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Entrapment – Part 1 – Dirty Sex Tales

Chapter 1 – Prologue

Rani Sharma was married to Manoj for last 15 years. They belonged to a high class Marwari family in Kolkata. She had two daughters, Simran (14) and Akansha (8). As like any other Marwari families, they used to live in a joint family in Bhawanipur. Recently, Manoj had started a new business which required him to relocate to just at the border of Kolkata, a town called Rajarhat. So Manoj moved in to a new flat he had recently purchased in a single storied building with his family.

Manoj quickly managed to set up everything. Arranged new school for their daughters, purchased a car for him to go to work. Being a wealthy man, he became secretary of his housing association. Rani also made friends with other ladies in same building. She soon started to join kitty parties and other activities with them.

Rani had everything in her life, a loving husband, two sweet daughters, a lavish life. But the only thing she used to miss was a thrilling sex life. It’s not like Manoj was bad at bed but on the same hand he wasn’t that good either. He used to fuck her 3 – 4 times a week lasting 5 – 10 minutes each time. As like all other Marwari guys, he was potbellied & extremely devoted to work. This workaholic nature of Manoj had already affected his sex life. After Manoj was done post his climax, rani used to feel left with hunger for more. This emptiness of good sex started to get a effect on her. But being a good & faithful wife she never discussed it with anyone. She tried to keep herself busy with household work & kitty parties with others.

One day in a kitty party, the women came up with an idea to start social activities. Rani promptly agreed to it along with other few ladies. They quickly setup a small NGO to help the needy people. Finance was never a problem as all of them used to belong to wealthy families. On weekends they started to go to old age homes, orphanage etc. for giving donations & required materials, helping them out and spending time with them. They also setup a small office in Rani’s flat. They became quite popular with their humanitarian activities in Kolkata. A lot of people approached them with their problems, asking for help.

Chapter 2 – The Offer

On one Sunday, rani was sitting in her office along with some other ladies, discussing their next activity. Few men approached their office. Rani recognized one of them as local MLA. They started discussing plight of refugees in nearby refugee camp located in a village. They were discussing about Rohingya refugees who had fled Myanmar in last few years. Few political parties have arranged shelter for them in Bengal. The MLA asked Rani & her team to visit the nearby shelter & offer relief materials. Entire cost will be given by the party but due to political nature of the situation, they can’t do it themselves. They also offered additional funds for the NGO for future trips like this one.

After they were gone, Rani & her team were discussing this among themselves. They went online & found that these are Muslim refugees & all of them are considered illegal in India. However few political parties are trying of provide them with legal refugee status. After some discussion, the decided to agree on this arrangement. After all, they do not need to spend a single penny from their own pocket and in future there is a good chance of getting more funds.

Chapter 3 – Field Trip

Next Sunday they started their trip to refugee camp. The MLA had arranged a bus & all supplies were loaded. He also provided them with few party people who will guide & help them distributing the materials. It was a short journey of 45 minutes. Soon they arrived at the camp. As soon as they entered the camp, around 300 – 400 men women and children gathered around them. Rani’s team started distributing the items but it was a total chaos. Post initial hiccups, eventually distribution became easy. The party cadres helped a lot to bring order to the mob. When everything was normalized, Rani & few other members started to survey the camp. They were talking to the refugees, hearing them out. Few boys from the camp came forward as their guide. Rani was astonished to find majority of the camp population were kids. Each family had 5 to 6 kids on average. Most of them were malnutrition victims.

They were speaking to one such family. The group gathered near a house and started listening to them. Rani was standing in middle of the crowd. Suddenly she felt something hard was touching her ass. At first she ignored it but then she felt it again and again. She turned and saw 7 – 8 boys were standing just behind her. She understood that one of them were touching her ass with his dick. She was just going to protest but noticed that one of them had a small knife in his hand. That boy touched the knife against her belly and put a finger against his mouth. She understood that he was asking her to be silent. In few seconds, all boys had encircled her and started touching her. Rani was frightened so she kept mum. The boys were touching her boobs, belly and ass. Soon they started to press them with their fingers. Rani could not say a word and stood like a statue. After few minutes, one of them held both her boobs from behind and started squeezing them harder. Rani felt both shame and anger but she also got aroused as it’s been sometime she had been touched by a man. Soon all the boys had finished squeezing her boobs. The chat was over and it was time to move on. Rani saw this opportunity and quickly went with her group.

