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Family trip to Goa : part-15

Hello friends,
It’s a nice family trip to Goa as both mom and daughter’s are getting fucked, seems to be in physical love more than a picnic spot as now dad slept on bed with his legs straight and Ritu now sits on his penis, don’t be anxious as cock is straight to my glory hole with my thighs stretched and now dad hold my waist as I am a well balanced figure on his cock, soon I hold his penis as pushes it hard in my vagina, it’s hot and now mom have hold a glass as she is drinking wine, now my vagina got a hard stuck as I cried louder ” oh yes it’s terrible will get hurt you demon ” but dad is showing no mercy as he starts fucking me hard from below and his waist is moving fast as both are enjoying sex, soon I felt brother’s hand on my breast as dad than said ” Ritu now put your elbows down as stretch your thighs more ” so I am like a bitch as it’s a doggy position and dad is still motionless as I felt oils in my ass hole, I looked back to see Ankit as he hold his penis and than pushes it in my ass hole, so his cock is not a problem for me as it’s length and thickness is tolerable especially in my ass hole and than Ankit pulled out his penis as he fucked hard ” you dog fuck slower it’s not of a call girl or prostitute
( Ankit starts fucking as dad’s penis is penetrating my vagina ) oh yes yes yes fuck fuck my both holes oh mom it’s pleasurable aah dad fuck hard ” and than as dad put his waist motionless I starts bouncing my buttocks fast with Ankit cock pounding my anus hole like a hungry wolf and here as Ritu is on her knees and elbows, two cocks in my both holes of vagina and anus is making me too hot ” oh god! Two are fucking me like a bitch aah yes yes do do hard, brother give me hard penetration ” as I put my buttocks motionless and now Ritu is in between them as dad is fucking my vagina from below brother is fucking my ass from behind, it’s a nice night with mom nude on bed with her night gown removed and now she sits near her hubby’s face as she starts squeezing my both boobs with her hands while Ankit is going hard with my ass hole in fire but dad’s hard penetration is making me too tired but who misses the chance of getting double penetration! Dad now hold my breast as took one of it in his mouth and starts sucking it but Ankit cock is making me ass hole a burning one ” uh oh fuck fuck but put oils in it
( He screamed ) no baby time to ejaculate semen ” as I got his cum in my ass hole but than Ankit came infront of my mouth as he pushes his penis in my mouth and lot of cum came inside as I tasted it. He left me but dad than starts fucking me with his waist swinging fast and I starts bouncing my buttocks as both is in fire, Ritu’s glory hole is swollen and his long penis is hitting my vagina’s depth as I am like a slut gal bouncing my buttocks hard, know it that my vagina with legs and waist will get some pain whole night but it’s not so much as compared to its pleasure and now in air conditioned room I am sweating profusely with my legs stretched as feeling dad’s penis like an iron rod going deeper into my cunt ” oh dad will you leave me for a while to get some rest
( He smiled ) ok sure ” and than I walked to washroom as feels bruises in my vagina with waist and legs to thighs like getting cramped but it’s my dad’s penis which have fucked so hard.
Ritu came back with a towel wrapped on chest, so can see dad’s long penis fully erected as I have been fucked for 10 minutes and my ass hole is sticky after I cleaned it also, anyhow I came and slept on bed as dad hold me in his arms, so I can see my brother Ankit holding her mom’s nude body as he have lost his cum in my ass hole and now dad kisses my lips as slapped my buttocks ” you have not cried or screamed as Ankit laid his arms soon
( I kissed his face ) oh my fuck buddy I am a satisfied girl as I need your cum in my vagina soon ” and Ritu have widened her legs as dad hold his penis while sitting in between my thighs and now he spits on my vagina as pushes his penis deep inside, so like her wife I am on bed and he starts fucking me with his hand on my breast as his cock seems to be knife in my soft vagina and he is in speed, so when he will pour cum! Waiting for it and now he leaned on me and than starts fucking like a demon and I know he is going to pound it for 2-3 minutes only, so holding his back I just tried to bounce my buttocks as I starts bouncing it and he is kissing my lips as my nails are moving on his back ” oh uh um it’s going to cum again
( Dad smiled ) yes baby yes bounce fast I have hold my cum but now it’s time to burst ” as he fucked hard for 10 -15 seconds and his penis ejaculated semen in my vagina, oh god! Vagina is full of white sticky semen as dad than took out his penis and pushed it in my mouth, so his penis poured semen in my mouth as like a slut I am on bed with my lips and face covered with sticky semen…..

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