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Black supremacy – Dirty Sex Tales

The year is 2025. Things have changed a lot over the last few years. We had our first black prime minister and more and more members of the black community have risen to the higher class population. Lower and middle class people are mostly white and small amounts of other ethnic communities.

An announcement was to be made on the TV this morning which we had all anticipated. It was the prime minister making a statement about new laws coming into practice as of the New Year. We all knew this was coming but there was nothing that the middle and lower class white communities could do to change this. Since this was the case we braced ourselves for the worst.

The prime minister announced that in the New Year a law of black supremacy will be enforced to secure a stronger future for the people. The law requires the following commitments of the white communities to be undertaken:
• All white women between the ages of 18 and 40 must partake in the national black breeding programme [ a £100 reward will be given to the women for each bull she breeds with and a further £100 plus benefits for every black child conceived ]
• White males must not be permitted to breed with any women to ensure a productive breeding programme for the black supremacy programme.
• To ensure that criminal activity such as white men breeding will not take place all men from the start of puberty must wear a chastity cage locked in place with a pad lock that has no key hole and a reinforced lock to prevent such crimes
• White men must accommodate for the wives/daughters bulls during the breeding process by providing a room for the breeding to take place and refreshments to ensure a healthy breed to be produced
• A home must be provided for the child once born and must be looked after either by the mother if she is single or by the family if she is married
• Refusal or failure to comply will result in fines or imprisonment possibly leading to being sent to education centres

The prime minister issued a pamphlet containing the smaller details and requirements of the breeding programme and then the announcement finished. My name is Paul and I’m 42 years old. My wife Emma is 38 which makes her eligible for the breeding programme. My daughter Jane is 18 years old and would also be subject to the breeding programme. As a white male I would now have to wear a chastity cage by law and so would my 20 year old son Sam. This is how my story will play out from now on. I will start on the 1st of February 2026 when a two packages addressed to myself and my son are delivered and two letters addressed to my wife and daughter are pushed through the letter box.

I opened the package and it contained a chastity cage with instructions and a pamphlet on when the inspectors will be arriving to check that it is on and secure. My wife helped me and my son into the cages which are made of a strong metal and have a pee hole on the tip. They were just about the right size for us and then we locked the padlock which is now a permanent part of our bodies as the padlock has no key hole to unlock it with. It’s safe to say I will never be having sex with own wife from now.

My wife and daughter opened their letters and read them out to us.

Dear Madam
According to our records you are eligible for the black breeding programme. Congratulations.
Please fill out the form below to complete the process and begin the breeding programme.

Marital status:
Please tell us the amount of bulls you require between 1 and 5:
Once sent the bull or bulls are expected to arrive within two to five days to begin breeding.

We had already discussed how many bulls my wife was going to ask for. Since I was already being humiliated we decided that we might as well have a few more to boost the amount of cash we will receive of the government once she has conceived. She put down three bulls in order to make the total of rewards to £300 plus the £100 once the child is born plus benefits. She won’t need to work after that. My daughter filled out the form and selected two bulls to breed her.

I read through the pamphlet that came with cage which was starting to become a little uncomfortable. It read

Dear Sir
Congratulations, you have been supplied with your chastity cage. If you are married and your wife is eligible for breeding you have certain duties to comply with. It is your duty to
• Ensure that a comfortable place is supplied to the bull/bulls to impregnate your wife
• Provide refreshments for the bull/bulls in order to keep them hydrated thus leading to a healthy impregnation
• Offer to assist the bull/bulls during the impregnation process
• Ensure that after the seed of the bull/bulls has been planted to makes sure that no seed leaks out of the womb for 30 mins after the final bull/bulls has inseminated the women (it is advised that the females legs are held back over her shoulders and a spoon used to collect any leaking seed)
• Provide showers and cleaning stations for the bull/bulls after the breeding process is complete

Over the next few days I slowly got used to the chastity cage and barely noticed its existence until I became aroused and my cock wanted to extend but just couldn’t. I had to sit down to pee and readjust the way I sat on a chair but overall I was getting used to it. My daughter has a boyfriend who often comes around the house for tea. We discussed about the breeding programme.

