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Andree’s Birthday Massage by Alex

My name is Ian, I am 43 yrs old and I have been married to my lovely wife Andrée for 22 years now and I can honestly say I adore her as much now as when we first met.

Andrée is just a year younger than me but she is still a stunning looking lady, lovely blonde hair, a slim figure and a very pretty face, coupled with a beautiful nature.

I have had to put up, all through our marriage with other guys eyeing her up, flirting with her or even telling me how they would love to have her for their own. At first when we were younger this annoyed me, however I have mellowed on this and for the last few years I have often fantasised about watching her making love with another man.

We have had fun with toys, videos, blindfold and pretending a stranger is fucking her whilst I watch, but that is as far as I have dare pursued this thought.

How can a man explain to his loving wife that he still loves her but would be willing to let her have another man fucking her, making her moan with pleasure so he can watch her act like a hot slut for another.

I had been stuck at this point for a while and then Alistair appeared on the scene.

He had come to my work to carry out various audits and I was given the job of showing him around our facility and giving him access to all our records.

Alistair was from up north, a few hours drive away, he is to be honest an average looking guy, well built for a 38yr old, tall and dark but the main thing about him is his confidence.

He had all the ladies eating out of his hands within minutes of being introduced to them; this immediately made me think of my lovely wife Andrée.

Just through spending time together at work Alistair and myself became good friends quickly.

I learned he had not long split with his wife, but more importantly learned that he had recently fucked one of his friend’s wives whilst the other man watched. I was hooked as he told me how his friend had set this up as his wife wanted to try two cocks.

This encouraged me to open up to him about my thoughts for Andrée and how I wanted to let her have the same experience.

We talked about this quite a lot during his first week; he listened as I described her and my fantasy for her to have two men together.

At the end of his first week with me he asked how serious I was about sharing my wife and if I would truly go through with it, I was adamant that I wanted my darling wife to have this experience, however the problem would be convincing her.

I had already told Alistair what Andrée did enjoy doing sexually, she loves oral and has always enjoyed being massaged before lovemaking.

Alistair said right away that there should be no problem then as he was confident that he could easily give my wife a massage she would never forget.

If I could get her to allow him to massage her then according to him she would have a night she would never forget.

We, or rather he came up with a few ideas, my wife’s 43rd birthday was a few weeks away, Alistair told me to wait a few nights and then give Andrée a massage, during the massage I was to tell her that for her birthday I was going to get another man to massage her and make her cum, as this was similar to role playing we had done before she would not think anything to strange about it, however he wanted to see if the idea at least turned her on.

One other thing had to be done though, he had to call my home to speak to me and I had to make sure Andrée answered, he wanted to talk to her to see if he could at least make her comfortable with his acquaintance.

On the night and time we had arranged, Alistair called, I was in the garden hut, when Andrée called my name I told her I would be a minute and to get the caller to hold.

When I got back to our living room I was delighted to find my wife chatting away with Alistair, he had obviously made an impression as she was giggling on the phone and was in no rush to hand it over to me.

I only chatted with him for a few minutes but he was confident that he had at least made a good impression with her, he told me to introduce his name into our role-playing that night.

Sure enough Andrée asked me who Alistair was and how I had got to know him, she said he was quite cheeky with some of his comments, I just replied that if they ever met she would love him to bits as he was great company.

That night in bed as I made sure that we had a good mmf porn scene on the portable as I was massaging my wife, as she lay on her front I gently massaged her buttocks as she watched the blonde being fucked by two studs on the screen.

I whispered to her that for her birthday I was going to get Alistair to massage her and I would watch, she did not respond in any way but I continued, I told her he would get to cover her in oil and rub her all over, if he could make her cum she must let him fuck her.

As I turned her over on her back she smiled and said that I would get a fright if she agreed. I knew at that point that she was turned on by the thought and slowly lowered my tongue to her pussy.

As I started to tease her with my tongue she started to gasp lightly, I continued telling her that Alistair would get to lick her as well; I would watch and let him fuck her, to my utter delight she was in complete ecstasy at this and came like a train.

I quickly put her on her hands and knees and asked her to beg Alistair to fuck her; she moaned, “Oh fuck yes fuck me Alistair, let him watch”.

This was the first time she had responded like this and I knew then my fantasy would become real, as I pounded into her my mind whirled thinking about sharing her, filling her up with cock with my new friend, our new friend.

The next morning I called Alistair and we arranged a meeting in a small hotel about halfway travel for both of us.

Andrée by this time was just as excited as me and insisted on speaking to Alistair a few times before she eventually met him.

There were no secrets by this time; we were meeting to allow my wife to be double fucked for the first time.

Come the day to my delight Andrée agreed to travel wearing the new black dress and underwear that I had bought her.

I couldn’t believe that my wife of 22yrs was even considering going through with this meeting and my stomach was in knots with nervous excitement.

She made a point of ensuring I watched her slowly get ready for a man who would become the first, other than myself, to fuck her in the last 20 odd years.