The group continued to follow her around the camp. They were trying to get close to her every time. Rani saw nothing but lust their eyes for her. She noticed that the boys were about 16 to 17 years old. Rani was still aroused from her recent exploitation. Her nipples were stiff due to hard pressing.

As rani was about to board the bus to go home, one of them came close to her, smiled and thanked her for her help.
“Thank you, ma’am for coming to our camp and helping everyone.” He shook her hand while smiling. Rani was terrified but managed to stay normal. Once he was gone, she realized that in pretence of handshake, the boy had slipped a small note in her hands. Rani quietly took a seat and opened the note.

“You are the most nice person we have ever seen. We enjoyed our brief session with you but would love to have a chance to know each others deeply. My number is 97*******0, please feel free to contact me as we need your generous love and care. Thank you, Abdul.”

Rani realized that the boys wants to have her but has written covertly. Unable to think anything, she kept the note inside her blouse and sat back.

Chapter 4 – Taking a Shower

After reaching home, she quickly went to bathroom. She sat on the floor and broke down in tears. Her mind could not shake those horrific images of her molestation few hours back. But while remembering those she also felt bit sensation of being touched in her private parts. She got undressed and stood in front of mirror. She looked at her boobs which looked Apple red due to massage by those boys. Her nipples were still erect due to the what had happened.

She softly squeezed them and they hurt a little. She was getting aroused thinking those boys pressing her boobs. Slowly she started to massage them well after applying some olive oil. More she was massaging them more she was getting hot. She continued to massage with right hand and slipped the left one between her thighs. She was very wet by now. She quickly inserted two fingers inside her wet cunt and started massaging her insides. “Ohhhh… yesssss…. yeahhhhh…” She started little moaning. She was full on heat just like a bitch. Her fingers moved fast inside her pussy. Her right hand brought the right boob near her face and she bitten her nipple hard. “ohhhhhh…. this is wonderful… ” she thought. Her both hands were on full motion. Soon she lied one the bathroom floor naked and continued for a few minutes, she came within few minutes moaning like a whore “ohhhhhh, yeahhhhh…, oh my God, yes yes yes yes yesssss….” She was done. Feeling satisfied, she turned on the shower and let water flow over her naked body. She was exhausted. Cold water made her relax. After shower she just wrapped herself into a towel and fell on the bed, deeply asleep.

Chapter 5 – Message Received

Next morning was as it is. She woke up early, went to kitchen, made tiffin for her daughters and husband. Once they left, she just sat back and turned on the TV. She looked at her 3BHK flat and felt all alone. “Damn, even my friends are not here around.” She took her phone to call one of them. While dialing, she remembered about the note she got from that boy. “Shit, where did I put that? I hope Manoj did not saw it” she rushed to her bedroom to find it. After much time she finally found it inside her bra which she was wearing yesterday. She took it and read it once again. She got disgusted while reading it and was going to tear it. Then she stopped, saw the phone number. “I’ll show this guy what I can do. How dare he and his friends touched me? Bunch of slum dwellers.” She quickly dialed the number with much anger, ready to give a good scolding to that boy.

The phone rang and suddenly she started to lose her confidence. She thought “fuck it, they are not worth of it.” She was about to hang up but someone just picked it on the other end. “Hello…” She just became frozen with fear. “Shit, he got my mobile number now”. The voice from other end came again “Hello..”. She quickly disconnected the call and turned off the phone. “Shit, what was I thinking? Hope he did not understand it was me” she kept the phone on her table and sat back on sofa.

