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Every Girl Has A Story

From the time a girl hits puberty and starts her journey into adulthood, she sees many changes in her life. Her body starts to grow and change in ways that can seem strange and, if she has the right advise from a mother or other adult woman, pretty wonderful. All of a sudden, boys are seen in a different light and what was ignored or disliked about them becomes suddenly very interesting. About this time, most of us find out that that thing between our legs has other uses than to pee with. Laying on our bed with one hand circling the nib at the top of our pussy and the other pinching the nipple on a budding breast can bring on the most delightful feelings and some will spend quite a few hours flat on their back with their panties around their ankles and their legs spread wide with feet planted flat on the mattress, imagining something long and hard sliding into the opening below!

Questions run through our minds. “The first guy I will give myself to – who will it be? When will I meet him? Where will we do it? Will it hurt?” Well, time answers all these questions (and a lot more than we thought to ask!). Most girls dream of some romantic setting, candles, rose petals on a bed, soft music playing in the background while they’re slowly undressed and every inch of their all too willing body is caressed and fondled. Some want it any way they can get it and in just about any setting. One of my friends told me she did it under the bleachers during a football game! UGH! Well, to each her own!

Here’s my story.

I was 17 going on 18 when I met Brad at my friend Jan’s house during the school year. Brad was 20 and in college while I was just finishing my senior year in high school. He was friends with Jan’s older brother Kris. I’m 5’3” and weigh 115 or so, have a good figure that is pretty well toned from various sports (field hockey, track, tennis) while Brad was 6′ and very well built! Jan had been trying to fix me up with him since the start of the school year but I was just getting over a major breakup with another of the series of guys who just wanted to get in my pants. I wanted something different. Well, Brad was very different! Smart, knew how to talk to a girl and we found we had lots in common.

He asked me out for that Saturday night and, after determining where we would be going (so I knew what to wear – something guys never seem to understand in our need to know!).

“Oh, just about anything is great – thought we would go for a quick dinner and a show downtown – nothing fancy”, he said.

“Great!”, I thought. “Don’t have to get anything new!”, since my Visa was about tapped out.

I said yes and started planning. That night I found myself doing the old dance on my bed with my fingers sliding over my very slick pussy and the little button begging for some attention, imagining it was Brad’s fingers sliding around my lower lips and slipping into the channel between them. I was really turned on to him and had just met him!

He picked me up in his dad’s Lincoln (his car was in the shop). Leather seats, moon roof, the works! I wore jeans and a nice blouse. I also had on a lacy bra and matching panties that I had just picked up at Victoria’s Secret a few days before. As I was going out the door, Mom yelled out “Be home by 12:30! We have to go see your aunt tomorrow morning and I want to get an early start.”

“OK, Mom. Will do”, I replied.

Dinner was nice, a small restaurant in the downtown theater district. Brad seemed to know everyone here, which shouldn’t have been a big surprise as he was a theater major and was interned at some of the off-main shows. He had tickets to a small theater with local productions, mostly college student plays. Frankly, the play we saw was boring, but the company was great! Small, dark theater with small seats very close together. We cuddled through the show, which ended about 9:00. We drove out to the scenic point overlooking the ocean. The moon was full and the night was cool. We parked so the nose of the car was pointed directly at the full moon, the sound of the ocean filling the night air.

The Lincoln had bench seats with a wide console between them – not exactly made for a decent make out session! Brad suggested we get in the back seat, which was much wider. Out we hopped and into the biggest back seat I ever saw! I mean this thing was like the couch in our living room! We opened the moon roof, which lit the car with moon light.

We kissed and his hands started to wonder. My blouse was unbuttoned and he was caressing my breasts through the thin silk of my bra. I felt my nipples harden and poke against the cups. I leaned forward so he could get to the catch in the back, which he had no trouble undoing (is this a special class they teach you guys – how to unhook a girl’s bra with one hand?). My breasts were now free and he really started paying attention to them, licking and sucking the nipples while gently kneading the soft mounds. I could feel the moisture band on my panties getting wetter and wetter as my pussy was really reacting to his efforts.

By now, I was sitting with my legs over his, locked in his arms. God, I really wanted this guy! One of his hands went from my breasts to the belt holding up my jeans, undoing it and sliding the zipper down. His hand slipped in, covering my abdomen. I let my legs fall open, giving him access to the area below. He turned his hand and slide it down to cup my pussy, to feel the wetness there. The jeans were really getting in the way so I picked my hips up slightly so he could slide them off my hips and down my legs. Now the only thing I had between me and him was my panties.

“Well, Sam – either stop him here or else you know how this will end,” said the little voice in my head.

I didn’t want to stop him – I was more than ready to get fucked and this was the guy I wanted to fuck me!

Brad had been busy while I had this little conversation with myself, working at getting those pesky panties off. Again, my hips came up off the cool leather of the seat. He got the waist band down and under my ass, sliding the cool silk away from my body and down my legs to join my jeans pooled down at my ankles. I opened my knees, my pussy positively dripping girl fluids onto the seat.

God, I was ready for whatever he had in store for me! I was in such a daze that I didn’t ever feel him strip my blouse off or see his drop his pants and shorts! I saw his cock standing at attention and thought “That will NEVER FIT in my pussy!” I was about to find out just how wrong I was! It was at least 9” long and looked to be 2” wide, with a glistening plum like purple head. There was fluid leaking from the small slit in the center. I wanted so much to taste it! I lowered my head and licked the drops as I took the length in my hands. It felt hot and solid as an iron bar, but strangely smooth to the touch.

