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Family Fun 21-30 – Dirty Sex Tales

Chapter 21

‘This should be good!’, Bob thought, ‘I bet she picks the smallest trunks she can find.’ He took off his tee shirt and waited impatiently for her to return. He was looking forward to this. If she turned out to be as hot as she pretended to be, this could turn out to be a memorable afternoon after all!

A minute later, Julie returned with a pair of her brother’s swimming trunks. She had purposely chosen the skimpiest pair she could find, and couldn’t wait to see him wearing them.

“Here!”, She said, handing Bob the trunks, “You can change in the pool shed if you like!”

“No, I’ll change here. Nobody can see us can they?”, He asked, enjoying the look of total surprise on her face. ‘Two can play at this game sweetheart’, he thought.

Julie’s heart skipped a beat. “Ahhh.. Umm.. Nnno, nobody can see. The fence is too tall.”, She stammered unable to believe her ears.

Bob started to remove his shorts. “Aren’t you going to turn ’round while I change?”, He asked.

Julie fought an urge to say, ‘No, Lover! I want to see your cock!’, And instead replied, “Yeah, sure. Sorry Bob!” Reluctantly the young girl turned her back on him as he quickly dropped his shorts and pulled on the ill-fitting trunks. Her pussy twitched as she tried to imagine him naked. When he finished, Bob reached out and playfully slapped her firm young backside before diving gracefully into the pool.

“Last one in’s a rotten egg!”, He yelled as he hit the surface. Julie, giggled and dived in after him, her slim, youthful figure cutting through the water like a knife.

She surfaced and looked around. He was nowhere in sight! Then, she caught sight of a shadow moving towards her, under the water. As Bob came up in front of her, Julie dove under again, practically shoving her ass into his face. She turned over and floated on her back, deliberately showing him more of her tits and crotch. Bob watched her move about the pool, she was deliberately teasing him. She obviously needed fucking and she was practically asking for it. He swam the length of the pool once, hoping to cool off, and wound up in the shallow end.

Suddenly, Julie’s head brushed against his legs. When she broke the surface and stood up, she was so close that her tits brushed temptingly against his chest.

“Hi”, she said flashing him a sexy smile. Bob grinned back. “Hello, honey.”

She reached back behind her neck and undid the string of her bikini top, letting her tits fall free. Bob looked down at them. They were large and lightly tanned, and stood out without the trace of any sag. Firm, young tits just made for a man’s hands. His balls ached. He wanted to pull her to him and fuck his cock into her teen cunt until she screamed for mercy, but he still wasn’t sure that Julie wasn’t a little prick-teaser who would cry ‘Rape!’ If he got too serious. He had to find out!

“Do you like my tits, Bob?”, Asked Julie, cupping her hands under each creamy breast.

“You bet, baby! They’re fantastic!”, He gasped.

“Wanna touch them?”, Smiled Julie.

“Ohhh, Jesus Christ, yes!”, Groaned Bob. Julie held his hands to her tits, and Bob wasted no time in squeezing and fondling the resilient globes with his fingers. Meanwhile, Julie began to press her lower body urgently against his rising hardon.

She felt his cock quiver and jump as she rubbed her moistening mound insistently back and forth against it. The lips of her eager young pussy flowered open as his prick pressed roughly between her thighs, seeking out the narrow, little slit with practiced ease. Bob pulled the girl towards him and whispered in her ear. “You’re not a virgin, are you?”

Julie gasped. “What do you think?”

“I think I’m going to fuck you!”

Bob glanced around. There was no one to be seen, and she was right, the high pool fence prevented anybody seeing what they were doing………

Chapter 22

Pulling her to the edge of the pool, Bob lifted her up and slid his fingers into the waistband of her bikini bottoms, almost ripping the flimsy garment from her body in a wild attempt to get at her tempting young cunt. As soon as her pussy was exposed, Bob cupped the pert little mound with his palm and squeezed, letting his middle finger slide into the hot, slippery cuntflesh. It was too much for Julie. The little teenager whimpered submissively, telling him in no uncertain terms, exactly what she wanted him to do to her.