She was nervous. But was able to put her head on other things. Soon she forget about it and started cooking. It was almost afternoon and her door bell rang. She opened it and found Gita bhabhi was standing there. “Are you alright? Why your phone is off? You know Manoj was trying to call you and he is very angry when he was calling me?” Rani remembered that her phone is turned off. She quickly thanked her for the information. Once Gita went back she turned on her phone and called Manoj. “Where are you? Do you know how many times I called you?” Manoj was furious and gave her a scolding over the phone. She apologized and said “sorry, the battery was down.” Manoj asked her to look inside his desk and check if a certain file was there. She found it and Manoj told her that he is sending his driver to get it.

After Manoj hanged up, the phone rang again. There were 3 messages from an unknown number. She look at it and was shocked to notice that it was the same number the boy had given her. Her hands were literally shaking and after bit hesitation she opened the message.

Message 1 – “is that you who just called?”

Message 2 – “I know it’s you. Are you shy to talk? Come on bitch, turn on your phone and I’ll turn you on.”

Message 3 – “we enjoyed every moment of you yesterday but we are still hungry for more. I know you have much to give. Don’t be shy. We all can have a good time together.”

Rani was shocked at the audacity of these boys. She didn’t knew what to do. She was just going to block the number and suddenly she received another message.

Message 4 – “hey bitch, wanna have some real fun?? You seemed to need some. I’ll show you.”

Just then she received a picture in her messenger. It was taken yesterday when she was getting molested. She was standing in crowd, one boy holding knife near her navel and another boy squeezing her boobs. What was scaring was her expression in photo. She was biting her lips the whole time. Her eyes were semi closed like she was enjoying it. Just then a series of photos started to come. All taken unknowingly and these were just closeups, ignoring the knife. In almost every one of them she had same expression. A new message came.

Message 5 – “liked them? Let us know. We will give you a good time and also have some.”

Rani was completely shocked. Not because of the pics taken unknowingly but her expressions in them. Another message came.

Message 6 – “we expect your call by an hour else you would be all over porn sites.”

Rani simply didn’t know what to do. She was angry, not only on the boys but on herself. “Stupid, why did you had to look like a whore? You were getting molested not loved bitch.” She sat down to think what she should do. “Shall I tell Manoj? He has good connections with police. He can nail them. But what if the pics gets online? What if someone recognizes me? They will think of me as a whore. My life, my family all would be ruined. No, I need to deal with them myself. No one should know.”

Chapter 6 – First conversation

Back here in refugee camp, Abdul, the boy who was sending those messages, was sitting with others of his age. He just turned 17 last month, an average looking guy, bit beards, dark skinned with dark eyes. All of his friends are of same complexion. He was just sitting and chatting about yesterday’s fun they had with the beautiful and ripe Hindu woman. Abdul was showing them the messages to her sent by him. “Bravo man, that bitch had the nicest tits I had ever squeezed.” Sufi told them. Hamid, Kashim, Azhar and all others agreed. “Just wait and watch boys. With Allah’s blessings, we all shall be having a feast like Eid with her body.” Abdul proudly said.

These boys, a gang of 9 exactly, were notorious not just in camps but in nearby villages too. They openly roam around while teasing girls of all ages. They had a few successes scoring with young girls. Once they had kidnapped and raped one girl from nearby village. The police did not intervened as the had protection from political parties. They prefer Hindu girls only which gives them a satisfaction of polluting body of Hindus. The first time they saw Rani, they were hell-bent to fuck her. Although they could just molest her, their hunger is still on for the beautiful, sexy matured Hindu woman.

“Shhhh…” Abdul asked others to stay silent as his phone rang. “Hello…” He said with a grin in his face.