“Careful, Sam”, I said to myself, as I let the head slip into my moth. I just had to taste the whole thing.

He flexed his hips upward and more of his cock slipped into my mouth. I knew I couldn’t take the whole thing in without it gagging me, so I put my fingers around it about 4” from the head and let him fuck it in and out of my sucking mouth. “Jesus – now you’re giving your first blow job!”, I thought as his cock went in and out. All the while, Brad’s hands were very busy at my pussy, playing with the lips, sliding up to flick my engorged clit, sliding first one then two fingers into my channel, rubbing the sensitive area around my anal star, making me ready for the ‘main event’! And, believe me – I was more than READY!

He reached down and slipped my jeans and panties over my feet, freeing my legs to fully open for him. I was completely stripped, as was he, both naked and fully aroused. I fell back on the seat, my legs separated, my cunt wide open. The smell of sexual arousal was thick in the car. He moved to kneel between my wide spread thighs, the tip of his cock positioned at the opening between my pussy lips. He flicked the shaft up and down, separating the lips and gathering the moisture leaking from my distended cunt. I wrapped my legs around his waist, looking up at him in moon light.

He slide the head into me, hitting my hymen. He stopped and looked down at me.

“Sam”, he said “are you a virgin?”

“Yes”, I replied. “I’ve never do anything like this before, but I want you to be my first. Can you go easy on me this time?”

“Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you”, he said, bouncing in and out with just the head of his cock lodged in my pussy, nudging at my hymen. I could see that he wanted to slide forward, to drive that wonderful cock into me, but he was taking his time. All I wanted was to feel that cock buried in my slit, to know what it felt like to be totally fucked!

He pulled back slight, slide forward again, deeper this time putting pressure on the thin strip of flesh thqat made up my cherry. There was a slight pain. Back again then forward, more pressure, a little more pain, back and forward with even more pressure and no more back! A tearing sensation! REAL PAIN!

I squealed! He kept still, letting my channel adjust to the presence of this male intruder. He flexed his hips forward, driving about half his length into me. The pain lessened and I opened my eyes, realizing I had just been deflowered. There were tears in my eyes, but the feeling of being stretched and opened by his cock were starting to overcome any pain from the act.

He started sliding his length into me, drawing back a little, flexing his hips forward and going deeper and deeper with every movement. By now, my legs were peeled back, my knees almost touching the nipples of my breasts, my hips rolled up and my impaled cunt high off the leather seat. He was laying far forward over me driving almost straight down with each thrust. He was really in me! I felt his balls slapping at the cheeks of my ass, and any thought of the pain was gone! All I could feel was a sensation I never imagined – a real, honest to God climax brought on by a guys cock inside of me!

It was building deep in my abdomen and radiating from my pussy, my clit (which was being hit each time he sank his length home and slide the top of his cock over it), my breasts which were being hit by my knees each time he drove down, dropping his chest. By now, he was really pound me, the base of his cock mashing my clit at the end of each stroke. The feeling in my abdomen built and built, and burst in a series of shocks and thrills, sending me over the top!

I heard someone squeal and felt all my muscles quiver, my toes curling and I realized, the person squealing was me! Brad kept pounding my pussy, my hips bouncing up and down on the car seat, and again, the motion started me on another climb to climax. God, I was going to cum again! It built so much faster than the first one, the intensity much greater, as he slammed down again and again. My hair was flying all over us as I wiped my head from side to side, squealing out again and again, cumming on his wonderful cock! I couldn’t get enough of it!

I came down from the climax and rational thought slowly came back. Here I was, being fucked on the back seat of the car with his cock deep in my pussy – and NO BIRTH CONTROL!

“Brad! Please – don’t cum in me! I don’t want to get pregnant!”, I yelled. It seemed to cut through his fuck fog and he nodded his head.

I just knew he was getting close by the intensity of his face as he drove down again, his strokes getting shorter and shorter. I heard his grunt as he pulled all the way out, his cock glistening with my girl fluids. He stroked it once and started to shot his cum on my belly, his cock pumping his sperm again and again. The cum ran down along my side and pooled on the seat. His cock gradually stopped pumping and he collapsed forward, kissing me and holding me close. Now, guy cum is hot at first, but let me tell you, it gets cool real quick (and damn sticky!)! We were both covered in sweat, I know I smelled of pure sex and his cock was covered in a mixture of his cum, my girl cum, and blood from my broken cherry. Now the fun part – cleaning ourselves up!

There were wet wipes in a compartment on the back of the front seats. We used several to wipe ourselves off (I just had to help him wipe off that wonderful cock of his!), and the seats of the car (couldn’t have his dad finding his sons cum all over it!). The car reeked of sex, but we figured we’d leave the moon roof open and that would take care of that (although I suspected his father knew what his 20 year old son did with the girls he took out in it!).

Brad got me home 10 minutes before my curfew. We sat in the car, talking and made a date for the next Saturday. I went in the house and Mom was still up.

“Have a nice time?”, she asked in a distracted way.

“Oh, yes! Wonderful!”, I replied.

Something in the way I said it caught her attention and she looked up at me, a knowing look in her eyes. In a flash, I knew she knew. I had just given my virginity to a guy I had barely met.

“Well, I guess my daughter is growing up. Let’s talk in the morning.”

The next morning, I realized I had become one of those girls that ‘put out’ on the first date. And I wasn’t sorry I had!

Brad and I spent many happy days (and nights) together for about a year, when I went off to college. Mom got me on birth control pills the next week and I no longer had to worry about him cumming in me (of course, now I had to figure out how to get into the house without his cum leaking down my thighs!).

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