“Fuck me! Ooooh, Christ Bob, Fuck me hard! I’ve been looking forward to this all day!” Julie threw her arms around the boy’s strong shoulders and raised her knees, holding them wide apart so he could enter her.

“Ohhhhhh, yeahhhhh, baby! I’m gonna fuck you alright!”, He growled, pulling down the front of his trunks.

With one hand he took hold of his stiff throbbing, prick, the other cupped her tiny ass, holding her steady. With eager haste, Bob pressed his cock into the girl’s waiting pussy, but Julie was so small that at first he couldn’t locate the entrance her compact little cunt. But, after a bit of wiggling on her part, he found her tiny sexual opening with the tip of his cock and pressed harder, forcing his meaty rod inch by inch, into her juicy, little fuckhole.

“Ungghhhhh! Jesus, baby! That’s fuckin’ tight!”, He grunted, easing his big cock into her little twat real slow.

‘Christ, if her cunt is this tight, how much tighter must her cute little asshole be?’, Bob wondered. His cock swelled at the thought, which made it even harder to get the long thick shaft fully into the panting girl’s vice-like slit. The water, and Julie’s abundant cuntal excretions soon helped his cock penetrate the snug little tube, and it wasn’t long before he was balls-deep in her tiny cuntal sheath. Once his prick was lodged fully inside her snatch, Bob grabbed the cheeks of her tight, little ass and began thrusting. Julie squealed like a stuck pig, feeling the fullness of a man-sized prick in her little juvenile cunt for the first time.

Russ Miller’s boyish dick was nothing compared to this! But Julie was suddenly glad that Russell had taken her virginity with his smaller cock, because she knew that if Bob had been the one, she would have been sore for weeks! Jerking and bucking her hips up to meet his screwing cock, Julie held onto the edge of the pool as Bob fucked her savagely. His big prick felt rock-hard, and it rubbed her clit with every stroke. She squirmed her little ass around wildly as Bob rammed into her, holding her ass out of the water, cupping her tiny asscheeks for leverage.

Julie arched her back and gyrated her hips as his cock penetrated her deeply. She felt totally filled up, yet strained to get every last inch of his dick inside her sex-starved little snatch. Bending down, Bob captured one of her strawberry-pink nipples in his mouth. She cradled his head against her breasts as he sucked it, small moans of pleasure spilling from her parted lips. Julie’s legs were wrapped around his thighs, pulling herself onto his fucking cock as she hung to the edge of the pool for dear life.

As the handsome youth fucked her, Julie began to wonder what a slightly bigger cock would feel like. Bob was big, and it felt wonderful, but she knew from experience that he was not as big as her brother or her father. Their massive pricks would surely split her cunt wide open. Deep down, she had a determination to find out! Bob pulled her mouth to his, and kissed her roughly, his tongue soaring into her mouth as his cock soared into her cunt. He held her hips with both hands and laid her back until the girl was almost horizontal on the water. At this angle, the upper ridge of Bob’s prick rasped deliciously against the hard nub of her sensitive, young clitoris. Julie groaned loudly, bucking her hips against him, close to orgasm. One more stroke and she’d be there, over the edge.

Chapter 23

“Ooooooh! Uhnnngghh! Unnngghhh! Fuck! Fuck Me Bobby!… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Julie came with a series of high-pitched moans and grunts, grinding her tight, little-girl pussy, hard onto the older boy’s drilling cock.

Bob continued fucking into her as she came, tearing through her tangled, wet cuntbush, and burying his prick deep in her tight, teenaged twat. His cock remained buried in her cunt even after Julie dropped her legs into the water beside him and stood up on tiptoes to kiss his panting mouth. She was impaled on his cock, and it was still hard! Her cunt began to quiver at the thought. Jesus, but she wanted more of that!

“God! You’re a delicious little fuck, kid!”, He said.

“Oh, Bobby! That was fantastic! Do it to me again, please??”, Julie whispered, covering the boy’s neck and cheek with a flurry of hot little kisses.

