Caught my brother jerking : punished him

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Hello friends,
Ritu’s mind have become dirty as looking for cocks with some speciality and in month I have been with a men of 40 years as he is my dad, so lover’s penis belongs to Naman and Rajan but Rajan have not fucked me yet so dad’s office’s peon have given me oral sex and all three except my dad belongs to age group of 23-28 years. Ritu have given her purified vagina to dad as Naman fucked me twice, so my mind is now on my younger brother Nilesh, a 17 years guy in 10+2 school as his height of 5’9 feet didn’t make him smart but his cute face with strong physique seems impressive as Ritu is a young gal of 21 years with sexy figure of 32-26-36 inches and my V shaped buttocks makes me too hot but haven’t thought of my brother’s cock till now. What happened today? It’s a night with darkness as hot season have started in the month of April, so we family members have had our meals together and than I put my door closed as I slept and Nilesh room is adjacent to me but our washroom is common with doors opening towards both ends and as I slept on bed, I starts thinking of my sexual affairs with all of them and than my mind stuck on Nilesh as I know teenager’s cock are too sweet but it’s my dream now and than I slept on bed soundly. Ritu’s eyes opened as feeling pressure of urine and than I moved towards washroom as I urinate there, after washing my legs as well as vagina, I came out to my room and than as I can see clock ticking at 00:35 midnight, I thought to move on roof top for sometime as I walked out of my room and now as I heard some sounds in a peaceful environment, my legs stopped as I moved towards brother’s room and there as it’s windows are opened my eyes gazed at him on bed with his lower parts nude, so he is masturbating his cock fast and my mouth starts watering as I got cock’s looks but still afraid of going inside his room and lastly, I slowly pushed his door and as I am aware of it, I just moved inside and there Nilesh felt bit ashamed, so he put a towel on his erected cock and in anger he said…. ” Didi you came in my room as I was not aware, so
( I sits on beds corner ) no need to feel shy, it’s your age brother ” and giving him a surprise as I stand there, opened nighty laces while putting it on my shoulders, he is amazed to see her elder sister’s nude body and than I sits near him as I throw there towel as I hold his penis and than kisses his face ” Nilesh don’t feel shy and afraid
( He starts removing my night wear ) but didi you are my sister
( I put my lips on his lips to kiss ) no just for fuck I am here. ” And as my sexy body is nude with a G string covering my vagina, I pushed him on bed and leaned on him to kiss his face as his hand is rubbing my back gently. So I starts dominating and as I rolled out my tongue from my mouth, he swallows it to suck and my soft boobs are getting pressed on his chest with his hand measuring my butts, it’s a sexual relationship between brother and sister but have evolved now.
Ritu while sleeping on his body is sucking his tongue hard as his hand hold the string of panty to open, so a nude gal is enjoying french kiss and after a while I am a slut gal as I left his tongue and now starts kissing his chest as my hand is rubbing his waist and he is screaming ” uh oh ah Ritu, you are so sexy never thought it baby ” and than my hand hold his 5 inches long cock as I starts masturbating it but bit confused of sucking it soon or to get fucked but lastly, I put my face on his reddish cock and took it’s whole as starts sucking it hard ” oh mom it’s too hot uh um sister is so hot can’t believe it ” but than my mouth starts swinging fast while holding his penis in mouth and here machomen can also cry as I am a wild sucker, but as I felt his penis fully erected I took it out and Nilesh walks fast towards washroom but Ritu slept on bed. Nilesh came back to see me holding my breast as I am squeezing it hard and soon he leaned on my chest as he opened his mouth, Ritu put her breast in his mouth as he starts sucking it and my hand hold his hanging penis as I am jerking it ” uh oh Nilesh suck suck hard ” and than he left my breast but soon he put his face in between my thighs and Ritu is dying for his love on my glory hole as he starts kissing my labia hard, so a dark night turned romantic but he is my younger brother and as I put my crossed fingers on cunt, he starts licking it with his tongue and I know no one have taught him for it as teenager’s are enjoying porn videos. Ritu’s vagina is hot as I am in fire ” uh oh Nilesh be fast uh suck suck my vagina ” and as he hold my labia in his mouth to suck my vagina poured cum as I felt relieved but Nilesh than hold his penis and starts pushing it in my vagina as I am showing my reluctance ” oh brother you will fuck your sister
( He fucked hard ) sure baby I will fuck you ” and his hard penis is making my wet vagina too itchy…. So his hard penetration is making me feel aroused and soon he leaned on me as his fast movements of waist is giving his penis hard inside my vagina but as he is in fire, I hold him hard and within two minutes he screams louder ” uh oh it’s too early baby ” as his penis ejaculates semen in my vagina……

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