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Father in law – part 1

Hi, this is Tina again. I’m 35 year old housewife been married for 12 years to my husband Mike. Mike works night shift at a local factory. I am a stay at home mom and have a son that is in high school.

I also watch my husband father Tom he is 70 and has dementia. So he requires 24 hour care. You cannot leave him home alone.

I’m a petite lady long dirty blonde hair 5 foot tall 34 b cup. My father-in-law is 6 foot tall. He was a nice man before he got sick and even with him forgetting who he is and stuff he still fairly easy to take care of.

It all started one night I was home with alone. My son was at a friends house and husband was at work. So it was just me and Tom home.

Tom had went to bed and I was watching tv. I was dressed comfortable with sweats and t shirt.

An hour after watching tv alone Tom came in. He was confused acting and

Only in his under wear. I got up and led him back to bed and he said he had to use the bathroom so I left him go in as I stood outside door.

He came out a few minutes later naked. I didn’t say anything not to upset him I got his underwear and led him to his room. I tried not to look but it was hard to miss I saw he was hard.. Trying not to freak out or be grossed out I stayed calm and pulled the sheets back on his bed. When I did he put his arms around me and tried to kiss me. I stayed calm as to not upset him and said “Tom come on lets get you in bed” he smiled and nodded his head.

I turned to finish turning his blankets down and he leaned into me which I fell forward on bed. When I did he fell on me and started kissing my neck. I was pined down and he put his arms around me. And had his hands on my tits. I didn’t panic and told him to get up and he started to but when he did he pulled my sweats down to my knees. It happened so fast.

Tom leaned down and started kissing my butt then he slid my shirt up. That’s when I panic and start to pull it back down and he got aggressive he yanked it back up pulling and pulling till it was off my head. I roll over so I could get up and he laid on me. He was a lot bigger and stronger than me and started kissing my neck. I said “nooo Tom” real loud and he just got more aggressive.

I knew what was going to happen now. And the more I struggled the more aggressive he got so I just lay still. He very quickly for a 70 year old pulled my legs up and was trying to fuck me. I was dry so he was having trouble. Next thing I know he cums.

And I mean a lot he shot it all over my pussy belly some hit me on chin. He let out a moan and was humping me like a dog. When he was done he rolled over and I hurried out of room.

I took a shower and cleaned up. What do you do he didn’t know what he was doing. I decided not to tell anyone and went to bed.

The next day I couldn’t get it off my mind. Maybe I should of told my husband but really it would just embarrass me and upset him so decided to let it go.

That night once again I was home with Tom alone. I was watching tv thinking about what had happened. I couldn’t believe how much he had cum. I heard of guys with big loads but that was a lot. I was covered. When sitting there I realized I was getting wet thinking about how much there was. I shook my head to get it out of my mind and I hear Tom in Kitchen..

So I go see what he’s doing now and he was just standing there. So I Take his hand and lead him back to his room. Yes in the back of my mind I was worried it would happen again.

This time he tried to kiss me again. I smiled at him and said “no Tom” real nice and under standing tone.

It got me thinking of how much cum he dumped, lol. Curiosity took me I thought I can just help him stroke it. So I reach down and he was hard. So I pull down his underwear and sat him on bed. I started rubbing him and I could tell he liked it. He started breathing harder and then he stopped me he pulled me too him and pulled my sweats down. I just went along and thought this will get him excited so he can cum and go to bed.

He stood up and startled me and pulled me on bed he was between my legs and before I knew what happened he was in me. He was bigger than his son and I felt him bottom out against my cervix.

He started fucking me and it hurt I couldn’t stop him so I pulled my legs up so it would be less awkward and painful.

As soon as I did he took my legs and started aggressively fucking me. He was slamming his weight down ramming his cock into me over and over. I felt him swelling up it felt like he was going to rip me apart and then he thrust forward with a moan and I could feel him shoot his load in me. When he did I started feeling a orgasm sweep over me. Out of nowhere I tensed up my entire body went stiff. Tom held deep in me rocking his hips with each jet of cum 5 or 6 shots I felt him dump in me then he jerked and pulled out and shot yet more on my belly and tits. My body released and he rolled over and was asleep in a few minutes.

I lay there beside him. Covered with cum. My body was numb. I had the longest hardest orgasm of my life.

I feel cum start to run out of me. I reach down and cup my hand to hold it in. When I touched my pussy I felt how swelled I was. My lips were puffy. I rubbed my cum filled hand across them. My body jerked. “Oh god” I say out loud. I slide my finger down my slit. My hips jerk uncontrollably. With out thinking I slide my finger in with my palm over my clit and my body tensed up again.

Hand tight on my pussy my hips rock and I start cumming again. My hands locked on my pussy. My hips rock and thrust upwards like it was searching for a cock. Then waves of pleasure washes over me. My entire body was locked like a steel clamp.

Finally it snapped like a rubber-band.

And I sunk back into mattress. After a few minutes I got up and with shaky legs go to bathroom. Cum running down my legs. I look in mirror. I have cum all in my hair smeared on the side of my face. I take my hand and smear it around my stomach and tits. I smelled like sex. I look at my cum soaked hand and lick my palm. Whats happened to me. I look down at my pussy which is red and puffy. I get in shower and let the water wash it away. With shaky legs I go to my room and pass out exhausted.

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