“Hello… It’s me.” Rani said with a trembling voice over the phone.
“Who? Our bitch?”
“Listen u asshole, don’t talk to me like that. You know I can handover you to police.”
“Will that help you bitch? All of my friends got your pics. Any of one gets caught, others will upload them and you’ll be famous.” Abdul said calmly.
“No, please don’t. What do you want, my husband is wealthy, name your price and I’ll arrange that.
“We don’t want your money, bitch.”
“Then what the hell do you want?”
Abdul said after a short pause “you..”
“What do you mean?”
Abdul understood that his ‘bitch’ will now listen.
“You see bitch, me and my friends were immediately smitten by you the second you stepped foot in our camp. Since we could not fuck you yesterday, our dicks are still hard. If you are kind enough to spread your legs and accommodate us one by one, we can think of deleting this pics.”
Rani felt like earth has moved under her feet. Her head started spinning and she was barely able to hold the phone.
“Why are doing this to me? I can’t do that. Please understand, I’m a married woman.” She cried.
“We know bitch. That’s what makes us more horny. Fucking you all night long, getting your white ass red by slapping and dumping our cum in deep inside your holy married Hindu pussy.” Abdul said with excitement.
“No. There must be another way. Please, I’m begging you. I won’t do anything. Please leave me alone.”
“OK then, congratulations on being famous” Abdul disconnected the call.
“What was that buddy?” Hamid asked. “Why did u cut the call?”
“Don’t worry” Abdul replied. “She will call again.”

Over here in her flat, Rani was shivering and crying with her head between her knees. “Why did I had to start charity? Why the fuck I needed to go there? This would not have happened then. Her doorbell rang. Rani was not able to hear anything but Abdul’s words striking her brain. The doorbell rang again. This time she noticed it and opened the door wiping her tears. It was the driver, came to take Manoj’s file.
” is everything alright ma’am? You look disturbed.” Driver asked.
“No, everything is fine, here, take it and go.” Rani shut the door.

Rani sat back and started to think. “What shall I do? These guys are after my body? Why? I’m not a too good looking person like film stars. What do they really want? What if they post the pics? He seemed pissed off while disconnecting the call. If I do as he is telling me then I’ll be ruined. If I don’t do it then my whole family life will be ruined. What will Manoj think of me? What if my daughters think of me if the pics gets online? I can’t think. All these questions were buzzing around her head. Just the her phone rang. “Oh no. It must be them.” Rani thought. But it was just Manoj. He heard from driver that rani was upset. After assuring him that she is alright, rani disconnected the call. But could not keep it away. She quickly went to messenger and deleted all messages and pics sent by Abdul. Manoj and her daughters sometimes checks her phone. It was needed to conceal the truth. She thought of buying some time from Abdul.

Without thinking much she called him. Abdul was anxiously waiting for it. When his phone rang, he proudly showed it to his friends. He received the call, this time on speaker and asked his friends to remain quite.

“Hello bitch. Tell me. You were thinking of my dick?”
“Hey look, don’t talk to me like that.”
“OK then, bye.” Abdul was going to hang up and rani screamed in fear. “Wait wait wait, please do not disconnect. Just tell me what do you really want. I’ll give you.”
“I already told you. You want to know in details? OK. First we want to play with you. Make you roam around naked like a bitch in all fours. Then we want to fondle with your boobs and smack your ass with our hands. Then you will suck our cocks one by one or as many you can at one go. After that, we will lick your pussy and drink your fuck juice. Then we would put our dicks deep inside you and fuck you in all your holes. We would take turns and cum in your hole one by one. Happy to know now, bitch?”
Rani was in awe to know what these boys wants to do with her. She could not say anything. Abdul asked “you there bitch?”
“Yes yes, I was listening.”
“So tell me now, are you ready to be the bitch you are?”
Rani could not give an answer. She disconnected the call in panic.
“Shit man. You made her run again.” Kashim said this time.
“Wait for it asshole. What do you think? It’s that easy? That bitch might not have seen any other cock other than her husband’s. Won’t you like to fuck her with all our might. Trust me and I promise you, we all will be ejaculating soon inside her.” Abdul said confidently. “it’s time to give her another shock.” He added.

