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Amy the Exhibitionist – part 25

Amy the Exhibitionist

Part 25 – Kailene and I go to Tenerife for the Summer Break

After all our exams and end of year parties; and the other fun that we’d been having; Kailene and I decided to spend a few weeks in the sun (not much of that in England). We had some money from our pole dancing job and decided to hit Tenerife.

Before I could get away I had to go and see my parents. As I’d done the last few times that I’d been home. I stripped as soon as I got into my room and went down to see Mom and Dad. Neither said anything about me being naked, but Dad’s trousers looked pleased to see me.

Nothing interesting happened while I was there, except that I teased my Dad and brother something wicked.

The week soon went and I packed a little bag and early one morning I headed to the airport to meet Kailene.

I say a small bag because neither of us intended to be wearing much when we were there. All of the skirts that we took were ultra-short and all of the tops had very little material and most of that was see-through. No bras and knickers; and only 2 or 3 minute thongs that we intended to wear on the beach. The thongs were the ones that I’d made for my holiday in Ibiza and most of them didn’t actually cover my pussy.

Besides, we didn’t have any accommodation booked and didn’t want to have to lug a heavy suitcase around.

Both Kailene and I had decided that the best place to carry our Ben Wa balls was in the place that they belong – our pussies. Now that wasn’t such a good idea because when we had to go through security, we both set-off the buzzers.

I was first through the arch and the buzzer went off. The male security man told me to stand on the little feet images on the floor and ran the wand thing all over me. He could see that I wasn’t wearing much (micro skirt and short halter top), and was a little puzzled as to what could have triggered the alarm. The wand thing went off as it went up passed my pussy.

I’d been thinking what could have triggered the alarm, and as the wand thing passed my puss and buzzed I realised what had caused it. I smiled and told him that I was wearing Ben Wa balls. The poor man hadn’t a clue what I was talking about. I put my arm out in front of me and pointed to my pussy and slowly said, “Ben Wa balls; sex toy!” When he heard ‘sex toy’ he seemed to get the message; but he just stood there.

Was this man stupid or what? Perhaps the ‘or what’; I pulled the front of my skirt out, being glad that it had an elastic waist, and pointed down to my exposed, bald pubes; and slowly repeated, “Ben Wa balls; sex toy!”

I don’t know if I’d made the man’s day, he’d just given up; or he actually knew what I was saying; but he waived me through.

Kailene, the little minx, pre-empted the man, and as he waved his wand over her, she lifted the front of her skirt up and pointed to her displayed bald pubes. The man stared at her pubes for a few seconds; then waved her through.

Giggling like naughty little school girls, we walked off to the departure lounge, arm in arm.

After wandering round a bit, we bought a sandwich and a bottle of water for the flight; then found somewhere to settle for the hour or so wait for our flight to be called.

We found a small area that has a few, low, comfortable chairs. We flopped down onto them and soon realised that our knees were higher than our butts. Neither of us sat very lady-like (legs not crossed, and knees slightly apart), and it didn’t take long for a group of youths to realise what they could see, and they sat on the chairs opposite us.

In the middle of our conversation, Kailene whispered that she was going to put on a show for the youths. She stood up and lifted her little case onto the chair. Then she bent over it, with her back to the youths.

You’ve guessed it; her little skirt was up over her butt letting her sparkling wet puss wink at the youths.

Kailene stayed bent over and opened her case. She rummaged around it for a about 10 seconds before zipping it closed and lifting it off the seat and sitting back down.

All the youths were silently staring at her; and one of them was holding his mobile phone up as if he was taking a photograph.

Kailene said something about being glad about not forgetting to pack something, but I wasn’t really listening.

We continued talking about everything and nothing; all the time watching the youths, and opening our legs to let them get a better look at our pussies.

After a while we decided that we should go to the toilet before we got on the plane. We stood up and I asked the youths if they would keep an eye on our cases for a while. Two of them said that they would, and off we went.

In the ladies room I had a little go at Kailene for being so brazen. She just laughed and said that I was jealous because I hadn’t thought of it first. She was right.

After we’d peed, I heard Kailene pull lots of paper off the roll. I guessed that she had more than just the last drips of pee to wipe, just the same as I had.

As we were washing our hands I suddenly had an idea to confuse the youths – if they were that observant. I started taking my skirt off and told Kailene to do the same.

As we stood there, wearing only skimpy tops, I asked Kailene if she thought that the youths would realise that we’d swapped skirts. Both skirts are similar designs, but Kailene’s is a dark colour, and mine a light colour.

Once we were legally decent, we went back to our cases and sat down again. The youths were silently watching us. Neither Kailene nor I were going to disappoint them, and we both sat in the same un-lady-like way.

Shortly afterwards our flight was called and we headed for our gate. I noticed that the youths waited until we’d got up and then followed us.

The airport is only a little regional one and doesn’t have any of these mobile bridge things, so we had to walk outside, over to the plane and up the steps to the entrance.

It wasn’t raining at that moment, but it was a little windy. Neither Kailene nor myself held our skirts down and the youths, and other people behind us, must have had a good look at our butts.

Going up the steps to the plane was fun; the youths stayed a few steps behind us, and when I looked round, their faces were level with our butts. There was some sort of hold-up in the plane and we were stood on the steps for a few minutes waiting.

