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Betty’s Animal Farm – Part 2 of 5 by Writer Mike

Stacy found her way through the dimly lit house to her bedroom as she passed her parents she could see they were sleeping so the coast was clear and a feeling of relief swept over her as she slinked into her room stripped out of her wet pants and panties then slipped into her flannel nightie and then slipped into bed opting to shower in the morning rather than chance waking mom and dad, but mostly she wanted to savor her new tastes and smells as she held the glazed wetness on her panties next to her nose.

Her sleep was both fitful and restful as the images of the day and it’s bizarre unfolding raced through her mind as well as the words of her new friend echoed, first the image of a lurid smile beaming from her face while braying like a mule, “Jacking two off at the same time is really great!” While Stacy dozed she could see her new friend pumping on them until those two stiff dicks started squirting! Then the feeling of hot cum pooling on her belly at the same time it pooled on Betty’s! Stacy could see herself watching, panting, and drooling while the two faceless boys ejaculated all over Betty’s flat belly grunting and laughing licentiously.

She tried to wake and stay asleep at the same time then her thoughts drifted to what they talked about between their voyeuring, “I still find it difficult to believe that those four people are married, but not to each other?” Echoed in Stacy mind sounding quite puzzled adding, “Did I say that right? Anyhow, you know what I mean.” And then with alarming suddenness a woman tackled her from behind while holding her down started yelling, “Come and get her while she’s hot! She is really hot!” Stacy struggled only briefly as she found herself eagerly waiting with her legs parted and eyes closed.

Betty’s voice sounded haughtily yet reassuring as her face appeared in her dream whispering, “Personally, I see no harm in it. I’m sure that most married people get bored with each other sooner or later and what harm is there?” Betty purred as she licentiously smiled at Stacy. And as she looked at Betty again she could see another woman kissing and licking her butt, and she tried to say, “No let me!” but her voice was mute.

Alone now in her dream she’d had the wild urge to relieve her tension that was just as much mental as it was physical. She could hear a dog barking off in the distance as she squatted by a tree to finger herself. Her tight little nub of a clitoris turned hard and jolts of electricity shot through her spine as her finger passed over it creating the intense urge to urinate. As she started to pee the dog popped out of nowhere; the shock of being forced to the ground by her attacking beast forced her urine to gush out. As Stacy opened her mouth to scream she was stifled by the beast’s tongue when he stuffed it down her throat choking her. She tried to run but couldn’t get to her feet, they wouldn’t even move, all she could do was pee, and flail her arms, and legs in panic as the monstrous beast towered over her pinning her to the ground with his big paw.

She wanted to run away and hide and at the same time wanted him to mount her. Stacy was so very confused as the fearsome image of the dog faded, her lust returned as she started to dream about Betty again, and how comforting she is and how nice her touches are, and then there she was in front of her with a very big and hard penis jutting out from between her legs. Stacy’s voice stuck in her throat as she tried to call out her name. As Betty lay down on top of her she softly stroked Stacy’s face with both hands while placing her large gland just inside her opening and then hot soothing liquid started filling Stacy’s vagina and with a snap and a rash of panting gasps Stacy awoke.

“Stacy dear get up you still have a half day. Honey are you going to sleep all day?” Stacy’s mom Susan called from down stairs and then asking urgently, “Are you awake? Wake up dear…!”

“I’m awake I’m up mom!” Stacy called out still lying in bed then thinking to herself, “Shit…! I’ve wet the bed again.” She jumped up quickly stripped off her soaked PJs and then stripped the bed; being glad now that she didn’t protest her mother’s idea of leaving the rubberized mattress cover on.

“Honey your dad and I have been talking and since it is only a half day you can stay home if you want.” Susan shouted after changing her mind and then informed her, “Harry called and said that he wasn’t going to be home at all today. Did you hear me Stacy?”

“Yes mom I heard. Thank you for letting me stay home, and I just wanted to tell Harry that I wasn’t going to be seeing him any more. I’m going to take a shower now!” Stacy shouted down the stairs and then saying to herself, “Am I glad that the laundry room is up here.” Stuffed the soap, sheets, and PJs into the washer and started it and raced into the shower.

