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Centerfolds To Go – Dirty Sex Tales

“Centerfolds To Go.”

That was the title of the magazine ad that jumped off the page and grabbed my attention.

It pictured a Playboy caliber model riding in a limousine and offering the V.I.P. Room experience of a gentlemen’s club on wheels.

I did not hesitate to book myself a ride and was told that my centerfold model would be Tempest, a sultry voiced little bombshell beauty who I knew had made several appearances on the radio with Howard Stern.

My first ride went well. Tempest was playful and her body was amazing as she gave me the best lap dances I could have imagined.

Our second trip was as good as the first. I enjoyed the hour-long tease and we said our goodbyes.

As I was about to step out of the limo, Tempest stopped me and said, “Johnny, I forgot to tell you the big news. I am going to be in Playboy!”

She explained that the magazine was doing a pictorial and video featuring “The Girls of Radio” and that she would be posing alongside Amy Lynn, an incredibly gorgeous Penthouse Pet who also was a Howard Stern favorite.

Tempest asked me for my phone number, saying she would let me know when the magazine and video would be coming out. I gave her my digits but as the weeks went on, I began to doubt that I would ever hear from her.

A few months later my phone rang and I instantly recognized Tempest’s sexy voice.

“Hey, Johnny, guess what. I am back in town to promote my Playboy issue and the video like I told you. I am sorry it took longer than they first told me.”

I laughed and forgave her as she offered to make it up to me.

“I’ve got news for you, Johnny,” she said in a super sexy tone. “Amy wants to see what it’s like to do the limo rides. She doesn’t like the V.I.P. Room thing in the strip clubs when she makes feature appearances. I told her the rides can be so much better with the right guy.”

Before I could say anything more, Tempest asked me to go on a ride with both of them. “You won’t let me down will you Johnny? I told Amy I had the perfect gentleman in mind… you.”

I accepted her offer immediately and promised to book the limo ride for the night she suggested.

“I may have another surprise in store for you, Johnny.” She said slyly before saying goodbye.

The night of our rendezvous arrived and inside the white stretch limousine were both Tempest and Amy, who each looked amazing in their tight, sexy mini dresses.

“Hey, Johnny,” they said in unison as I slipped between my two beautiful companions on the plush leather rear seat.

My blonde playmates proceeded to put on an incredible show, teasing me with their combined lap dance.

They wiggled out of their dresses and showed off their amazing bodies. Tempest was tiny and curvy, with spectacular 34DDD breasts, while the taller Amy proudly displayed the 36DD-24-35 figure that made her a Penthouse Pet.

Both of them took turns grinding their bodies into mine as we enjoyed some passionate two and three-way kisses inside our V.I.P. Room on wheels.

A short while later, the limo came to a stop.

“Your surprise is here, Johnny,” said Tempest with excitement as she opened the door to let another sexy passenger in.

The surprise turned out to be none other than Julie Cialini, the Playboy Playmate of the Year.

“Julie is in our video too, Johnny. She is here to promote it, so I invited her to join us. What do you think?” Tempest asked as if she even needed to.

I could barely get out a hello as Julie flashed her perfect smile and made herself comfortable.

She was wearing a tiny party dress that showed off her incredible long legs and amazing body; five feet, eleven inches of perfection.

Tempest and Amy helped Julie as she wiggled out of her dress. She was not wearing anything underneath and wasted no time as she mounted me.

“I can tell how excited Tempest and Amy have made you, Johnny!” Julie exclaimed as she rubbed up against my huge, throbbing erection which felt like it was about to tear through my pants.

“Let’s let this bad boy free ladies” Julie ordered and the three of them did just that; removing my belt, unzipping the zipper and yanking my pants and boxer briefs down.

“OH MY GOD!” Julie gasped as my rock-hard cock was released, all eight-plus inches pointing straight up toward the dome light of the limo.

“What did I tell you, Julie?”, Said Tempest proudly “Johnny can hang with the best of them.”

“Its amazing, Johnny” Amy added “the best I have ever seen, it’s ginormous!”

Soon all three of my lusty ladies were playing with it.

“We have got ourselves a three-hander here in Johnny, girls” laughed Tempest as she Amy and Julie all began stroking me.

I sat back and enjoyed the ride, trying as best I could not to explode in their hands.

Tempest was the first to take my cock in her mouth, skillfully working her tongue along my shaft.

Soon both Amy and Julie joined her and it was my turn to gasp “OH MY GOD” as the three of them took me over the edge.

I released stream after stream of thick white cum and my trio of playmates squealed with delight as they shared it with one another.

“Let’s keep that big dick of yours hard, Johnny” said Julie as she kept stroking. “I want to ride it so bad!”

I was able to relax and get wood again pretty quickly.

“Good boy, Johnny” Julie complimented me as I rose again to the occasion.

“Go for it, Julie” Amy urged her on adding “just save some for Tempest and me too, Johnny.”

Julie then climbed aboard my now fully erect cock, throwing back her head and letting her long, luscious hair fall behind her as she took every inch of me into her silky smooth, wet pussy.

“Fuck me, Johnny! Fuck Me!” Julie commanded

I did as she asked, grabbing hold of her slim waist and guiding her up and down as she rode me.

Both Amy and Tempest cheered me on as I brought Julie to an incredible climax.

I gently slid her aside and motioned for Amy to take her place.

She turned her back to me and let me enter her from behind, flipping her beautiful blonde locks in my face with a giggle as I buried my cock inside her.

“Damn, you’re big Johnny” Amy gasped as I began fucking her.

I let her lay back in my arms and slowed the pace so she could catch her breath but when she began to relax I increased the tempo and grabbed her spectacular tits firmly as I pumped my rod inside her as fast as I could.

The intensity of Amy’s orgasm was off the charts. She screamed my name as she drowned in the waves of pleasure.

Somehow I managed not to cum myself and set my sights on Tempest.

“I think I have created a monster!” Tempest said with a laugh in her deep, sexy voice.

I grabbed her from behind, spun her around and smacked her adorable ass.

Her pussy was dripping wet as I tasted it, burying my face in her ass as I prepared for one last round.

I took her doggy-style, hanging on to one of the straps in limo to keep my balance.

Julie and Amy were now enjoying each other as I gave them a nod of approval and a playful wink while pleasing Tempest.

I gave Tempest all I had left and she was loving every second of it, looking back at me over her shoulder as we both came closer and closer to a climax.

Tempest growled as she came and I soon followed, cumming deep inside her and collapsing with her on the long limo seat.

The four of us then cuddled together for the rest our ride. Each of my gorgeous ladies complementing me on a job well done.

Julie suggested we all go back to her hotel suite for some more fun, stating her nearly insatiable appetite for sex.

Amy and Tempest agreed so who was I to risk disappointing any of them.

The ride of my life was just beginning.

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