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An Old Friend In Need by Nikki the Naughty JV Cheerleader

The funniest thing happened to me after the homecoming dance. I made love with an old friend. It was homecoming weekend 3 years ago. I was a JV cheerleader. The positions on the varsity team were held by seniors and juniors and I was just a sophomore. But our coach and all the older girls told me that I was a lock for the varsity squad the next year. I had the pep, the charisma, and the athletic ability. The words “possible captain” were used when people talked about me.

So you can guess that I enjoyed a lot of popularity. In small towns like mine, the high school sports teams are the focus of attention. Our football team had won league championships 4 out of the last 6 years so school spirit and town wide support was really high. Anybody attached to the team seemed to get caught up in the popularity. When I went walked down the street or into a local store in my cheerleader’s outfit, people would congratulate me on the team’s last victory like I had something to do with it.

My mother just kept telling me to keep my ego in check. I was pretty and popular but it was more important keep my grades up and to be nice.

So we won the homecoming game and there was a dance scheduled afterwards. As I was leaving the game I noticed some of the school bullies, also sophomores, picking on a guy from my class. His name was Oliver, and he was a very nerdy guy. Very bookish, socially shy, and the name didn’t help. I think one of the reasons he was a misfit is because he was being raised by his grandparents. His parents had been killed in a house fire or something. He had also been one of my friends in kindergarten through 3rd grade. After that, we just sort of drifted apart. I guess the snob in me had reared its ugly little head and because he wasn’t one of the cool kids, I didn’t have much time for him. I would say hi to him whenever I bumped into him, but we didn’t socialize. But seeing him getting picked on made me mad.

I saw two big seniors and asked them to put a stop to it. They did, and I was impressed at the nice way they did it. They positioned themselves between Oliver and the bullies and told the guys what they were doing wasn’t cool and that they should be using their energy to dance with the cute girls. No punches got thrown, no really angry words. The bullies just backed off and walked away. I thanked the two seniors.

I was getting ready to head for the dance and I turned and asked Oliver if he was going. He said no, so I asked if he was there at the game alone. He was, and the only reason he came to the game was because the school year book editor had sent him to take a few action photos. I asked if he got any good shots and he told me they were all stored in his digital camera. I asked to see them, and he was reluctant to let me. But I batted my eyes and gently put my hand on his wrist and said “Please”. It was probably the first time I had touched him since I gave him a thank you hug for my birthday present in 2nd grade.

He let me take his camera and showed me how to advance pictures on the tiny screen. I was surprised to find at least a half dozen shots of me. The varsity squad did most of the cheering, but the JV squad did one quarter and took part in the half time show along with the school band and flag squad. He had a zoomed in photo of me at the top of the JV pyramid. I asked why he had taken so many of me and he just shrugged. I told him I was flattered that he thought I was a worthy subject for his camera. I was beginning to think that maybe he had a crush on me. I asked again if he was going to the dance. He said he wasn’t in the mood but I said “Come on, I need somebody to walk me over, besides, the year book editor might want pictures.”

I don’t think his crush on me had anything to do with my invitation to him. I don’t think I had planned on encouraging his crush at all, it just seemed like he needed somebody to be nice to him. We walked into the dance together and I know that people saw us and whispered things to each other. Another popular girl asked me what was up and I told her we were just old friends. She said “Yeah, years ago”. I asked him to dance and he wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected. I asked my best friend to dance with him and she is so sweet she did without any hesitation.

I danced again with him, then cajoled another cute friend of mine to dance with him. A slow dance came up and I invited him. He didn’t know how so I showed him. As we were dancing I asked how his grandparents were. They had always been so nice to me. A shadow came over his face and he told me that his grandfather was really ill. He had a stroke about two weeks earlier and was bed ridden. The doctors only gave him a 50-50 chance of regaining the ability to walk. I felt so bad, and I told him how sorry I was and just sort of instinctively put my arms around him to hug him. I decided to walk home with him since he only lived a couple blocks away. He really needed a friend. On the way he thanked me for being so nice to him and he admitted how much it hurt to feel like an outcast. I told him he should have lunch with me once in a while and that seemed to make him happy.

When we got to my house, my parents were just going to bed. They waited to make sure I had gotten home safely. They remembered Oliver and told them the bad news. They expressed their sympathy, and my mother, a physical therapist, said she would be happy to drop by and check on them. Then they told me that there were snacks for us if we liked and excused themselves to go to bed. I guess they figured that nothing would happen, it was just Oliver.

As we were munching on the snacks I asked Oliver to let me see my pictures again. He said if I liked he could download them onto a computer if I had one. I took him to our downstairs family room and he loaded my photos. I admit, I looked really good on the 17 inch flat screen. There was one taken at an angle where my legs looked really long. He said he should submit that so everyone could admire my legs. I said “Why Ollie, you flatterer”. He kind of blushed. I nudged him and said I thought he was sweet and we should try to get back to the days when we were friends.

