Erica makes Love with her Pets

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Erica loved animals and her participation with cheerleaders Team for the animal show had given her this wonderful opportunity towards the cause for animals. She was also a member of the PET Organisation which was doing charity work for injured animals. Erica waved to the other girls as they were leaving the sports complex after the game that evening. Andrea asked one more time, “You sure Erica, you don’t want me to stay and help ?”

“No,” Erica answered. “Just go and have fun. I’ll be along later.”

“Okay, see ya then,” yelled Andrea as she waved and walked towards the out gate.
Erica watched only for a moment as all other players and girls were leaving. She then picked her bicycle and started walking towards the PET Complex where the trained animals were kept. Though she did want to get to the party, this too was important.
A few months ago PET received this group of German Sheppard dogs which were really in bad shape due to improper care and inadequate food. PET had sufficient funding for the upkeep of the organization for providing shelter, hygiene and, food for the trained animals and these were specially trained dogs. With proper care and love presently these dogs were doing quite well. Though they looked huge weighing more than 190 lbs they were loving animals. There were three female and two male dogs.

Though the present group of these dogs was already trained they had been gradually worked into half time shows during the games. They had been trained to do a few simple stunts with the cheerleaders. Erica had been working with the variety of dog shows for the last few months at school. Presently Erica had precious responsibility of these special dog squad to make half time show popular and demanding. As a student in charge of the animal show, Erica took her animal caretaking duties seriously, which is was why she stayed behind.
The Practice had run late and the athletic facility under the football stadium’s grandstand was deserted. The facility contained coaches’ offices, locker rooms, a weight room, showers, and laundry equipment for washing towels and uniforms. It was internally connected to an extended wing which contained the rooms in which the trained dogs were kept during games season.

The male dogs, called Bruno and Charlie, were kept separate from the females: Tiara, Silly and Cutty especially for times such as this, as it was believed they were in heat. For this reason, the female dog’s participation was arranged with due care and precaution while making them work alongside Bruno and Charlie during the half time show.

Erica was informed that the dogs were not fed today and Erica had to make sure that there was enough of the pre-packaged “Diet” out of the freezer. She checked the supplies and quickly assured herself that there was a sufficient quantity thawed and ready in the cooler. All she had to do now was make sure the dogs were ok, secure, and had water for the night.
She went into the female dog’s cage first. Part of the cage was partitioned off. Tiara’s water bowl was only about half full so she got the small hose from the wall; pulled it out inside the cage and started to fill the bowl. With usual friendly gestures, Tiara came close to Erica. Being so very friendly Erica sat down on her haunches facing the dog just to pat the dog but for some reason, Tiara placed her front paws on Erica’s shoulders and started licking her face. Surprisingly Tiara unexpectedly pushed Erica back to cage bars and started spraying Erica with her urine. In moments Erica’s front from her chest and down below was drenched in Tiara’s pungent smelling urine. Erica almost turned the hose on Tiara but quickly realized that wasn’t a good idea and may have been very dangerous. Instead, she got out from there.
In the small hallway, Erica was furious. She reeked of dog pee and she still wanted to go to the party. She could stop by her home and change but that would take at least an extra hour. Erica fumed until a solution struck her. She could simply toss her clothing into one of the big washing machines, used for washing towels and uniforms, then into one of the dryers. It would still take some time, but not nearly as much as going home and then to the party.

She quickly stripped off her skirt and t-shirt along with her panties and bra and tossed them into one of the washing machines. Fortunately, her shoes were dry so she just left them on the floor in front of the washer and tossed her socks in with the other clothes. Believing in the economy, she also loaded in a pile of dirty towels to fill the machine, then started it.

She still smelled strongly of female dog urine and it was sticky as it dried on her skin. She had plenty of time while the clothes were in the wash so she decided to go for the shower. The girl’s locker room was at the other end of the building so she decided to use the visiting team boy’s showers as they were right next to the laundry area. Just before turning on the water she remembered that she still hadn’t checked on Bruno and Charlie. Erica’s sense of responsibility could not let her leave without completion of her duties to those loving animals. She decided to see their cage before her shower. Erica did not want to make another clean towel dirty so she was moving around naked without realizing that Tiara’s urine spray was now dried on her exposed skin and she was strongly smelling of the female dog in heat. She slowly padded to the male dog’s cage. When Bruno and Charlie seemed more pleased than usual to see her, the big dogs rubbing up against the bars and positively purring, she attributed it to his overturned and empty water bowl. The floor inside the cage was wet and slippery due to spilled water.