I turned round and looked over the youths to the control tower. I said to Kailene, “Look, that must be the control tower.” Kailene turned, just in time for the wind to blow both our skirts up. The youths were staring at our un-covered pussies. I got a bit of a wet rush.

The youth’s seats were nowhere near ours, but in the third seat of our row, the aisle seat, was a middle-aged man. We had to ask him to let us by to get to our seats. When I first asked him, he looked as if he was going to stand up for us, but he changed his mind and turned his knees to one side so that we could shuffle passed him.

These charter flight planes have way too many seats crammed in, and there is very little knee room, so it was difficult. As I shuffled, I felt my skirt ride-up as I squeezed against the seat in front. My back was to that seat, so my front was right in front of the man. I’m sure that my pussy was on display, but I don’t know if he saw it.

I certainly saw Kailene’s pussy as she squeezed in, but I don’t think that the man saw it; he was too busy staring at her skin between the top of her skirt and her top; that only just covered her breasts.

We settled-in for the four and a half hour flight, with lots of our legs on show for anyone who looked. And as the plane continued to fill-up, some of the passengers looking for their seats did look down at our legs.

When the flight got boring, I leaned over to Kailene and put my head on her chest and said that I was tired. Kailene put her arm round me and put her hand on my skirt that had ridden up a bit. If the man had cared to look down he would have been able to see my butt. Kailene didn’t help; or perhaps she did, as I dozed I felt her hand slide up a bit and more of my butt go on show.

The man must have noticed because I heard Kailene tell him that I had a nice butt and that he could touch it if he wanted. He must have been too embarrassed because I never felt another hand on my butt.

I couldn’t get off to sleep because the plane’s vibrations were causing Ben to keep me thinking about my pussy; and after a few minutes I sat up and turned to the man and said, “I wouldn’t have minded if you’d touched my bum; I quite like someone doing that.” He went bright red.

Eventually, the planes vibrations got too much for both of us; and within 10 minutes we both had to stifle our moans as we had small orgasms.

When we landed and stood up, both our seats had wet patched on them.

The flight got there at lunch time and we got a public bus into Las Americas and searched for a cheap hotel. We wanted somewhere cheap to start with until we worked out what was where; then find somewhere with a bit more luxury.

After about an hour wandering round we found one and were shown to our room. It was on the second floor, but when we opened the curtains, we got a bit of a shock. About 3 feet in front of our balcony was a path; then a café. The hotel was built on the side of a hill. Anyone walking up or down the path, or sat on that side of the café, would be able to see right into our room. I was a feature that we exploited quite a bit it the few hours that we were there.

On the first night we decided that we needed a drink, and walked to where the noise was coming from. We went into the first bar that we came to and got a drink; and we paid for it!

We were stood in a corner drinking, talking about what we wanted to do while we were there. At one point, Kailene said, very loudly, “I want sex, lots of sex.”

There were 2 couples nearby and they heard her. The 2 girls smiled then turned to the men that were with them. They looked at us then continued talking amongst themselves. All the time, one or more of them kept looking over to us.

When Kailene and I had finished our drinks we were a little happier and more relaxed.

After our second drink we decided to go to the toilet. While we were in there, the two girls that had smiled at us came in and one said, “You girls look like you’re here to have some fun.”

“Too right we are.” I said.

“What sort of fun are you thinking about?” the other asked.

“Sex, adventure, excitement, more sex, something different; anything except drugs,” I said.

The first girl then told us that they might be able to help us, and asked us to come and meet their boyfriends.

Kailene and I looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and followed the girls out.

After introductions (Luke and Kelly, Ashley and Angie), Luke suggested that we went and got a table outside the bar where we could talk more easily.

As we sat down I noticed that both Luke and Ashley made a point of sitting where they could see Kailene and my legs; all of them. Luke ordered us all some more drinks and then asked us to tell them all about ourselves.

The drinks came and we told them about some of the crazy things that we’d got up to at university. We told them about the sorority, but not its name.

That round of drinks disappeared quickly and more were ordered. As the waitress served them I happened to look at Kailene’s legs; she was sat with her knees about a foot apart. Then I looked at mine; they were the same. I looked at Luke and Ashley; and guess where they were looking.

When the waitress left, Angie leaned over and lifted my skirt up high enough to see my bald pubes. “I thought so; you must have nice pussies for Luke and Ashley to stare like that.”

“Sorry,” Kailene said, “we’re not trying to pick them up or anything. It’s just that all this talk about sex gets us wet and excited; we can’t help it.”

“That’s okay,” Kelly said, “we’re not worried, it’s nice to see that you are so open about sex; we might just be able to offer you the fun that you’re looking for.”

Kelly went on to tell us that Ashley and Luke were budding porn film directors and that they’d come to Tenerife to film some scenes for a film. Kelly looked at Luke, Ashley and Angie. All 4 of them nodded.

Kelly then asked us what we thought about bondage, mild bondage. I got a bit of a wet rush then told them that it was something that I’d always wanted to try. I told them that I’d once been tied to a table and gangbanged. Kailene told them that she’d once been tied to a tree, stripped and finger fucked.

“Yes, that’s the sort of thing that we’re thinking of.” Luke said.

“What about spanking?” Angie said. I’ve been spanked before, it made me feel good,” I said.

