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Bully protection – Dirty Sex Tales

I was 20 years old and I had finished school 2 years earlier and I was looking for a job. My grades weren’t so great since I didn’t do so well in classes. School wasn’t my best time as I didn’t have any friends and I was mostly bullied by some of the other guys. These guys were the ones who would hide behind the bins smoking and get into trouble a lot because they messed around.

They would call me stupid and a loser, which to be honest wasn’t far from the truth. I’m not very clever and gad no friends. The closest I had to a friend was one of the popular guys in the basketball team. His name was Marcus and he was tall, muscular and black. He seemed to do well in classes and was respected by his peers. The whole basketball team were tall black guys and all hung around together in and out of school.

One day my bully Brad and his friends were pushing me around in the corridor and stole my money for dinner. Marcus and his friends then walked around the corner and saw what was going on. His friends didn’t seem too interested but Marcus didn’t take kindly to the abuse I was receiving. He confronted Brad and his friends were then behind him as soon as there was trouble, thankfully nothing happened because I was on the floor between them. Brad backed down and he and his friends left without a word. From that day Marcus would nod as we passed in the halls but that was the closest we ever got.

After school he went to the local college with his friends and I was stuck at home looking for work for two years with no success, until now. I found a job at the college that was only temporary but it would suffice for now. I would start my new job on Monday, today is Sunday and my mother is helping me sort out some clothes suitable for work.

My mother is 5.8 feet tall, blonde hair with a slender body that she would work on several hours a day as she was home all day. She has good sized tits which were very perky for a 42 year old woman. Although she was at home all day she would still dress nicely in a sundress or in a mini skirt, sometimes she would just wear her pyjamas all day which was next to nothing. Her pyjamas are very tight hot pants that would show the bottom of her arse cheeks and a sports bra which was also very tight to her chest.

The reason she was at home all day was because she is an accountant with her own business. She rarely had to leave the house as everything was emailed to her. She does well with her business as she makes good money so has never needed a man to help out since my dad left us years ago, however she did have a string of lovers she would bring home after a night out occasionally but nothing ever lasted that long.

My mother was always very protective of me and often smothered me which other boys might call being a mummy’s boy but I didn’t really care about that, she loves me and I love her. She never had time to do chores during the day so that was my job. I did the dishes, laundry, dusting and general tidying up. When I finished mother would come and kiss my cheek and say

“Ah well done, you’re such a good boy for mummy”

The next day I arrived at the college to start my new job eager to find out what I’ll be doing. I get to the help desk and ask for a Dave as instructed. Dave arrives and immediately began to complain about how they really need the help as it was a waste of college funds and was only doing what he had been told to do. Now I just felt unwanted as we are walking to Dave’s office to try and find some work for me. After flicking though his file he burst out an idea

“I know, the basketball team needs a new kit man. You’ll be washing and preparing the kit for the players and mopping the floors after they have used the showers. Just general upkeep of the changing rooms, if you’re quick you’ll catch the players before practice, they can tell you what to do”

So I followed directions to the changing rooms and opened the door and then the second door into the room. I entered the room and there were at least 15 tall and muscular black guys all who all stopped and stared at me. Some were in their boxer shorts with their bulges visible and some were just wearing the shorts they practice in. It was a little bit intimidating standing there while all these physically superior men were staring at me a 5.4 feet skinny boy with barely any muscle on me.

It was an awkward moment until one guy stepped forward and said

“Hey I remember you from school, what’s your name again I’ve forgotten”

Said Marcus with a smile on his face.

“Errrm hi Marcus, it’s Sam”

I said as I trembled a little bit at the sight of my old school hero.

“What are you doing here, I didn’t know you came to this college”

“I don’t go to college, I just got a job here and they said to come here to be your new kit man”

“Oh ok well um we’ll need towels for after practice but there won’t be much to do until we finish”

Marcus turned and walked away and I went and collected 15 towels and stacked them up outside the showers. Soon the guys went out into the sports hall for few hours and practiced tactics and techniques for a few hours. I sat on the side lines watching them and the team looked good and inform. Marcus was the team captain and was giving out orders as they played and they played smoothly when he took charge.

The coach blew his whistle and all the players went back into the changing rooms. I sat down on the empty bench in the corner and waited until all the players had changed but they were taking their time. They joked around a bit and talked about the training they had and about the game on the weekend. They began to undress and get in the showers as I’m sitting in the corner and soon there were 15 naked black guys all getting into the showers. I noticed that they all had huge cocks swinging around their legs and couldn’t help but feel inferior as my own was nowhere near the size of these guys.