Bobby laughed. “Ok Baby, but let’s go inside where we can be a little more comfortable. I’m starting to get a little bit cold”

“Yeah, we can do it on my mother’s bed. I’ve always wanted to get fucked on my mother’s bed.”, She confided. ‘Me too!’, Bobby thought with a smile, ‘But you’ll do for now. Until I can get my cock into your mother. Shit! If she’s anything like you, baby, it’ll be dead easy’

He followed her into the house, watching her naked young behind wiggle all the way. ‘Jesus H. Christ! What a hot little nympho!’ He was going to fuck and suck her tight, juicy little teen pussy until she couldn’t take any more, and then he’d fuck her mother. Maybe he’d fuck them both at the same time! One on his cock, the other on the end of his tongue. Bob was partial to a bit of pussy munching, especially if he could get Tina involved! Christ, how he’d love to stick his tongue into Tina’s wet, juicy slit and eat out that creamy cunt of hers! Maybe while her daughter wrapped her tight lips or cunt around his jutting cock. The possibilities were endless!

Chapter 24

Kelly Conroy lay sprawled on her bed, trying to read. Her mother, Debbie, had gone out shopping soon after her brother had left to go next-door and clean the Simpson’s pool. She was suddenly all alone in the house with nothing to do. She had listened to the stereo for a while and even watched some TV but it was no good, she was utterly bored. Finally, she had selected a novel from the bookshelf in her room and settled down to read it. She tried desperately to get involved with the storyline, but her mind just wouldn’t concentrate.

She wondered what was taking her brother so long. The last time he spent this much time cleaning a pool, he had told her rather proudly that the woman of the house had tried to seduce him. ‘The other way round, more likely!’, Kelly thought. She knew her twin brother well, they thought alike, and had much the same tastes, particularly in sex. Bob had been fucking her since that fateful night about three years, when he had taken her virginity. Since then, Kelly seemed to sense when he needed sex and vice versa. Not only that, Bobby was regularly fucking their mother too!

It had all started about six months after their father left. He had run off with his secretary, a young girl half his age, and the whole family was devastated. But soon, as they do, things returned to normal. Normal that is except that their mother, who was an attractive, highly sexed woman was no longer getting laid as often as she had been accustomed to. In fact, she wasn’t getting laid at all! So in frustration, Debbie had turned to her son, Bob.

It didn’t happen suddenly. She must have been thinking about it for weeks, trying to suppress the increasingly incestuous thoughts she was beginning to have about her handsome young son. Then, one night after returning home from a party, more than slightly tipsy, Debbie had undressed and climbed into her own son’s bed. The liquor and her enforced celibacy had turned her into a sex-starved animal. Poor Bob never stood a chance, not that he put up much of a fight. With a gorgeous, naked woman suddenly in his bed, Bob reacted like any other red-blooded male would have done, and fucked his mother to within an inch of her life!

Debbie must have wanted it something awful, because the noise they made woke Kelly up. The young girl raced to her brother’s room only to find her mother squatting on Bobby’s erect cock, riding him like a bucking bronco, relieving her many weeks of pent-up, sexual hunger in one mighty fuck!

Kelly had not been immune to her brother’s obvious masculine charms herself, and often fantasized about his big, fat cock whilst she masturbated her juicy young slit to a creamy froth. So, as she stood in the doorway, watching her brother’s magnificent prick slice upwards into their mother’s gooey cunt, Kelly’s initial surprise was quickly replaced by pure lust, tinged with a substantial amount of jealousy!

Bob looked up and saw her as she fled from the room, but he was so engrossed in fucking his mother’s writhing cunt, that he said nothing. Kelly returned to her room and fell onto the bed, listening to her mother’s muffled groans. In her mind’s eye, she could see her brother’s cock sliding powerfully between her mother’s ripe, hairy cuntlips as the sex-crazed woman bucked up and down on him. A strong thrill of arousal shivered through her young body as she imagined herself back in Bob’s bedroom, kneeling between their thighs, staring at the junction of their fucking organs. In her mind’s eye, she watched herself lower her mouth to her mother’s cuntlips and begin to lick the tasty glistening flesh as her brother’s cock slid into it.

The scene enfolded in her brain like a pornographic movie except that the moans and groans were real! They were coming from her brother’s bedroom, right down the hall! In her fantasy, she licked them both with equal vigor, cleaning her mother’s cunt juice from her brother’s pistoning cock with her lips and tongue.