“That’s good,” Kelly said, “I think that we’d be able to include some of that.”

After a pause, Angie said, “Have either of you been in a movie before?”

We both shook our heads, then Kailene said, “We’ve both had live webcams in our dorm rooms, does that count?”

“Yes, that’s good.” Luke said.

“Tell you what, there’s no need to say yes or no now, there’s a quiet service road behind this bar. We’ll be there at 11 o’clock tomorrow morning. If we see you there we’ll know that you’re interested,” Angie said.

Luke changed the subject and we started talking about the beaches and night-life there. They told us about the clubs there and Kailene asked if they had pole dancers.

Luke said that there was at least one club where the girls pole danced and gave personal strip teases. I asked him for the name of it.

After another drink, they said that they had to go and left.

Kailene and I talked about the offer that they’d made us. We both agreed that it sounded fun, but at the same time we were both apprehensive. How did we know that they weren’t the front for some slave trade gang?

We decided to make up our minds in the morning.

It had been a long day and we decided to get some sleep.

We opened the balcony curtains and door and slept naked on top of the bed.

The next morning we went and got some breakfast then went back to our room. The café across the path had a few people in and it didn’t take them long to see that we were walking round our room naked. We ignored them.

Neither of us spoke about the porno film offer, but at 10:30 we both put on T-shirts; nothing else, and went to the door. Kailene looked at me and said, “Where are you going?” I replied, “Where are YOU going?” We both laughed and said that it looked like we’d decided that we were going.

We left our key at reception and walked barefoot towards the bar. Both our T-shirts were short; they only just covered our butts.

We got to the bar and found the service road. It wasn’t very long and had cars and vans parked down both sides. No one was walking along the road, but we saw a couple of men come out of the back of bars and either get something from their van, or get in a van and drive off.

We walked up and down that road about 4 times. I was starting to think that we’d been conned and started messing about lifting the front or back of Kailene’s T-shirt. She started doing the same to me.

Two men came out of a bar about 20 yards in front of us. I decided to let them know that Kailene had nothing on under her T-shirt. When they were about 4 yards in front of us I grabbed the front of her T-shirt and pulled it up.

We were both giggling as the men went either side of us.

The next thing that I knew, my T-shirt was being pulled up, right up and pulling my arms up as well. I screamed and thought, “I’m being sharked.”

Kailene screamed as well and the next thing I saw was a naked Kailene. Then 2 arms went round me from behind, grabbed my tits and lifted me off the ground. I was dragged backwards and saw Kailene in the same position as me.

As we passed a van, the side door opened and we were bundled in. We were pushed on the floor and held there while a third man put our arms behind our backs and tied our wrists together with cable ties. Then our ankles got the same treatment.

As the van drove off we were lifted up and sat down on the floor with our backs to the side of the van.

The 2 men stood there looking at these 2 naked, bound girls. I know that I was terrified. They weren’t Luke or Ashley and they looked rough. Were they part of Luke and Ashley’s plan, or were we really getting kidnapped.

The 2 men started talking, almost arguing. Then they both unzipped their trousers and forced their cocks into our mouths.

Well, what can a girl do in a situation like that? I licked and sucked. I could see that Kailene was doing the same.

After a few minutes I realised that the cock in my mouth was about to explode. My head was forced forward and I swallowed.

When they’d both cum, they turned away and got something out of a bag. They turned to us and put a cloth over our faces. I smelt something, then blacked-out.

The next thing that I knew I was waking up and my arms and head hurt. It was dark and I was stood up, well sort off, I soon realised that my arms were tied apart, to something above me; and I was hanging with my knees bent a little. Then I felt something tickle my pussy. My legs were spread wide and tied to something. Then my pussy was tickled again.

WTF was going on. It was pitch black so I couldn’t see anything. I put my weight on my legs and my arms felt a little better. Then I was tickled again. It started feeling good.

I was starting to come to my senses and called out to see if Kailene was there.

At first I got no response; then I heard her groan. I shouted for her to wake–up.

As she came round she started swearing quite loud.

After about 30 seconds she calmed down and told me that she was tied spread-eagle and something was touching her pussy.

I told her that I was in the same position and that the tickling was starting to get to me.

We stood there and got more and more turned-on by whatever it was that was ticking our pussies. We tried to work out what it was but neither of us really knew. The only way that we could stop it was to push our butts out backwards; but the tickling was good.

We tried to avoid the inevitable orgasm by talking about where we were; who had kidnapped us and was it something to do with the 4 people from the previous night.

We kept telling ourselves that it was; the alternative didn’t bear thinking about. As we were talking I saw 2 very small red lights in front of us.

The inevitable happened; Kailene first, then me. We both screamed with pleasure.

The tickling kept on going. Whatever it was must have been quite wet by then but it still felt good.

A few minutes later we had our second orgasm.

Just as I was getting to my third the lights went on. Once my eyes adjusted themselves I looked round. Kailene was tied the same as I was. The room turned out to be a basement. There were hooks all over the ceiling and walls. In front of each of us were 2 cameras. The red lights must have meant that they were recording.

The distraction from my pending orgasm didn’t last long and I started to cum again. As I calmed down, Angie was stood in front of me.

“Thank fuck for that.“ I said, “I was starting to think that this was nothing to do with you and we actually had been kidnapped by some slave traders or something.”

