Dad’s love : fucked me again (part – 3)

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Hello friends,
Age of 21 years is all about your desires with ocean waves making high tides in your mind as Ritu have been fucked first by her dad and I am not making hue and cry as I was curious to be with him after watching mom’s fuck and Pritam tall figure with wide chest as well as strong thighs get attractive with his 8-9 inches long and 3 inches thick penis. So Ritu is nude on bed in her dad’s arms as I am not feeling ashamed of my illicit affair with him, afterall he also loves physical affair with me and it’s 11:10 am as dad kissed my lips ” baby now have this pill as it will insure for 48 hours
( I laughed ) sure, lot of fun and fuck as you did it yesterday also will be safe ” so dad made my both legs widened as he starts removing a rapper to take out a long white pill and he than pushed his long finger, so he screws it hard but soon he pushes the pill and now it will melt to make my cunt lubricant as well as his semen will get blocked near vagina to ovaries door. Ritu feeling too horny as dad is rubbing my thighs with his hand and I felt my vagina getting sticky, so he sits in between my thighs and hold his penis to push inside and as his round soft glans goes down, slowly he pushed his penis and as I felt my vagina getting wider with his thick cock, I am still waiting for his hard fuck and so he did as his penis goes inside in a deeper canal but my mouth screamed louder ” oh mom, it’s tearing dad aah be careful while fucking your daughter’s vagina hard ” but who listens the painful voice as pleasure of men is important to them and so dad is fucking my cunt hard as I am sounding sexy ” yes sh uh oh give hard fast fast dad
( He ) don’t use word of dad as I am in love with you ” and his cock is giving me lot of pleasure as lubrication due to pill have made my cunt sticky. So he is fucking me like a strong men as his hard penis is making my vagina dry with lubricant eroding as his speed of penetration is too high and his one hand now starts massaging my breast as I am screaming ” uh uf oh it’s hot and dry please cum dear
( He took out his penis ) it’s not a penis of young guy but of yours dad with a long duration stand inside cunt, so go for a short break. ” As I wake up and sit on bed and feeling some bruises with burn inside soft vagina, I moved towards washroom as I urinates there and washed my vagina.
Ritu came on bed as she get laid again but as dad hold my one thigh and put it on his shoulder, I just put my other leg also in air to get my thighs wider and dad have made my butts little high on bed as my both legs have been on his shoulders. Pritam just hold his penis but as his hands are holding my thighs with butts, I put my hand on dad’s penis and starts pushing it in my vagina as half of cock have been inside, dad than left my one thigh as he put it on my waist and pounds my vagina hard ” uh oh yes it’s a better hole daddy ” as he than put my both thighs up and now it bends on knees as Ritu have hold her legs, so butts is bit up on bed with my legs apart and this is the best position while getting fucked for a gal like me as it’s my start and as his penis is hitting my vagina hard, my legs came down and dad slept on me as he is kissing my face with his whole body on my soft sexy body but his waist movements are too high, so Ritu is digging her nails on dad’s back ” uh oh it’s too hot and burning please cum soon ” but he is penetrating my vagina fast with some sexy voice ” uh oh you are too sexy and wild than your mom
( Me ) dad don’t make me hot more uh it seems I will cum soon ” and as dad’s penis is running fast in my smooth hole, he is voiceless as I felt his penis ejaculating semen inside, so feeling better with my vagina also getting cum and sticky vagina is cool as we are…. So he remains on my top with his penis in my glory hole…… We both than have a nice bath together..

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