Chapter 25

Kelly didn’t know what turned her on more, the thought of licking her brother’s cock, or the thought of licking her mother’s cunt! With a moan, she opened the front of her nightie and slid one of her hands in to cup the soft flesh of her tits. The other dropped immediately to her moist crotch and slid under the waistband of her panties to delve between the slick parted lips of her highly aroused young pussy.

Her vivid fantasy became more and more lurid as Kelly pictured her mother’s juicy cunt plastered over her sucking mouth while her strong, handsome brother fucked her own tight little hole with his hard prick. She was lost in a fantasy world where anything was possible and everything was pleasurable. So engrossed was she in fact, that she didn’t notice that the noises coming from her brother’s bedroom had stopped. She continued to squeeze her hard little tits and rub her juice-soaked little pussy, moaning softly at the pleasure rapidly building in her loins.

Suddenly, Kelly’s eyes flew open as light from the hallway streamed into her darkened bedroom. Bobby stood in the doorway staring down at her scantily clad figure. He was only a silhouette to her, but she knew he was staring at the hand moving vigorously between her parted thighs. Bob, moved into the room and sat down on the bed beside her.

“You ok sis?” He asked, genuinely concerned. He had seen the look on her face as she’d ran from his room, and wanted to comfort her. Kelly threw her arms round her brother’s broad shoulders and hugged him tightly.

“Bobby! You fucked Mom!”, She sobbed accusingly. Bob held her closely, feeling the twin points of her hard little nipples pressing into his chest.

“Oh, Kelly!”, He whispered, “I’m sorry! Mom was so hot for it. You saw her. I couldn’t help myself!” The heat from her body was fierce, and the pressure of her firm, young tits against his body was driving him crazy.

“You seemed to be enjoying it!”, She replied, looking up into his deep brown eyes.

“Well sure I did, Sis. Jeez, I’m only human after all!”, He said.

Kelly mustered up the courage to ask him more about the actual details.

“Did you come in Mom’s…. Umm… Mom’s….”, She stammered, unable to say the word in front of her brother, despite what had happened.

“Cunt?”, Bob finished the sentence for her.

“Yes. Did you come in her c..cunt?”

“No Sis, Mom was so hot she came long before I was ready.” He smiled, reading the look of relief on her pretty young features.

“Ohhh Bob, it made me so horny watching you and Mom!” Cried Kelly, caressing her hands lovingly over the muscles of her brother’s back. “I was so turned on, I had to take care of myself with my fingers.”

“So I noticed.”, He smiled, “But it’s much better if someone else does it for you, Sis. Here let me show you.”

Bob’s hands roamed down over his sister’s naked flesh, seeking the warm, humid softness of her exposed pussy. Kelly gasped involuntarily and parted her legs, as her brother’s palm slid down over the firm curve of her belly. She gasped again as she felt his hand move up the inside of her thighs, then moaned aloud as his fingertips touched her pussy. Instinctively, Kelly reached for his prick and pulled it out of his shorts. Despite having just fucked their mother, it was rock-hard. Kelly marveled at the size of it, running her fingers up and down the long, thick stem. It felt bigger much than she remembered. Bob pushed aside the elastic of her panties and inserted a finger into his sister’s tight, juicy little cunt.

Chapter 26

“Oooohoooooh!” She moaned as his long finger slid deeply into her sucking hole, “Fuck me, Bobby! Fuck it into my cunt, and make me come!”

Bob liked the way his sister begged for it for it, pleading to be fucked, just like their mother had done earlier. It really turned him on, and his cock began to throb and pulse in her hand. He had lied to her about coming in his mother’s cunt, because he felt ashamed. He had in fact, pumped her spasming womb full of his hot, white jism until it ran out and covered their thighs. He had felt shame at the time, because he had enjoyed it so much. But now, he felt no shame at all, only a deep burning desire to fuck his twin sister.

