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Despite the protests of the residents of the small town a large chemical waste disposal plant had been built just five miles from the town, there were great fears of accidents and chemicals leaking out causing damage and killing people but after ten years there had been no accidents and the chemical plant had a very good safety record and residents of the town were very happy and trusted the site. It was on a Tuesday morning that the emergency sirens at the chemical site started to sound taking people by surprise, The fire brigade were soon heading towards the site, the towns folk started to put into place the well rehearsed plans for an emergency at the site, news then filtered through that a lorry driver had reversed his lorry into a large tank after passing out at the wheel, this caused an escape of chemicals, at the school a few miles from the plant the students were following all the precautions they had been told and were feeling safe, sixteen year old Mandy who was off school for the day had just had a shower and was wearing just a towel and went to put their dog pep in the shed as part of the precautions as she opened the door pep came running to her as he did Mandy saw that he was frothing at the mouth but before she could close the door pep knocked her off her feet as she went down Mandy’s towel fell free from her leaving her naked, pep was stood over Mandy snarling and barking making her scared, after a short while pep backed away from Mandy who rolled over got up on her hands and knees and started to crawl into the house as she did she felt a heavy weight on her shoulders and realised that pep was on her she then felt a warm wet patch moving over her love tube and realised in horror what it was and before she could properly react screamed as she felt peps dick slide into her love tube and start humping, Mandy could do nothing to stop pep and after half a hour had climaxed four times, the school football team had been practicing when the sirens had started to sound and stood wondering if they should go in side now they were all snarling and fighting with each other and when the boys started to rip each others football kit of those inside the school watched in disbelieve but there were soon a lot of happy girls looking at fourteen naked sixteen year old boys and when they all got full erections there were loud cheers from the girls as well as a couple of boys, sixteen year old Cindy and her mate Karen had been on the roof skiving when the sirens had started both girls who were racist bullies ignored the sirens with Karen saying it is a test, but when they did not stop headed inside where Palash who was in the same class as the girls was with his brother who was four years younger both boys were Bengali and had been bullied by the girls for ages, the boys saw the girls snarling and spitting and were about to run when they started fighting each other and ripping each others clothes off the boys watched and were soon looking at two naked white girls, the girls turned and ran at the boys pinning them to the wall before they could run, Karen then ripped Palash’s trousers open releasing his eight inch erection which she then started to suck, Cindy had done the same to Palash’s brother, Palash could not believe what was happening to him but after five minutes squirted his cum into Karen’s mouth who swallowed it before walking off down the corridor, some of the football team had found an open window which they climbed through the head prefect who at sixteen was hated had challenged the boys but soon one of them had ripped her clothes off her and was now thrusting in and out of her love tube in the art room the students had followed precautions but had forgot to close the sky light and not long after had started snarling and fighting and ripping each others clothes off now all were naked with the girls groaning as the boys thrust in and out of their love tube, Mark had gone to find his twelve year old sister Amy when the sirens had sounded but when he went into her classroom he saw all her classmates were naked and snarling Amy’s best friend July had tackled Mark to the floor where her mates at stripped him naked then started to jerk his dick and after he had squirted cum twice July had lowered herself onto his solid seven inch dick and was now bouncing up and down on it, Cindy and Karen were now laying on desks in the Bengali boys classroom with a Bengali boy each thrusting into their love tubes while at the time sucking on the dicks of two other boys with others rubbing their boobs, Marks sixteen year mate was stood naked looking in disbelieve as Amy walked away from him wiping her mouth as she went, Kevin the school flasher was naked in the cellar thrusting in and out of sixteen year old Mary’s love tube her sister who was three years younger and naked sat watching and masturbating all over the school students had started snarling and fighting and everyone of them was naked the school was like an orgy, pep had now climbed off Mandy who had orgasmed eight times and was now crawling inside the house where she saw her sister Janet who was seven years younger than what she was kneeling down naked sucking on the dick of her boyfriend Paul who was also naked. It was five days before the chemical site was declared safe and the leaked chemicals cleared up nobody could understand why the leaked chemicals had affected only the young residents and animals but not many of the youngsters were complaining. two weeks after the incident Mandy was in peps shed naked on her hands and knees moaning as pep thrust into her love tube, Janet was sucking Paul’s dick again, Karen and Cindy were in the backroom of the Bengali shop laying naked as Palash and his best mate were thrusting in and out of the girls love tube, all over the town things had changed with lots of the younster moaning and groaning a lot.

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