Rani was again crying sitting on her sofa. “Are these guys human? They want to turn me into a street whore? I never ever fucked anyone else other than Manoj in my life. I’ve been a devote Hindu woman in all my life. Why did you do this to me God, tell me?” She quickly ran to her home made Mandir and laid there in front of her idol. Sobbing and heartbroken. She was quietly crying when her phone beeped again. It was Abdul’s message. A picture. This time her boobs semi exposed and being squeezed hard. Her soft white boob wad red due to rough handling of boys. More pics poured in. All with close up of her then red boobs, grabbed within black Muslim hands. Rani completely lost all thoughts. Her fingers were examining the pics. Enlarging them and watching them closely. She got a bit aroused watching her boobs getting manhandled. Unknowingly her left hand started to squeeze her left boob. ‘Ahhhhh…. ohhhhhh….’she moaned. She came to the realization bit later and her heart filled with disgust for herself. “What am I doing? Getting aroused by these filthy pics of myself getting molested? How low I’ve gotten?” Her head was filled with questions. She got up and called him up.

“Hello..” Abdul said.
“Hello, this is me. How many pics you have of mine?”
“Baby, I got more than 50. Your were such a model yesterday, couldn’t resist to click them.
“Look I need to think about it.”
“Think, bitch think. We give you 24 hours for it.”
“We?” Rani asked “wait, how many are you?”
“9” Abdul replied.
“God, no. Please don’t tell me that all of you want to fuck me.”
Abdul understood that his bitch was on heat. He asked with a grin “don’t tell me you don’t know what a gangbang is.”
Rani had seen gangbang porn videos with Manoj. There was a white young girl getting fucked by 5 black men. After they were finished, the girl had no energy left in her body. They want to do that with her?
“No no no no no, I can’t do that. I mean I’ve never done that in my life.”
“There is always a first time for everything. Don’t worry, we will not harm you. Just be our private slut and all this will be over soon.” Abdul said laughingly.
“Please let me think. But for sure I cannot do a gangbang.” Rani said those words in a trance.
“Ha ha, you have 24 hours from now on. Either all of us else you know the result.”
Abdul disconnected the call and said to his buddies, “she will be ready. Just doesn’t know that yet.”
“How do you know? Rashid asked.
“You did not heard her? She is confused right now but once she agrees, she doesn’t know how much pleasure she is going to have. Don’t worry, soon we all will get our poles inside her. Ha ha ha ha.” Abdul said.
The other boys got a boost of confidence. After all, they have always enjoyed Hindu girls together and Abdul has been a champ in turning them into sex hungry whores.

Chapter 7 – Life changing question

Back at her flat, Rani was sitting motionless. She just got 24 hours ultimatum by a teenage boy. Either she would lose holiness of her body to a group of filthy Muslims and she would have to lose everything she holds dear in her life. “What should I do now? I cannot be degraded by these young boys. God knows what will they do with me if I surrender myself to them. If I don’t then they will destroy my family for sure. I would be ashamed in both cases. What shall I do? Should I commit suicide? That would be the only solution. But what will happen to my husband or our daughters? What is the guarantee that they will not upload my pics online after my death and if my family finds it out? What would happen then?”

All these questions were roaming around her head. She was in desperate need of some advice. But she cannot tell everything to anyone. People will start judging her.

She looked at the clock it was almost 4 PM. Her daughters were about to return. She got up and started doing household works. Although the questions were still striking in her head.

Manoj called her later in the evening, informing that he would he in a meeting with clients and will reach late. Rani’s daughters had finished their dinner. Post they went to bed, Rani confined herself in her room. She was all alone again. She was thinking about getting some advice from someone trustworthy without revealing much details. After sometime, she thought of calling her mother. She called her up and both started chatting. She was trying to talk in a normal voice but her mom understood something was off.