Although he had just spent a load of sperm inside his mother, Bob knew that there was plenty left for Kelly. It was building all the time, and his balls once more began to ache with fullness. Bob slipped a second finger into his sister’s well-lubricated cunt and forced her back onto the pillows with his other hand. The moaning young girl spread her legs wide to allow him better access, her cunt gushing pussy-juice around her brother’s fingers as it throbbed with heated excitement. All Kelly could think about was the anticipation of his cock.

Instinctively moving her hips up and down, Kelly timed the motions of her twat to coincide with the plunging dives if her brother’s stiff digits. She could feel her tortured little clitoris poking its way between her cuntlips, little electric tingles shooting and bursting across her quivering loins. Finally, needing to find a release for her passions, Kelly whimpered, “Bobby, I want you to fuck me! I want you to put your big, fat prick inside my cunt and fuck me. Oooooh, please do it to me. Just like you did to Mom!”

Bob acted instantly this time and quickly wriggled out of his shorts. Slipping his thumbs under the elastic of his sister’s wet panties, he slid them down over her long, slim legs, leaving them crumpled in a heap around her ankles. Bob spread her thighs as wide as he could and moved between them, whistling under his breath at the sight of Kelly’s open pussy. It was deep red inside, and tight! Much smaller than his mother’s tender twat had been. His mother’s cuntlips had spread open widely, exposing the many folds of juicy, pink cuntflesh. Kelly’s on the other hand was neat and tidy, the fur-lined outer lips only just revealing the glistening inner folds, even with her legs so widely spread apart.

Kelly remembered the expression on her brother’s face as he looked at her naked cunt for the first time. She didn’t know it then, but she would see that same hungry look many times in the future, in fact, every time he sucked her pussy.

“Christ, you’re beautiful down there Sis!”, Bob groaned bending down towards the object of his desire, “I have to taste you!”

His lips closed over her gaping slit, drawing the flesh of her tender young twat into his mouth. He slipped both hands under her trim little ass and pulled her cunt hard up against his jaw. As his tongue slipped between the lips of her pussy and stabbed into her dilated hole, Bob heard his sister cry out.

“Ohhhhh, yessss Bobby! You big gorgeous prick! Suck it! Suck my cunt!”

Kelly squealed with delight as she felt her brother’s hot wet tongue lapping at the quivering flesh of her juicy, open slit. Encouraged by her lusty cries, Bob rammed his tongue all the way inside his sister’s tasty cunt, stopping only when his nose pressed tightly against her clit. In response, Kelly pushed her compact little cunt-mound up hard against her brother’s mouth, moving her slim young hips in time with the boy’s jabbing tongue.

Chapter 27

When her brother sucked the stem of her throbbing little love button deep into the back his mouth, Kelly almost screamed with pleasure. She held onto him by the ears and pressed his face against her squirming cunt. In turn, Bob twisted his juice-drenched mouth from side to side, trying to burrow his delving tongue ever more deeply into Kelly’s sweet, gaping cunthole. Bob loved the flavor of his sister’s tasty pussy. He could have happily eaten her eager little snatch all night, but the ache in his balls and the rock-hard pole swinging between his legs told him it was time for some serious fucking. Lifting his face from his sister’s twat, Bob scrambled between her skinny thighs and placed his cock where his tongue had just been. Kelly felt so wet, Bob tried to enter his little sister in one stroke, but his swollen organ was less than halfway in when it reached a spongy barrier.

“Jesus Christ, Sis… You’re a virgin!”, He said with a startled cry.

“Ohhhhh, yes Bobby, yes… But please don’t stop!” Squealed Kelly. “I want you to fuck me! Oooooooooh, take my cherry, Bobby… I wanna get fucked!”

His sister’s wanton request excited Bobby beyond belief.

“Jesus, Kelly! I’ll fuck you sweetheart! Oh, yeahhh! I’ll fuck you good!”, He gasped, stroking her flushed cheek.

Bobby had the urge to slam right down into her, to fuck his prick up into his sister’s tight, slippery little twat as hard as he could. But he knew that she wouldn’t be able to take it just yet, it would hurt her something terrible.

