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Banged My Crush in Bangalore Sleeper Bus

I am Raj from Bangalore. This is my first story.
I knew Keerthi for a long time since our childhood. She is 4 years younger to me. I had a crush on her since our first meeting. She is very fair and athletic. After my graduation, I joined an IT company in Bangalore. After three years, One day I got a call from an unknown number. I picked it up and spoke. It was Keerthi’s mother. She told me that previously Keerthi had been working in cognizant Chennai. Due to hostel food and work pressure, she was undergoing a lot of health issues. So she has quit her job. Today I met your mother (My mother). She gave me your number and told me to ask if there are any job openings in my company. I said I will check and call her back the next day. Luckily, there were some recruitment going on in my company. I shared her profile with the HR team. They called her for an interview on Friday. She was very happy on getting the interview call. I booked her a bus ticket on Thursday night. She had never been to Bangalore. She was bit scared. So I kept on calling her and made sure she is alright. I was waiting for her in the bus stop. I am going to meet her after a long time so I was bit excited and nervous too. She reached Electronic city, Bangalore at 7AM. OH MY GOD. She was gorgeous. She got down and came towards me. We both were very happy meeting after a long time. And we never had an opportunity before to stay alone. I took her to my flat. I trained her on all the possible interview questions for sometime. We got ready and took her to my office. I dropped her at the building where interview is happening & told her to call me back when the interview gets over.

She called me around 2PM. I went and picked her up, she looked happy. I asked about the interview. She said that she performed well and further communications will be sent through mail. I showed her my entire office. She liked it a lot. I saw that interest in her eyes. Then I took her to Mall and I bought her some clothes, accessories, etc. initially she hesitated, then she accepted it. She thanked me so much for all the things I have done for her. She said, she haven’t seen any guy who took so much care for her so far. I was on cloud nine. My plan to impress her worked. Then we had some snacks outside and came back to my flat later in the evening.

She didn’t book her return tickets to Native. I got a wild idea in my mind. I told her that I will also come with her in bus. She didn’t decline. I got a green signal. Then I booked an AC Sleeper bus to our native.

We boarded the bus. Our seat was on third row lower. Very first thing I did is I closed the screens using safety pin so that nobody can notice us. She didn’t say anything and she was very silent. Slowly we started chatting. Then she started showing all her pictures in her mobile. There was one childhood picture in which she was wearing just slip till her thighs. She suddenly moved to next picture but I told her to show me the previous picture. She started blushing and laughing & said no. I tried to grab her mobile she reciprocated. I thought this is the chance and started moving towards her while trying to grab the mobile. We got very close. There was no gap between us. Our face was very close. Just an inch gap between our lips.

I saw that lust in her eyes. But I was bit scared. I kissed her cheeks. There was no reply from her. I got this as a green signal and kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes. I kissed her slowly on her neck & slowly moved my lips to hers and I placed my lips on her lips. She responded to my kiss and opened her mouth. She gave me a big and a long kiss. We lip locked for 5 mins. My right hand was on her boobs. I slowly moved my hands over to her navel and slid the t-shirt up. I felt her skin which was soft as silk. I slipped her t-shirt over her breasts to reveal the black bra. I slowly removed the bra. Oh, my god. She had such an awesome breast. I cupped both hands on each breast and gently massaged it. Her nipples became very hard. I started licking all over her breasts. She liked it very much. In a split second I was sucking her breasts giving her love bites in between the sucking.

Then I touched her pussy over her panty. Then I gave her pussy a sweet kiss over her panty. Then I slowly pulled her panties down. then i just pulled her panty and she was completely nude in front of me. I looked into her eyes n she gave me a smile. I put my mouth right over her pussy and i kissed it slowly. I slowly pushed my tongue into her pussy, and she moaned in a low voice. She gave me a very naughty smile inviting me to suck her pussy. I put my head right between her legs n started kissing licking sucking and biting her pussy lips. She wasn’t clean shaven, her love juices were flowing out of her pussy. I kept sucking her pussy and she said she really loved the way i tongue fucked her pussy and she it felt really good.

I was in my black tracks. She pulled my tracks down. Then she put her hand on my dick and she started feeling it over the underwear. She removed my underwear n then she took my dick in her hand and she said it’s hot, and she loves holding it. She held my dick in her hand n she started playing with my dick. I was enjoying it.

Then I held my dick n placed it over her pussy. I again started to rub her pussy. I continued the act for more than 5 min. In between, I got down and sucked her boobs hard. Keerthi’s nipples are really exciting. I asked Keerthi if she would like to take my dick in her mouth. She hesitated. I didn’t compel her.

She spread her legs indirectly inviting me to fuck her pussy with my dick. I got on top of her n placed my dick at the entrance of her pussy. I pushed my dick slowly but firmly into her pussy. She had closed her eyes n I felt she was in pain. I could feel some resistance in her pussy. She had lost her virginity to me. My dick was completely inside her pussy. She never asked me to stop. I kept on shoving her pussy for more than 5 minutes. I felt I was going to cum.

I immediately took my dick out of her pussy n controlled n stopped myself from having an orgasm. She said she felt so good. I inserted my dick back into her pussy n started fucking her hard. I went on and on to fuck her and this continued for a few more minutes. I could feel that I am going to cum. Right at the moment, I took my dick out of her pussy n came on the seat.

I saw that satisfaction in her eyes. She wanted more. I just lied down on the side of Keerthi. I held her tightly and she hugged me tightly. It was 3 AM, they stop the Bus for short break. We both dressed up and slept hugging each other. We got down at 7 AM. I asked her, when can we meet again? She said, “Get me a job in Bangalore and I am all yours”. I was on cloud nine and felt very happy.  I dropped her home.

Please share your feedback. Will continue to write the part 2 in a separate story based on your feedback, can reach me on [email protected]

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