Angie laughed and said, “You wanted some excitement didn’t you?”

My turn to laugh.

I looked down to between my legs and saw something that looked a bit like an old-fashioned music metronome. It was still tickling my puss.

“In case you’re wondering, those cameras have night vision lenses on them; Luke’s experimenting.” Angie said.

“Can you switch that thing off please, it’s driving me crazy.” Kailene said.

“Not yet, Luke and Ashley need one more orgasm each, in the light.

And we gave them it; not that we had any choice.

Afterwards, Angie released us and took us to a shower. As we went she pointed down a hallway and told us to join them when we were ready.

The shower was good and Kailene and I hugged each other in both relief and enjoyment.

We dried ourselves and walked down the corridor to a big room. All 4 of them were there, Luke and Ashley fiddling with cameras and Angie and Kelly were sitting sipping drinks. Both girls were naked.

Kelly got up and offered us a drink; then took us for a guided tour or what turned out to be a villa up in the hills, complete with a swimming pool.

When we got back, Luke sort of half apologised for the way that we’d got there, but hoped that we’d forgive them. After all, we were looking for excitement.

We did forgive them, and told them that anything that gave us 4 orgasms couldn’t be that bad.

More idle chat, then Kailene asked Ashley what else they were going to do to us.

Luke answered saying that if we agreed, he had 3 more scenes that he needed. He told us about some scenes that he’d filmed with Angie and Kelly, and some with some other girls that they’d recruited; but they’d had to fly home.

“Lucky us!” I said; then asked Luke what the scenes were. He told us, and we both agreed to take part; although Kailene had reservations about one. One of them was a bit risky, police wise, but Luke assured us that he had it covered, and the chances of us getting arrested were virtually non-existent.

Angie suggested that us 4 girls go and relax in the pool while Ashley and Luke set things up.

It was nice in the pool and in a way I didn’t want to get out when Ashley came and told us that they were ready for us.

They took us to the biggest bedroom. It has 2 double beds and there were ropes tied to each corner. We were told to lie on a bed while our wrists and ankles were firmly tied to each corner. Next, a ball gag was put in our mouths and fastened behind our heads.

Something was on each bed between our legs, and covered with a sheet. We were each asked if we were still happy to go through with it. When we nodded, 2 machines were uncovered. They were identical fucking machines, with identical dildos on the business end.

They looked big, but we’d both had bigger.

Angie asked us if we wanted any lube, but we both declined. I was dripping in anticipation and I guess that Kailene was as well.

Angie then adjusted the machine so that the dildo went in to me quite a way; while Kelly did the same with Kailene. The girls got off the beds and Luke asked if we were ready. We both nodded.

The machines were switched on and the dildo slowly went out then back into me; and again, and again.

That was nice I was thinking. I looked round the room and saw that there was a camera suspended from the ceiling above the beds, one on a tripod at the bottom corner of the bed (pointing at my pussy) and both Luke and Ashley were holding one.

Angie looked down at me, smiled and asked me if I was okay. When I nodded she told me to relax and enjoy it.

It didn’t take long for me to reach my first orgasm; then my second, then my third. I was sweating and getting well and truly fucked.

On and on the machine went. I started losing count of the number of orgasms. I wanted it to stop; I couldn’t take any more, but at the same time I didn’t want it to stop. I realised that my body was struggling and writhing. I didn’t know if it was to try to get away from the machine, or get that dildo deeper inside me.

I was knackered and started to try to tell Luke to stop the machine but the ball gag turned my words into garbage.

In and out went that dildo. I have no idea how many orgasms I had.

I blacked out. I have no idea how long for, but the dildo was still going in and out when I woke up. My pussy ached. I had more orgasms then passed out again.

When I woke up the machine had stopped but the dildo was still inside me, deep inside me. I looked round the room; Kailene was motionless on her bed.

Angie looked down to me. “You did well; you lasted nearly 90 minutes before passing out.”

I turned my head towards Kailene.

“She’s okay, Luke’s just switched her machine off; she lasted a couple of minutes longer than you,” Angie said, “We’ll leave you to rest for a while.”

After a couple of minutes, Kailene’s head turned towards me. We couldn’t speak, but when I nodded, Kailene nodded back. I drifted off into a deep sleep.

When I woke up that damn machine was at it again; and I felt like I had just had yet another orgasm.

Angie let us have one more orgasm, with Luke and Ashley filming; before switching the machines off and un-tying us. She led us outside; it was dark by then; and we relaxed in the pool before going inside for some food and drinks.

Luke explained that he wanted a naught schoolgirl scene where the girls got their bare backsides spanked. I was all for it, but Kailene wasn’t so keen. Luke thought for a minute then said that I could do the spanking scene and that Kailene could hang around, watch and get pleasured at the same time. Kailene was so pleased that her backside wasn’t going to get tanned that she forgot to ask exactly what Luke meant.

Luke told us that we’d start filming again in the morning, and told us where to get some sleep.

Next morning; well, middle of, we emerged and Luke told us that everything was set-up. He told us that it was probably best if we got the next scenes out of the way before breakfast.

Luke took me outside to where there was a table near the pool. On the table was a schoolgirl’s uniform which he told me to put on. As I was doing that I saw Kailene walking with the others, round the side of the villa.