“So John is your sister part of the programme” I said

“Yes, so is mum” he replied

“I didn’t think your mother was under 40” I said

“She is 40 so she is only just eligible, I was thinking I should be here for the breeding process for Jane otherwise you might need to assist for both Jane and her mum” started John

“That might be a good idea” I replied

We were expecting the bulls to arrive the next day so we had prepared the house and the bedrooms to accommodate the bulls. We put clean sheets on the beds and prepared refreshments to be offered upon arrival. John was to stay the night so he could be there to assist in my daughters breeding. My son Sam will be waiting in the living room until they have finished.

The next day came and we were all waiting for the bulls to arrive. Part of the pamphlet that my wife and daughter were issued with stated that they were to be able to arouse the bulls so they dressed up in some lingerie to comply. My wife was a slim brunette with average size tits and a firm gym fit body. My daughter was the sweet teen girl next door and also had brunette hair and similar but perkier tits and a gym fit body. They were both wearing a baby doll laced dress with matching panties and matching stilettos. Sam, John and I all waited for the bulls to arrive on couch nervously in our normal clothes.

The doorbell rang. I stood up and headed over to the door and opened it slowly. Five tall and muscular black men stood before me. I was intimidated by their physique which I could never match up to. I knew instantly my wife and daughter would be attracted to them because of their superior stature. I stuttered as they stood staring at me.

“h-h-hello sirs, please come in” I said

I don’t know where it came from but I found myself suddenly submissive due to their intimidating presence. They entered the house and stepped into the living room to see my wife and daughter stood with a flirtatious pose. One of the black men spoke up

“So, we have three breeders for Emma and two breeders for Jane” he said

“Yes that’s us” spoke Emma

“Good, first we have to check that the males have their cages firmly in place so if you wouldn’t mind dropping your trousers boys” he said to us

John, Sam and I all stood next to each other and dropped our trousers. Three of the black men stepped forward and checked our cages. He pulled, flicked and wriggled the cages and nodded to his comrade. We were standing there trousers around our ankles and our cages were now twitching up and down as it had been a few days since any of us had gotten any release and it would likely never happen again. The best we had got since was just that moment when a huge black man wiggled our cages arousing us all.

“We have prepared the rooms for your use and have refreshments at the ready, you need only ask and we shall provide for you. Will you require any assistance sir?” I said submissively

“Yeah you can remove the rest of your clothes and fetch a spoon to collect any leaks, then come and join us and wait in the corner until we need something” he said with a deep voice

“Yes sir” I replied

John and I got a spoon each and joined our women in the rooms. John went left and I went right and we shut the door leaving Sam in the living room naked on the couch, waiting. My wife was on the bed on her knees and all three black bulls began to strip. Their cocks were huge. I felt even more intimidated by them as I knew I could not measure up to their endowment. My cage was twitching with menacing rage as I saw these huge cocks swinging between their black thighs. The sound of the padlock was filling the room as they all joined my wife on the bed and began to run their hands all over her body.

“Will you require my assistance sir” I said just desperate to be involved

“Not yet cuckold, wait there until instructed” one of the men replied

“Yes sir”

The occasional light slap was the only other sound to fill the room over my cage twitching. Soon there were moans and kissing sound as they got more intimate with her. I felt jealousy and humiliation as this went on but there was nothing I could do, I must comply with the law. They took off her baby doll dress and threw it to me. They were now groping her tits and licking her nipples. I knew this would defiantly arouse my wife as I knew how much she liked that.

One of the black bulls picked up my wife and dropped her on her back as they continued to caress her. She was now getting more into the moment as she started to run her hands across their chiselled torso’s and down to their humongous cocks. She tried to grab it with her hand but she could not wrap her hand around it, it was simply too thick. The black bull then moved over to position his huge cock over my wife’s face.

He had his cock in his hand and then dropped it across her face. His large fertile black balls were hanging down the side of her face resting against her ear. His shaft reached across her face and slumped down to her other ear where the big purple head of his cock sat. My wife began to run her tongue along the shaft and my cage continued to twitch. One of the other black bulls slowly removed her panties and slung them over to me. The third bull moved over to the opposite side of the first bull and my wife began to stoke one cock as she licked the other. The second bull was now kissing and slurping on her dripping wet pussy and she began to moan louder.