The shower felt outrageously good the hot water was so energizing and at the same time so very soothing to her really sore sphincter muscles both her anal and vaginal sphincters hurt from all that squeezing they did even her stomach muscles and buttocks were sore, as well as her throat from all that gasping she did. When Stacy washed her legs she found that she still had some of the fruits of her passion clinging to her inner thighs and buttocks. A smooth silken coating remained; a sweet reminder of the newfound pleasures she experienced at the hands of her new friend.

After drying off she started dressing in her room when her mom knocked softly and asked, “Stacy honey may I come in?”

“Sure mom. Are you okay?” Stacy asked a bit puzzled at the tone of her mother’s voice.

“I was going to ask you the same question.” Suzan posed and then asked, “Have some of the boys at school bothered you or tried to get you to do something you didn’t want to?” she asked as she sat next to Stacy.

“No mama. I just caught Harry holding hands with someone else is all. Why?” She assured her mom sounding disgusted.

“It’s just that you were making quite a raucous in your room last night so I looked in and saw that you were only dreaming but you were wetting the bed…”

“It was nothing mom I was dreaming of walking in the woods and well I had to pee and well that is that?” Stacy interjected smugly thinking that she had taken the upper hand and started to fasten pink bows to her long ponytails.

“Honey you would… tell me if anything was wrong wouldn’t you?” Suzan pressed as she helped make the bows and pointed out, “You are turning into a beautiful woman.”

“Yes! I would tell you and I will tell if and when any of the booyyssa…try anything at all!” Stacy reassured.

“Good! And oh yes Sheila Riley your new friend Betty’s mother called and said that you could spend the week end at their house.” Suzan informed and asked in a firm voice, “Why didn’t I know about the sleep over?”

“We talked about it late last night and I didn’t want to wake you and dad up to ask plus it was too late to call her back.” Stacy answered with out hesitation, “I would’ve called if you said I couldn’t.”

“Well as it turns out we wanted to go on a little trip to see some of our friends and we were going to leave you with Aunt May but she is going to be out of town too; we were about to cancel when we got the call.” Suzan said still sounding a little upset then queried, “What kind of plans have you two made?”

Half laughingly Stacy blurted out, “Go down to the local bar and get drunk…” “Stacy…!” Suzan interrupted and furiously adding, “There’ll be none of that…!”

“Aw mom I’m just kidding we’re going to watch videos. I’m going to help her do some of her chores like feeding the animals checking their water, and hiking some of the trails they have on the back of their place. Maybe visit the horse farm down the road a piece.” Stacy eased and pointed out, “Besides I might learn something.”

“I should have known that you were just teasing.” She said much calmer now even confident when she added, “Yea! You just might learn how much work there is to farm life. We might not be back till late Monday so take some school clothes wit…”

“Mom there’s no school Monday some sort of teachers something. So if the Riley’s don’t mind is it okay for me to stay till Tuesday?” Stacy pressed.

“Sure but only if they don’t mind!” Suzan stressed and then emphatically ordered, “Be careful around those animals; they bite and kick!”

“I will I promise.” Stacy replied snickering.

By noon her parents were out of sight and Stacy had tossed her bra back into the drawer and changed into a pair of crotchless pantyhose that she had found and surprising enough they fit, a tee-shirt, bib-overalls, and slip on shoes. She caught herself racing as she checked the house one last time slowed her pace and checked everything again and then bolted out the door at a rapid walk her tails flapping as she bobbed; as her excitement grew her pace had quickened to one that any speed walker would be jealous of.

As she neared her exes place she stopped dead in her tracks because there he was in the back yard with some other guy; as she got closer she recognized him as Harold the jerk as she referred to him. Stacy lost sight of them when she got close to the fence and was about to call out when she heard Harry say, “Yea, yea I’m ready push it in.” As she peered through the knot hole shock and rage flashed like an old flash bulb; her face turned red but her ears turned bright red and sweat beaded on her brow as she raced away from the fence at a hard run. Stacy ran till she started gasping for air tears were streaming down her face as her rage turned to grief. Soon her tears dried she was again angry and thinking to herself, “What do I care any way! That bastard! I already decided to call it off, but still it would’ve been better if he got a little mad but nooo…!” As if transported by a beam she found herself pounding at Betty’s door when it swung open.

