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It was ten o’clock at night and there had been a power cut on the rough run down housing estate where Ali a young Bengali boy lived, due to the power cut all the street lights, phone box lights and lights on public stairs and walk ways were not working, only lights inside buildings were on, there were next to nobody out on the streets, Ali felt very safe as he walked home from his dad’s corner shop but still walked with caution knowing that there were racist thugs on the estate who would attack him if they could, Ali was going home to collect his sister who he nicknamed bird because she loved birds, bird was ten years old but told people that Ali who was twelve years old was her baby brother, Ali got to the flat where he lived and after collecting his sister started to walk back to the shop, as he passed one flat he saw sixteen year old Steve through the window and when he saw that he was naked quickly called bird forward and when bird saw the naked white boy she smiled at the sight of his seven inch hairy dick after a minute Steve’s girlfriend Sue who was the same age as Steve walked into the lounge like Steve she was naked, Ali though cool as he looked at her big boobs and smooth love tube, the teens stood talking unaware that they were being and when Steve’s dick grew to a nine inch erection bird thought cool, Steve and Sue started to snog with Steve rubbing Sue’s boobs, after a few minutes Sue lay on the floor and parted her legs as she did Ali saw that she had large erect nipples, the two Bengali kids watched in awe as Steve knelt down between Sue’s parted legs bend forward and slide his erection into her love tube, as Steve thrust in and out of Sue’s love tube Ali and bird stood watching the unexpected free porn show and after ten minutes when Steve pulled his dick from his girlfriends love tube and squirted his gum in four spurts bird thought wow a white boy’s cum., Ali heard somebody coming up the stairs and pulled bird along and down the stairs passing old Mr Jones as they went, after he asked Ali to get him a pint of milk and Ali had agreed the two youngsters went to the shop happy at what they had just seen, after delivering the milk Ali headed back towards the shop as he went he saw Mandy who was two years older than him and on her sofa and when Ali saw that she was naked he thought cool more fun and watched as Mandy rubbed her love tube before inserting two finger into it and start to masturbate, Ali stood watching and after ten minutes smiled when he saw her gush and when Mandy left her lounge Ali walked on, as he got into the street all the lights came back on, Ali thought what a shame I hope there will be another power cut soon and a lot more sex to see.

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