The bowl, bottom-heavy stainless steel, was difficult to tip, but somehow the big dogs had managed. Both were very big and heavy dogs about 190lbs each. Unless Erica could right it, both would be without water tonight. Grabbing a broom Erica tried to lever the heavy bowl upright but the smooth and rounded sides of the bowl offered no purchase for her efforts. Also, the slippery floor was offering no grip.
Erica was growing frustrated and annoyed. She thought that at most she would spend less than thirty minutes or so taking care of the dogs and it had already taken more than that. Still determined to make it to the party, Erica spent a few more minutes poking at the water bowl with the broom, getting even more frustrated because both dogs insisted on getting in her way. At last, she decided that she would just have to get on the floor inside the cage and set the bowl upright. The floor was quite messy and dirty there appeared no other way to do it quickly.

For almost a year Erica had watched the professional animal trainers working with these big dogs and she had been taught some of the hand signals and gestures they used to control the beasts for use in the shows. Erica felt supremely confident in her ability to control them.

She backed away from the bars and used some of the commands she had learned to get Bruno and Charlie to move to a corner of the cage farthest away from the water bowl and lay down, although both dogs had their noses sniffing for the strong smell of female dogs urine from Erica’s naked body. Erica entered the cage living the cage door lightly open so that she can escape just in case; also dogs would not freely run out of the cage. Completely naked young Erica drenched in strong-smelling urine of a female dog in heat inside the cage of huge dogs was a perfect combination for arousing the sexual desire of the dogs. Charlie started to rise as she entered but she quickly got him to sit down again. Sure now that she could command Bruno and Charlie, she went to the water bowl. It was much heavier than she had thought. With some efforts, she was able to flip it upright. Actually, during those long minutes, Erica lost the site to keep dogs under control and now dogs were sniffing her naked body. The dogs now started licking her everywhere including her back, breasts nipples and even between her legs. Erica was faced with the new additional problem now; the water bowl having been flipped over twice, it was in the opposite corner from its usual place. She gave it a shove but the heavy bowl refused to budge.

Determined to get this done right, she dropped to all fours so she could push the heavy bowl. Erica’s back-side was facing Bruno and she was trying to push the bowl nearer to the side of the cage. Every simple thing was becoming difficult because Bruno was now licking her pussy non-stop and Charlie from her right side was licking her face and breast. Though both the dogs were slowing her progress by licking her naked body, Erica decided to continue her work while letting the dogs do licking her. Actually, she was surprised that she felt quite aroused and horny and felt wetness growing rapidly in her pussy. Ignoring them she gave the bowl a shove, moving it just a little. Erica was now in a crawling position, offering her back with her legs wide open and hips raised in the air exposing her wide open pussy to sexually aroused Bruno.

Concentrating on getting the bowl into position, Erica didn’t notice Bruno’s movements, poised to give the powerful push, she suddenly felt his rough wet tongue slurping over her pussy lips and on her bare butt. Erica yelled at him, “No”. The dogs did not understand that language. That was not part of their and Erica’s training. She froze, hands on the rim of the empty water bowl, knees conveniently widespread in preparation to push. She wanted to turn around and yell at him, to force him back to his corner but she was afraid that a sudden move would cause him to attack so she froze herself to remain still while she tried to think of a way out of this mess.

Bruno however, didn’t need to think. This female had quite obviously positioned herself to mate and she smelled strongly of her urine indicating how much she was in heat. The sharply pointed tip of his cock began to extend from its sheath covered with dripping precum. He pressed forward with the cold and moist tip of his nose, pushing it against Erica’s furry pussy. Bruno sniffed at her ass and then began licking her ass chicks. It was not hard for him to sneak his tongue between her pussy lips and explore the cunt hole. Though very scared from the core of her mind something was very strange Erica felt. Her pussy was exploding stream of her pussy juices and his tongue licking her pussy lips and clitty and warm breath coming up from his nostrils as he licked deep between her pussy lips and butt crack made her all the more dripping. Erica wanted to move but the touch of Bruno’s tongue at pussy lips and ass felt extremely good.

