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Couple Discuss Prison Conditions | Kannada Sex Story

Couple Discuss Prison Conditions

Rohit is a police officer by profession and works in a prison. He just recently got married to Meenali. Meenali works as a nurse in a nearby multi speciality hospital. Rohit and Meenali start their married life as usual, with a fun filled honeymoon and lots of sessions of sex. In the meanwhile, Rohit has different plans for Meenali. Though Meenali was initially OK with Rohit being a police officer, she was just a little curious about prison life and conditions. She did want to ask Rohit those questions before marriage, but hesitated to ask him. During honeymoon, the following dialogues start happening one night:

Meenali: Rohit nanige ondu question kelbeku anta aase agide. Kelboda?
Rohit: Helu baby
Meenali: Nivu jail olage yella hogi kelsa madtira?
Rohit: Houdu baby. Nanu warden kelage kelsa madtini
Meenali: Oh. Bhaya agalva. Alli kaidigalu yella irtaralva
Rohit: Dangerous kaidigalu irtare, adre navu careful agi irtivi kelsadalli
Meenali: Hmm, careful andre
Rohit: Kaidigalanna transport madovaga yella chains, handcuffs yella use madtivi. Adella helidre ninge bhaya agatto yeno anta nanu ashtu matadalla adru bagge
Meenali: Bhaya antu agatte, adre … antha avaranna hage handle madbeku alva. Ilde idre police avarige tondre
Rohit: Houdu kane. Avarella yavaglu tappiskolakke try madta irtare
Meenali: Hmmmm. Jail inda tappiskondidara yararu munche?
Rohit: Ee jail inda tappiskondilla baby, adre try madidaare. Ee jail 30 acre fields madhyadalli ide, adu purti sutta mutta yeshto barbed wire ide. Hagagi tappiskolodu kashta
Meenali: Hmm. Yeshtu kaidigalu idaare alli
Rohit: Sumaru 268
Meenali: Ashtu kaidigalanna maintain madodu kashta alva
Rohit: Ashtenilla kane. Kaidigalella dina purti kelsadalli busy agi irtaare. Idu kathora parishrama karagruha. Hagagi dina purti katteglu thara avaranna kelsa madistare. Tappiskolakke time iralla
Meenali: Sssh
Rohit: Belagge 5 inda ratri 7 tanka ondu kshana tappde kelsadalli biddirtare kaidigalu
Meenali: Hmm (mildly smiling). Hage agbeku antha avarige yella
Rohit: Houdu baby

Meanwhile Rohit wanted to give Meenali a little view of what happens inside, but in a very unexpected way.

One day, he took her into the prison fields, without telling her where they were going. He stopped the vehicle close to a small monitoring hut and lied to her that petrol got over. He told her to wait there and went far away, but was seeing her. He knew that prisoners will be marched in underwears on that road in a short time. He wanted to see her reaction and had carefully planned the event by telling his colleague to make the men stop in front of her for a while. While she was sitting in the monitoring hut, she was unaware of where she is. In a short time, she heard some noise of men shouting something. She got up and saw the prisoners marching wearing just underwears. She was immediately shocked to see that, and she put kerchief on her mouth and went inside. She did not know what to do. The prisoners marched closer, and now she could hear what they shouted. They were shouting something like \”Bichchu Kacha, Haku Kacha, Bichcho Lei, Haako Lei\”. This got her to smile and mildly laugh. She had never seen men being punished in such a shameless way before. In a while, the line of men crossed her. She could see them shouting crazily and loudly with serious faces. \”Thu nayigala. Bari betle nachikkedu\”, she thought and mildly laughed. The police officer in charge of them shouted. Nintkolro. Immediately the men stopped, but kept marching in place and shouting. She could watch them right in front of her. It was too much of a delight for her. She looked at their underwears, and found them with erect penises. She was so aroused that her thighs started to feel very hot. She was having an astonished and smiling face. Then the police officer told them to turn right and strip fully naked. The men immediately obliged. Meenali was now extremely aroused and enjoying the sight. Her eyes widened and she laughed out holding her kerchief on her mouth. She had never seen so many stark naked men with their tools hanging standing right in front of her. \”Thu nachikkedu, hige agbeku kanro. Hige nachke mana maryade yella bidisi bidisi shikshe kodbeku\”, she thought. She looked at their long and erect penises. \”Mmmmm, idukkenu kadme illa. Chennagi bendide obbabbandu\”, she thought. She slowly move her tongue over her lips. Then the prisoners were told to march still naked and started shouting, \”Nachikkedu Nachikkedu, Nanna jeevana nachikkedu\”. \”Hattiri, hage agbeku he he he\”, she laughed. After some time, they went off, but she was extremely highly aroused, and waiting for her husband. \”Ivaru yelli hogbutru, nanna illi bittu\”, she thought. \”Idunne chain gang anta karitaro yeno. Chennagi katteglu thara kelsa madistare. Olle shikshe ee nayigalige. Nachke bidisi bidisi oddu horage hakbeku ivaranna shikshe admele antha avaranna\”, she thought