There were 3 cameras set-up pointing towards the table.

Luke took some footage of me standing there in the uniform, saying that he’d edit a teacher’s role into it later. I then had to pretend to be shocked and slowly take the uniform off.

Next I had to stand in front of the table and bend over it before Luke started swatting my bare backside with a table tennis bat. I didn’t have to count them but there were something like 50 and my backside was hurting, and my pussy was wet.

Next, Luke removed his trousers belt and gave me something like 50 hard swats with the belt. It hurt like hell. Tears were running from my eyes, but at the same time I was thinking about the ache in my pussy.

Luke stopped and asked me if I was okay. I said, “Yes, more please.” I’m not sure why I said that; I must have been mad. My pussy must have taken control of me.

Ten swats later, I couldn’t feel any more pain; but I certainly could feel the orgasm that was about to hit me. And it did. It was just as intense as the others that I’d had there.

When it subsided Luke told me to put the school uniform on again. Putting those goddamn knickers on hurt. Fortunately I didn’t have to keep them on for long and Luke told me that I could strip and cool my backside in the pool.

When my backside felt better I got out and walked towards where I had seen Kailene go. When I turned the corner, there was Kailene; she was hanging upside down by her spread ankles, with her beautiful, silky black hair hanging below her. Her wrists were tied behind her back. She was high enough for her to have Ashley’s dick in her mouth. The really interesting part was that there was one of these Hitachi Magic Wand things hanging between her legs so that the ball end of it was resting on her clit. She was having a different type of orgasm torture.

I watched as Kailene had more orgasms, and Ashley teased her mouth with his dick. After a few minutes, and a few moans from Kailene, Ashley pulled out and shot his load all over Kailene’s face. Kailene licked her lips.

Luke replaced Ashley and after another orgasm, Kailene got some more sperm to lick.

All the time, Angie and Kelly were watching and checking on the cameras.

Luke let Kailene have one more orgasm before getting everyone to help her get back on her feet and untied. Once her hands were free she searched her face for more sperm to lick.

We went for a short swim with Luke and Ashley while Kelly and Angie got the breakfast ready.

Luke wanted the last scene to be filmed early evening so we all relaxed round the pool for a few hours.

The time came and we all got into a jeep to drive to Las Americas. I suddenly remembered that Kailene and I were naked (the others had all gone and put some clothes on).

I asked Luke where our T-shirts were. He told us that they were probably still in the van that brought us there; but that was miles away. He then said that we’d be okay as we were (naked); after all, we needed to be naked for the filming.

The journey was uneventful, with no adverse reaction from anyone who may have seen us.

We stopped on a quiet road not far from an area popular with tourists and the four of them put a dog collar, leash, ball gag and handcuffs (behind us) on Kailene and me. As they were doing that, four Spanish men appeared and started talking to Luke. He explained to us that they were there to act as lookouts and to distract any policemen that may appear.

I was nervous as hell, and it showed. Luke told us that the area that he’s chosen rarely had policemen there; and that Ashley would be leading us while Kelly and Angie would be close by carrying dresses to cover us if necessary; and watching the lookouts.

Kailene and I both felt a little happier, but still nervous.

We set off, and it wasn’t long before people started looking at us. I was wet and getting wetter by the second.

We must have walked around for about 30 minutes with Luke running round us capturing every second on film. At one point Ashley stopped us, dropped the leash and went behind us. He gave out butts 5 swats with his hand. My butt was still sore from the morning’s fun and I tried to squeal.

We headed back to the jeep where the ‘accessories’ were removed. The four Spanish men got paid and had a good look at us.

Amazingly, no one said anything to us, just stared; and we never saw one policeman.

When we got in the jeep, Luke thanked Kailene and I for helping them and told us that they’d take us back to our hotel. I gave them the NEWPS email address and made him promise to send us a copy of the finished DVD.

When we got to our hotel we got out of the jeep and Angie offered us a couple of T-shirts to put on. Kailene said “forget it!” and after saying our goodbyes, we walked into reception naked and asked for our key.

That night we went out for a drink and scrounged a few more by flashing lots of skin to the young men in the bars.

We spent the next couple of days getting to know our way around Las Americas using the TITSA green local buses (we called them TITS); and improving our sun tans. We went topless on the beaches and paths alongside the beaches; wearing only one of the revealing thongs that I’d made for Ibiza.

We also had more fun sitting on our balcony naked and teasing any young men that used the path or café.

We decided that we needed to move out of the hotel into somewhere better and less restrictive. We also needed (wanted) to get a bit of work; where we could tease and show off our hot little bodies.

That night we started asking some of the male bartenders and the girls that stand outside the bars trying to entice potential punters in. We got the names of three clubs that took on girls for the summer season, and the name of a young man who was house-sitting for a relative; and the name of the bar where he worked.

We headed for the bar and found the man working behind the bar. He was busy so we hung around until about 3 in the morning when things quietened down. We were both wearing see-through tops and ultra-short skirts. We had no trouble getting drinks bought for us.

When we eventually managed to talk to the man (Matt) he told us that his Aunt and Uncle lived in Las Americas and were spending the summer in England. He was house- sitting for them while having some fun himself. The villa was on the outskirts right next to a golf course and had four bedrooms. He had already got two other young men renting two of the rooms and he’d promised the fourth room to another young man; but was waiting for him to get back to him.