Even driving to the hotel my mind and stomach was in knots, would I really be able to share my stunning wife, could I watch as she sucked another mans cock, looking at the excitement in her eyes I knew there was no way I could back out now.

Sure enough after signing in we went through to the little lounge in the hotel, Alistair was at the bar, as he saw my wife for the first time he stood for a second to admire her and then opened up his arms to greet her with the kind of warmth only normally given to old friends.

For the next hour he entertained us both with stories and jokes, however all through this time he could not take his eyes off my wife.

At last Alistair asked Andrée if she was ready for her birthday massage, with a beaming smile she answered that she thought he would never ask, with that I stepped behind them as they walked together up to the room.

On entering the room Andrée said she would go into the bathroom and strip, Alistair said it would be an absolute delight if she would do that in front of us both and then suggested that I sit down on the chair next to the bed.

Andrée then walked up to him and turned to face me. She slowly turned her head to him and asked if he would like to unzip her dress.

My cock started to throb as I watched him undress my sexy wife. He rolled the dress from her body and whistled his appreciation as she kicked it over to me.

Alistair told Andrée to lie face down on the bed so she could watch me.

She gathered a pillow and lay down; all the time her blue eyes watched my reaction as Alistair unclipped her black bra.

He then stood up and smiled at me as he removed his shirt and trousers, I remember thinking what a smug bastard he looked at this point, but this was what I had always wanted and the pulsing from my now solid cock confirmed this.

I threw him over the bottle of baby oil that I had brought as he knelt over my wife.

She let out a small moan as he poured a generous amount of baby oil on the small of her back.

Andrée looked stunning as she lay there, only her small black panties were in the way of her being naked in front of this man but she was now past caring.

Alistair slowly rubbed the length of her back, all the time telling her how good she looked, his hands slowly worked downwards, as he stroked her from the small of her back up to her shoulders he made sure that the down stroke got closer to her panties.

I was now so turned on I just stood and stripped off, my cock was solid now and both Andrée and Alistair said nothing as I sat back down and started to stroke my manhood.

Alistair was now getting braver and with each stroke down Andree’s back her panties got lower and lower down her legs, as he slowed them down over her knees she lifted her legs and allowed him to pull them off completely.

My wife was now naked in front of my friend, he poured a little oil and watched it run slowly down the crack of her ass, she moaned in pleasure as one of his fingers ran down it’s path.

Knowing now that any resistance was gone he then told her to turn over on to her back.

Andrée slowly turned over and flicked her long blonde hair over the pillow that was inches from me.

I watched now transfixed as oil was poured onto her tits and belly, again she sighed as Alistair moved his hands around her stomach and then slowly up to her tits. For a second he stopped to take in the stunning view before him, she lay there in total submission, just waiting on his next move.

He slowly moved down and rested his head between her legs; just before he started to work on her with his mouth he looked at me and said, “Enjoy”.

Andree’s body writhed as he started to tongue fuck her, his fingers reaching up and pulling on her erect nipples at the same time.

As I watched her gasp at his touch, I slowly moved closer and whispered to her ” if he makes you cum then the two of us will fuck you all night”, she started to moan louder “oh fuck’ oh fuck”, there was no holding her back now, she came hard her body writhing uncontrollably, anyone passing by the corridor or in the next room would have heard everything, she was begging for Alistair to fuck her at this point.

Just as she was calming down and stopped bucking he moved her on to her hands and knees.

I watched her face, my loving wife, watched her face as he removed his shorts and moved behind her.

I watched her eyes widen as he grabbed her hips and his hard cock slipped into her effortlessly, I watched her face as she grimaced from the pounding he was giving her and then as I felt myself coming I pushed my cock over her lips, just as she accepted and felt being filled at both ends for the first time I began to cum, Andrée sensed this and kept me in her mouth swallowing everything that I had to give her.

My legs buckled with the exquisite pleasure and I sat back and watched her being fucked like a slut in heat.

After a few minutes of incessant fucking Alistair quickened his pace and filled my wife’s pussy with his seed.

My cock was solid again so I quickly took his place and slipped in behind her, Andrée had never felt the sensation of being filled again immediately after being fucked and she howled with pleasure as I started to ride her hard again.

Alistair simply moved around to her face and she eagerly started to kiss his wilted cock back to life.

Two cocks fucked my wife solidly for the next two hours, she was insatiable and I am sure she could have taken more.

After a short break I watched as she took a shower with Alistair where he fucked her from behind again, I could not believe that she could take so much cock in such a short space of time.

After dressing and enjoying a meal together we said goodbye to Alistair and drove home, chatting openly about what had just happened.

To my delight we both have no regrets and may even consider doing it all again, but not for a while, we can enjoy thinking about that afternoon for a while yet.

We know that if we want to we can always give Alistair a call and do it all again. We might get him to bring a friend along as well, as I am sure my wife would not mind another cock to join in and pleasure her.

– The End –

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