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Hina and Garry are well drunk as we both are dancing in party hall with hundred of couples. Hina is looking wild in her jeans and boxer as our waists are making friction while dancing. I can feel her soft breasts quite often on my chest but too many couples are watching us in a distinct manner as our age is 35 years and 19 years but extra marital affair is not new for metropolitan city like Delhi. Its 11:59:59 as lights of hall vanished and everyone is shouting ‘Happy new year’ as we both kissed each other in dark and my hand has even pressed her breasts. Now light brights again as we can see too many couples kissing each other. Now all joined the dinner at a large dinning table in other hall. We both took light meals and after having icecream of butter scotch flavours, we both moved to our room..

Hina locked the door from inside and like a shameless lady, she is removing her jeans as well as boxer. Now I removed my clothes except my undies. Now she walked inside washroom and I moved to pee in washroom. Now I switched off the bulb as green night bulb is making dim light in room. We both are on kingsize bed like a hot couple. She took me in her arms and kissed my face…… “Garry you are so hot and energetic, I am obsessed

(Garry) Hina madam you are my teacher naa

(Hina) my feelings have changed Garry I think I am in love with you. ” And Hina came on my top. Her hot body is on me as she is dominating while kissing my face and neck. Her lovely boobs are also brushing on my chest as my hand is moving on her back. Now she took my tongue in her mouth to suck and I removed her brassier, she is not shy and took it out to show her large breasts. After a while she left my tongue and put her breast on my face as I hold one of it and took inside my mouth to suck and she has kept her breasts above my face. I took other one and sucked it now my penis is in erection. Hina moved down to kiss my flat tummy to waist but her lips on my thigh is making me hot and lastly she pulled down my undies to legs and hold my semi erected penis. She is massaging in her palm as I am in joy..

Hina is sitting near my waist as she leaned her face on my penis. She started running the glans on her rosy lips and face, now took my 1/2 of cock in her mouth to suck. She is sucking it like a whore with her face swinging fastly, later on she is licking my penis. She is in hurry to have my dick in her cunt, so she slept on bed and I wake up to love her hot body. Now I am kissing her strong thighs as I am pulling her thongs from her waist, she helped me in removing it. Now I put my face in between her thighs as I am kissing her reddish vagina with my tongue licking her glory hole. I fucked her cunt for a while and now put a pillow under her buttocks. I knelt in front of her vagina and while holding it, I pushed my cock in her cunt and started fucking it fastly. Its 00:55 hour and my first fuck of year is in process, its my teacher HINA who is married but divorced. I leaned on her hot body as she started moving her ass up and down. She has hold me tightly as my penis is moving inside smoothly and she is making me hot while her bum is going up and down. After 10 minutes of fuck her wet cunt become dry and hot. Now she is screaming in pleasure….. “Oohh Garry my vagina is too hot pour your cum baby

(Garry) yes my hot lady I am going to pour cum. ” As my penis ejaculated white fluid in her vagina and I am sleeping on her top like her hubby for 30-40 minutes while my penis is inside her vagina. We both have ejaculated cum at a time and too many fluids are on bed. We slept for night.

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