We persuaded him to phone the man and check to see if he still wanted the room. He did. We were disappointed, and Matt knew it. We asked him if he knew of anyone else with a spare room. He thought for a bit then told us that the master bedroom at his place had two beds in it, and, as he only used one of them, he could move the other into the main living area. If we didn’t mind sleeping in a room with 4 men walking through it all the time then we could have it.

Kailene told Matt that we always sleep naked and often don’t put any clothes on until we go out. Matt smiled and said that he was sure that it wouldn’t be a problem. Kailene asked how much the rent was. Matt said that if we cleaned-up after the four of them, and did a bit of shopping and cooking for them, then we could have it for free; especially if we were naked most of the time. Kailene told Matt that there might just be a couple of other benefits for them. Matt smiled.

Kailene and I looked at each other, smiled, and both said, “Okay, you’ve got two new lodgers.”

When the bar closed we got a taxi to our hotel to collect our belongings; then on to what was going to be our home for the next few weeks.

The villa wasn’t big, but big enough. It had a small pool that was shared with two other villas; both were rented out most of the time.

No one else was up when we arrived, and the noise of us moving the bed didn’t wake anyone. Matt went and got clean sheets and we put just the bottom one on the bed. We told Matt that it was too hot to cover us.

Matt went to bed and we stripped and lay next to each other on the bed. I went to sleep slowly teasing Kailene’s pussy.

Sometime next morning I woke up and heard someone in the kitchen. I turned over to Kailene and finished what I started when I went to sleep. Kailene woke up just as she started to cum. As her ‘high’ subsided I heard someone clapping. I turned over and saw a young man standing watching us.

“Who are you?” I asked. He introduced himself as Jonny. He pointed to one of the bedrooms and said, “That’s my room.” We introduced ourselves and told him about our arrangement with Matt. Jonny smiled and looked pleased. Well his boxers looked pleased.

Matt appeared and we got up and went and made more coffee. We sat out the back, telling the boys about us. We told them that we were looking for some dancing work and that we’d been given the name of a club. Jonny said that we’d have to put some clothes on if we wanted to work as strippers. He knew the place, and someone who worked there – a bloke. He offered to phone him and ask if they were looking for girls. They were, and Jonny arranged for us to go there early evening to see the manager.

Both Matt and Jonny had to go out and we were left to get some breakfast and soak up the sun.

A couple of hours later another new face (wearing only boxers) appeared from inside. He introduced himself as Oliver, telling us that he was pleased that he wasn’t that pissed when he came home. He’d seen the 2 of us naked on the bed and thought that he must have been dreaming.

We went through our story again, while Oliver got a hard-on staring at Kailene. She fancied him as well.

We went and showered and put some clothes on, then found the nearest TITS stop to get a bus to where the club was. We went in and found the manager. He told us that he was looking for girls who could pole dance, lap dance and who could give seductive personal stripteases. We told him that we could do all that, but we’d have to go and buy some clothes so that we had some to take off.

He laughed as he looked us up and down. He then told us that he didn’t take anyone on until he’d seen them perform. If we wanted the job we’d have to show him how good we were. We were expecting that and he sent us over to the pole and put some music on.

I went first, but before I started I told him that we normally do it either just wearing a little skirt, or naked. He told me to dance naked.

I stripped and did just that. When I finished he asked me what I was like at lap dancing. I went over to him and stood with my legs outside his. I proceeded to rub my little tits in his face and grind my pussy on his crotch; which was hard. When he put hand on my butt I pushed it away, saying that he’d get me into trouble with the management. “Ooops” I said, “you are the management;” and lifted his hand back to my butt. He probed my holes then said that I’d got the job.

Kailene was next. Just as she started, a delivery man came in carrying a big box. The manager called him over and sat him down to watch. I watched the man adjust his trousers and lick his lips as Kailene slowly spun round with her legs wide apart. All the lights were on in the club so we could see every bit of her shinny wet pussy.

She had to dance on the delivery guy’s lap as well; although he didn’t try to molest her; not that it would have been molestation.

We both got the job, and headed off to find a shop where we could but a couple of proper thongs and a nice bra each. We’d agreed to work 3 nights a week starting the next night.

After getting the undies we wandered around and found a sex shop. No way were we going to miss that opportunity, and in we went. There were a few men in there looking at different things. As soon as we went in they were all looking at us.

We started looking round and came to the section that had remote controlled vibes. Neither of us had brought ours with us and we regretted that. We found some egg shaped ones and decided to buy one each. After looking round the rest of the place we went to the counter to pay.

Kailene asked the man if he spoke English. He did, so she asked for a discount for buying the 2 items. He said not.

“What if we put them in here and let you play with the controls a bit?” That got his attention. He said that we could have both of them for the price of one.

We unwrapped both of them, put batteries in them, then Kailene jumped up and sat on the counter. “Put one in me.” She said to me. The sales guy just about ran round to our side of the counter. Three of the other guys in the shop came over to watch.

I moved to Kailene’s side and slowly pushed one in.

Then I jumped up on the counter, gave the sales guy the other egg and told him to put it in me. He did.

We then gave the controls to the sales guy and asked him to put the batteries in.

As he put the battery in the second one, he switched it on. We both jumped; then laughed. Both eggs could be controlled by either of the remote controls.

