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Feeding Time – Dirty Sex Tales

The pandemic had hit loads of people very hard, lots of shops and factory’s had closed down due to no trade because of a lack of money, at just sixteen Amy was fed up of having no money and not being able to go out and enjoy herself or go shopping like she did before the pandemic struck, so when she saw the ad for a baby sitter she quickly phoned the number given and was now on the way to see the parents of the two children who needed sitting, Amy arrived at the house and was soon being interviewed by the children’s father and learnt that the mother of the children who were a three month old baby and twelve year old boy was dead, when Amy learnt that she would need to breast feed the baby Amy hesitate but thought the money was very good and agreed. Amy started her first sitting the next day and found that the boy was Colin who attended her school and that she had to bathe him and when she did so was surprised to see that he had a five inch dick which she knew was big for a boy his age, while bathing Colin he developed a seven inch erection which again surprised Amy, after bathing Colin Amy went and changed the baby’s nappy getting a drink from the fridge on her way, she had been told the drink would help her produce more milk but had some harmless side effects, Amy was sat with the baby when Colin walked in, after speaking with him Amy found she had to feed him as well and after checking the contract realised she had missed that part, Colin sat and watched as Amy took her teen shirt off revealing her naked ample boobs and watched as she fed the baby smiling when he saw her nipples become erect after feeding the baby and putting him in his cot Amy realised that she was feeling horny, Colin knelt by Amy took one of her breasts in his hand and started to suck it then after a few minutes swopped over to the other breast he could hear Amy was breathing heavy, Amy was feeling very horny and realised it was side effects of the drink and when Colin kept swopping from boob to boob she was not bothered surprised at how good it felt, Colin started to rub between Amy’s legs then started to undo her jeans, Amy said “we should not” Colin got Amy’s jeans open and pulled them down looked at her love tube and said “nice hairless cunt” and started to rub it, Amy was breathing very heavy and feeling extremely horny and when Colin pulled her jeans off Amy did not stop him and when Colin lowered his trousers and his solid dick sprung up Amy parted her legs and soon felt Colin’s dick slide into her love tube and start to pound away then after five minutes Amy climaxed not long after Colin dry climaxed, Half a hour later Amy was walking home hardly believing she had let a twelve year old boy screw her or how good it had been, Colin was on the phone to the Chinese herbal shop saying I want more of that stuff that makes you horny and that dick growth stuff.

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