The sudden touch of Bruno’s rough and long tongue deep inside her pussy caused Erica to jump. Unfortunately, she had not shaved for all these months and had developed thick growth of her pubic hair which was now soaked in urine stench of Tiara. The cold wet nose on the slightly open pussy lips forced her to gasp. Then she felt the hot breath on her sex and the rough rasp of his slippery tongue as he tasted her. It was only then that she realized what was coming up. Her preliminary knowledge about the dogs kicked in and Erica knew she was Bruno’s bitch and he was priming his bitch for coupling. The male dog will lick the bitch until she is ready then he will take her, but then the thought was taken over by her lusty side, oh how good it felt. Erica now wanted him to lick her pussy hard until she came. Erica did not notice his red penis growing from it’s sheath. It felt so good she didn’t realize herself pushing her pussy up against his tongue. It felt so good to Erica that she was arching her back and putting herself into open–female position unknowingly! The next moment Bruno the great big dog was on top of Erica and Charlie had complete hold of her nipples licking. Erica’s body was set on sexual fire from her nipples and pussy both. Bruno’s great haunches were pounding against her ass, his paws were on her shoulder blades his hot breath was against her neck. Bruno continued to rumble, taking a moment to position himself before driving his cock fully into Erica, the thin pointy tip plunging deep inside while the broad base stretched her pussy lips. He pulled back slightly, the backward-pointing barbs on his cock catching on her tender vaginal walls. He thrust forward again, the barbs acting ratchet-like to pull him slightly deeper. Again and again, he repeated, pull back, thrust forward, each time entering her a little deeper till his heavy fur covered balls pressed against her pussy.

She felt him pull back yet again, felt the barbs catch once more, then felt his cock suddenly twitch and spasm, sending a hard jet of his hot cum deep into her. Quickly he pulled back and thrust deeply again, his cock jerking some more as it sent two more hard hot spurts of dog cum into her. The sensation of cum splashing against her cervix was a new one.

Just as Erica’s body was starting to react, and she thought she might be approaching orgasm, Bruno’s cock spat within her one more time, the barbs stinging her sharply as they twisted inside her pussy. Erica gasped and shook, stunned by the whole experience. She felt the huge size of barbs wedged deep inside her pussy. Huddled on the floor of the cage, slowly coming to grips with the reality of what just happened and what situation she was in.

Erica whimpered and put her head down on the floor, covering it with her hands. Bruno once again moved into position behind Erica, somewhat gently cuffing her hip with one claws-retracted paw. He sniffed at her sex again, tongue once more tasting her. Erica moaned when she felt his tongue on her tender pussy. She felt herself responding to his tongue. Shocked, she realized she wanted him to suck her pussy, wanted to feel him cumming inside her again. She groaned and arched her back, spreading her knees wider for him. She felt the deep rumble in his chest as he stepped over her and her pussy quivered in anticipation.

Bruno, with the earlier experience to draw on, dropped his hips to just the right level, then hunched against her and she felt the sharp tip of his cock easily part her pussy lips. He paused there, just the tip inside her while he licked the back of her head and neck.

Erica groaned as the big dog shifted his weight forward and she felt the furry sheath bunching up against her pussy as his cock slid easily into her. The intense sensations overwhelmed the teenager Erica and she started to cum even before Bruno began rapidly thrusting in and out, using the barbs on his cock to work his way deeper with each thrust.

The girl cried out as her inner muscles clenched hard on Bruno’s cock and the dog roared a response as his cock twitched and jerked and she felt his cum spurting into her, blasting against the entrance to her womb, causing her to cum again. Bruno hunched against her for a brief moment, the large furry lumps of his balls pressed against her sex as his cock pumped several more heavy spurts of his cum into her as his thigh muscles spasmed. Then, barely a minute after penetration, the dog pulled out the spiny head of his cock giving her a brief but intense flash of sensation that extended her orgasm.

Once again Erica could feel his slimy red penis pocking in her pussy. She felt his cock push against ass chick, once, twice. It slid over to the ass hole. Erica tried to stand up but she did not have the real will to do that cause it was feeling sooo good. Bruno scraped at her with his paws and slid them down to her thighs

Bruno was using his great big paws to push her onto his cock…he found her dripping slit and slid easily inside. Erica tried to get up again and he grabbed the nape of her neck with his teeth, lightly, but enough to scare her. He growled deep and pushed himself inside Erica a little more. Bruno was a BIG dog, not easy to be thrown off.

As wet as Erica was, Bruno was pushing his cock into her pussy. He thrust again, deeper, then deeper again, as his knot began to push at her cunt. His furry testicles slapped at her clit, and Erica came, right then and there. A burst, and explosion of orgasm rocking every muscle in Erica’s body and turning her into a real female dog on heat. Erica came long and hard, even as scared as she was, and Bruno pushed harder in her pussy with his big red knot.

