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Bayhaven Tales: Tale First: Part 1

In the city of Bayhaven… Mccarty residence… 8:00 P.M

“Hey can I come in?” Christine Mccarty said while tapping on door of her son’s room’s door.

“Yes you can.” Answered her Allen, he pulled his underwear up and turned off his laptop on which he was watching porn.

“I am going for laundry”Christine said “Give me clothes to wash.”

“They are in that basket.” Allen pointed towards a plastic bucket on end of his room.

Christine- “Ok”

Allen- “Mom today I don’t want to go to school is ok if I stay hone for one day.”

Christine- “It’s completely Ok”

Christine, like any other mother was conscious about studies of her son, but for her it was almost impossible to reject the demand of her son as she felt differently for him.

Allen- “Thanks Mom.”

Christine- “Bye honey”

Allen- “Bye mom”

Christine walked out of the room closed the door but before it closed she took a glance of her semi nude son.

She knew it was wrong to feel this way for her son but somehow it felt good.

She closed the door completely, picked an underwear from the bucket she took. She smelled it and them had a little giggle and then went to living room.

In the living room there was a photo of her husband hanging on the wall. She saw it and put the underwear back in the bucket and went in bathroom to wash it.

6:00 P.M.

Mr. Lewis Mccarty got home. He entered his bedroom and saw his wife who was in a beautiful red dress.

Lewis- “What are you dressed for?”

Christine- “I bought two passes of The Blue Club be ready.”

Lewis- “I am going to bed, I am too tired you can go alone.”

Christine- “But it’s for couple only.”

Lewis avoided her and went to his bed.

Christine was angry at him, but before she could say a word a naughty thought came to her mind.

Christine went to her son’s door, tapped on door of her son’s room.

Christine- “May I come in.”

Allen- “You can”

Christine entered the room and again saw her son in underwear.

Christine- “Be ready we are going out.”

Allen was astonished by watching his beautiful mom in this gorgeous dress.

Allen- “Out where?”

Christine- “The Blue Club.”

Allen- “But that’s a kind of lover spot isn’t it?”

Christine- “I don’t mind, now go and dress fast.”

Allen suddenly jumped into his closet, but Christine knew he jumped to hide his erection.

After a few moments Allen came out of closet, he wore a shirt a coat a pant and a tie with his shoes, which made him look a gentleman.

Christine- “You look amazing, come fast.”

She grabbed him and ran to the car, they both seated in it as Christine started to drive.

The Blue Club

Everyone in blue club was with someone. Club like this wasn’t for a mom and son but it didn’t was a big topic for Christine.

Every boy had his hand on either waist, breast or ass of his girl.

Christine wanted Allen to hold her by ass but he didn’t did so.

Christine now started to reveal her ass slowly to her son. He noticed it and his hand slipped from her waist to her ass.

Christine went out of control and touched Allen’s dick which was rock hard.

Christine- “is it my ass that has made you hard as rock.”

Allen- “Yes mom.”

Christine- “Don’t call me mom here, we have come as a couple.”

This boldness of her mother surprised Allen but also it was a kind of dream come true for him.

Allen- “Christine let’s go back home I am tired.”

Christine- “but we have danced so little.”

Allen grabbed her ass tightly.

Allen- “I don’t think you took me here just to dance.”

These words of her son made Christine happy, but it was kind of wrong but for her it felt right.

Christine- “OK Allen”

They both went out and sat in the car. Christine drove them back to house.

Christine- “Now you can get out of car.”

Allen- “Ok Christine.”

Christine felt this lovely that Allen wasn’t calling her mom.

Christine waited Allen to get out of car but rather then doing it Allen put his hand on her naked lap, close to her vagina.

Allen- “Is it enough for today Christine or are you going to kiss me.”

Christine’s heart was about to pump out of her chest but as she saw him coming towards her she moved towards him.

There lips touched each other, they both began to kiss. They kissed for a minute and then Christine felt his son’s hand grasping her ass.

Allen- “Christine you are sexy”

These words from the mouth of her son resulted in goosebumps all over her body

Christine- “You are handsome.”

Allen- “you are amazing Christine.”

Christine- “so you are Allen.”

Allen raised her dress and relieved her from it. Now she was in panties in front of him.

Christine tried to open Allen’s shirt. She was happy to touch those abs she dreamed and lusted about since she saw them. She started to lick his abs.

Allen- “You are a pretty whore Christine”

Christine- “I am your whore”

Hearing these words from his mother made his cock rock hard again and this time he knew where to use it.

Allen- “Open your mouth Christine”

Christine- “Yes Allen”

Christine opened her mouth and before Allen could unzip himself she said, “let’s go to back seat”

Allen and Christine went to the back seat of car without being afraid that they are almost on the road.

As they got in Allen took out his rock hard penis, Christine wanted to see this gift from a long time and hence opened her mouth.

Allen- “Deal for mouth is over I want your pussy.”

Christine- “but I want to suck…”

Allen- “shut up you whore say as I command”

Christine- “Yes master.”

She opened her legs while her son removed his pant completely.

She put her panties on front seat and threw her bra on Allen’s head.

Allen- “you dirty whore”

Allen put his big dick into his mother’s pussy and started to fuck her.

Christine- “Allen you are my man fuck me”

Allen- “lower your voice whore or father may hear.”

Christine- “I don’t care about that man, from tonight on I am yours”

Allen took her panties from first seat and pushed them into her mouth.

Allen- “Shut up Christine”

Allen now began to fuck her with more power.

Christine pulled out panties and said,”I will be quiet but instead of those panties push your tongue in my mouth.”

Allen kissed her and thrusted her.

Allen- “I am gonna cum”

Christine- “I am coming”

Allen again kisses her.

Allen- “you are mine Christine ”

Christine- “I am your what?”

Allen- “I don’t know you are just my woman now I owe you”

Christine- “I am not a slave to anyone”

Allen- “you are mine Christine now either you will submit yourself to me daily or I will rape you, choice is yours.”

Christine- “Being raped by someone as handsome as you is amazing.”

Allen- “don’t worry whore now I will rape you daily.”

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