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Bad Mistake – Dirty Sex Tales

My sixteen year old Tracy was sitting at the back of the small plane with her sister Amy who was four years younger than Tracy they were part of a good will team of British school children on their way to India to tour schools there in the hope of helping the education system and getting schools in India to twin with British schools, Tracy was watching Steve one of her classmates he had done the dirty on her best friend who he had been dating, Tracy’s best friend had dumped Steve after finding out he was having sex with her sister, Tracy was plotting to get revenge on Steve and touched the small bag of drugs in her pocket thinking not long now. After the small plane had landed at the small airport Tracy moved behind Steve in the queue to get off the plane she then bumped into Steve dropping the drugs into his back as she did, then once inside the airport main building spoke to a guard who along with two of his fellow guards grabbed Steve and dragged him into a room, Tracy then told Amy that she had put the drugs in Steve’s bag, After ten minutes the senior guard came out and guided Tracy and Amy into the room Steve had been taken into where they saw Steve standing naked his seven inch hairy dick fully visible, Tracy thought now I know why she went him, the senior guard said to Tracy ” we found the drugs ” holding up the small bag of drugs as he did, he then said ” on that plane was one of our undercover drugs agents and she saw you plant the drugs you are in serious trouble ” he then showed Tracy a film which showed Tracy putting the drugs in Steve’s bag, The guard looked at the two girls and said ” you are to be searched for any more drugs so remove your clothes ” he then looked at Amy and said to her ” you as well remove your clothes ” the girls hesitated but after a guard hit the girls with a cane they both started to undress after a few minutes both girls were naked trying to hide their nudity with their arms and hands but they were made to stand with their hands on their heads, Steve smiled as he looked at Tracy’s ample boobs and smooth hairless love tube, he looked at Amy’s developing boobs and smooth love tube and very soon had a nine inch erection which the two girls noticed, Tracy was told to lay on a table with her legs over hanging the edge, the guard looked at Steve and said ” you may take your payment for the trouble this girl has caused you, Steve walked over to where Tracy was laying on the table and pushed her legs apart, as he did Tracy started to sit up but was pushed back down and held down by two guards, Tracy cried out no don’t but Steve ignored her and slid his throbbing erection into her love tube, then started to thrust in and out pushing in as deep as he could, after a few minutes Steve saw that Tracy now had very erect nipples and could here her breathing becoming heavier and heavier then after five more minutes of thrusting in and out of her love tube Steve felt Tracy cum but carried on thrusting in and out of Tracy’s love tube grateful for the viagra that the guards had given him, after half a hour Steve had felt Tracy cum three more times and was now walking towards Amy who was being held down on a table by three guards, when Steve pushed his dick up Amy’s tight virgin love tube she cried out after a few minutes of thrusting in and out of Amy’s love tube Steve felt her cum as she did Amy cried out and after half a hour had cum four more times before Steve squirted his cum over her body. After cleaning up Steve dressed and left the room rejoining his mates. After a week the girls were freed from custody and flew back home, three weeks later Steve and the rest of the group were back in England. When asked if the trip had been worth while Steve said ” very worth while ” and later that night stood looking at Tracy as she lay on the ground in the derelict factory with her legs apart and as he slid his dick into her love tube he looked at Amy who was undoing her jeans and thought very successful trip.

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