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Family trip to Goa : part-11

Hi everyone,
It’s a nice morning as we family members are at cliff beach in Goa, so dad fucked me as my wet vagina is bit dry and so son have taken the baton from his dad to fuck me and this fuck session I know I will be the winner with both’s cum in my vagina as it’s natural that men / guy have to ejaculate in our holes but we also cums as get horny, hot and lastly exhausted. Now Ritu have put her legs widened as my brother Ankit is holding his penis and now pushes in my vagina, so looking at him with smile on face I just put my buttocks high as he pounded his penis hard and I am feeling it’s hardness while he is giving me a hard fuck. Ritu is on grass as mom came there with bag and bedsheet in hands and looking at me she said ” oh you three are enjoying here as I am feeling too alone ” and there mom put the bedsheet as she slept on it, dad than hold her breast as mom put down the straps on her shoulder and than dad have made Sneha nude as she is too sexy with a nice figure. Ritu is getting fucked and my brother have hold my both thighs as I have put my legs on his shoulders, so my buttocks is bit up on grass as Ankit is fucking me while holding my thighs and his 4-5 inches cock is not too long for my flexible vagina and as he is giving me hard fuck I can feel vagina in fire ” uh oh yes yes yes fuck fuck fuck you dog ” and than Ankit took out his penis as I can see mom on her knees as dad is fucking her from behind while holding her long hairs as he is making him a whore with body swinging fast ” fuck fuck me hard you dirty men can’t wait to fuck me as you have made your daughter’s vagina an impure one
( Dad ) she loves my cock ok ” as we both brother and sister than started drinking whiskey and we are at cliff beach as in afternoon it looks deserted. So as I lit a cigarette and while sitting on grass with legs straight, Ankit now put some whiskey on boobs as started licking it while I hold his penis and now as I finishes my drink, I have hold a cigarette on one hand as his penis in other hand, so jerking his penis hard as he is licking my wet boobs and Ankit than put more whiskey on my other breast as he starts licking it with his long tongue and I have left his penis as took glass of whiskey from him and put it on my vagina. Ankit is sitting with legs straight as Ritu now put her buttocks on his cock as I stretched my thighs and than put my both arms on his shoulders, so want to be fucked while sitting on brother’s cock as he hold his penis and than pushed inside as Ritu pushes her buttocks down to swallow his penis and than while holding him hard I starts bouncing my ass as my brother is screaming ” oh uh sister you are too sexy aah it’s in pleasure auch ” and as I am in fire I looked towards dad as I can see dad licking her wife’s vagina and mom a sex diva is on bedsheet, so I am feeling his penis as it’s going deep inside and now Ankit starts fucking me from below as his speed with power is making my cunt dry and burning ” oh auch please rain pour soon ” as he is giving me immense pleasure and now my sexy mom Sneha sits on dad’s lap with both legs stretched as dad hold him hard, so mom than put his hand behind as hold her hubby’s penis and pushed inside as pushes his big buttocks fast, so mom is bouncing her ass as she is getting fucked while both have hold hard dad is kissing my mom and now I again starts bouncing my buttocks as Ankit is giving me his penis inside vagina and now he shouted ” uh oh yes my sexy baby it’s cumming ” as he left his penis inside and his penis sprayed cum, so left his lap as sucked his penis and taste it’s cum. Ritu is tired as my body is feeling too hot as my vagina is swollen and now I walked just away from them as urinates there as washed my vagina, so here mom is getting fucked while dad is fucking him hard and his waist is swinging fast with his red penis coming out and going inside her vagina as dad is sounding like a hungry wolf ” uh oh you slut bounce your butts as I will cum soon ” and both are enjoying their fuck as dad ejaculated semen in her vagina while mom sucked her hubby’s penis as I also….. So on cliff beach we two bitch have been fucked by two dogs…..

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