“What is…! What happened Stacy?” Betty cried out.

“Oh that bastard…!” Stacy shouted as she stomped in and paused as she glared through her tears and gritting her teethe went on, “That bastard shit…!”

“Stacy take a few deep breaths and spit it out!” Betty ordered then pried, “What happened?”

As she took several deep breaths she paced the floor clearly no longer grieving and then started, “I find out this morning that ‘hee…!’ wont be home all day and what do I see Harry taking it in the butt by Harold the ass-hole…”

Betty jumped in, “What are you saying? By hee… you mean your ex?” “That bastard was getting butt-fucked! Christ!” Stacy shouted and then groaned, “To think I almost let him put that fucking shitty dick in my mouth!”

“Harold was fucking Harry in the aasssa…!?” Betty questioned as she got an impish look of amazement on her face.

“Can you believe that?” Stacy wailed in disgust making an ugly grimace adding, “The bastard didn’t even wait to break up!”

“Hey… Hey… you broke up with him last night didn’t you?” Betty said firmly but calmly as she started to pet Stacy’s shoulder.

“Oh yea I guess but he didn’t even know!” Her voice was rife with anger.

“Hey what are angry the most about any way; that he stepped out on you or that you didn’t suck his dick and let him fuck you or that he might like it in the butt?” Betty paused as she waited for an answer and the silence was her que to continue, “Any way you decided it was over last night when you kissed me.”

“Did any of the boys that you had sex with lie to get into your pants?” Stacy asked her face still red and voice still strained.

“All of them I think.” She thought for a second then started again, “Stacy a boy is going to say what ever he thinks you want to hear if it means he is going into your pants. Not all of them do but most of them.”

“And you do it any way?” Stacy ask somewhat calmer.

“Well if they are telling me what I want to hear.” Betty chuckled a little and went on, “I just know they are lying.”

“I guess I don’t know. I think I am mad that he isn’t going to miss me?” She said unsteadily as she finally answered Betty’s question.

“Maybe this will help.” Betty quipped as she smiled at Stacy brushing her hair back saying, “My mom said that she caught dad at making up a story about fishing he never fished but the story he told was funny and made my mom laugh. I’m not sure when they started doing it, but they sure do it a lot now.”

“I guess I sound dumb huh?” Stacy sounded indignant and then with a puzzled tone asked, “You know when they do it?”

“Sure I do just not all the time.” She quipped and continued, “No you’re not dumb just young, sheltered, and inexperienced. Boy the way you were talking a few minutes ago tells me there is hope for you.” Betty reassured, “And boy are we going to take care of that sheltered and inexperienced stuff tonight!”

“Did you lie to me last night?” She asked frankly.

“Not once! I just didn’t tell you every thing, and didn’t I say I want some… secrets?” Betty teased as the tension in the air vanished.

“You really want me as a girlfriend and as a lover?” Stacy quizzed her face was still red but a smile was starting to beam.

“Hell yes until you get tired of me!” Betty excitedly proclaimed adding, “When I first laid down last night I thought how lucky am I and then I started to masturbate thinking of you but stopped because I wanted to save it for you. I even had a dream about you.”

“I went right to sleep and had a jumble of weird dreams and you were in them all. You even calmed me down when I was being chased by a dog or a wolf or something.” Stacy said excitedly and was now at ease and looked down at the floor acting embarrassed and stuttered, “I… A… I… We had sex; in my dream you had a really big penis, and I wet the bed when you came in me.” Her face now beaming red from embarrassment rather than anger.

“Did you like it?” Betty coyly asked.

“Yes but I woke up too soon.” Stacy cooed warmly.

“I want to tell you that before you and Harry started seeing each other we were going out once in a while. Hell I even let him fuck me.” She said smugly adding, “He didn’t even get it in me; before he shot his load all over my legs and stomach as soon as he laid down on me.” She laughed impishly and then continued, “It was really small and turned soft instantly too, so you didn’t miss out on much. And Harold always creaped me out, but I never figured him for a butt cowboy.”

“Well I feel so silly getting as upset as I did, but I am passed it now.” Stacy said and musingly restated, “Butt cowboy huh.”

