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The when the council housing estate had first opened it had been a show piece estate it was talked about all over the country, there was a long waiting list of residents wanting to move on to the estate to live, then after eighty years the estate became run down with buildings crumbling the council them moved all residents out and announced that they were going to demolish the estate and build a new one. The estate was boarded up but after being boarded up for two months the council announced that due to cut backs in funding the plans to rebuild the estate had been shelved and now three years on the estate remained boarded up, the only people that went there were courting couples, drug addicts, homeless people and young drinkers sixteen year old Sara was one of those who went to the old estate and drank cheap cider, Sara was a well known violent loud mouthed racist girl her sister Amy who was four years younger that what Sara is was just as bad. Sara was at the old estate late one night drinking cider and was quite drunk, Amy was near by but was fully sober. Marcus who was two years younger than what Sara was and originally from Nigeria who had been beaten up by her a couple of times had been watching Sara slowly getting more drunk, he moved out from where he had been watching he moved to Sara and stood looking down at Sara then kicked her ankle but got no response so kicked it a second time and still got no response, Amy was sat watching to scared to get involved on her own, Marcus knelt down smiling and rubbed Sara’s boobs then lifted her jumper letting her naked boobs fall into view, Sara who was extremely drunk never moved totally unaware of what was happening to her, Marcus started to massage Sara’s ample boobs and after a few minutes started to lick and suck her nipples and after getting no response stopped then undid Sara’s jeans and in one swift pull pulled them down along with her panties then pulled them right off and knelt looking at her hairless love tube, Amy thought she should do something and was about to get up when Marcus lowered his joggers letting his ten inch erection spring out, Amy froze at the sight of Marcus’s erection and was amazed at what she was seeing, Marcus bent forward and pushed his solid dick into Sara’s love tube and started to thrust in and out, Amy was sat watching in awe and could soon feel her love juices start to flow and after ten minutes Amy smiled as Marcus pulled his dick out of Sara’s love tube and squirt his cum over her body. After ten minutes Amy watched as Marcus walked away. The following afternoon as Marcus walked home from school he saw Amy stood by the old bakers shop, Amy said to Marcus ” I saw you last night saw you fuck my sister and cover her with your spunk” Marcus stopped walking and looked at Amy who added ” you got a big cock bigger than any boys round her” then to his surprise Amy said ” do you want to fuck me” and as she did pulled the front of her skirt up, Marcus saw that she was not wearing any panties and looked straight at her love tube, when Amy turned and walked into the old bakery Marcus hesitated then slowly followed her checking that it was not a trap with her sister waiting inside, Marcus went into the back and his eyes went wild when he saw Amy stood with her skirt round her ankles and undoing her blouse, Marcus undid his trousers letting his dick spring out, Amy looked at it and opened her blouse, Marcus looked at her well developing boobs moved over to where she was stood and started to rub her boobs and felt Amy hold his dick and thought this is no trap and lifted Amy onto an old table laying her back as he did and after licking and sucking her nipples slid his dick into her love tube and as he did Amy cried out, Marcus started to thrust in and out of Amy’s tight wet love tube and after a few minutes felt her cum but carried on thrusting away, Amy was groaning in deep pleasure and after five minutes climaxed a second time and then just after she climaxed a third time Marcus pulled his dick out of Amy’s love tube and squirted his cum over her body, after a few minutes Marcus looked at Amy saw the far away look in her eyes and left. The next day Marcus saw Amy outside the bakery again and smiled at her then followed her in and stopped when he saw Sara standing there, Sara said you fucked my sister she has told me everything and how you fucked me when I was pissed, she told me you have got a massive cock, Marcus was ready for Sara to launch an attack but was surprised when she walked out, Amy looked at Marcus then said I showed her this and showed Marcus a picture of him that she had taken with her phone, Marcus could see in the photo he was stood with his erection showing, Amy said ” when Sara saw that her eyes went wide and pokies appeared in her tee shirt, Marcus smiled, Amy said come round the house, twenty minutes later Marcus was stood in the lounge of Amy’s house watching as she undressed and smiled when she was naked, Marcus stripped and was soon thrusting in and out of Amy’s love tube and after Amy had cum four times he squirted his cum over her body as he stood up Marcus saw Sara stood watching him her mouth wide open, he noticed the large pokies in her tee shirt, Marcus smiled and walked to her and slid a hand up the inside of Sara’s tee shirt and started to squeeze her bare nipples, then raised Sara’s tee shirt over her head and off and as he sucked her nipples reached behind her and unclipped her skirt letting it drop to the floor after a few minutes slid Sara’s panties down and off and gently lay her on the floor and slid his dick into her love tube and started to thrust in and out after twenty minutes had felt her cum four times before he squirted his cum over her body, The following day as he walked home from school Marcus saw Sara stood by the old bakery as he got near she raised her skirt showing her bare love tube and said ” fuck me” Marcus obliged and later that night was at Sara’s house with both Amy and Sara laying naked on the floor as he moved from one girl to the other thinking wonder what their bums are like.

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