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Escape – Dirty Sex Tales

Cindy was pissed off her parents had gone away for the weekend leaving her to look after the piggery they owned on the out skirts of town. At 16 years of age Cindy would rather be out with her friends having fun instead she was on her own apart from the dorky 17 year old boy Colin who helped at weekends at the piggery Cindy hated him called him abusive names and wound him up, it was 3 o clock in the morning Cindy was in bed wearing her flimsy night dress when she was woke by a noise, Cindy got out of bed looked out the window and to her horror saw the pigs had got free, Cindy phoned Colin when he answered his phone Cindy called him a dozy thick bastard and told him he had not locked the sty doors properly and that the pigs were out and that he better get them back in the sty, Colin told Cindy he was not on the farm but was at home, Cindy yelled into the phone it is a piggery not a farm and cut off. Cindy knew she had to do some thing or the pigs would get out on the road and get killed or cause accidents which cost them a lot of money. Cindy grabbed a torch and the battery operated electric prodder and went out, Once out side Cindy prodded a couple of pigs  giving them an electric shock herding them back the way they had come after 20 minutes Cindy had got most of the pigs back into the sty’s she then saw the four boars in the corner of the yard headed towards them saying come on you walking lumps of bacon back to your sty as she crossed the yard the prodder caught on a post and jabbed her leg giving her a shock which made he stumble and fall to the ground, Cindy started to get up as she did she felt a heavy thud in her side and she fell flat on her back, she looked up and saw the boars round her, Cindy reached for the prodder she had dropped when she had fell but could not reach it, she felt a boar nudge her and yelled at it to fuck of calling it a future bacon butty, Cindy felt her night dress being pulled looked and saw a boar had it in his mouth tried to kick out but missed the boar, the flimsy material ripped and the night dress tore aw ay from her body leaving Cindy naked. Cindy managed to roll away from the boar started to get up but slipped because of the mud landing half over a water trough Cindy tried to stand but could not she kept slipping in the mud she then a heavy weight on her back and saw trotters each side of her shoulder, she tried to push up but found she could not she screamed get off me you fat lump of bacon then felt a wet patch slide across the cheeks of her bare bum and rest on her pussy lips realising what it was she struggled then felt her love tube being penetrated and screamed no, she then felt the humping start yelled ” help a pig is fucking me” Cindy struggled but could not get free of the boar after a few minutes Cindy felt her self getting turned on and a few minutes was relaxed enjoying what was happening to her then a few minutes later climaxed she climaxed four more times before she heard shouting, after a few minutes she saw Colin looking at her he helped her up took her to the house telling her the pigs were away. Inside the house Colin ran Cindy a bath then sat her in it and started washing her back using his hands he then washed her boobs rubbing them gently with his hands as he did he then told her to stand which Cindy did Colin washed her stomach then slid his hands between her legs rubbing her love tube before doing the rest off her body he then took her out of the bath noticing her very erect nipples Colin lay her on the bed undid his trousers Cindy saw his 8 inch erection and parted her legs Colin slid his dick straight in and started pounding into Cindy who was soon moaning Cindy cam twice before Colin was finished. In the morning Cindy was sat having breakfast when Colin walked in told Cindy to help with the boars Cindy saw the collar and chair in his hands stood let Colin put the collar on her when he pulled her towel free Cindy did not complain, Colin rubbed Cindy’s boobs said ” you ready to be a good pig” Cindy nodded Colin took her to the boar sty and soon was in the middle of the sty moaning as a boar humped her.

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