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Martin was a boy from a broken family, his dad had remarried then six months after the wedding Martin’s dad was sent to prison for ten years and his step mum started to drink very heavily and became an alcoholic. Martin uickly learnt how to fend and defend him self at just sixteen years of age Martin had earned a reputation of being rough and tough he had two step sisters Mandy who was two years younger than what he was and Amy who was four years younger than what he was, Martin looked after the two girls and stuck up for them, it was late evening and Mandy was sat watching telly with her best friend Sara who was a well known trouble maker and bully and when Martin walked in front of the telly blocking the girls view Sara yelled at him to get out of the way, Martin gave her the the two finger salute then to his surprise Sara pushed Martin to the floor and hit him hard round the head telling him never to talk to her or any other girl with disrespect or show them disrespect then after a short pause said ” girls rule boys do what girls say” and slapped him a few times, Martin looked at Sara who said ” girls rule” and when Amy said ” yeah us girls rule” Martin looked at the three girls and realised that he had problems and when Mandy said ” strip naked” he looked at her, Sara hit Martin again and said ” get your fucking clothes off we want to see your cock” Martin got to his feet and to the girls surprise he he slapped Sara hard knocking her over the settee he then walked round to Sara grabbed her by the hair lifted her and yelled at her saying girls don;t fucking rule boys do, he then dragged her by the hair back round the sofa and flung her on the floor and when she stood he slapped her again and said to her ” get your fucking clothes off” and when she hesitated he slapped her again, Sara started to undress and after a few minutes was naked, Martin looked at her firm boobs and hairless love tube and told her to lay on the floor and part her legs and once Sara had done so, Martin told her to bring herself off and stood watching as Sara started rubbing her love tube, Martin looked at Mandy and told her to start rubbing Sara’s boobs which Mandy started to do and after a minute Martin told Mandy to suck Sara’s nipples and watched as Mandy did and when Martin to finger fuck Sara Mandy did as told and after five minutes Mandy said ” she has cum” and pulled her fingers out, Steve grabbed Sara’s hair and said ” who rules” Sara said ” boys do” Martin then slapped her and said ” don’t forget it” then told her to get dressed and go, after she had gone Martin went to his room and called Mandy and when she arrived asked her if she had enjoyed playing with Sara and when Mandy said ” what” Martin told her that he knew she was bi sexual one of her friends had told him, Mandy smiled and said ” yeah it was fun she is homophobic” Martin smiled and said who else do you want or do you want Sara to do you” Mandy said ” I want Sara to lick me” Martin said ” it will be arranged” he looked at Mandy noticing her pokies and said ” meanwhile you better strip” Mandy smiled and was soon naked, Martin started to tweek her very erect nipples with one hand and rub her love tube with the other then lay her on the bed when he undid his trousers and his nine inch erection sprung out Mandy smiled and parted her legs and after a few minutes Mandy was groaning as Martin thrust in and out of her love tube and after twenty minutes Mandy was cumming for the second time. In the morning Mandy had left for school and Amy was sat watching telly when Martin walked in wearing just a gown and after finding out from Amy that her school had a day off, he opened his gown, Amy looked at his seven inch hairy dick and said ” wow that is big” Amy watched as Martin got a full nine inch erection and when Martin sat beside her and said ” wank me off” Amy did not hesitate and was soon jerking the biggest dick that she had ever seen and when Martin squirted his cum in four spurts Amy said wow, Sara never went to Mandy’s house again Martin was not worried he had both Mandy and Amy to look after all his needs.

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