Soon her moans were muffled by two huge black cocks in her mouth. She slurped and sucked and even gagged a cage continued to twitch as I realised my daughter was in the next room getting the same treatment as her boyfriend John watched on as I am now. They moved her off the bed and onto floor on her knees in front of me as they gathered around her and presented their cocks to her. She had one in each hand and one in her mouth. At first she was slowly working it only getting as far past the big purple head but soon they grew impatient.

The first bull grabbed a handful of her brown hair and pushed his cock further into her throat. She gagged as it went down until eventually he pulled out bringing up lots of saliva with then she switched to the second bull and began voluntarily deep throating his cock. She gagged as she moved her head faster up and down his huge black cock. He was pushing back and making growling sounds with every push. She was beginning to be more enthusiastic with her black bulls as they got rougher with her.

They were still mid-way through foreplay and they were giving her a better time than I had in twenty years. Never could I treat her so rough, never could I make her like such a women. We had discussed before about spicing up our sex life by being a bit rougher but I couldn’t be as rough as they were being with her right now. I never had the endowment that these big black bulls had; I couldn’t even reach the back of her mouth. These bulls were practically filling her lungs with black cock.

She had saliva dripping from her mouth and running down her body. She looked drunk on these big black cocks as she looked at me with cocks in her mouth. It was a look that said “you can never be as good as this” and it was humiliating but my cage couldn’t stop twitching. I looked down and saw my own pre-cum start to dribble from the pee hole and on to the floor.

The first bull picked her up from under the arm and threw her onto the bed. He positioned himself in front of her and spread her legs. He leant forward and kissed her as he rubbed his big black cock on her clit. She moaned for a few moments before he pushed his huge cock into her pussy and she gave out a cry as he penetrated her. He only went in a few inches at first which was probably all I’ve ever manged to do for her. Then he began to push more, slowly but surely he went deeper and deeper inside her until he was balls deep and she was quivering and shaking. She wrapped her legs around him as tight as she could but he grabbed her legs and pushed them apart.

As he began to pump his cock in and out of her pussy she kept tightening her grip with her legs. He kept pushing them apart but she kept on quivering and tightening her grip around him.

“Hey cuckold, come here and hold her legs apart so I can breed her properly” the first bull commanded

“Yes sir” I replied

I moved onto the bed to one side of the first bull and held her by the ankle and reached over and held her other leg apart so she was spread for her breeder.

“Good now hold her there, don’t let her close her legs, soon she be loose enough to take it” said the first bull

“Yes sir” I replied

He began to pump his cock in and out again. She moaned as he did so and kept trying to tighten her legs, but I was instructed by the bull to not let her. I could hear the squelching sound every time his cock plunged into her pussy followed by her moans. After a few minutes he decided to change his position. He rolled on to his side and I held one leg in the air and the other down on the bed as he penetrated her pussy. She moaned again but this time he wasn’t so slow and I had a perfect view of the action. My cage twitched rapidly as I watched this huge hung black man breed my wife just several feet from my eyes.

The second bull then stepped in and dropped his cock on her face and she began to lick, suck and slurp his huge cock and balls. The third bull was keen to be involved but with my wife’s mouth occupied and so was her pussy, he had nowhere to place his cock. He stepped on the bed and moved in front of me and he said to me

“Cuckold, it’s your job to assist in any way to breed your wife. You can assist by keeping me hard” he said

“Yes sir” I replied

He pushed his cock into my mouth stretching as far as it would go and as far down as he could. I gagged and choked on his cock until it became easier then it just slipped in and out. This went on for a few minutes until the first bull and second wanted to switch. The second bull pulled his cock away from my wife’s mouth and lay down on his back, she sat on his cock and quivered all the way down. The first bull positioned himself behind her and entered her arse. She did not see it coming and screamed as he stretched her open and went balls deep. The third bull was standing in front of her and muffled her screams with His cock.