“You are a fast learner. You’re doing just fine, Stacy. A few more days with me and my blunt way of speaking and you’ll be surprising yourself with your new way of looking upon sex and life in general. I could sense that you weren’t really a prude, you know what you want to be and you have that push, or I wouldn’t have bothered to try and help you come out of your shell.”

Stacy smiled gleefully as she put her hand on Betty’s saying, “Thank you. I like you a lot and want to be with you and for now be yours.” While scootching closer she asked, “Did you think of what you want me to do?”

“I sure have! I’ve been thinking what I want ‘and…!’ what you want!” Betty paused as she mused on her thoughts and asked, “You remember when that beast mounted the woman in the room and what she did?”

“Oh yes I sure do it is burned into my mind. She started kissing her friend very passionately almost screaming into her mouth when he penetrated her!” Stacy stopped and caught her breath as she continued her voice grew shaky, “I pissed my pants when he lunged into her!”

“More like gushed into your pants; girl it was loud enough to be heard across town!” Betty teased and asked, “You remember what you said later on when we left?” She pried.

“I said I wished you had a penis if you did I would let you deflower me right here and now.” Stacy said softly as she moved her hand farther up Betty’s thigh adding, “If you want to take me with your toy I’ll let you; I am your slave this weekend. I belong to you.”

“I don’t have a toy and my mom’s are flat out too big!” Betty disclosed then cajoled, “Any way I think you should have a real penis as you put it; as I would say it you should have a hard wet cock cumming in you.” she cupped Stacy’s ears and smiled warmly.

“Your mom has sex toys and you’ve seen them?” Stacy asked her surprise was betrayed by her voice as she slipped closer, “You said you were going to introduce me to your toy! It is okay really I belong to you and anything goes.”

“Yea I’ve gone through my mom’s drawer. So…! You are my slave and any thing goes huh.” Betty restated firmly as her impish smile beamed like a bright light.

“Yes I promise anything you want me to do I will do as best as I can.” Stacy affirmed as she put her head on Betty’s shoulder adding, “I feel safe around you; so I am sure you don’t want to hurt me.”

“You know losing your virginity can hurt some.” She explained.

“My mom said that it isn’t much more than a pinch.” Stacy calmly said adding, “I’ll let you even if it hurts a lot.”

“Last night I said that I would never ask someone to do something I wouldn’t do; so here look at this picture of me and Mytoy.” Betty directed as she pulled a picture from under the mattress.

As Stacy looked her jaw went slack as she glanced back and forth looking at the picture and then Betty and asked, “Is he a… is he…”

“Yeaass…!” Betty interjected adding in a very sultry tone, “He just finished cumming in me when the timer snapped the picture.”

“Oh…! I… ya!” Stacy struggled for words as she sat in Betty’s lap and continued, “Oh Betty if that’s what you want me to do I will I want to but I don’t know how. Is he your dog?” “Yep he is, and yes I do and his name is Myto…” Betty was cut off.

“Oh…! I get it now Mytoy is your toy!” Stacy sang out as the discovery set in.

Yes and he is a good dog.” She said proudly and teasingly asked, “You creaming your panties yet?”

“I would be if I wore some so I’m soaking my overalls.” Stacy said coyly as she smiled wetly.

“You know I could smell you when you walked in, you were so hot. Let me see bend over!” Betty directed and melodiously added, “That’s my girl bend over all the way. Oh my that ‘is…!’ a big wet spot.”

“What if he doesn’t want me?” Stacy asked pensively.

“He’s a male and a smart male I want you so he’ll want you you’ll see.” She merrily assured and then directed, “Off with those coveralls, shirt, and bra; come on strip it all off.” She pleasantly coaxed.

Snap, snap and a kick, kick went the coveralls and shoes; and with a tear and buttons popping the shirt was gone and, “I don’t have a bra on!” Stacy brayed and then coyly asked, “What do you think? ”

“You are much better looking in the light; I am getting wet just looking at you! That is a beautiful pair of pantyhose.” Betty cajoled as she slid her hand up and down Stacy’s inner thigh adding, “You are really beautiful Stacy!”

“Oh thank you!” She cooed as she blushed. “Where is Mytoy?” Stacy asked with eagerness ringing in her voice.

“He’ll be along. Come here and kiss me you sweet little thing you.” Betty urged as she stood.

