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Captive Pregnancy Ch. 01 Emma

Darkness slowly began to fall on the city. A man in a dark jacket was sitting on a street bench, looking around as though he was waiting for something or someone. He returned to reading his newspaper – or, rather, pretending to. He was waiting for his victim: a beautiful young woman named Emma, whom he had stalked for two months. Over those two months, the kidnapper, whose name was Lucas, had learned Emma’s schedule pretty well. He followed her social media and he’d looked through her trash. He knew when it was that time of the month, and that she was not taking birth control pills. She had no boyfriends or anyone she was interested in. Lucas also found out that Emma was about to take a few days off from work to visit her parents. He figured that that was the time to grab her. He didn’t know when, or even if, he’d get a better chance. Emma had already purchased a train ticket.

Lucas was a doctor who’d made a few mistakes. They’d cost him his job and most of the normal life he’d tried to build. He’d stalked women several times already, but Emma was to be different. He had decided to take some action, not merely sit and watch.

The bench he was sitting on was across the street and down from Emma’s apartment. Her apartment was not far from the train station, and the most direct path to it would take her past Lucas. Emma left her apartment; she had her suitcase and purse with her. Lucas saw her walking towards him, pulling that suitcase on wheels behind her.

Emma was in her twenties, with beautiful blue eyes and dark hair. Her body was thin and she was short – around one hundred sixty centimeters, Lucas guessed. She didn’t look like one of those girls who spent hours in the gym every day. She had that natural beauty and innocence in her eyes. That innocence was what he wanted to break. Lucas got lost in his dark fantasies; so when she walked by him, he almost forgot why he was there. It took a moment but he remembered, when he saw her back, he stood up. Lucas grasped a syringe in his jacket pocket and carefully followed Emma. He had parked a few meters away, so he knew he needed to act fast. Lucas rapidly caught up to Emma, he started to grab her, but then he looked around; no one else was in sight, so he put his hand around her mouth from behind and, with his other hand, pulled out the syringe and stabbed it into her neck. Smooth and fast just liked he had practiced.

“Mhmm.” His hand around her mouth silenced her scream. Her shock lasted only a few seconds; then she started to lose consciousness. Lucas dragged her unconscious body to his car and opened the trunk. He deposited her there, confident she would be unconscious for a few more hours. Lucas searched her body and found what he was looking for: her cell phone. He wanted to drive away and start playing with her immediately, but he needed to get rid of her cell phone. Lucas turned it off and threw it into a nearby trash can and took her suitcase on his way to the car. Sleep well, my love he thought, and closed the trunk.


It took four hours after Lucas grabbed Emma, before the drugs wore off and she started to wake up. Her eyes slowly opened, she was confused about where she was and what happened. Emma was fully naked in something akin to a gynecologist chair. Her legs and arms were in the stirrups. Her breasts moved up and down with slow, regular breaths. Her tits were small, Lucas observed, but he found them beautiful in a way.

Pregnancy will change them, he thought to himself.

He was sitting in a corner of the room, waiting for her to wake up. When he noticed her moving around a bit more, he put on a black mask – the type a bank robber might use in a movie. He didn’t want her to see his face.

“Wake up, sweetheart. You’ve slept too much already.”

Emma’s eyes slowly opened. She was tired and confused and had no idea where she was. She could only see that the room she’s in appeared to be some kind of a basement, and that there’s a toilet in the corner. There were no windows – just one door and a small air vent.

“Where am I?” Emma tries to move, but the cuffs stop her. “Why am I tied up? Why are you wearing that mask?”

“You will find out soon.” Lucas stood up and walked towards her.

“Let me go… please,” She finally realized that the man coming towards her was her kidnapper. “I will look here,” He moved towards her pussy.

“DON’T TOUCH ME!” she screamed when she felt his hands there, but it didn’t stop him. Lucas had made his plans already. He was under no illusion that she would be calm or cooperative.

“Hmm. Wow, you are a virgin. I didn’t expect that.” He sincerely hadn’t. When he’d searched her social media accounts, he’d seen her with some boys. He was pleasantly surprised.