Instead, Bobby paused and rested his weight on both hands, giving Kelly a chance to accept his thickness inside her. The part of his cock that was already inside her, was getting a really tight squeeze as the walls of his little sister’s virginal pussy closed around its girth. Her warm cuntal walls clenching around his prick soon made him want to go even deeper. With a short, hard stab, he forced his cock in a little further. Kelly screamed, and at the same instant, Bob felt her hymen give way. With a triumphant cry his cock disappeared inside his sister’s tight young cunt until his balls pressed snugly against the damp hairless, little groove of her ass.

Kelly began screaming differently as soon as Bobby began to move his huge cock inside her.

“Yessss! Fuck me! Oh, God yes! Jesus that’s fantastic! Screw me, Bobby! Don’t ever stop!” Her back was arched and her eyes were tightly closed as her brother began to pump into her upthrust cunt with long, deep satisfying strokes.

Kelly remembered coming half a dozen times that night, three of them before Bobby even shot off his first scalding load deep within her heaving belly. Her pussylips twitched and her cunt began to simmer with wet heat as Kelly remembered back to that first night, and all the wonderful incestuous pleasure they had experienced since. When it came to sex, her bother was insatiable. He had fucked her once this morning already. A long slow, wake-up fuck which had left Kelly wanting more. But after that phone call from Mr. Simpson this morning, Bob had hurried off next-door, all too quickly she thought.

‘I wonder if my darling brother is getting his rocks off with Tina Simpson?’, She mused, a sly smile wrinkling her pretty mouth, ‘I’ll bet he is, the horny little devil!’

Tossing her book aside Kelly ran down the hall and out the back door, determined to find out. Next door, she found the pool area empty, and Bob’s cleaning kit lying next to the pool shed. Kelly hurried towards the house. The side doors were open and she peeked inside, listening for sounds of activity.

The house appeared to be empty, so spurred on by the excitement of what she might find, Kelly stepped inside. There was no one in the kitchen or living room, but she could hear a faint, muffled sound coming from somewhere. As she moved down the hallway, it became louder and louder until Kelly recognized a familiar moaning sound. It was her brother! He was definitely fucking someone, she knew that much, but who? ‘Tina Simpson, for sure!’ Thought Kelly, ‘He’s always boasted that he’d fuck her one day. Maybe he’s actually succeeded!’. She tiptoed quickly down towards the source of the noise. It was coming from one of the bedrooms at the end of the hall, and Kelly’s pulse quickened with excitement as she moved closer.

Chapter 28

The door was closed, so she carefully tried the doorknob. Locked! Kelly looked at the knob in desperation. It was one of those multi-purpose household doorknobs with a locking switch on the inside and a groove on the outside so that in case of an emergency, the door could be opened from the outside using a screwdriver or a coin or something. Of course! A coin! Kelly checked her pockets and pulled out a five-cent piece. ‘Just the right size’, she thought smiling to herself, ‘and it was an emergency after all, wasn’t it?’ Kelly turned the lock and very, very carefully opened the door a fraction.

Peeking inside, she saw two naked bodies writhing on the bed. One of them was her brother, but Kelly couldn’t see who the other belonged to. She was on her back with her legs spread, and Bob was on top of her with his back to the door, pumping his cock into her tight cunt. And boy did it ever look tight! From this angle, Kelly had an unobstructed view between her brother’s legs.

She could clearly see how the girl’s slick cuntflesh gripped her brother’s cock, pulling out around it as he withdrew and being forced inside as he rammed back down. ‘Jesus! That’s making me hot, just looking at it!’ Though Kelly, licking her lips. Suddenly, the girl on the bed squealed loudly, “Mmmmmm! That’s so good! So fuckin’ good!… Shove it in me!… Fuck me hard!”

“Uhhhhh, You mean like this baby?”, Grunted Bob, jerking his hips downwards with rapid, sledgehammer thrusts.

“Uhhhh! God! Oooooh, fuck! Mmmmmmm, yesss! Uhhh! Just like that!”

Suddenly, Kelly recognized the girl’s voice. “Julie?”, Whispered Kelly under her breath, “She’s only sixteen!” She couldn’t believe it! Her brother was fucking a kid! ‘She sure didn’t sound like a kid.’, She thought, listening to Julie’s graphic language. Looking closer, Kelly decided that Julie didn’t act like a kid either! Julie’s thighs were spread wide apart with her heels locked around her lover’s waist.