Stacy quickly put their lips together kissing one then the other before snaking her tongue into Betty’s mouth. She started undoing the sash on her pants and the buttons of her shirt; peeling it back as she sucked a nippled into her mouth causing Betty to gasp and stumble a bit. She moaned as Stacy ground the nipple harder with her teeth as her fingers squeezed the other nipple. Stacy was working the tight fitting jeans down ward with her free hand, as they slacked and fell to Betty’s knees.

“Sit!” Stacy ordered.

“No. Not here lets go to my bedroom. Okay?” Betty posed.

“Is Mytoy up there?” She asked coyly.

“Come on… up the stairs with you.” Betty directed gleefully.

“You lead the way.” Stacy pressed.

“No you lead I want to watch your bottom as you walk up the stairs.” Betty explained as she gave Stacy’s fanny a few playful swats.

“Ooo…! Ouuchh!” Stacy cried out in make believe looking back at Betty licentiously turned and walked up the stairs exaggerating her hip movements. As she reached the bright light in the middle of the stairs Betty said, “Stop I want to look closely at your sweet little pussy. Actually I want to kiss you there and drink some of those sweet creams that you have on your labia. That’s it spread your knees wide on that step.”

As Betty Squeezed Stacy’s cheeks and kissed them she started quaffing deeply at her vaginal opening as she gave it several soft kisses and in a soft cooing voice said, “Your labia are so puffy and red and so very warm and they taste so very sweet. You open wide with each kiss wide enough to see into your wet vaginal well.”

“Oh your kisses feel so good. I could stay right here all night.” Stacy purred.

“And this?” Betty asked as she started licking right on her anus.

Breathlessly Stacy moaned, “Yes! God yes that is divine!”

“Judging by how hot you are to the touch and the way you are sweating and how red your vulvas are I’d say you were… well like the woman in the room.”

“Say it like you want to say it!” Stacy ordered as her whole body began to blush.

“Okay I think you are in heat, in season ready to mate really ready. So up the stairs you go and into ‘my…!’ bed in my room.” And with another round of playful slaps Stacy scampered up the stairs laughing wildly. Upon entering the room she jumped onto the bed face up and Betty stuffed her face right into her wet vagina turning their boisterous laughter into cooing moans when Betty started slowly but firmly suckling on Stacy’s already engorged clitoris; stopping only to run her lips over the fresh new growth of thin satiny blond hairs that surrounded the clitoral hood. In only a few minutes Stacy’s sweet cream started coating Betty’s face. Stacy moaned raspyly as she gripped the covers and pump her legs as an orgasm raced from her groin to her head warming her whole body, as it passed her gasps turned to cooing sighs as she snuggled to Betty when she lay down beside her.

Stacy was the first to break the silence they were basking in asking pensively, “Is Mytoy’s penis big like that other dog’s?”

“Not even close. That pooch last night had a really big cock for a dog!” Betty assured adding; “Any way you’re about the same size an me so I’m sure it will fit into your sweet little tunnel of love just fine.” After a pause She asked, “didn’t you see the other dog’s at all?”

“Only the tip sticking out of his sheath an inch or two.” Stacy explained and asked, “That picture was that your first time?”

“No we were doing it for weeks when I took that picture.” Betty recounted slyly leaving out the part about Mytoy’s large knot and asked, “Are you really ready to be my slave?”

“You know I am!” She energetically assured adding, “Anything! Just anything your heart wants.”

“That’s good because I want to talk dirty to you because well I want to and it will help you get more relaxed about sex and so make you sexier. So… you are going to be my little barn yard slut!” Betty stated smiling broadly and went on asking, “How does it feel to go from a girl who till yesterday had only seen birds doing it to seeing a woman fuck a dog to turning into a barn yard slut your self? My barnyard slut!”

“I’m nervous a little well maybe a lot cause it is all so new. My muscles around my clitoris are so tight they hurt, and the muscles in my bu…” Stacy was cut off.

“Say my cunt is aching to my nips and my ass is pounding in my throat!” Betty gleefully ordered.

“My cunt is aching in my nipples and my butt is throbbing in my stomach!” Stacy said a little weakly but loud enough to be heard.

Betty enjoying herself immensely as she continued ordering, “Now say I want a cock! A dog cock stuffed in my cunt!”