“Please let me go,” she begged him. “I will not tell anyone.”

“I will let you go, but not now.” Lucas couldn’t wait to break her cherry. his dick was already hard. He started undressing.

“Don’t do this to me, please.”

“I am going to rape you.” Lucas was completely naked and his dick was throbbing.

“No, don’t do that,” she cried, tears starting to fall down from her eyes. How could this have happened to me? she thought wildly. How did I end up here? I’m supposed to be with my parents, eating dinner, watching that boring show Dad loves, and getting pestered with questions about my job and why I’m still single. She could almost picture all of it in her mind, but then, the feeling of Lucas’ dick rubbing against her pussy dragged her back to her terrifying reality.

“I don’t want to lose my virginity like this,” Emma begged her kidnapper, but he just concentrated on her pussy. She tried to struggle, but she couldn’t even make the chair budge a little; it was screwed to the floor in four places. Emma felt hopeless and anxious She’d never even had sex, and a masked man was about to rape her and steal her innocence. She’d always dreamed that she would lose her virginity to someone she loved. She’d been pining for a prince on a white horse. Lucas was far from being that prince; with the mask on his face. He instead looks like a criminal – someone a prince would save her from.

Lucas was still rubbing her pussy and her clit, and he noticed that her pussy was getting wet. It’s time to take this bitch’s virginity, he thought to himself. With one hand, he started to play with her clit, while the other began pushing his dick inside her. His dick wasn’t going into her tight hole, so Lucas tried to go a little harder.

“Please, it hurts so much,” she pleaded. His dick finally got inside her, little by little. “You’re hurting me!”

“It will be over soon.” He pulled his dick out a little and then stuck almost half of it inside her. Emma’s face was full of pain; she felt as though he was almost cutting her in half. It started pinching inside her; she realized her hymen had been broken. It was done, and could not be undone. She’d lost her virginity – a moment she’d thought she would and want to remember forever.

Her ordeal was not done, however. Lucas had only inserted half of his large member inside of her. He started slowly penetrating her even more, and every time he pushed back into her pussy, his dick would go a little bit deeper. It wasn’t painful for her like at the start, when he’d broken her hymen, but it still hurt every time he went deeper.

“Now you are a woman.” It sounds like a bad joke from him.

“Why did you do this to me?” she asks with tears in her eyes.

“Because I could,” to show her his domination, he started pushing harder and harder inside her – to prove that he could do anything he wanted to her and that she couldn’t do anything about it. It burned a little inside her pussy, but the pain was mostly gone. Emma started to feel pleasure as he thrust faster and faster. Lucas noticed her moaning, so he started to play with her clit to maximize her pleasure. She started breathing faster and faster; her body moved up a little. She even closed her eyes. Then she came. Lucas felt her pressing his dick hard. She’d had her first orgasm from sex.

“So you liked it,” Lucas said.

“No, I didn’t!” She opened her eyes, her expression revealing that she couldn’t believe how her own body had betrayed her.

“So now it’s my turn.” Lucas started thrusting into her pussy again. “I will cum inside.”

“No, not inside. Please,” Her eyes were full of despair and hopelessness. “I could get pregnant.”

“You will. It’s your destiny, Sweetheart,” Lucas liked how she was resisting and denying his seed, but was confident that would change when her womb was full of his sperm.

“I don’t want to be pregnant,” Emma almost cried.

“It’s not up to you anymore,” then Lucas felt pressure in his dick and released his seed inside her. He pushed his dick into her pussy as deeply as he could. Every pulsation in his dick was accompanied by another wave of his sperm. So much seed was inside her that Lucas was convinced she must.

“Why did you do that? Why me?”

“You were at the wrong place at the wrong time,” Lucas lied to her. He didn’t want her to know that he’d been following her and stalking her for a long time.