He said my friends would never accept him into the group. I told him he was wrong and I put my arm around him. He started trembling and I asked what was wrong. He told me that it had just been a bad couple weeks for him which I understood. Then he said that my letting him walk to the dance with me and making sure he didn’t have to stand alone all night was the best thing that had happened to him in a long time. He kind of joked and said that now he didn’t need to climb up into a tower and start shooting at people. I giggled told him that was a terrible joke and put my arms around him.

He held me really close like he would never let go. I didn’t mind, I knew he needed emotional support. Guys act so tough but they really need a lot of the same things girls do.. He whispered “God you’re beautiful” into my ear. So now I knew it, he did have a crush on me. I thanked him and asked if that was why he had taken so many pictures of me. He admitted that was part of it. He also said he had taken candid pictures of me the a couple months earlier at the lake. I said “Really”. He said, “Don’t worry, I’m not some creepy stalker guy or anything, its just that you were in a bathing suit and….”. I asked which suit I was wearing and he said a yellow bikini. I knew which one and I know I looked hot in it. I’m blond, and by that time in the summer I had a nice even tan.

I asked if he used the zoom in feature and he had. I asked if I could see the pictures sometime. He said I could and that I looked so cute in them that I would want copies to send to all my friends. I laughed and asked him how many different shots he had taken of me.. “About 3 dozen” he answered. I jokingly said as long as he didn’t have thousands I wouldn’t accuse him of being a stalker.

I asked what he thought my best angle was. He said every angle. I admit, I am lucky the way mother nature put me together. I’m a cute blond with big blue eyes and a nice smile. I’m petite, at 5 foot 2 with shapely, athletic legs. I wish they were a little longer, but the sight of them has impressed more than a few guys. I don’t have a lot in the boob department, they’re only A cuppers. I have a set of nice 34-24-34 measurements but over all I’d say my legs are my best feature.

The first time I got laid was because a cute guy, a couple years older than me, had noticed my legs while I was on vacation in Hawaii. He saw me from behind and came around to see if the rest of me was as nice. He liked what he saw and he came over to talk to me. We started flirting, one thing led to another and he asked me on a date. I couldn’t openly date him because my parents thought I was too young. I met him one afternoon at the beach. Then I sneaked out of our cabana two nights in a row after my parents had gone to bed. On the third date I decided to take the plunge. I wanted to find out what sex was like, but I didn’t want to get a bad reputation in the small town where we lived. That was the perfect opportunity to surrender my virginity. I was away from home and with a cute guy. He came prepared, he had some condoms. That happened the summer after freshman year.

I loved it and wanted so badly to do it with every cute guy in my town. But like I said, there was a good reputation to be kept. I did tell my closest girl friends about my accomplishment. And I wasn’t forced to be entirely celibate after that. I had sex with a guy at summer camp a couple weeks after I lost my cherry. I also had a boy friend for a brief time and we screwed like a couple of bunnies during the four months we dated. The attitude in my town is that its ok for a girl to have sex, just not with lots and lots of different partners. At least that’s the attitude the kids have. The adults would be really upset if they knew how many kids are sexually active. I dumped him when I found out he was cheating on me. In addition to the boyfriend, I made love with one of my older brother’s friends, with a distant cousin, and with a guy at summer camp just that past summer. I also let three of my guy friends make love with me on their birthdays. All of them promised not to go around town bragging.

So back to Ollie. I was sure he had no idea that I was sexually experienced. I wanted to see if he had a secret sex life. So I asked if he had a girl friend. Of course he said he didn’t. I asked if he had ever kissed a girl and again the answer was no. I asked if he had a crush on me and he said he did. I told him that I couldn’t return those feeling but we really could start our friendship up again.

I know he would have liked a different response. But he made a joke out of it. He said if that meant he could actually hang around me in the summer when I had my bikini on, being friends would be great.

I found myself saying he didn’t have to wait until summer. My family has a backyard hot tub and a sauna. I told him I was in the mood for the hot tub. What I was really in the mood for was some ego gratification. If Ollie wanted to get the thrill of seeing me up close in a bikini I would let him I gave him one of my brother’s swimming trunks and I went and put on a red bikini. My summer tan was fading so I thought red would be a better color than yellow. The hot tub was in the back yard and my parent’s room was in front so I wasn’t worried about the bubbling sound or our talking bothering them.

Poor Ollie was so nervous. I could tell that seeing me in my skimpy bikini was almost too much for him. As for me, he wasn’t the kind of tall athletic guy I liked. He was a little overweight and barely 2 inches taller than me, but I wasn’t there to see him, it was to let him see me.

