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Emergency Foster Home – Dirty Sex Tales

Mrs. Jones is an emergency foster carer, she has two daughters of her own but looks after youngsters if an emergency arises, her husband died a few backs and after a short break from foster care she resumed looking after youngsters in cases for what ever reason their parents could not look after them, quite often Mrs. Jones would get a call from the social service often late at night asking her to look after a youngster, her daughter Sara who was sixteen would often help, her other daughter Amy who was four years younger than Sara also gave a hand when she could, It was eight o clock in the evening when the phone rang and after speaking on the phone Mrs. Jones told the girls a boy would be arriving soon because his mum had been taken into hospital and his dad was abroad, Mrs Jones told Sara that she was working that night so she would have to mind him, thirty minutes later the social worker arrived at the house with Scott who Amy knew she announced that he was in her class at school, when he saw Amy he smiled saying a friendly face, the social work chatted with Mrs. Jones for awhile then left and not long after Mrs Jones left for work. After having something to eat Scott sat playing games on his computer and looked up when Amy entered the room wearing a dressing gown, Scott saw that her hair was wet and guessed she had just had a shower, the pair talked about the games and Scott challenged Amy to a game and when Amy bent to pick up a set of controls the top of her gown opened a bit and Scott saw one of her boobs and smiled thinking nice, the pair sat opposite each other on the sofa playing the game and after awhile Amy pulled her legs up and sat cross legged facing Scott who saw Amy’s knees sticking out of her gown, as the pair played Scott saw Amy’s gown slip a bit and some of her leg show then some of her other leg, Scott kept glancing at Amy’s legs then to his great joy the gown slipped more and he could clearly see her love tube, Scott could not concentrate on the game properly and when Amy asked what was wrong, Scott said ” your cunt is showing” Amy pulled her gown shut the pair carried on playing for another hour before Amy went up to her room not long after Scott went up to his room as he passed Amy’s door he saw the door slightly open and Amy stood naked he saw the nipples on her developing boobs were erect and smiled, Amy wrapped a towel round herself and closed the door as he got to his room Scott saw Sara walking towards the stairs wearing a night dress that was see through and he could see her bum, Scott went into his room thinking hope mum is away a long time, the next evening Scott was in the shower when Amy walked in she looked at Scott and walked back out when Scott finished he went to his room as he past Amy’s he saw the door open and Amy sat naked on her bed this time Amy did not close the door she smiled and said to him you got a big  dick, Scott was surprised and when Amy said ” do you want me to suck it” he could hardly believe his ears but said ” yeah” Amy said ” ok but don’t tell any one” Scott walked into Amy’s room undoing his gown as he went and after a minute Amy was sucking his dick and after five minutes Scott dry climaxed, the next night Amy sucked Scott’s dick again but the third night she spent at her friends house but when Scott went to get a drink he saw Sara stood back to her door naked after getting his drink Scott walked past Sara’s room and though the slightly open door saw her laying on her bed still naked and rubbing her love tube, Scott stopped smiled at the sight of Sara’s ample boobs with erect nipples and watched as she rubbed her self, Sara inserted two fingers into her love tube, Scott thought cool and watched as the naked older girl masturbated and after awhile he heard her groan and realising that she had cum Scott went to his room. The following day the social worker returned and told Scott that his mum was now out of hospital and that he could go home, while he was packing his back Amy walked into his room and said to him ” want me to suck you off before you go” Amy was soon on her knees sucking on Scott’s dick. In the social workers car on the way home she said ” bet your glad to be going home” Scott smiled thing no I am not. Mrs Jones was telling her daughters that they had a fourteen year old boy on his way, Amy thought good  hope he is big enough to fuck me.

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