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Drenched – Dirty Sex Tales

The rain had been pouring down all day, many roads had been flooded because of the rain and so had been closed to traffic for safety reasons leaving many motorists stranded, farm land and open spaces were now looking more like lakes, the drains could not cope with the down pour and were over flowing causing more misery for the local residents, at four in the afternoon flood warnings were issued many people thought now they warn us eight hours after the rain started. The local school informed students they could sleep at the school till the floods were gone, 16 year old hot heady Cindy said ” bollocks to that I am walking home” her best mate Carol agreed with her saying ” we will get wet but we can change once we are home” and along with Cindy started the two mile walk home. After walking for ten minutes Cindy saw John and Mike two well known sex offenders, the two 40 year old men looked at the two girls and smiled, unbeknown to the two girls their white nylon blouses had become completely see through from the pouring rain and their bra less naked boobs were on full show to the two pedo men who were enjoying the site of the teens ample boobs. Cindy looked at the two smirking men and said ”  what the fuck you two dirty perverts looking at” Carol then noticed that there blouses were see through and said ” fuck they can see our tits” Cindy looked down saw her boobs were on show through her blouse yelled you dirty fucking bastards and charged at the two men with Carol right behind her. John and Mike had been used to being attacked and had learned how to defend them selves and quite easily restrained the two girls, both Cindy and Carol soon found them selves being held by the two men, the girls struggled but found they were unable to get free, Cindy felt Johns hands rubbing over her boobs and yelled ” get off you fucking perv” Carol was struggling and to her horror felt her skirt being undone and falling to the ground and Mike’s hand slide down inside the front of her panties and start to rub her shaved clit, Cindy was struggling as John rubbed her boobs then undid her skirt letting it fall to the ground and her panties get ripped off and her hairy clit getting rubbed, Mike was now sliding his fingers in and out of Carols clit feeling her start to get moist and after a minute felt it was quite wet, he then felt her relax and start to breathe heavy, John was also sliding his fingers in and out of Cindy’s clit and finding it get wet, soon both girls were moaning with pleasure as they were fingered by the two men, Cindy suddenly said ” I’m cumming and gushed” Carol also announced she was about to cum and soon gushed, the two men carried on fingering the two girls who came three more times before they were thrown to the floor where they lay while the men undid their trousers, soon both girls were groaning again as they were pounded by the two men,  Cindy gushed three more times before John was finished, Carol gushed twice more. The two men walked away leaving the two girls exhausted. Next day Cindy was walking down the road on her own when she saw the two men, she went over to them said ” I want a word” John smiled said ” we want a fuck” Cindy looked at the two erect dicks sticking out the men’s trousers walked past the men into the woods where she stripped naked a hour later Cindy was walking down the road, thinking I will speak to the two pervs next time I see them.

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