Dad made me nude inside car – part 2

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Hi friends,

In continuation to previous story as Ritu is nude on car’s seat with both thighs widened and my dad, Pritam is licking my cunt as his tongue is fucking my flexible vagina fast, so my vagina have got fucked twice as it’s little hole became wider and feeling too aroused with sounds ” uh oh ah um ” is making him wild and as dad’s hand hold my breast and starts pressing it hard I am on top of world with my butts going up in air and Pritam than took my fleshy labia in his mouth as he is sucking it… Chewing it like chewing gum, so I am in much sensation as I am crying like a bitch ” uh ouch don’t put teeths on my vagina you bastard ” and than my hot cunt get fluidy as cum ejaculates, feeling tired but too aroused I just wake up and hold my dad’s penis as I starts pressing it’s glans in my vagina without any hesitation, so as glans moves inside my dad hold me tight as he is sitting on seat like a kaam – dev with his lund erected and her slut daughter’s both thighs are apart as he hold my waist while I have put my butts up on his 8-9 inches long cock and as I starts pushing my heavy buttocks down, he is also forcing his penis to get insert as 2/3 penis vanishes inside wet vagina and now I am waiting for dad’s hard penetration to fuck my horny vagina as he did it confidently and I just hold him hard as my mouth opened large to scream ” oh god! Such a big penis of my dad and it’s in my cunt while I am sitting on it “, so he is holding my waist and his penis is fucking me hard with his waist moving up and down, so rubbing my soft boobs on his chest while getting fucked inside car, it seems we are in love as my virgin vagina have lost it’s virginity a week ago and little flexibility is giving me lot of pleasure but it’s unexpected as my arms have hold him hard and my sexy butts starts bouncing on his hard long penis fast. So dad is kissing my neck as his hand is rubbing my back ” uh oh daughter you are too sexy and hot now please stop your waist going up and down ” as I did it but it’s my cunt getting hotter and now I am on seat with dad’s long cock flurry, so as I kisses my dad’s face he starts pressing my breast hard ” baby want to get fucked till I cum in your vagina

(I smiled) sure dear

(He) if pregnancy occurs

(I just felt shy putting my face on his chest) I know a pill as after intercourse of 48 hours also it can make me safe. ” So dad than made me sleep on wider seat of car as he put my one leg on seats back and feeling too horny with cunt in a dry as well as hotter position, I am dying for his cock with semen at last and soon my dad put his head down as he spits on my cunt and starts rubbing his fingers on it and again he distracts my vagina to put spit in it as I shouted ” dad it’s not a whore cunt please don’t spit on your daughter’s vagina ” but he than pushed his long finger in my vagina as he starts fingering it with one hand squeezing my breast hard and it’s my facial as well as pedicure in a beauty parlour with my dad. So can’t cum soon as it’s bit lubricant and than dad hold his penis as his hand is on my waist, so starts rubbing it’s glans on hole as I put my crossed fingers to widen my vagina and dad like a matured lover inserts his half of cock slowly but soon he become a damn as he fucked hard with my eyes full of tears and my sounds made him afraid ” oh bastard don’t fuck me so hard, do it politely as I need fuck frequently with you ” and dad is going hard as his cock is moving fast in my vagina, so it’s a morning fuck in car as mom, brother and maid is in home and as dad starts pounding my vagina more fast I am in little pain as I am screaming ” uh oh ah fuck fuck hard you mother fucker ” and his long thick penis have made my vagina dry as well as hot as my body is sweating profusely while AC is on and so he leaned on me as he is also sweating profusely, so his whole body is pressing my soft body as I am a crazy and slut gal right now. Now I kissed my dad’s face ” oh please pour soon as my cunt is in fire

(Dad) sure baby have it soon “, and his penis ejaculates semen making my hot dry vagina a wet canal as our daylight sexual affairs ends….

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