Dad’s love : fucked me again

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Hello friends,
Ritu is not unknown to her dad’s penis as her lover’s cock was an average one and day after weekend holiday as I put my note books with purse in shoulder to move out of home, dad just asked ” Ritu, going to college
( I turned my face ) sure dad, don’t you trust me
( He ) actually I am going towards your college than I will be back to my office, so I asked you to come with me
( Me ) sure. ” And there I sits on a chair as I have wore a brown colour leggings with a sleeveless kurti and dad was putting his laces of shoes and than mom came there with a lunchbox as both walked out of home ” you have some work near my college
( He put a slap on my butts ) yes baby ” as no one was there to look at me or him and there, I waited out of main gate of my home as dad starts the car but and as he drove car out of home, I put main gate closed as I sits on front seat and dad drove the car. So looking at him with my eyes on his bulge as he have fucked me in car yesterday, my sixth sense is making me bit doubtful of his act and I can’t believe his movement towards my college as it’s near Patna high court and zoological park but still thinking of his secret plan and as car moved towards Gandhi maidan I was wondering about dad’s plans and lastly I asked ” dad, where we are going?
( He laughed ) you will see the destination baby but no more classes for you today
( Me ) oh, you have cheated me than ” and he just put his one hand on my thigh as he drove the car towards frezer road and lastly he turned his car in a hotel premises ” come on baby ” and I left my note books there as purse is in my shoulder, so both walked towards it’s reception as I felt bit shy but there dad said ” no one will ask about our relationship as no paperwork to be done there ” and I get confident as I stand near reception while dad asked manager to provide room’s key, so we both moved inside and dad took me on lift as in lift I said ” you are too possessive for me, can’t feel our relationship ” but dad smiled as both are on third floor of a hotel and I know dad’s work with my classes will happen on a bed as he will for sure make me a dirty gal here, God save me! No I haven’t prayed but as door get opened of a room, we both are inside and there dad left door opened as he sits on a chair and called room service ” yes, send anyone here ” as he walked to me and hold me in his arms with his lips on my neck, so pushed him back as he get fell on bed and like a hot blonde, I just put my sole on his thigh and looking at him like a hungry gal I hold my sleeveless tops as I removed it but I was lucky to get knocked on door otherwise service guy have seen me semi nude and as I heard knocks on door, I walked towards washroom with my tops on hand and now I am inside washroom. Dad’s voice can give me little peace as I want to be with him soon and after a while dad shouted ” baby come here
( Me ) guy have left room ” as he replied ” yes baby ” and than I removed my leggings as I am in a pink colour brassier with a panty, so I hold my removed clothes as I am in room and looking at me like a hungry tiger, he smiled ” that’s my love going to pour her whole body in front of me ” and there I stands for a while but as I put my eyes towards a table, I get look of a bottle and glasses. Ritu walked to dad as I sits on his strong thigh with arms in his shoulder and as my left breast gets pressed on his chest, he kisses my face as he is in his undies only and so you can imagine a men in a semi nude position with his daughter and now as I put my lips on his lips to kiss, he opened his mouth and swallows it to suck.
Ritu’s heavy smooth butts is pressing hard his thigh as he is a wild men while sucking my Rossy lips and than as I felt my lips in pain, I pushed his face and took out my lips but soon I inserts my tongue in his mouth as he is sucking it with his hand rubbing my sexy back. So in a closed room we both, dad and daughter are getting physical as my eyes are closed while breathing heavily, my body is in sensation as my vagina starts itching but it will take time to get hotter and as I tastes dad’s saliva while my mouth is dripping it, I took out my tongue and put my head on his shoulder. Pritam is caressing my hairs as I sit on sofa and now he starts preparing packs for us but I am not a rotten girl to be so kind as I hold my dad’s bulge on his undies and starts pressing it hard and he just hold my one breast as he squeeze it hard ” uh oh auch
( Dad ) have drink first than do your sexy act ” and I put my legs crossed as both starts drinking wine and he than lit a cigarette to smoke but my hand starts pulling his undies down, no one can wait for a long time to hold my dad’s penis and so his 8-9 inches long cock is getting my soft hand jerk as he put cigarette in a tray and Ritu have her first drink finished as I am smoking also. I am in my classes as dad is in his office and no one can expect about dad’s and daughter secret affair, so I am a hot gal as his cock is getting harder in my hand…… To be continued.

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