Bad Nurse – Dirty Sex Tales

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Pia was a sixteen year old Bengali girl who had just become a nurse and was just starting her second day in the East London Hospital, during her pre ward training Pia had surprised everybody when during a self defence class she had thrown the forty five year old ex SAS member on the floor three times, and revealed that her father and an uncle had been special forces and taught her a few things. Pia had been sent to a cubicle to help a patient change when she got to the cubicle she found seventeen year old Steve a local racist thug who could hardly move, Steve made a few racist comments to Pia who ignored them, and told Steve she was to help him change and started to take Steve’s off, Steve was not able to move very much and was soon laying naked with Pia looking straight at his seven inch dick and after saying nice started to rub it, Steve was not strong enough to stop her and soon had a nine inch erection which Pia took photos of on her phone saying the Bengali girls on my estate will love these, Pia then took hold of the naked white thugs dick and started to jerk it filming while she did and after five minutes Steve squirted his cum in four spurts, Pia then scooped the cum up in her fingers and forced it into Steve’s mouth, then after cleaning him up and putting him in a gown went back to the nurses station. A few hours later Pia was walking down the emergency stairs which were always nearly deserted, Steve’s sixteen year old girlfriend Tracy who was also racist and violent appeared and pinned Pia to the wall and said to her ” Steve told me what you did to him you smelly paki slut” then before she could say or do anything more Pia had got Tracy on the floor and holding her down, Pia looked at the helpless Tracy and said ” did he tell you he shot plenty of spunk which means he enjoyed it” then after a pause added ” let us see if you enjoy it as much” and pulled Tracy’s tee shirt up exposing her large naked boobs which she took photos of, Tracy was in to much pain from the arm lock to be able to do anything, Pia smiled said ” nice tits” and pulled Tracy’s joggers down then rubber Tracy’s naked smooth love tube, then started to lick Tracy’s nipples then after a couple of minutes slid her fingers into the helpless girls love tube discovering that it was moist then started to masturbate the racist thug girl noticing her erect nipples as she did, after ten minutes of being masturbated Tracy gushed as she did Pia gave a big smile and after wiping her hands on Tracy’s tee shirt before leaving her and carrying on down the stairs where she saw Steve’s brother Adam who was two years younger than Steve, Pia smiled when she saw that the normally quiet boy had his six inch erection out of his trousers, Pia said ” you want something” and when Adam said ” the same as what my brother got” Pia lowered her scrubs and said ” how about what your brother never got” and lay on the stairs and after a few minutes Adam was thrusting in and out of her love tube, after Adam was finished Pia thought pity he could not last longer and continued to the basement carpark where she was confronted by Martin Gary and Colin who were mates of Steve’s Pia made quick work in putting the three sixteen year old thugs on the floor and after stripping them naked took photos of them then one by one jerked each boy off filming it as she did. The following day Pia was walking down the stairs when she saw Tracy who quickly ran off, Pia thought I am going to like being a nurse, the Bengali youngsters loved watching the film supplied by Pia and after six months there were a lot more film of helpless white boys and girls being masturbated by Pia which were well viewed.

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