“That could be fun.” Kailene said.

The sales guy gave the other control to another customer and they both brought us to a wonderful orgasm.

We jumped down, paid the guy and left with the eggs still inside us and a control in each of our bags.

After getting something to eat we got a TITS back to the villa.

We got undressed as soon as we got in and went to sunbath by the pool.

I took my bag and we walked out with a towel over our arms.

There was a young couple in the pool. They told us that they were renting one of the villas. The man was looking at us all the time.

We lay on 2 of the sunbeds that were there and relaxed. Our legs were pointing towards the pool and both of us had gaps between our knees.

I fell asleep.

I’ve no idea how long I’d been asleep, but I woke up thinking, ‘Ooow, that’s nice.’

Kailene had gone into my bag and got the remote control. I looked over to her and the control was in her hand and she was looking towards the pool.

The vibe slowly increased speed. Both Kailene and I were enjoying it. I felt my pussy swell and my clit come out to play. I looked over to the pool and saw the couple getting passionate with each other.

I touched my clit and exploded. I had all on to keep quiet. As I calmed down a bit I looked over to Kailene. She was in the middle of her high. The vibe kept going.

Kailene kept the vibe on until she’d cum again. Then she turned it off. The problem was that I was just getting close to cumming again; but didn’t.

I watched the couple in the pool for a while then fell back to sleep. When I woke up Kailene was stood over me. She looked down and asked me if I’d had a good dream. She pointed to my very wet pussy and told me that it looked like I had.

I reminded her that we both still had our eggs in and that each control worked both eggs.

“Ooops!” she said, and giggled.

We went in and started getting ready for our first night’s work. We were both in the shower, with the door closed but not locked, when Oliver walked in.

“Sorry.” He said and started to back out.

“It’s okay,” I said, “you’ve already seen us naked so just get on with it man.”

He came back in and stood at the toilet.

“Do you need someone to hold it for you?” Kailene said.

“No, I can manage.” Oliver said.

After a couple of minutes he said, “It’s no good; I can’t pee with you 2 looking at me.”

“Turn your back to us.” I said.

He did, and a minute later we heard the tinkling.

We got dressed in just a skirt and top, put our new undies and a spare top and skirt in our bags and left to find a bar near the club.

Three drinks (2 bought for us) later, we walked over to the club. It looked different at night.

We found the manager and he took us to the changing room. We put on a thong, bra and little skirt and went out. We’d been told to mingle, chat-up the male customers and get them to buy us a drink. When they said that they would we had to take them to one end of the bar where the bar staff charged them a fortune for a glass of cheap champagne for us.

If they wanted a lap dance we had to take them to a woman who took their money, wrote something in a book and told us which booth to take them to.

There were 4 booths with curtains across the front, and a bouncer stood at the end.

He was there to make sure that we only gave the punters 5 minutes, and that they didn’t touch us. They would come and look into the booth every so often to make sure that the punters were keeping their hands off us.

Each time that I took a punter in there I would quickly take my knickers off and get the punter to sit on them. When I put my legs either side of his and rubbed my tits in his face; I would rub my wet pussy on the front of his trousers. If I fancied one of them I would quickly unzip him and pull his cock out. When I sat on his lap I would impale myself on his cock and gyrate my pussy. To the bouncer it didn’t look like I was fucking him. I never actually managed an orgasm, but it felt good.

The pole dancing was much the same as back in England, except for 2 things. Firstly the customers were a lot louder; and secondly, just as we were finishing, the lights were switched on. Our full naked glory was brightly lit up for the last few seconds.

At the end of the night the manager told us that it had gone okay, and told us that we were still good for doing it 3 nights a week.

We got a taxi back to the villa and stripped for bed.

We’d been dry humping guys and spreading our legs as we swung round that pole for hours without any real relief. As we lay on the bed we kissed and ended up having a great 69.

Jonny came in while we were in the middle of it and he watched us for a while before going to bed. I guess that he had a wank before going to sleep.

The next morning the fourth young man (Ethan) moved in and we told our story yet again. Ethan wore jeans and a long, baggy T-shirt so we couldn’t see the effect we were having on him.

One afternoon shortly after we’d moved in to the villa we were tanning by the pool and something landed beside me. It was a golf ball. Kailene said that it was dangerous living there. A bit later Matt came out and joined us. I told him about the golf ball. He laughed and went and got a bag full of them. He told us that some really crap golfers used the course.

I picked up a couple of them and was playing with them when Kailene had an idea.

“Why don’t you hide that ball?” she said. I looked at her then grinned, she wanted me to put it in my pussy. So I did.

She threw me another one and grinned. The second ball disappeared; then a third. Golf balls are a lot bigger than Ben Wa balls. I stood up and walked around. Not the most comfortable walk, but okay.

All the time, Matt was watching me.

Kailene threw me another ball. I said that I would need some help with a fourth ball.

Matt told me to lay wrong way round on the sunbed. The top of it was raised so that the person on it was almost sat upright. I lay on the sunbed with my knees bent over the top of the sunbed. My pussy was way above my head and pointing to the sky. As I opened my legs I thought that it was a great position to tan my inner thighs.

I gave the fourth ball to Matt and told him to gently press it in. My pussy opened up and it slowly went in. No sooner than it had disappeared, it slowly came back out.