“Tell me frankly. Are you OK? You seem a little sad honey.”
“No mom, everything is fine. It’s just that I’m missing Manoj.” Rani lied conveniently.
“OK then, it’s time for me to go to bed. Talk to you later hon.”
“No no, wait.”
“What happened?”
“You see, there is a friend of mine who is facing a dilemma. She had asked me but I don’t have an answer. Can you help her, please?
“What is it honey? Tell me.”
Rani thought a little and said “she was asking if her family is in danger and the only way to save them is by sacrificing herself, knowing that it might ruin her life entirely, what she should do?”
“What kind of question is this? Seems very serious. Is your friend alright?”
“She didn’t told me anything. Just asked me.” Rani said with a fast beating heart.
“Hmm, let me think. So she has to sacrifice herself in order to save her family, right? And even if she sacrifices herself, she knows her life will be ruined by this decision. Tough question to answer.” Her mom said thinking. “I think she should sacrifice herself if her family could be saved from a great danger. You see, family comes first.”
Rani rushingly asked “but her life will be ruined, what about that?
“Look honey, I don’t know who this friend you mentioned, but if she is a strong lady, then she should be able to overcome it.”
“Thanks mom. You are the best guide I ever had in my life.” Rani said thankfully. “But any advice for my friend here who is about to sacrifice herself?
“Yes, she should be headstrong with the decision she is making and should not hesitate to make sacrifices to save her family. After all Family comes First.”

Rani got a bit relaxed after talking to her mom. She thought she will think positively and make her decision. After all, moms know best.

It was 11 PM and Manoj had still not returned from office. Rani was half asleep in her bed. She was wearing a nice night dress gifted by her husband. She started to dream. She saw that it was immense dark around her. She had no clue where she was. She was laid on a bed, completely naked. Her body was in great pain, boobs were completely red, her nipples were hard. She could not feel anything in her vagina but pain. She checked it with two fingers of her right hand and it was oozing blood mixed with white sticky semen. Someone was laughing in the darkness. She tried to see but couldn’t. After sometime, someone stepped out of the shadow. It was that boy who was holding the knife in camp. Then one after another, few other boys came in front of her. She immediately recognized them as her molesters from the camp. All of them were naked and their dicks were rock hard. They all started to stroke their shafts. Rani wanted to get up and run but couldn’t. Soon all boys circled around her and spoke in same time “we are not done yet bitch. Let’s go for another round.” Then they started to press her boobs, rub their bodies on her. Some started kissing her lips, others were kissing her belly navel nipples etc. She was getting horny. Her body was betraying her mind. Two boys started to finger fuck her. ‘Ahhhh… Yessss…. Mooorre… pleeeese’ that’s all was coming out of her mouth. The boys accelerated their fingers. She was about to cum. She bit her lips in excitement. ‘Ohhhhhh….. yes.. yes..yes.. I’m cummmmming…… ohhhh…. Ohhhhh.. fuuuuuck yeeees.’ She came hard. It was painful.

She woke up from her sleep. She was covered in her own perspiration. What shocked her is, she was masturbating the whole time. Her fingers were deep inside her pussy. Her hand was covered in her own cum. “What a nightmare?” She thought. “But why am I horny? I should be disgusted. But my pussy is disagreeing with me. Why, Rani why?” Her questions made her restless. She looked at the clock, it was 12 midnight. “Manoj hasn’t returned yet?” She quickly took her cellphone and called him. Manoj did not answered. She was about to keep it away but stopped and opened the messenger. She was again looking at her pics sent by Abdul. This time she was feeling a hot sensation between her thighs while looking at them. “Do I also started to want them to fuck me? Ohhhhh.. My pussy is itching for a cock now. Where is Manoj? Selfish jerk. If he doesn’t come and fuck me then I shall fuck them. Shit, what am I thinking?” All this while she was constantly fingering herself. Looking at her expressions in those photos were really affecting this married woman. “Ohhhh… Ohhhhh.. Ahhhhh.. Yes… yes… mmmmmm” she came again, this time just looking at the pics. “Shit, what am I doing? I’m getting horny looking at my own pics of molestation? OK, let’s concentrate. I have less than 15 hours to give them an answer. Them? No no him. What should I tell him? Shit I can’t think.”