“I want a big fat dog cock stuffing me in my cunt and hard too!” Stacy said ravenously; as she got into the game an impish gleam shined in her eyes.

Again and again she repeated her lines while Betty sat impishly clapping her hands when Stacy said them like she meant them.

“Now I wa…” Betty was interrupted by a crash.

The door swung open and in bounced a big brown dog and with a bounding leap landed on top of both girls with his tail wagging frantically as he sniffed at the two of them whining and moof moofing and licking them both in the face as he playfully bounced all over the bed. Soon his nose found it’s way into all four armpits as he eagerly licked and sniffed at them; snorting. Both girls shrieked blissfully as he continued licking their armpits and faces. As his exuberance became more feverish he started eagerly giving both girls slatheringly wet doggy kisses all over their faces.

“Remind you of anything?” Betty said sarcastically.

“Yea that doggy in the window.” Stacy said as she and Betty burst into laughter.

“Did you just make a joke?” Betty asked in amazement.

“Yes I did!” Stacy replied followed by an uproarious laughter.

Stacy’s laughter was cut short as Mytoy stuffed his nose into her crotch sniffing and then licking her face and diving back into her crotch. She broke into a sweat instantly as her red face got redder and she started panting like the dog nosing her satiny new pubic hair, and a few seconds later he was in Betty’s face and crotch sniffing and licking her just as eagerly. That was short lived when Mytoy started nosing both their pussies first Betty’s darker and fuller bush and then Stacy’s with her barely visible pubic hairs, again and again he went back and forth sniffing and snorting again nosing their armpits and licking them both in the face.

“My god Betty my heart is pou…!” Stacy went silent and shuddered as Mytoy forced his nose between her legs hungrily sniffing her scent and then started licking her left thigh and vulva quietly whining.

Coquettishly Betty whispered raspyly, “Your it.” and softly petted Stacy’s back.

Stacy let out a screech as his licking turned even more persistent. It was then Betty pulled her to her back and started kissing Stacy’s feverishly on the lips muffling her desperate cries with her tongue. When Stacy’s gasping cries turned to loud moaning with a sultry voice Betty sang, “Now be a good girl and spread those legs for doggy. You give it all to him.” And with a warm chortle sang, “Open wide for doggeee…”

Stacy moans turned to screeching laughter as Mytoy’s tongue splashed into her wet pussy and again Betty stifled her riotous laughter by closing her mouth over Stacy’s and hanging on to the thrashing vixen. Her gasping breaths puffed Betty’s cheeks out as Stacy’s breath gusted into her mouth. Soon her breathing turned deep and convulsive, she grabbed Betty tightly, her back arched, and Stacy’s chest started heaving as her body writhed from orgasm, and Mytoy’s tongue started making loud sloshing noises as he eagerly fed on Stacy’s sweet creamy fruit.

As Stacy settled back into her body, opened her eyes, and gazed at Betty she purred, “I saw stars and then I was looking down from the ceiling watching that wonderful hound sucking my insides out through my pussy.”

As she watched Mytoy licking his way up her side Stacy snuggled into Betty’s arm and raised both arms over her head exposing her tender armpits to Mytoy’s lavish attentions. As he licked at both Stacy’s sides he walked between her fanning legs. Each time his tongue swept across her armpit she shivered and gasped; and Betty’s smile would beam.

“Oh Betty I can’t say how perfectly divine this is. Oh! God! He’s dripping on my vagina! I can feel him dripping on my labia and my clitoris.” Stacy recounted breathlessly almost in a panic as Mytoy licked Stacy’s ear feverishly.

“My barnyard pal you ready for another thrill?” Betty asked licentiously and added, “Roll over on top of me and give me one of your long wet sweet kisses.”

As she rolled over the hound hopped back whining but soon straddled both girls again as Stacy kissed Betty.

Stacy started whispering raspyly, “Oh god Betty I can feel his scent dribbling on my anus and his licking my ear is driving me crazy!”

“He is a really sweet lover better than any man I’ve ever been with.” Betty said dreamily and then directed, “Upon your knees and spread your feet wide. Now kiss me again you have the wettest and sweetest mouth I have ever kissed!” and she grabbed Stacy’s buttocks and spread them wide giving Mytoy more of Stacy’s sweet meat to lick.