Lucas had first seen her at a coffee shop. The waiter had given her the wrong order. Emma had looked like she was in a hurry, but she’d been kind to that waiter, telling him that that happens sometimes and that it was okay. Lucas would have screamed at him and told him he was an idiot. That moment led her to his chair – to the cruel ordeal that still wasn’t over. Maybe he doesn’t have the heart to tell her that he chose her because of her kindness, or maybe he doesn’t want her to know that he’d been stalking her for so long. He isn’t even sure himself.

“It’s over.” His dick slips from her pussy, and his sperm, mixed with a drop of her blood from her broken hymen starts dripping from her.

“Please let me go. Untie me.”

“Just rest a little. I will return later.” Lucas dresses and leaves the room.

“Don’t leave me here like this.” That was the last thing he heard before the door closed behind him. He locked it, just to be sure.


After a few hours the door opened, and Lucas returned. Emma was still tied to the chair.

“Okay, now I’m going to untie you, okay?” Lucas said to her.


Lucas untied one of her hands from the chair, but he retrieved another handcuff. “But your hands will stay tied, so don’t try any nonsense.” She nodded. “Give me your hand.”

Emma obeyed, allowing him to cuff her unrestrained hand, and then do the same to her other one. Then he stood near her legs and noticed that his sperm was still dripping from her pussy. It was an amazing view to him to see her holes used like that. He untied her legs.

“You can use the toilet there if you need to.” Lucas pointed with his hand to the toilet in the corner.

“Yes, I need to pee.” Emma moved to the toilet and sat down on it. “Can you turn around, please?”

Really? he thought to himself. After all that?

“I will give you a moment. I will bring you some food and water, and maybe some clothes if you will be a good girl.”

“I will be a good girl.”

“Okay then.” Lucas left the room, and again she heard the lock clicking. She immediately began thinking about whether she could escape, and, if so, how. Emma tested the handcuffs, but they were made of steel. She didn’t think she’d be able to get them off. She started peeing. It was a relief; her bladder had been full. She’d almost peed herself on the gyno chair where she’d been tied. When she was done peeing, she tried with her fingers to remove the rest of his sperm from her pussy. Emma didn’t realize that it was already too late – that it wouldn’t prevent her from getting pregnant. She also didn’t know that Lucas planned on raping her again and again regardless. Hope is a weird thing, though. We grasp at every straw we can to not fall into the darkest place of hopelessness.

The sound of the door unlocking made Emma abandon her efforts. She tried to pretend she was merely peeing. Lucas came back with two plastic bags. Emma looked through the open door. She noticed stairs behind doors, so she concluded she was in a basement, but still didn’t know where. She briefly wondered if she could escape if she distracted him, or just started running, but the moment passed too quickly. Lucas was careful and immediately locked the door. She didn’t think she could fight him successfully.

“I brought you some food and water.” Lucas showed her the bags and put them on the floor. “So, you will be sleeping here.” He showed her the mattress in the other corner. “I have some blankets for you too.”

“Please let me go,” she pleads.

“I will let you. But not now.” He could’ve been lying to her, but, in truth, he didn’t want to keep her there forever.

“When will you let me go, please?” He heard hope in her voice.

“Stand up.”

Emma obeyed and stood up. She covered her tits with her cuffed hands. Lucas walked over to her. Is he going to rape me again? she asked herself.

“I will let you go when here…” He put his hand on her belly “…my baby is growing.”

“Wha-aa-t?” Emma stammered, full of horror, his plan was finally revealed to her. “Ple-ee-se don’t do this to me.”

“I already did.” He laughed. “Well, I will fuck you again to be sure.”

“You are crazy!”

“Maybe. But the sooner you get pregnant, the sooner you go home.”

That cannot be true, she thought. No no, it can’t be. The only way to return home is with this psychopath’s baby inside me?

“Here is food and water, so try to settle down. You will be here a little longer.” Then Lucas left again, giving her time alone to adjust to her new reality. After the door was shut and locked, Emma fell on the mattress and started crying.