Just then she heard someone opened the front door. “Good, that should be Manoj. At last he is home.” Manoj entered the room and Rani went to kiss him. “Uhhhhhh… you are drunk?” Rani said moving her lips away. “Sorry sweety, had couple of drinks with client.” Manoj could uttered. Rani helped him to get him to bed. He was barely standing on his own feet. She quickly undressed him, hoping for some love. But Manoj was too tired and slept right away on the bed. Rani was heartbroken. She was horny as hell. Manoj was her only hope. She felt rejected. She slept beside him and started crying silently. “What am I going to do? Is this my life? I have no control over it. This fat pig does not even look at me while others are after my body. This is my story everyday. Is this my destiny? Looking after my daughters, cleaning my house like a maid, staying back at home like dogs? I can’t live like this.” She wiped her tears and went to sleep. Now she had an answer to Abdul.

Chapter 8 – A risky decision

Next morning was just like yesterday. Manoj was still sleeping when his daughters went to school. He woke up in hangover. Rani quickly made tea for him. Manoj sat on the sofa with her and said “last night I have got a huge contract. If I deliver it, I’ll make millions.” Rani was bit happy too watching his excitement. “What is it? Tell me.” Rani asked. “Oh dear, it’s business stuff, you won’t understand. Get my passport, I need to go to consulate for visa.”
Rani got excited “so we are going abroad for vacation? Where?”
“No dear, I’m going to visit Singapore for this deal. I may need to be stay there for couple of weeks.”
“What about us? Can’t you take us with you?”
“No honey, I’ll be busy throughout the day, won’t be able to give you time. Trust me, you and girls would be bored.”
“But next week, school is closed for festival. You would not be there, your home in Bhawanipore will be crowded with relatives. How am I going to manage?”
” I know you will, you have to. See it’s for our future. Besides, I’m not going back to my father’s business. There is no money. Please understand.”
“OK then, you go. Don’t bother about here.” Rani said disappointedly.

In next few hours Manoj left for consulate for visa application. Rani was all alone in her house again. She sat there and started to curse him. “Filthy pig, as if I don’t know that you will take your secretary with you. At day you will work and at night you will make out.” Rani has long suspected Manoj has an affair with his secretary. After all she is young and beautiful. She has met her in couple of parties and has noticed the way she looks at Manoj. She looked at the clock and it was already 1 PM. She checked her phone, no messages from Abdul yet. But she has only 2 more hours to respond.

Over here in camp, Abdul and his friends were sitting and chatting among themselves. He was checking his watch frequently.

Rashid noticed that. “What happened brother? Getting nervous that she might not call?”

“She will.” Abdul uttered.

Sufi asked “what if she doesn’t? Which site you have selected to upload the pics?”

“None” Abdul replied “it’s just a ruse to get her in line.”

“What makes you so sure? You look nervous.” Kashim added salt to the wound.

“I’m not nervous, just impatient. She will call, you all will see.” Abdul said confidently.

“Let’s make a bet then?” Sartaj added “if she called then you will be first one to fuck her. If not then you will give 100 rupees to each of us. Deal?”

“OK, deal.”