As Bob fucked his cock into the youngster’s tightly-stretched cunt, her slim, pubescent hips bucked high up off the bed to meet his every powerful thrust. Kelly licked her lips at the wonderful sight of her brother’s cock sliding wetly in and out of the kid’s juicy snatch. She was getting so turned on, she simply had to join in. She was sure Bob wouldn’t mind, but she wasn’t too sure about Julie. “Well only one way to find out,” she thought, pushing open the door. The pair on the bed were far too engrossed in fucking each-other’s brains out to notice as Kelly stepped into the room and locked the door behind her.

“Well! Well! Well! What have we here?”, Asked Kelly loudly, moving over to the bed. Both Bob and Julie stopped dead in their tracks and turned as one, toward the sound of the unexpected voice.

“Kelly!”, Said Bob, looking relieved, “Jesus! You scared the living shit out of me!”

“Aren’t you pleased to see me big brother?”, Kelly said, sitting casually on the edge of the bed. She always referred to Bob as her ‘big’ brother, even though they were twins. It had started out because he was born first, exactly one minute older that his sister, but once she had seen and felt the size of his cock, she took great pleasure in calling him her ‘BIG’ brother.

Julie looked like she was in shock. Her mouth was still open but nothing was coming out of it. It was kind of erotic and Kelly suddenly pictured Bob’s cock between Julie’s slackly parted lips.

“What’s wrong honey?”, Asked Kelly, “Cat got your tongue?”, She smiled at the terrified girl, trying to calm her down.

“W…what are you doing here?”, Asked Julie, trying to hide under Bob. “I heard there was a little orgy going on over here”, replied Kelly, “so I decided to come over and see for myself!”

Chapter 29

Julie looked at Kelly with total confusion, “What? I don’t understand!”

“Well Baby, why don’t we let my big brother here answer that one.”, Said Kelly, reaching out lovingly to caress the taut, round cheeks of her brother’s naked ass.

“What’s she talking about, Bob?”, Asked Julie, “Is she gonna tell Mom and Dad about us?” The young teen began to look more than a little more worried.

“No way! She’s probably sorry she didn’t get here earlier. If I know my sister, I bet she wants to join in!”, Bob replied with a cheeky grin, “Do you think we should let her, baby?”

“But she’s your sister!”, Countered Julie, realizing how hypocritical it was after what she and her own brother had done in the shower this morning.

“Don’t worry, I fuck her all the time!”, Boasted Bob, “I even fuck my Mom too! Both of ’em can’t get enough of my cock. What do you think of that?” Julie’s little cunt twitched around Bob’s prick at the very thought of him having sex with both his sister and mother.

“I… I don’t know!”, Said Julie, glancing shyly in Kelly’s direction,

“It’s Ok I guess. I’ve had the same kind of thoughts lately myself”

“Really?”, Asked Kelly, “About who?”

Julie began to feel a little uncomfortable.

“About my father and brother!”, She confessed with embarrassment.

Julie told them everything. About watching her parents, about her brother in the shower, and about her father beside the pool this morning.

“Jesus, Babe! No wonder you almost raped me this afternoon. You must have been horny as hell!”, Laughed Bob, caressing the girl’s tits. His cock was still buried in her cunt, and it had lost little of it’s former hardness. The hot, tight grip of Julie’s pussy having a lot to do with that.

“Well? Are you two just going to lie there like that, or are we going to get this show on the road?”, Asked Kelly, standing up to undress.

They watched as Kelly took of her top. The dark-haired girl wore no bra, and as her firm, rounded tits fell free, Julie shuddered with an excitement she had never felt before. Bob felt the girl’s cunt moisten noticeably around his cock as the temporarily subdued fires in Julie’s hot little twat began to burn fiercely once more.

“Are you really going to join us, Kelly?”, Murmured Julie, “I don’t know if I can do it with somebody watching!”

“Don’t worry darling, I won’t be watching for long!”, Husked Kelly, stepping out of her skirt. Both pairs of eyes on the bed were watching her as she undressed. She left her panties on, and knelt next to them, spreading her thighs as wide as she could so they could both see her cute little panty-covered mound.