Soon she began to moan in pleasure as I watched from behind as two black cocks double penetrated my wife. The second bull would push up as the first would pull out and then he would thrust his way in, balls deep as the second pulled out. This continued for a while until they switched around again. They switched a few times until they all had a turn in all three of my wife’s holes before they change position again.

This time they move to doggy style. One was behind her pumping her pussy and another was in front fucking her throat as rough as they could. She was bouncing off both black men. This left one breeder without anything to do so he ordered me to jerk his cock while I was on my knees. He began to talk dirty to me.

“Jerk that big black cock you inferior white cuck, you like it don’t you, on your knees before a black man as two more fuck and breed your wife” he growled

“Yes sir, I do sir” I submitted

“You’d like a black baby wouldn’t you cuckold”

“Yes sir, give my wife a black baby, and please fuck my wife” I submitted

My wife was moaning loud and so was my daughter next door. I could hear her screams and moans through the walls. Soon they switched positions again this time the first bull had my wife’s legs up with her ankles on his shoulders and he was pile driving his huge black cock into her pussy. I was on my knees jerking the other two breeders with each hand. The first bull began to moan louder as he fucked my wife until eventually he stopped dead, twitching and growling as he spilled his seed into my fertile wife balls deep and she too had orgasmed.

He pulled out of her leaving a gaping hole. He opened the door and shouted to my son Sam

“Boy, bring some drinks, I’m thirsty” he shouted

“Ok sir” Sam replied

The second bull took position over my wife and began to drill his cock into her the same as the first bull. Sam came into the room at that point with a tray of drinks and stood there. He looked at me jerking a huge blackcock then looked to the bull breeding his mother. His cage began to twitch violently as mine had done then put the tray of drinks on the table and left. Then the second bull started to growl louder and stopped dead pumping his seed into my wife. I could see his ball sack contracting and his shaft pulsing cum into her womb and she shook with pleasure ass he came on his cock. He joined his comrade and watched as the third bull took position over her.

He was grunting as rammed his huge cock in and out of her until he too exploded his seed inside her with a growl and she shook with pleasure as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. The first bull handed me a spoon and they left to go shower and clean up. I held my wife in that position so the seed would run down into her womb. I collected a few drops that tried to escape with spoon and poured it back into her already full pussy.

I held her there for the required thirty minutes and then left her to fall asleep on the bed with her legs spread. I left the room and said to my son

“Has all the bulls left”

“Yes” he replied

I went to check on my daughter in her room. I opened the door and saw her lying spread eagled on the bed with sperm leaking from her pussy. John was sat on a chair in the corner and just nodded to me and I left. We had all been black owned and humiliated. My wife later admitted that she had the best sex she ever had and since I was locked up she would be fucking black men from on. This occurred on a regular basis and I was always there to watch and assist or wait until she and her bull/bulls were finished.

My daughter was of the same mind and there would be a black man in my house either fucking my wife or my daughter every day. On weekends they had so many lovers come around that I would become a regular occurrence for me to clean up drops of black seed of the floor as they refused to wear panties as it just delayed their need for black seed. They would continue to fuck their lovers even while pregnant. Yes the seed took to their eggs and nine months later I had a black son and a black grandson to which I cared for as the state had instructed to comply with the black supremacy laws.

It’s been two years since the laws were introduced and I now have two black sons, one black grandson and a black granddaughter. My wife is no longer eligible for the breeding programme but since I am in a permanent chastity cage she still see her black lovers. She uses other forms of birth control when her lovers are here. My daughter is expecting her third black child in six months and will not be eligible for the breeding programme after her third. But still insist she take her black lovers cocks just like her mother.

It is difficult to find the release that you need when you are denied sexual pleasure so like many cucks these days I have sought out my own black lovers. I now regularly take several black cocks at once until cum through my cage. The world is now under black superiority. It is not uncommon to see a white couple walk down the street or through the park and be stopped by horny black men to be bred right there in the street in front of the white husband who stands by as his wife is used for a black man’s pleasure. It could be on a bus or in a que at the supermarket, where ever there is a horny black stud who wants to drain his balls in a white slut, it will be done.

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