We sat for a while in the tub, then I said I was warm and sat on the edge of the tub to let him admire my figure. I was trying to be a tease without being one if you know what I mean. Like I said, poor Ollie. After a few minutes of sitting out in the open air I was getting a little chilled. I said it was time for the sauna. I got up and started to walk away and noticed he wasn’t with me. I went back to get him. I told him staying behind just to look at my butt as I was walking away wasn’t cool.

He stuttered “I…I wasn’t”. I laughed and gave him a hug. He had a nice hard cock under his trunks. I didn’t say anything, but I was flattered. We got in the sauna and I poured water over the rocks. The steam felt so good. Now we were in the basement and two floors separated us from my parents.

My smooth skin was glistening and I could see that poor Ollie’s erection was back or had never gone away.

I asked Ollie to rub my shoulders. He was actually quite good at it and I asked him how he learned. He said he gave his grandparents shoulder and neck rubs. He also massaged his grandfather’s feet and legs to help his circulation. I told him I wouldn’t mind a foot rub. He was great at it. By then we were in danger of overheating so I took him by the hand and led him to an outdoor shower to rinse the sweat off.

I told him my feet could stand some more rubbing. Soon he was massaging my calves. He stopped at the knees and I told him to go ahead and rub my thighs too. I asked myself in my mind what I was doing. I wasn’t attracted to him, but I was acting like the worlds biggest tease. He massaged my thighs, careful to avoid accidentally brushing my crotch. I turned over and asked him for a full back rub. I also told him to untie the strings of my top to keep them from interfering with the long strokes up and down my spine. He must have been ready to cream my brother’s swimming trunks. Now, despite my lack of true attraction to him, I was feeling horny.

I turned over and let him see my bare breasts. This is the only area where I think mother nature let me down. They are smallish A cup sized. I have small pink nipples and tiny areolas. But Ollie clearly liked them. I told him to go ahead and kiss them. He did, nervously at first but then, the way he just attached his mouth to my left one, I thought he was going to breast feed all night. I told him I’ve got two so he attached himself to the other side. I told him he’s supposed to gently caress and fondle one while gently kissing and nuzzling the other.

I asked if he wanted to show me his penis. He very nervously took off the trunks. His penis wasn’t big. In fact it was the smallest I had ever seen. But the shape was nice. I gently took it in my hand and began stroking it. I think he would have fallen over if he hadn’t been sitting. I had to measure it so I grabbed a ruler from the computer desk. It was a little under 5 inches. I have a small vagina so I don’t like huge penises. But each guy I had fucked was at least half an inch longer. One guy was a little over 7 inches and that was a little painful. I think 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 is ideal for me.

Anyway, I told him his penis is cute and I gently gave him his first blow job. He came so quickly it surprised me. I don’t mind taking a shot in my mouth and swallowing, but his ejaculation was so quick and sudden. I sucked him until I was sure he was completely done with those small pleasurable contractions that guys have after they cum.

Then I asked if he wanted to see my vagina. I didn’t need to ask. I slipped the red bottoms off and spread my legs. I told him he could touch and play with it. He wanted to caress my thighs first. He was truly a leg man. He kissed up and down my thighs before he gingerly opened my labia and explored my pussy with his eyes. I told him he could put his finger in. He said what he really wanted was to kiss and suck it like he had read in a Penthouse he had read at his cousin’s house. Of course I let him. He wasn’t expert at it, but he was enthusiastic and I climaxed.

I decided we’d come this far and I told him if he promised to keep silent, he could make love with me. He was so happy I thought he was going to cry. I moved into a fully reclining position and he got on top of me. I guided his penis into me and the entry was easy and painless. He stroked in and out slowly like he wanted to savor and remember every moment he was inside of me. Since I had already made him cum, he had some control. He made love to me long enough for me to climax again, then he had his first orgasm ever inside a girl. We stayed there naked, talking about the good old days of 1st and 2nd grade. He reminded me of things I’d forgotten. I was amazed that our friendship had meant so much to him that he kept memories I had set aside long ago. We made love again before he got dressed and went home. I was happy. He wasn’t my ideal man, but he was sweet and gentle and a good source of discrete, convenient sex.

My mother visited his grandparents twice a week, taking soup, stews etc. I visited too. His grandfather regained partial use of his leg’s, he can get around with a walker and is getting stronger. Ollie seemed to gain a lot more confidence. He began working out and lost his baby fat. By senior year he was year book editor and earned a college scholarship in photo journalism. We had sex about twice a month for six months until he got his first girl friend. Whenever he and I were both uninvolved at the same time, we had sex together. We never fell in love. It was just two very old, very good friends sharing some special time. I still make love with him from time to time.

– The End –

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