They all showered and got dressed and then Marcus came over and said

“Hey Sam were all finished up here, could you wash our kits for tomorrow we need them dry for practice”

“Yeah sure no problem Marcus”

Marcus left with all the other guys and now I had work to do. There was a laundry room in the changing rooms where I spent the next three hours getting the kits and towels clean and dry. Once this was done I mopped the floors and made my way out of the changing rooms and down the hall when I heard and saw a familiar face at the other end.

I saw Brad my old school bully and his friends staring at me as I stare at them. He had seen me leave the changing rooms and said

“Hello dumbass I haven’t seen you in a long time, what are you doing leaving changing rooms”

“Um I was just washing some stuff”

“But you’re not a student here, are you? Are you the kit boy for the basketball team?”

He burst out into laughter at me and then his friends followed suite. They all started making jokes that I was the team bitch for the players and started asking how many big black cocks I had sucked that day.

“That’s disgusting of course I didn’t suck any cocks”

I protested but in vain as they started to push me around the hall and began to empty my pockets as they laughed that they had taken my cock sucking money. After they got bored they moved off down the hall and I heard Brad shout back

“See you tomorrow loser”

I walked home with empty pockets and opened the front door to be greeted by mother asking how my day was

“It was ok”

I lied to her because I didn’t want her to worry like she did back when I was in school. The rest of the week was pretty much the same as the first. I waited for the players to shower so I could do my job and then I was targeted by Brad and his friends afterwards. The weekend was relief when it finally came. I had hoped my bully would have got bored of me over the weekend.

The next week started the same as the last, but I was starting to get along with the players in the changing rooms. I think it was because they had all their kits clean and dry the next day and I had left out cups of water for the guys when they finished training, they began to respect me a little. Soon I was chatting with them about their weekend and getting to know them. They seemed pretty nice guys really. In school nobody really talked to the guys apart from themselves.

Thursday came along and it started normal. The players changed and left the changing rooms and I cleaned all the kits which became less of chore since I got along with everyone on the team. I left the changing rooms and walked down the hall when Brad and his friends came around the corner as if they were waiting for me. They smirked and surrounded me and started flicking my ears

“Hey look it’s the black cock bitch, is that sperm running down your chin”

They all started laughing at Brads comment and began pushing me. They all started to push and call me names

“Ha what a fucking loser”

One said as he punched me in the face and knocked me to the ground. Then as I started to try and get off the ground a voice shouted down the hall


I looked over and saw Marcus barge past one of the bully’s and square up to Brad.

“Take your friends and leave, don’t ever touch Sam again or you’re going to more than one black man in your face”

Marcus and Brad stared at each other for a few moments until Brad broke the silence

“Come on guys, let’s leave the black man and his bitch alone for now”

The bully’s turned and left. Marcus pulled me to my feet and said

“You ok Sam”

“Yes thanks, I owe you one”

“Well technically you owe me two, from back in school”

“Oh yeah, thanks again then”

We walked out of the college and Brad and his friends were waiting and the entrance then Marcus turned to me and said

“Hey do you want a lift home, probably best because I think they might follow you”

“I don’t want to be any more trouble than I am”

“You’ll be in more trouble if I don’t so come on I’ll drive you home”

It was clear I didn’t have a say in the matter so I just agreed and walked over to the car and we drove away. It was only a ten minute drive to my house and when we arrived my mother was putting bins out as Marcus pulled into the drive. Mum was wear a yellow sun dress as she put the bin out and looked over curiously at the stranger’s car pulling into the drive.

“Who’s that?”

Said Marcus

“That’s my mum”


“Yeah I know, she’s a milf I’ve been told”

The car stopped and I got out and said goodbye to Marcus when said

“Do you want picking up from now on, I have to pass here anyway and it could save you a lot of trouble”

“Yeah ok that would be great thanks, I’ll see you in the morning”

Marcus drove away and mum approached me and saw my bruise on my face where the bully had punched me

“Oh my god what happened to you”

“Do you remember those Bullies in school, well they go to college now”

“How long has this been going on for?”

“Since I started”

I explained to mum what happened that day and how Marcus helped me. She said we should thank him and told me to invite him over to dinner the next night. I agreed and started my chores for the night and watched TV before bed.