For a time, Emma still believed someone would find her and save her. After every day and every rape, though, she lost more and more hope. Every time he raped her, he came inside her to increase her chances of getting pregnant. When Emma became more resigned to her fate, he took her handcuffs off and allowed her to move freely, but only in the basement. Lucas cared for her well in his own twisted way, giving her three meals daily, even giving her a few of her favorite books to read – romantic books that Emma had used to love. Lucas was only trying to keep her sane and give her something to do before he returned to her for her next breeding session. Emma’s mind was split. One part wanted to get pregnant and finally go home. The other part was afraid of getting pregnant; she wasn’t ready yet to be a mother – not to mention a single mother. She dreads that extra responsibility, above and beyond all her trauma.

Several days after having been kidnapped, Emma missed her period, and her breast started to be sensitive. Her ovaries were hurting, but the pain was different. Emma began to suspect she was pregnant. A few weeks later, “maybe pregnant” became “almost definitely pregnant” when her period still didn’t come. Then she started to have morning sickness. Lucas’ breeding sessions with her had been successful.

“I am pregnant. Will you let me go now?” It was more of a plea, than a question.

“Hmmm, not yet,” Lucas responds to her with a smile on his face.

“Why? You promised me!” She was angry; she’d believed him when he said he’d let her go after she’d gotten pregnant.

“If I let you go, Emma, you will run to an abortion clinic.”

Emma had never had such a thought; indeed, she’d never thought much about what would happen after she was free. She didn’t think her old job would be waiting for her. That scared her.

“No, I will not do that.”

“I can’t risk that. I think you will survive here for a few extra weeks.” He smiled at her.


Almost three months passed since Emma had been kidnapped. Her pregnant belly was starting to show. The door unlocked and Lucas appeared in his black mask.

“Today is your lucky day,” he said. “Today, you return home.”

“Really?” Emma was really excited. She had started to believe that she would never leave that place.

“Yes. I’ve brought you some clean clothes.” Lucas gives her the clothes “Get changed.”

Emma started changing her clothes without being shy.

“Wait.” She froze when he said the word. She was afraid about what he wanted from her, even though he hadn’t raped her after he’d confirmed she was pregnant. It had been hard for her to accept, at first, that that had been his only goal. “I just want one naked photo.”

“S-u-r-e.” Emma didn’t like the idea that Lucas would have her naked photo, but she didn’t want to protest. She didn’t want to do anything that might cause him to change his mind.

“Don’t worry; it’s just for me.” He again used his smile and then took a few photos. Then he let her dress.

“One thing: take this pill.” Lucas gave her the pill.

“What is that?”

“Don’t worry, it will not hurt the baby.” Her expression communicated that that was not what she’d asked. “You will be a little disoriented, and you will not remember the path we take.”

Emma obeyed and took the pill, resigned to the fact that if he wanted to hurt her, he could at any time. Emma just prayed that everything would soon be over and that she would be free of her prison. It didn’t take long for her to start getting dizzy and tired. She closed her eyes just for a moment, and then she was laying on a street chair. She had a headache and couldn’t remember how she’d gotten there. Was it all just a bad dream? Emma looked at her belly. It hadn’t been. She was still pregnant, but she was finally free. There was just a little problem, which grew inside her; her rapist’s baby.


After Lucas left Emma’s body on a street chair in the same place where he’d kidnapped her, his plan had been to leave her there and flee as fast as he could. Some part of him couldn’t leave, though, so he sat in his car and waited until Emma woke to be sure she – his baby, really – would be safe. He didn’t start his car. Sitting in total darkness, he didn’t want to attract any attention. He knew staying there was risking too much. How much will I get if the police catch me? Fifteen years or twenty? He was so distracted by his fear that he almost didn’t see that Emma started moving, looking very disoriented. She was near her apartment, and Lucas had returned her keys – or, rather, had slipped them into her pocket. The pill he’d given her would keep her very tired for a while longer; he wasn’t sure if she’d collapse in her bed immediately and call the cops tomorrow, or call the cops right away. He had to prepare for both options and knew he couldn’t stay there any longer. Lucas started the car and took one last look at Emma.

She will miss me so much. Maybe after the birth, I will return to play with her again.