The knowledge about dog sex made Erica aware of what was coming next. Bruno was trying to tie with her at that very moment. She again tried to get up, Bruno primed her and took her and now he was going to tie with her pussy. Erica could feel Bruno trying to work his knot inside her. It was BIG…. She was scared. What if it hurt?

It was a kind of complex puzzle; Erica’s body was on sexual fire. It was feeling so good; at the same time, her mind was telling her that she has to stop it.

As Erica tried again to get up, Bruno fell backward and she felt his penis slide out of her pussy. Though immediately Bruno jumped over her again pushing her down with his huge weight; he wrapped his paws around her thighs and pushed himself hard….. deep inside her cunt once more. His knot pushed inside her pussy, he wriggled and humped and thrust as hard as he could, and eventually, he got it inside. He was holding Erica’s neck with his teeth. Erica felt his knot begin to swell inside her cunt.

Dogs have a wonderful mechanism they use to ensure their genes get passed on. The knot, which is a thick part of flesh at the base of a dog’s penis gets pushed inside the bitch, then, once inside, it swells to complete the “tie”. They can swell up to three times the original size. Once the knot reaches full size, the male finishes the process of making the bitch his by shooting his sperm out inside the bitch. Though it is difficult to continue in the same position for long; so the male dog jumps of the female dog’s body and gets on his feet facing in the opposite direction. However, their genitals remain stuck together until the male dog’s knot remains swollen for the next forty minutes or more.

Erica felt him filling her pussy as the knot stretched her pussy. She could feel the cum breaking the seal, and dripping down her legs as he squirted his hot white juices inside her. His paws dug into her thighs, his teeth held her in place, his sperm ran down her legs. He was now tied with Erica.

She was wedged with this huge dog Bruno in a sexual position like male and female dogs with their genitals stuck to each other. Bruno now was dragging her with his huge cock buried inside her pussy and it was not coming out. There appeared no way to make her self free from Bruno. Erica tried to pull herself away but it did not work; Bruno’s huge cock was buried very deep inside her pussy. She had read somewhere that dogs remain in their sexual position for hours till the complete cum of the dog is released inside female pussy. She did not know exactly how long she has to remain in that position with her pussy stuck to Bruno’s balls.

Moments later Erica tried to free herself by making forward movement. She thought it will pop out of her pussy. Caught unaware of Erica’s move Bruno immediately jumped off her back and got on his fours and adjusted his position by facing in opposite direction. Now Bruno and Erica were stuck together pussy and his swollen balls and ass hole to ass hole. To her horror now Bruno was dragging her everywhere in the cage. Also, Charlie was pushing Bruno to make him get disengaged. While Charlie was pushing Bruno the cage door got opened fully and Bruno was getting annoyed and was dragging Erica with more forceful pull. Now Bruno managed to drag her even out of the cage and was moving in the hallway with Eric’s pussy glued to his balls. She was getting dragged by her pussy with his swollen knot stuck inside her pussy. With every pull by his knot was getting bigger and was stretching Erica’s tightening pussy lips. Every few minutes there was a gushing flow of Bruno’s cum from her pussy and Bruno again dragged her with her pussy to the new location. It was a very unique experience for Erica to be pulled and dragged by the swollen knot inside her pussy. The cum was dripping all along her inner thighs. Every time Erica tried to move, Bruno pulled her with his cock and swollen knot inside her pussy. There appeared to be no way to be free till the knot would reduce in size and pop out of her pussy.

Eventually, the swelled knot went down and Bruno slid himself out of Erica’s pussy. Continuing still under the influence of wonderful sexual experience Erica threw herself on the floor on her back with her legs wide open exposing her dripping pussy to be licked by the dogs. Bruno began licking her pussy again, this time to make her muscles contract, to make her pussy tight so all her his sperm would stay inside. Erica let him felt good, and she couldn’t help it. Erica felt her pussy muscles clench and she came again, this time softer and quieter. It felt good, Erica let it happen willingly this time.

Bruno came closer and inserted his long lapping tongue inside her pussy slurping more juices. He walked up over her, the soft fur on his belly brushing the naked skin of her front until his forelegs were on either side of her shoulders. He licked her face and the sides of her head, disarranging her blond hair.

