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Colouring the life of a widow – part 17

Mira is enjoying physical relation with me. She is a widow in her early forties and has enjoyed with my friend Rachel also. Its a weekend and she is going with me to my friend’s farmhouse to enjoy a day. I left my home at 09:05 am after having breakfast and reached Mira’s home. She came out of her home while her daughter Tara is smiling on me. Looking at Mira, I asked her to walk towards shopping mall. She is looking hot in her modern outfit of leggings and tops with a high heel sandle..

We are at shopping mall’s auto-stand, where John will come and after waiting for 10 minutes, a car stopped in front of us and we both moved inside. While sitting on back seat, looking at me John smiled….. “Garry, I have bought some pills for delayed ejaculation

(Garry) nice but contraceptive pills

(Mira) no need of it Garry. ” And I hold her in my arms as she sits on my thigh as a shameless lady putting her arms in my shoulder. Now I put my lips on her face and lips to kiss her while Mira is pressing her breast on my chest and my hand is moving on her back. Slowly she pushed her tongue in my mouth to suck and I am sucking it with my one hand holding her and other one pressing her big breast. Later on, she took out her tongue and I pushed my tongue in her mouth as she is sucking it hardly. Now I took out my tongue and looking at her, I pulled out her tops to press her both breasts hardly. She is hot as well as horny while I remove her red brassier and took a breast in my mouth to suck and one breast is in my palm to massage it hard. She is screaming in joy and I took another breast in my mouth to suck. I sucked it and she put her tops to cover her breasts..

We three came out of car as Mira put her brassier in her purse. Now caretaker came inside hall with a small bag and water bottles before leaving us. John locked the door from inside and we three are drinking chilled beer. Mira is sitting in between us on sofa and I remove her tops as John is pulling her leggings down to her legs. She is looking hot in a panty only, John started sucking her breast as I removed my cloth except my brief. Now sitting on my legs near her legs, I took out her panty and wide stretched her legs. Her glory hole is glittering like a pearls and I dropped beer on it, now my palm is rubbing her cunt as John is sucking her right breast and I put my lips on her labias. While kissing her labias, I can see Mira putting her fingers on vagina to open its hole. My tongue moved inside her cunt and while licking it my hand is moving on her soft body. Now John took out her clothes and he stands nude in front of Mira as she took his penis in her mouth and started sucking it. My tongue is fucking her vagina and Mira took out his long cock as her tongue is moving on his penis. I took her cunt in my mouth to suck and walked to washroom. My penis is fully erected and I came there nude as Mira is giving him blow job, I am waiting for it. After a while John left her and I stands near Mira, she hold my cock and started running the glans on her lips as well as face. Slowly Mira took my 7-8 inches long cock to suck and she is moving her face fast, John joined us and he is on ground. He put her face in between Mira’s strong thighs and kissed her cunt while Mira is rolling tongue on my dick. I can see John fucking her gloryhole with his long tongue and Mira is in fire. Her red face as well as closed eyes while sucking my dick shows her satisfaction and I took out my penis after a while. John is sucking her vagina as I am drinking beer, Mira shouted…. “Oihh umm john drink my cum baby I will cum. ” And John get her vaginal juice to taste. We three are sitting on sofa with chilled beer..

Later on, Mira is standing on ground with her legs wide as I am standing behind her big buttocks. Now she bend herself like a four legged animal, I pushed my long cock in her cunt and started fucking her with speed and power. Looking at me, Mira started swinging her ass fastly and my penis is moving smoothly in her vagina. John is waiting for his chance to come and I am hitting her vaginal depth hardly, after a while her cunt become dry. I left her glory hole as John came there and pushed his long cock in Mira’s cunt. He is penetrating hard as she is moving her ass fastly and I came infront of Mira’s face. Now my penis is in her mouth and she is sucking it like a whore while John is fucking her cunt. After 10 minutes of fuck, she shouted….. “Oohh john I will cum fuck me hard… ” And I can see John leaving her cunt. He is now licking her cunt and I am fucking her mouth with my penis. I have hold her hairs tightly and John started fucking her cunt with his cock. My penis is too hot in her mouth and John is also fast in fucking her. After some time, I shouted….. “Oohh uumm Mira drink my cum. ” And my penis ejaculated cum in her mouth. Now John is shouting….. “Oohh uumm Mira I will cum. ” And he poured cum in her vagina. Our hot day ends with one more fuck to her vagina and ass.

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