Bob’s mouth began to water, and he licked his lips sexily as soon as he saw the telltale, moisture seeping through the front of his twin sister’s panties. Kelly saw his lewd gesture and smiled, “Hungry, brother dear?”, She murmured, running her fingers lightly up and down the crotch of her panties, feeling the wet heat radiating through the thin nylon. Bob knew that his sister liked to leave her panties on when she masturbated. She said that the erotic feeling of wet nylon rubbing over her slippery flesh always made her extra horny.

“Jesus, you look good, Kel!”, Groaned Bob, beginning to move his cock in Julie’s cunt as he watched his sister’s fingers push the thin fabric into her juicy slit.

“Good enough to eat, big brother?”, Grinned Kelly, pulling the elastic of her panties aside to give him a look at the moist, pink inner flesh of her tasty young pussy.

Chapter 30

“Why don’t you bring that hot, tasty little fur-burger of yours over here where I can get my mouth on it, and I’ll show you, Sis!”

Julie listened intently to the lewd exchange between brother and sister, hardly believing it possible! She began to lift her cunt up at Bob, urging him to continue fucking her. His cock had grown even larger now that his sister was with them, and Julie began to feel a twinge of jealousy.

“Fuck me, Bobby!”, She pleaded, “Please, fuck me like you did before!” The boy began to move his hips once more, stroking his large cock in and out of the youngster’s tightly clasping slit.

Kelly stood up once more and stepped out of her saturated panties. “Yeah! Fuck her Bobby!”, Whispered his sister, climbing onto the bed, “Fuck her hot little cunt real good… And while you’re doing that, you can suck on mine!”

Kelly stood facing her brother with one foot either side of Julie’s shoulders so that his mouth was in line with her pussy. With legs spread far apart, she ran her fingers through the dark, curly pubic bush between her legs and pulled open her pussylips for him. Bob moaned deep in his throat at the exquisite sight directly in front of his eyes.

His sister had always had a gorgeous little cunt, and ever since that night years ago, when she had first let him suck it, Bob had never tired of eating her tasty little slit. He watched as it flowered open before his eyes, revealing her most private inner parts to his lustful gaze.

“Move closer Kel! I can’t reach you!”, He said, jerking forwards trying to get his lips onto his sister’s tasty twat. The movements thrust his prick further into Julie, who moaned loudly, delighted at the extra deep penetration. Kelly arched her crotch towards her brother, pushing it at him. Bob pressed his face into her hot, wet gash and began to lick and suck hungrily the familiar flesh.

Julie looked up and saw Bob’s tongue quickly disappear into Kelly’s squirming cunt. The young girl couldn’t believe it! She had heard about this form of sex, but this was the first time she had ever actually seen it. It was stimulating to say the least! Especially since the two participants were brother and sister. Julie thought of her own brother and wondered if John would do that to her. She humped her little cunny up onto Bob’s driving cock, quivering at the very prospect of having her brother suck her cunt.

‘Ohhh, yes’, she thought, ‘I’d love it if Johnny would pull off my panties and stuck his tongue into my fuckhole like that. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Yesssss!’ What about her father? Could she get him to lick her hot, wet cuntslit too? Ohhhhh, what about both of them at once! Julie began to writhe and squirm her tight little twat up at Bobby’s cock as wanton incestuous thoughts filled her young mind.

Bob’s lips were everywhere at once as he licked and sucked hungrily at Kelly’s musky young gash. Knowing exactly how his sister liked it, Bob repeatedly dragged the tip of his tongue through her cuntslit from asshole to clit and back again, stopping only to stab it deep into her juicy little hole. This brought loud moans from the highly aroused Kelly who grabbed the back of her brother’s head and pressed his face into her eager snatch.

“Bobby! Ohhh, Jesus Christ yesss! Use your tongue like a cock, baby! Stick it right up into my cunt!”

Her brother quickly obliged. Spreading his mouth over her hairy opening, he plunged his stiff tongue as far up inside her straining pussy as he could, sucking noisily.

“Arhhhh! That’s it! Unggghh! You’re making me want to come already.”

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