Katrina, a beautiful policewoman, and her partner, Matthew were sitting in their boss’s office.

“I have a new case for you,” their boss told them. “Some fucking psychopath kidnapped a young woman.”

The boss gave them the case files. Katrina took them and started reading. Her eyes fell on the victim’s medical exam.

“Shit, she is pregnant with twins?!” Her voice was full of disgust. “How can someone do that?”

“It’s horrible. You must catch that bastard.”

“We will catch him, chief.” Matthew was so sure about that.

“Do your best. Dismissed.” Matthew and Katrina left the chief’s office.

“Where do we start?” asked Matthew.

“We ‘ll talk with our victim.” Katrina looks into the files. “We will talk with Emma.”


Crrrn crrrn

Katrina pushed the bell ringer on the door. “Are you ready?” she asked her partner.

“Yes, of course.” It was a lie. Matthew didn’t think he ever could be prepared. Worse, he was concerned they were about to force a victim of a terrible crime to relive all of her trauma.

“Yes?” The door opened, and an older woman stood on the threshold. “We’ve been expecting you.” Matthew had called before they’d arrived. “Come in.”

“Thanks,” said Katrina and Matthew almost at the same time. Leah, Emma’s mother, stood to the side. Once the pair were inside, she brought them to the living room. It was a middle size room with a couch, a few chairs, and a TV. Emma was already sitting and waiting. Katrina tried not to look at her pregnant belly but failed. It was huge, despite the girl only being in her first trimester.

“I am expecting twins,” she told Katrina after catching her staring. “A Boy and a girl.”

“I am sorry.” Katrina apologized and looked away. “It’s really terrible what happened to you.”

“I will leave you alone,” said Leah. She wore a pained expression; she wasn’t ready to hear what had happened to her daughter yet. She knew, in a way, but couldn’t bear to hear all the details. Emma nodded to her. She understood.

“I talked to the police a few times,” Emma said after her mother had left the room. “Are you close to finding, who did this to me?”

“We have some clues,” said Matthew. It sounded quite rehearsed, and not very sincere.

Emma picked up on it very quickly. “So you have no idea, right?”

“We ‘re sorry.” Katrina felt there was no point in reciting any of the phrases they’d learned at the police academy. “But we are working with a few theories. Had someone followed you before the kidnapping?”

“I didn’t see anybody, but had the feeling that someone was following me a few times. Do you think he stalked me before?” That idea terrified her. “Why me? Why…” Emma’s voice broke. In her eyes showed some tears. She unconsciously stroked her belly.

“I was scared of my pregnancy at first when my kidnapper let me go,” Emma started, “but later, I came to understand that my babies… they are not responsible for what their father did to me.”

Matthew and Katrina both remained silent. What she said was true; children are not responsible for the actions of their parents. The silence persisted; neither of them wanted to break it. They had nothing comforting to add.

Emma finally breaks the silence. “I am sorry. I just talk too much. I didn’t ask, do you want some water or coffee?”

“No thanks. We just want to ask if you remember something you didn’t mention before?”

“Hmmm..” Emma tried her best to remember. “There is one thing. My kidnapper, before setting me free, took a few pictures of my naked, pregnant body.”

“Those photos are trophies for him,” said Matthew. Shit. I said that out loud.

“I was a trophy for him?!” Emma almost screamed.

“I am sorry, but we try everything to catch that sick bastard.” Katrina tried to calm her down. “Every day will be better.”

“Thanks. I think that is everything for now. If you remember something you can call us any time. This is my work number.” Matthew left a paper with his number on the table, and both officers stood up. Matthew left the house first. Katrina followed him, but at the front door, she turned back towards Emma.

“What are you planning now?”

“This.” Emma pointed to her pregnant belly. “Changed my plans. Changed everything. Until I give birth I will live here. Then I don’t know, but my parents promised to help me raise my babies.”

“Good luck, Emma.” Katrina shook hands with Emma and followed Matthew to the car.

When they were sitting in the car, Matthew asked. “So, what do you think?”

“We probably have a serial rapist here, and Emma was just his first victim.”


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