Erica, in a state of mild shock over what was happening to her, noticed that both the dogs were now nudging and pushing her from the left side to turn her back up. Erica willingly got on her fours and lowered her head and shoulders in a reflexive response to the lick, raising her butt as she did so. Now Charlie came to lick her pussy vigorously. With every touch of Charlie’s rough tongue on her pussy, Erica felt more excited and she was unable to control the flow of juices from her pussy. More he slapped her pussy with his rough tongue more juices came out from Erica’s pussy. Erica was completely under trans and did not know what exactly was happening to her. It was as if she was watching someone else going through all this. Erica’s body was exhausted from continuous rigorous sex with Bruno but her mind still wanted more. At this moment Erica raised her hips to give full access to the dogs to her pussy. This way she left all her holes exposed to be licked by the dogs freely. Bruno and Charlie were now taking turns for extensive licking of her flowing pussy. Erica was on her hands and knees doggy style with legs spread wide and her ass exposed to the dogs.

Suddenly she felt this piercing bite on her pussy lips sending shock waves through her complete body and then she felt the wonderful touch of Charlie’s big wet tongue on pussy and asshole. Shocked, Erica turned and saw a huge face of Charlie with his nose in her crotch. She rolled on her back holding her hips a little higher on her hands, he continued licking her pussy. It felt good, so she let him. Charlie worked her over with his tongue for a long time. Charlie even nipped her swollen pussy lips which Erica really loved. She couldn’t believe how far he was able to get his tongue in her pussy, and it felt really heavenly. He was even able to push his tongue inside her ass. Charlie got her off repeatedly till her pussy lips were extremely swollen and blood-red due to rubbing with his rough tongue.

Since his tongue was making her feel this good, Erica’s mind just wanted once more the dog’s cock inside her, so she assumed wide open doggy position behaving like his bitch. It only took him a moment to get on top of her. Charlie then lowered his haunches and thrust at her with his wet pointy cock tip, missing with the first thrust, sliding over her butt cheek and off to the side. He took another thrust, this time going under his target. Erica figured he knew how to fuck in that position better than she did and let him poke at her pussy, but his aim was off and he kept hitting her anus. On the third try, she felt a rumbling in his chest as his cock tip lodged in the entrance of her pussy.

Oh god it was so warm Erica felt like she was on fire and he thrust in and out of her with a speed and the power she had never felt before. Erica came almost instantly while he was riding her cunt and continued while he was shooting his hot cum inside her pussy. Erica was in ecstasy. Before Erica realized, Charlie had his big cock buried deep in her pussy.

She screamed at the sudden pain, but it quickly turned to the lust-filled pleasure, and Erica started thrusting back, which was probably a mistake. In her forceful thrusting, she actually aided Charlie in pushing his knot into her pussy. It felt really good at first, but got bigger and then Erica had her pussy stuck to Charlie’s furry balls. It felt great, and his hot sperm filled her bowels and gave her a sensation like never before. When Charlie finished shooting in her pussy, he tried to get off. To help Charlie Erica turned little to her left and Charlie just turned in opposite direction bringing them in a position butt to butt, stuck together. Erica’s pussy was once again stuck to dog cock within the last few hours. Actually, for some reason, Charlie appeared in rush to get separated and he dragged Erica all over the hallway for 20-30 minutes. Erica had never felt her pussy so fully stretched and never experienced such a strong pull on her pussy lips. Actually, her pussy was pulling all her body weight of 110 lbs when Charlie was dragging her recklessly everywhere. When Charlie was shrunk enough, he pulled out and there was a loud pop when he did, and cum ran down both her legs as she collapsed flat on the messy floor. Thankfully, Charlie and Bruno did cleaning her up again. Erica just laid there with her legs spread while both dogs licked her thighs and pussy clean with their magic tongues.

Erica spent both physically and emotionally, managed to drag herself away from the dogs even though Bruno and Charlie were licking her pussy without any respite. She had lost count of the couplings with dogs, but her watch told her she had been with dogs for more than six hours and she thought the dogs must have fucked her god all know how many times, and she had cum every time. She rested until she felt strong enough to walk, and then stood up shakily.

Bruno and Charlie seemed to be relaxed and she remembered to fill the water dish before finally getting into her long-awaited shower. She gingerly washed her pussy. The lips were extremely swollen, blood red and puffy but she couldn’t detect any real damage. She stayed in the shower for what seemed like a long time but no matter how much she cleaned, she couldn’t seem to completely wash away the dog’s thick musky scent.

She got her clothing from the dryer, dressed and went out to her cycle. It was almost midnight, the party might still be going on but Erica was far too drained for that so she walked slowly home.

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