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Family trip to Goa : part-14

Hi friends,
It’s a bitter truth that we family members are in sexual relations as sitting on dad’s thigh I just hold glass full of wine and both starts drinking it together, so Ankit put some wine and soda in a glass as mom is on bed with her reddish eyes ” you are completely drunk mom
( She ) yes will co-operate you while enjoying sex with both of them
( Dad now put wine and soda in glass ) so you will be a spectator only
( She eyed at me ) it’s my compulsion as this slut gal can’t give me chance with you ” and as our drinks finishes dad now made me sit on sofa as both are in my left and right side, so I put my legs crossed as my short sexy lingerie have covered my upper parts of thighs only and my tits are shinning with brownies nipples making their images on it. Dad now starts kissing my face to lips as Ankit is already in fire as we both have enjoyed bath together and now he starts kissing my arm with his hand holding my soft boobs on dress, squeezing it hard with his lips on my arms to hand and as my face is straight to dad’s he put his lips on my lips and gently pushed it in my mouth, that’s igniting my body to mind and as Ankit put down it laces, my left breast get nude as he starts kissing it’s upper surface and soon swallows it to suck but my dad is sucking my lips as I sucked his lips also and now as I starts screaming ” uh oh Ankit don’t put your teeth on my breast
( Dad said ) oh you slut lady, haven’t you taught your son how to suck a breast
( Mom ) sure but she have made him more thirsty for it and it happens when you loses your control on yourself ” dad now put down the straps of my lingerie as it’s on my waist and now as he put his lips on my breast while holding it hard, my hand have got his penis as I pulled his shorts down and starts jerking it, I am a semi nude gal sitting in between my dad and brother as my legs have stretched my thighs to legs are shivering with both boobs getting sucked and my hand have hold a 6-7 inches long hard penis as it’s erected and now rubbing their hairs I starts crying like a bitch getting dog’s cock in her vagina ” uh oh yes my vagina is now in fire don’t suck my boobs together, brother please lick my vagina soon ” and than he left my breast as pulled out my sexy lingerie dress, Ritu is nude with stockings on her thighs to legs looks like a porn baby, two of them as dad than said ” now on bed or here
( Mom smiled ) do your best as make my daughter hot and than look at her holes ” so soon things changed.
I have put my head on sofas upper back as Ankit sits near my legs while I have bend my knees and put my legs on it to stretch it completely, my buttocks is on sofas corner and Ankit starts kissing my reddish labia and dad stands straight with his cock in hand, here brother’s tongue starts licking my vagina as dad put his one leg on sofa and now put his penis near my mouth as I opened it to swallow but soon he put away his cock while Ankit is rolling his tongue deep inside my vagina and now Ritu hold his dad’s penis as swallows it to suck but my dad is a horny men as he hold my long hairs and starts fucking my mouth with his long penis, it’s glans is hitting my throat and my body is under sensation as brother’s long tongue is still tasting my vagina, will you taste it dear? No never will you get as I pushed my dad’s waist and left his penis ” oh Ankit don’t don’t chew my labia aah it’s hot I will cum soon
( Dad ) so early
( I hold his penis ) yes both have had bath together dear ” and now I took dad’s penis in my mouth as I starts swinging my mouth fast with his sexy voice sounding louder ” oh ah you have made my cock so desperate for holes that I cant hold it’s cum ” and now Ankit took out his tongue as moved to washroom while Ritu is enjoying a nice blowjob till dad took out his penis ” oh it’s too early dear going to ejaculate semen
( He walked to washroom ) no no baby first I will fuck you hard than ” so Ankit came out of washroom and I slept on bed, he is looking for fuck but both have to fuck me together as I am lying on bed. Ritu is nude but white stockings is making me feel hot and wild as dad is on bed with his erected penis in hand ” so I will get laid on bed as Ritu will be on my top and I will fuck her vagina from below as Ankit will push his penis in sister’s ass hole ” and now my both holes are going to be fucked but I know my brother will cum soon in my ass hole as I will bounce my buttocks with dad’s cock in my vagina… Wait for next part.

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