I couldn’t keep it in.

Matt pushed it back in, and out it came again. Matt asked me if I could squeeze the first 3 out like that; so I did. I squeezed my pussy muscles and they slowly appeared and rolled down to my chest before I caught them.

Matt thought it was funny and asked if I could do it again. “Okay.” I said and gave him all 4 balls.

As he pushed the first one in he said, “That’s amazing, as it went in, your pussy seemed to grab it and pull it in. Push it out again Amy.” So I did. He put it at the entrance but didn’t push; then told me to suck it in. It was difficult at first, but I managed to open my pussy and engulf the golf ball.

“Wow,” said Kailene, “push it out and do that again.” They both watched as I squeezed it out and then sucked it in without anyone touching the ball. I got the hang of it and did it again; then again.

“Put a second one there.” I said. With the first one still inside me I tried to suck the second ball in. I did it; so I squeezed it out and sucked it in again.

“That’s a neat party trick,” Matt said; “Can you do that with a third one?”

I could, and I did, in and out I sucked and pushed that third ball 4 times.

I tried it with the fourth golf ball, but I just couldn’t do it.

I got off the sun bed with 3 golf balls still inside me, turned to Kailene and said,

“Your turn.”

She didn’t need to be told twice.

Oliver appeared and watched as Kailene got into position. I knew that Kailene and Oliver fancied each other so I gave Oliver 4 golf balls and told him to put them into Kailene’s pussy.

Kailene’s pussy took them and swallowed them up. When the fourth one went in Oliver pushed it right in but it came straight back out. He tried again, but out it came.

Kailene wanted to try squeezing them out and sucking them back in so she did the same as I had done. She could suck them in just the same as I could.

Oliver was staring at Kailene and her pussy; and Kailene was looking up at him.

Both Matt and I saw that look in their eyes. I told them to, “Get a room you two. Oh wait, you’ve got a room. Either fuck each other out here, or go and use that room.”

Kailene got off the sunbed (with 3 golf balls still inside her), and they disappeared for an hour or so.

I got back on the sunbed (the right way round) and asked Matt to stay and talk to me. I put my feet on the ground either side of the sunbed so that there was room for Matt to sit between my legs while we talked. I asked him to tell me about good places to go. We laughed and joked about all sorts.

All of a sudden one of the golf balls popped out of me. We both laughed and I asked Matt if he’d get the other 2 out of me. One thing led to another and it wasn’t long before Matt was fucking me on the grass.

What made it even more exciting was that in the middle of fucking the couple in the next villa came out to use the pool. The girl came out topless. Matt was on his back and I was on top of him facing the pool so I was watching them. They hadn’t been in the pool long before their costumes appeared on the side of the pool and they spent a lot of time very close to each other.

After that I spent quite a few nights in Matt’s room and Kailene spent even more nights in Oliver’s room. On the nights that Kailene was with Oliver and I wasn’t with Matt, I went and fucked either Jonny or Ethan.

Having said that, I still spent many happy nights with Kailene. We had an audience some times. One time Kailene was working on my pussy and Oliver came to watch. He got down to bed level with his head saying that he wanted to learn how to frig a woman properly. Kailene was doing an excellent job with her fingers inside me.

Then she pulled her fingers out and squeezed my clit. I erupted and had one of the best orgasms that I’ve ever had. The thing was, I squirted. I’d never done that before and Oliver wasn’t expecting it either. My juices covered his face.

Oliver stood up and said, “Fucking hell, she’s pissed on me.”

Kailene laughed, put her finger to his face and scooped up some of my juices. She licked some of them off then then said, “That’s not piss, it’s her pussy juices;” then she licked Oliver’s face.

One night that we weren’t working we decided to go round some of the more lively bars. One bar was having a ‘Ladies Night’. We decided to stay and watch. A bit later 2 male strippers got on the stage and started stripping. They kept getting a girl out of the audience and sandwiching her between them as they gyrated. Sometimes they pulled the girls skirt up round her waist so that their bulges rubbed against their knickers (or flesh for those girls who weren’t wearing knickers).

The strippers ended up naked with their big hard cocks swinging all over the place. They got more girls up on the stage and teased them with the ends of their cocks.

One of them pointed to me to get me up on the stage. I went up. As I walked up I unfastened my skirt and top. As soon as I was on the stage I dropped my skirt and top. I walked to the centre of the stage, spread my legs and bent at the waist keeping my knees straight. One of the strippers came up behind me, slid his cock between my legs and pretended to fuck me. I reached under my pussy and as he went back I grabbed his cock. As he came forward I guided it into my pussy.

He actually fucked me on that stage.

Kailene managed to get up on the stage as well. She didn’t strip, but she bent over and took one of their cocks in her mouth. She was bent over with her back to the audience and her micro skirt had ridden up and her 2 holes were on display for everyone to see.

Another night we went round the bars with our eggs inside our pussies. We only took one control with us and kept giving it to different young men and asked them if they knew what it was. All of them played with the controls. About half of them knew that it was a remote control. Only 5 of them knew what it was a remote control for; and only 2 realised that it was controlling vibes that were inside our pussies. Those 2 didn’t want to give it back to us.

That’s about all that I can remember from that holiday. If I (or Kailene) remember any more interesting bits I’ll write them up and post it with this document.



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