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Failure – Dirty Sex Tales

Cindy was a sixteen year old girl from a very rich family, her dad owned property all round the world and she wanted for nothing, Cindy went on holiday three times a year, stayed out late partying and slept most of the day, On Exam day Cindy could hardly keep her eyes open and when the results came in she found that she had failed in every subject. Two days after getting her results Cindy was waiting for their limo to pick her up from the dinner and dance she had been to and when she tried to phone her dad to find out where the car was she found that she had no signal on her phone so started to walk home cussing as she did, in the morning Cindy was woken early by the maid who was hoovering her room and when Cindy told her to stop the maid said ” see your dad he gave me orders” Cindy went down stairs to her dad and started to complain, her dad soon shut her up, telling her that her free loading days were over and that she had wasted her life and that her exam results were a disgrace, he told her that she was a failure and that he had stopped all her credit cards and had her phones cut off, if she wanted anything she would have to earn it, Cindy went to her mum knowing her mum would help and was shocked when her mum refused, for breakfast all Cindy got was a bowl of cereal and a glass of juice  and for lunch a sandwich, Cindy got moved from her rooms to a single room with a single bed. Most of her friends would not have anything to do with her and after a week Cindy was missing the good life and was getting desperate and one evening was walking home when Amy the loudmouth mouthed violent bully girl from the village spoke to her and told her she could earn a fortune Cindy asked how Cindy looked shocked when Amy said ” sell your body” Cindy said ” you mean become a prostitute” Amy told her yeah and explained how to do it and that she did it” Amy said “come with me my parents are out” Cindy followed Amy back to where she lived and up to her bedroom, Amy left Cindy in her room for a few minutes and when she returned she was naked and told Cindy to undress, Cindy hesitated and when Amy said ” you want fifty pound undress, Cindy stripped, Amy said ” wow you got beautiful tits” and cupped them then started to massage them before sliding her hand between Cindy’s legs and rubbing her love tube then inserting her fingers inside and after ten minutes of being played with Cindy climaxed, later Cindy was walking home surprised at what had happened. A few nights later Cindy was walking home when Amy appeared with her boyfriend Steve who was seventeen, Amy told Cindy that Steve would give her a hundred pound for sex , half a hour later Cindy was laying naked on Amy’s bed with Steve thrusting his nine inch dick in and out of her love tube, after he had finished Amy told her that there were other boys willing to pay fifty pound not long after Steve’s brother who was two years younger than his brother was thrusting in and out of Cindy’s love tube while Cindy sucked his best friends dick, after two hours Cindy was starting to get sore and said no more as she walked home Cindy counted the money she had and found she had five hundred pound and was happy. Amy was speaking Steve and told him she had charged the boys twenty pound to use her room, after a month Cindy had opened a new bank account which was very healthy, That night Cindy looked at her dad and thought so you reckon that I am a failure and smiled thinking of Amy.

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