The next morning Marcus picked me up and on the way to the college I asked him that my mum wanted to invite him for dinner and he said

“Yeah ok I’d love to”

“She just wanted to say thank you for helping me out yesterday”

The rest of the day was normal except for Brad and his friends had left me alone. It was good day overall. Marcus and I discussed the game on Sunday in his car on the way to my house and what role I’ll be taking on because the kits needed washing for the next day so it looked like I had to work Sunday.

We arrived at my house and we entered. Mum was there ready to greet her guest as I took his jacket and she led him to the living room. I offered him a beer which mum had bought that day

“Oh really Mrs err?”

“Call me rose”

Said mum

“You really didn’t have to go to all this trouble for me”

“It’s no trouble at all, besides you went to trouble to keep my baby boy away from harm yesterday it’s the least I could do”

Mum was wearing strapless skin tight dress that stopped a few inches above her knees and it revealed quite a lot of cleavage. She sat opposite Marcus with her long smooth legs crossed. I returned with a beer for Marcus and one for me. Mum already had a glass of wine on the coffee table and by the looks of the bottle she had already had one.

“Dinner will be ready shortly we’re just waiting on a few things”

“That’s ok, what shall we talk about while wait?”

“Well what classes are you taking in college?”

“I’m taking some sports and coaching classes and physiotherapy, the sports is just for fun but I’d like to get into physiotherapy after college”

“Oh brilliant, you must be getting pretty good with those hands then”

Mum said as she giggled away. Marcus gave a little chuckle and said

“Well I’ve no complaints so far Rose”

The two of them smiled at each other and then there was an egg timer alarm going off in the kitchen.

“Ah dinners ready, you two go and sit at the table ill bring it all through”

Some and Marcus went into the dining room and sat at the table. Marcus sat at the head of the table and I sat next to him leaving mum to sit opposite me. She came through balancing three plates and put them down in front of us. She sat down herself and said

“Few it’s been awhile since I’ve cooked for three”

“If you don’t mind me asking Rose where the man of the house is?”

“Sam’s father left a long time ago, he wasn’t much of a man that respect or any other respect i might add”

“I see, it must have been hard raiding Sam alone?”

“Not really, Sam always wanted to help around the house and was never a naughty child. He made it easy for me actually”

“It’s a trait of his you know. Making things easy for everyone, we don’t need to do anything in those changing rooms. He’s already got stuff dry and cleaned and even has glasses of water ready for us after practice”

“Oh well I’m glad he’s serving you so well”

“I was actually talking it over with the boys and we want him to stay permanently but we’ll have to convince the headmaster”

“So does this mean he’s making friends?”

“Yeah all the guys like him, he’s alright”

We ate and we talked for hours. Mum had another two glasses of wine and had loosened up a lot as she was laughing and giggling and twirling her hair in her fingers. The truth is we had all been drinking and had been a bit looser. After the meal mum and Marcus began talking about how swimming and water therapy was good for muscle aches when mum blurted out

“Oh we have a Jacuzzi outside, should we all go for a dip?”

Marcus hesitated and looked at me. I thought it was a great idea and said

“I’m up for it, are you Marcus?”

“I don’t have any shorts with I’m afraid”

Mum then intervened and suggested that he borrow some of my shorts which we laughed at because of his stature he would never fit in them.

“I’ll tell you what just jump in wearing your boxers, you’ve drank too much tonight to drive any way so you can stay in the spare room. The worst is that you’ll be going commando afterwards”

Mum said this almost pleading him to join us until eventually she was practically begging him and he agreed. So we left the table and went out into the back where the Jacuzzi was. Mum turned it on and said

“It may take some time to heat up but in the mean time we’ll get changed”

I had changed pretty quickly and came downstairs and Marcus was sat on a deck chair in his white boxers. The water had heated up before mum had returned so we got in and moments later mum came out. She was wearing a two piece black bikini. The top didn’t quite cover her entire breasts. It was only when she climbed in that we realised that she was wearing a thong. I saw Marcus’s jaw drop as she sat down and he said

“Wow Rose, I thought you looked amazing with clothes on but now you look even better, there must be a long line of handsome men at your door”

“Thank you Marcus you’re too kind”

It was that moment that I realised that mum and Marcus had been flirting all night. Here I was sat in a Jacuzzi with a 6.4 feet black man who protects me from bullies and my mum who were sat very close together flirting some more. I thought nothing of it as it was probably the booze making them act flirtatious.