After some time Rohit came

Rohit: Sorry kane, solpa late agoitu
Meenali: Ri nimge yen helli nanu. Banni car shuru madona. Hogovaga heltini
Rohit: Yake, yenaitu, starting his car
Meenali: Nivu hogidralva avaga illi nanu wait madta idde. Ondu 15 minutes alli aitu nodi khate. Kelbedi
Rohit: Yake, sariage helu, yenaitu anta
Meenali: Nanu nanna life alli first time kaidigalanna nodide ri. Ondishtu kaidigalu march madkondu barta idru. Yenri gotta, bari kacha hakkondiddru ri (mild laughing with kerchief on mouth). Thu nachikkedu \”Bichchu Kacha, Haaku Kacha\” anta koogta idru. Nanigantu tadiakke aglilla ri nagu bandbudtu. monitoring hut olage hogbutte. Amele nan yedurgade ne nintkondu kachaglanna bichchi yella torisidru ondishtu nimisha. Yentha nachikkedu ri. Higella shikshe anubhavistare anta nanige gotte irlilla ri. Amele tirgi shame shame puppy shame madkondu hodru ri
Rohit: Oh nanu matte tappada route alli bandbutte ansatte kane. Sorry, ninna manasige yenu novu aglilla alva
Meenali: First shock aitu ri, amele nagu bantu, hege kaidigalige nachikkedu shikshe kodtare anta nodi ascharya aitu. Aa kaidigalannu nodbeku ri, bai muchkondu Police avaru heliddanna bidisi bidisi madta idru
Rohit: Meenali, idu ninge modal ne sala.

Adukke hige ansatte. Nanu idunna dina nodtini kane. Nane kaidigalanna march madistini, amele sariage shikshe kodtini
Meenali: Ri, nijvaglu na. Higella shikshe kodtira?
Rohit: Idunnu daati kruravada shikshe kodtivi kane
Meenali: Cheee cheee, nodakke tadiakke agalla ri, hagandre avarella hege anubhavistaro
Rohit: Avarella pranigalu kane. Avarige yeshto varsha intha shikshe nodi nodi nachke horatu hogiratte. Bari kacha hakkondu hudugiru yedurgade nu naditare
Meenali: Cheee cheee. Amele innondu ri. Nanu nodide obbabbandu kelagindu straight agi nintittu ri. Sariage urita iddru ansatte
Rohit: Kaidigalige hasta maithuna nisheda kane jail alli. Avaru shikshe purti urita irtare hageye
Meenali: Sssh. Nachikkedu
Rohit: Ninge nodbekare kaidigalu kelsa madodunna nodbeku. 4 ghante kala purti tale yettide bari kachagalalli kelsa madta irtare
Meenali: Thu thu
Rohit: Manege hodmele ninge videos toristini

After they reached home, Rohit showed Meenali a video of prisoners working in chain gang. Meenali looked at the video and was amazed to see the amount of rigorous hard labour that the prisoners performed in hot sun. She was internally happy to know that these prisoners will rot for a long time there, and will not be able to trouble people for a long time. Each of these prisoners will be there for 10-20 years on an average, and by that time Meenali understood that they would have turned to shameless slaves/machinations without any self respect, dignity or soul value. She felt a little aroused to know this

In the night, she slept on her husband\’s body, slowly massaging his penis. Then she spoke:

Meenali: Ri, aa kaidigalu innu yeshto varshagala tanka jail alle kolita biddirtare alva. Achege bandu bere avarige tondre kodakke agalla alva
Rohit: Yochne madbeda baby, avarige alle kathora shikshe kottu kacha bichchi bichchi kelsa madsi mana maryade tegidu kalistivi

Meenali: I love you a lot Rohit

She gives him a good blow job and they both have a satisfying sexual orgy together.

At the same time, the prisoners kept marching in their cells with erect penises, unable to relieve their sexual urges, and burning in red hot sexual hell

Jan. 31, 2023

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