“God Betty it feel like his tongue is going all the way into my throat!” Stacy described breathlessly.

“Shhh… Kiss me don’t stop please.” Betty purred.

All that could be heard was the loud grunting from Stacy as she kept her tongue deep in Betty’s throat and Mytoy’s tongue sloshing over Stacy’s wet vaginal opening and winking anus. Soon the sounds were pierced by Mytoy’s loud growling whine and several loud moof moofs as Mytoy urgently nosed at Stacy’s side.

“You know what that means don’t you?” Betty coyly asked her smile now beaming from ear to ear with eager anticipation.

“He wants me now doesn’t he?” Stacy replied her voice sounding strained and pensive.

“Yes he does!” Betty cajoled and then directed warmly, “There is a wide padded pillow under the bed pull it out and put your knees on it, it will protect your knees and give you the perfect height for mounting.”

As Stacy reached under the bed, pulled the pillow out, and asked, “Shouldn’t we dim the lights?”

Betty moved to edge of the bed and purred, “I want to see everything!” Mytoy paced back and forth whining loudly eagerly waiting for his mate.

“Your too close to the bed back up just a little. That’s good.” Betty directed, “Okay put your hands under my shoulders yea just like that. I want you to tell me everything he does when he does it. Oh honey baby your face is so hot I can feel it glowing.”

“Oh he’s licking my breast that rough tongue makes my nipple ache now he’s in armpit again. That feels so nasty yet strangely wonderful. Now he’s tracing my side with his cold nose and tongue. I can’t believe something so rough can feel so, so very gooood. Yiiee…! He just licked my clitoris. Oooo… that rough tongue is stretching my soft skin. Now he’s walking around back. Oh god is going to mount me now?” Stacy asked her voice deepening from her passion.

“No baby he is still sizing you up. Getting an idea where every little thing is.” Betty explained sexily and asked, “How does it feel to have a doggy tongue licking your ear?”

“Betty it is so strange and wonderful. Now he’s blowing his hot breath on my neck while he is sniffing my hair. Oh god he’s licking my armpit again. Auhaahhh! Eeww…! He is licking my butt really hard it feels like it is going up into my throat. Oohh! God! Oh! Au…! He’s licking my thighs and my clitoris. Au eeww…his nose is right in my butt and he is licking really hard at my…Oh au ugh…! Pheeeww Au God! Ewwww! Auhaahhh! He’s on me Oh…! God he’s on me. He is so heavy!” Stacy’s voice groaned and was full of shock as she struggled with the animal’s weight as he shuffled and shifted his position. “Oohh! God! Oh! Au he’s poking me in my buttocks and spraying me with his scent!”

“Arch your back more!” Betty urged, “That’s my girl.”

“He just hopped down and went straight to my vagina!” Stacy gasped and panted wildly as Mytoy’s tongue sloshed around her vaginal opening.

“I know you sound really wet!” Betty cajoled as she ran her fingers through Stacy’s hair in a comforting gesture and softly added, “Stacy honey when he mounts you this time he is going to thrust his cock into you and I want to watch your face.”

“Auhaahhh! He’s on me Oh…! God he’s on me again.” Stacy cried out loudly in shock but still kept her face where Betty could see, “He is really spraying my butt I can feel it dripping down my thighs. Betty it’s going to hurt a lot isn’t it?”

“Yes maybe but only for a little while. I promise you are going to love it and not want it to stop!” Betty reassured.

“God! Ewwww! His penis just went between my legs and I could feel his testicles swinging between my legs. Oh his body is so hot! Ooohh… He just tightened his grip around my waist. The room is starting to spin around wildly. The tip of his penis is right by my opening god I can feel his essence dripping on my labia. Oh Ouch it popped off my butt and he sprayed me all over my back, an… Oohh! God! Oh! Au, he’s bouncing it on my cheeks Oohh…! God…! Oouuch! Ouch God Damn it He…He’s in meee oh god it hurts Ooouucha!” Stacy cried out squeezing her eyes shut and with relief in her voice said, “Pheeewwa he yanked it out.” She lay her head down on Betty’s breast sighing loudly, “Is it over? Is it over now? He hopped off.”

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