Marcus stood up

“Anyone else want another drink?”

Both my mum and I saw a huge bulge in his boxers which were now totally see through since they were white and we could see a huge cock resting across his hip. My mum intervened and said

“Oh no you sit down, you are our guest, Sam could you go and get us some drinks. The wine is empty so you’ll have to get another one from the garage”

“Ok mum”

I must have been gone five or ten minutes looking for the wine. I grabbed two beers from the fridge and headed out side. Marcus took up most of the tub with his long legs and mum was now sat with her legs across lap to make room for me.

An hour or so passed and Marcus now had his arm around my mum making her look tiny compared to this huge black man. Soon we all agreed that we were tired and wanted to go to bed. We all got out of the tub and dried off with towels. Mum went upstairs to change and me and Marcus stayed downstairs and changed in the kitchen. I turned around to change and pulled on some trousers and turned again to see Marcus standing there with His cock hanging in front of me then pulled his trousers on and asked

“So where’s the spare room?”

“I’ll show you”

I took Marcus upstairs to the spare room which was the first room and showed him in then went over to my room which was next. Mum’s room was at the end of the corridor and the bathroom was opposite my room. I went to bed straight away and fell asleep quickly.

During the night I was woken up by the sound of a floor board creaking outside my room which was not unusual at all except that it was followed by another almost immediately. I figured that someone had gone in and then out straight away. I needed the toilet so I got up and quietly opened the door into the hall and made my way to the bathroom. I was being careful not to stand on the creaky floor board because I knew which one was creaking.

As I got closer to the bathroom I saw that the light was on and the door slightly open. Maybe someone forgot to turn the light off, I thought to myself as I started to open the door slowly just to check. The door opened so far and I could just see the reflection in the mirror of mum bent over fiddling with something. Perhaps she just put something in the washing basket. She then dropped to her knees and only her feet were visible in the mirror so opened the door further and saw Marcus standing in front of her and they were doing something I did not expect.

My mum was on her knees with Marcus’s huge black cock as far down her throat as it could possibly go, and I don’t mean it was three quarters of the way in, I mean Marcus had run out of cock to give her. His huge balls were hanging of her chin and her nose was pressed into his short black pubic hair. I could see exactly how far his cock had gone because mum’s neck outlined his big black dick where it had stopped.

Marcus then grabbed a handful of mum’s blonde hair and pulled her off his cock up to the head of his cock and then he rammed it back down like her mouth was one of those fleshlights. He did this several times before allowing mum to work his cock as she saw fit. He stood there while she deepthroated his cock the worked her tongue down his shaft to his big low hanging balls.

“Oh yeah, that’s so good. Nothing like a slutty milf who knows how to handle a big black dick”

He said as he moaned with pleasure. Mum replied with something I did not think she would have thought say which gave me mixed feelings about this whole situation

“Mmm I want to make a deal”

“Oh yeah, what kind of deal?”

“I want you to protect my baby boy from those nasty boys who keep on giving him trouble”

“And what do I get in return?”

“I’ll make sure your balls are empty whenever you like, just protect my baby boy”

“Sure thing babe, there’s one problem though”

Mum stopped what she was doing while still holding his black snake in her hand and said to Marcus

“What kind of problem?”

“There are four bullies and one of me”

“Cant any of the other players help?”

“Sure but they aren’t gonna do it for free”

“Oh Marcus are you going to bring me more big black cocks to swallow?”

“If you want your boy’s safety guaranteed then yes, is that a problem?”

“Mmm more the merrier, how many are we talking?”

“There are 14 more huge black guys who all love a milf on the end of their rod”

“Oh my god, I’m not sure that’s going to be enough black cock to satisfy my craving for spunk”

“Wow you are a total slut, If only your boy could hear you now”

Mum continued her feast on his cock and he carried on moaning. I could see everything in the mirror. It was a sideway view of them both Marcus was completely naked while mum was wearing her pink hot pants she used as pyjamas and was topless. Her breasts were still very perky and good size too. She had large nipples that pointed up just like a girl in her twenties would have.

I was totally transfixed by the sight of what I thought was my innocent mum slurping on a huge black cock of a man I thought was my friend. Are we still friends? I don’t know but certainly won’t look at him the same ever again or my mum. I managed to break my trance only to realise my own cock was rock hard and boxers had turned in to a small tent.

