sat together on the sofa and chatted with some more wine. She was obviously very tipsy and actually seemed to be flirting with me. The more wine she drank the more obvious her flirting was becoming, stroking my arm and she was telling me how great it was to have people around the house again, because she had been very lonely since she split from her husband. Then she nuzzled her head into my chest and said the words that made my heart race:  “I don’t want to sleep alone tonight “. Did she mean what I hoped she meant?  “Will you sleep next to me? ” Ok maybe she just meant sleeping, but that’s better than nothing so I said sure.

We brushed our teeth together and I stripped down to my boxers and climbed into her bed while she used the toilet. She came out in a bathrobe which, to my amazement, she removed in front of me to reveal her totally naked body. She looked incredible, and had the most sexy, womanly body I had ever seen, and my eyes were drawn to the dark triangle of hair between her legs. She smiled at me and got into the bed next to me, and my cock grew hard with this beautiful woman naked next to me. I was still unsure what, if anything was going to happen, but soon she was stroking my chest and leaned over to kiss me, and it was a full, passionate kiss that made me think this was going to be my lucky night. As we kissed she put her hand into my boxers and started to stroke my hard cock, and I took my chance to put my hand between her legs to rub her moist hairy pussy. I took off my boxers to give her full access to my equipment and kicked them out of the bed so we were now both totally naked and touching each other intimately. She then got on top of me and I felt my hard cock pressing into her stomach. She wasted no time and suddenly I felt her hand around my cock, she lifted her body and I felt hair on the tip of my cock, then bliss as my penis became engulfed in wet warmth. She had climbed on bareback! As she started to slowly fuck me, I am ashamed to say that the excitement of these unexpected events got the better of me and I started to ejaculate uncontrollably into her vagina.

She looked surprised and said  “did you cum? ” and I was too embarrassed to say anything but  “yes “.  “That’s ok ” she said and then the ego-crushing question  “have you had sex before sweetie? “. I had, many times, but had put in the performance of a virgin. I felt totally stupid and tried to explain but she put me at ease and said  “don’t worry, you’ve got me all night “. I certainly made the most of it and we fucked all night long in every position we could think of, I couldn’t believe such a sophisticated woman of her age could be such a nympho! My cock was constantly either in her mouth or her pussy, and I lost count of how many times I came inside her.

I was shocked how wild she was in bed, but something happened that night that shocked me further. I was taking some recovery time to lick her delicious pussy, and I began to pay attention to her asshole. I moved my tongue down to taste it and she seemed to respond well, her moaning becoming louder. Gaining confidence I rubbed her asshole with my finger, and she continued to moan so I slowly pushed my finger into it. My finger was almost burning with the heat from her ass, and as it gripped my finger so tightly, all I could think of was how good it would feel to put my cock in there.  “You can if you want to ” she said with a grin, and I replied  “what do you mean? “.  “Have you ever tried anal sex? ” she asked, she had read my mind!  “No, have you? ” I replied and she said  “yes it’s nice “. I was stunned, looking at this classy woman in public you would never believe she had even had anal sex, let alone enjoyed it and would be offering it to me.  “I’d love to try it ” I said and without hesitation she knelt on the bed and stuck her ass into the air in front of me, which is probably the horniest sight I have ever experienced. She gathered some of the slick juice from her pussy with her fingers and smeared it around her asshole. I think she sensed that I was nervous so she said  “just go slow and you’ll be fine “. I knelt behind her and pressed the tip of my cock to her asshole and I could barely think I was so excited. It took quite a bit of effort to get inside her but eventually her asshole opened up and swallowed the head of my cock, and then immediately closed tight around it, which was almost enough to make me cum there and then, but I resisted and slowly pushed the full length of my erect penis up her ass. It was so tight that I had to stop for a while to calm down, and I enjoyed the sensation of having every inch of my cock gripped tightly by her hot ass. I slowly began fucking her and she was moaning with delight and it wasn’t long before I could take it no longer and shot a big load deep into her ass.

We fucked until morning, when finally we fell asleep exhausted in each other’s arms. When we woke up we fucked a couple more times, then showered together and she took me to the airport. I was absolutely gutted to be leaving, I wanted to stay with her for months, fucking like rabbits. She gave me a long hug goodbye at the airport and I’ve never seen her again, but she gave me one of the best nights of my life.

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