It was almost 2 PM and Abdul’s phone rang. “Bitch just called. I guess I win.” Abdul said grinning.
“Hello, bitch.” Abdul said keeping the phone on speaker.
“Hello, it’s me.” Rani’s voice came from other side.
“Tell me bitch. Have you made up your mind?”
“Yes I have an answer for your proposal.”
“Let’s hear it then.”
“But you have to promise me that you are going to delete those pics in front of me.”
Abdul rejoiced with smile. “OK bitch. I promise.” He said.
“Then I guess it’s yes from my side.” Rani said with a shaky voice.
All the boys jumped in joy but Abdul was calm. “Yes to what? Say it bitch. I want to hear it from you.”
“I’m ready to sleep with you for one time in exchange of you deleting those pics.” Rani said in one breath.
“Just me? The deal was for all of us.”
“No, just you. I can’t go for a gangbang. I never done it before.” Rani was pleading to him.
“I told you before, there is always a first time.” Abdul hissed.
“Look I agreed to your terms. I’m OK with you but not all of them.” Rani pleaded again.
“See bitch, it’s OK. I will fuck you and delete those pics. But if my friends don’t fuck you, they will upload your pics online. Choice is yours.” Abdul said threatening her.
Rani was in dilemma. She never thought of that. She said “I need more time to answer that.”
“No more time bitch. Either you are getting all 9 dicks inside your pussy or else.”
“Else? What else?”
“Else, first we upload them in all porn sites then come to your building and rape you anyway.”
“You are bluffing, you don’t know where I live.”
“It’s Upasana Apartments, right?”
Rani was frightened. It was indeed her building. “How did you know that?” She asked.
“You see, when you arrived at our camp, you had a little banner in front of bus with address. Remember?
“Oh shit!” Rani remembered it now.
“Yes bitch, now tell me your answer.” Abdul said roughly.
Rani couldn’t move for a bit. Her tongue got glued. Last night’s dream just came before her eyes. Instantly she was both full of fear and lust.
“Say it bitch. I can’t wait forever.” Abdul was furious.
Tears bursted out of Rani’s eyes and she said “yes, I will fuck all of you. Please don’t harm me or anyone else, please.”
Abdul felt like start dancing in joy. “Good bitch. Now listen to me carefully, next Sunday you will come to our camp and we will fuck you here.”
“No, I can’t go there.” She said. “It has to be somewhere else.”
“Where then? Shall we come to your house and fuck you on the bed where you sleep with your husband?”
“No no no, not here everyone will know about it.”
Abdul got frustrated. “Not here, not there. Then where?”
“It has to be somewhere people don’t know any of us. If word gets out then I’m screwed.”
“OK then. Let’s make a deal. We will choose a quite place for us but since you have been such a bitch, we would like to have you for at least a full day.”
Rani gasped. “Full day? What would I tell my family?”
“That’s your problem bitch. Since you would have to make an excuse to go out of sight for a full day, you can choose the day. But it has to be within next 7 days. That’s my offer. Take it or you know the consequences.” Abdul said in threatening manner.
Rani said “OK, give me some time. I’ll let you know”
“Nice bitch. Now hurry, I expect the timings soon. I’ll give you another day for it. Else we will make our move.”
“OK, as you wish.” Rani was about to disconnect when Abdul spoke again.
“I would like to call you everyday till then. What time will suit you?”
Rani told him “you can call me between 11 am to 3 PM”
“One more thing. We have not been properly introduced. I’m Abdul, what’s your name?
“It’s Rani…. Rani Sharma.” She uttered softly.
“Wow, that means Queen, right? We will make you a sex goddess this time.” Abdul disconnected the call.
Rani fell down on the floor, crying loudly. She had just agreed to ruin her sacred body in exchange of her families reputation.

Chapter 9 – Full proof planning

Rani pulled herself up after some time and started to think sitting on sofa. “These guys will fuck me? In a gangbang? I have no other choice but to agree. So which date shall I fix? Oh, I can’t think anything. I have to keep my daughters to someplace and also make an excuse for a whole day for disappearing.” Then she remembered that Manoj is going abroad. This was the best chance to make this happen. She can keep the girls at her mom’s place for a day. But has to make an excuse anyways. This way no one should know.

Manoj called and informed her that his visa has been approved and he will be leaving this weekend. Rani saw some hope of secrecy. Now all she has to do is make an excuse to her mom and disappear for a day. “Wait a minute, it can happen. I’ll tell mom that I have some important work for my NGO and need a day to to cover it. That way Manoj would think that I’m at her place and mom will think that I’m working. She won’t disturb me then.” She figured it out in her mind.

Over the next few days, Abdul called during the agreed time. First she was nervous but eventually opened up. She told him about what she likes, dislikes, about her daughters etc. She was now in complete control of Abdul. He made her speak with his friends who are going to fuck her. Each time rani was getting horny while talking to them, listening what would they do with her.

On Saturday, Manoj left for his tour. Rani called Abdul at night and asked if they can fix the Monday as the date. Abdul and his friends agreed and informed her that they have rented a flat in Rajarhat itself. It was a model flat, with all furniture and interiors complete. Since the building was incomplete and Monday being a holiday, there would be no one except for them. Rani was satisfied with assurance of total privacy.

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