I kept on watching the events in the mirror until eventually Marcus said to mum

“Oh god I’m gonna cum”

To which mum instantly let go of his cock and squatted on the floor holding her tits and pinching her nipples with her mouth wide open and her tongue sticking out

“Mmm cum over my face and tits”

To which Marcus certainly did not fail to do. He gave out a roar like a lion and a huge thick long rope of jizz landed across her face from her hair to chin. The next rope was a direct hit on her tongue which splattered everywhere as it hit spreading across her cheeks. Then another rope landed next to her nose and ended on the other side of her face. He fired two more ropes of jizz, one directly in her mouth and the other he aimed at her tits then a few drops were left dripping onto her tits.

She looked like someone had sprayed squirty cream over her. Mum started to play with the cum in her mouth and then pushed it out of her mouth so it ran down her chin and onto her tits. She began to clean his cock which was still rock hard. The sperm on her face was starting to run down her face and body until it reached her pink hot pants piled up and soaked into them.

I realised I should probably go back to my room since they will be leaving in a few moments. But Marcus asked if she needed to wipe down to which she replied

“No babe, I’m going to sleep like this tonight”

This was my time to leave. I stepped back without thinking, distracted by the events I had just witnessed and put my full body weight on the creaky floor board. It was the loudest it could possibly have been and I instantly stepped off and looked back in the mirror. Marcus was staring right at me and mum had heard the noise and said

“What was that noise?”

I froze thinking I was done for. Mum was about to walkout the bathroom and see me standing there with a huge erection after peeping on her and Marcus making a deal to ensure my safety by sucking his cock. But then Marcus save my arse and said

“Oh that was my belly, you give such good head it made me hungry”

Mum giggled at this and said

“Well in the morning I’ll fix you up a big breakfast, just as long as you fix me one”

They both chuckled at the innuendo. I thought blimey she’s just emptied one black man’s balls and now she’s already trying to find when her next one is. Mum asked Marcus

“When do I get to pay the rest of my son’s body guards?”

“Come to the game on Sunday, I’ll get you special seats and ten mins before the end you can make your way to the changing rooms and wait for us there”

“But won’t Sam be there?”

“He’ll be on the bench with the rest of the team but he can’t be involved in team talks and won’t be allowed in the changing rooms until we are out, those are the rules when we play a game but nobody cares so much in training”

“Hmm ok, sounds like a plan”

I creeped back to my room and went to bed and lay there replaying the whole event in my head and imagining what kind of mess mum will be on Sunday. If all black men can erupt as much sperm as Marcus did then there won’t be enough towels in the changing rooms to clean her up. I thought about it so much in my head that after a while I came in my boxers without even touching myself. I fell straight to sleep.

The next morning I woke up got dressed and went down stairs to the smell of a full English breakfast being dished out to Marcus at the table. Mum was wearing the same clothes that she wore last night but she had her tight sports top on. I looked at her pink hot pants and could see the huge cum stain on the front which pretty much covered the entire cloth. She had wipe her face clean but I could still see the white stain in her hair.

“Ah my baby boy is awake, how about some breakfast?”

“Err yes please mum”

I sat down next to Marcus and there was an awkward silence until Marcus broke it

“So Sam, how did you sleep?”

“Err ok I suppose, you?”

I asked stupidly even though I knew the answer was (like a baby after your mum sucked me like I was paying her and emptied my balls all over her body)

“I slept well thanks”

He might as well have just said it. We ate breakfast and Marcus left shortly after. Mum then went for a shower and asked me to do some chores before I do anything else today. I started with the kitchen and cleaned the living room from last night. Then cleaned the mess outside by the tub when mum came down and said

“Sam could you tidy the spare room as well, I’m just going to get some bits from town I won’t be long”

“Ok mum”

And she left as I went upstairs to gather some washing. I put my hands in the washing basket and felt something very wet and slimy. I picked out mum’s pink shorts which were drenched in cum then dropped it with sperm residue on my hand. I washed it off and made sure not to make that mistake again then took an armful of clothes downstairs and put them in the washing machine.

After I went upstairs to clean the spare room as requested. After I took the sheets off the bed I found a note on the bedside table, it read

“Meet me in the bathroom in one hour, Sam should be asleep by then. I want to taste that big black cock you showed me in the tub, yours truly a slut milf”

Well now I know what they were doing when I was looking for wine in the garage.

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