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Feeling Sorry – Part 1

The small English coastal town was one of the many towns in England that had quite a few immigrants trying to get asylum, there was a lot of bad feelings among the residents of the town towards the immigrants, lots of the residents thought that the immigrants should not be allowed in the country, there was often a protest march and other rallies aimed at getting rid of immigrants, immigrants were very badly treated some shop keepers would not let immigrants into their shops. immigrants were often attacked with the police doing little to catch offenders, but there were residents who supported and helped the immigrants as best as they could by giving them food and clothes and talking with them showing kindness to them. Sixteen year old Tina was one of the residents who helped and befriended the immigrants and one day was out in the woods where immigrants some times gathered, Tina had left her twelve year old brother Robert talking with a group of immigrants and was looking for others to help and it was not long before she was speaking with a boy who was on his own and soon learnt that he was from India nick named bird because he loved birds and that he was Roberts age and had been separated from his parents, Tina sat talking with bird for quite some time and asked him what he did for fun and after being told by bird that he did not have fun Tina looked all round then after seeing no one pulled the zip on her hoody right down and opened the hoody, Tina was wearing nothing under it and bird looked in astonishment at the white girls naked boobs, Tina said ” is this fun” bird replied saying yes, Tina stood and raised the front of her short skirt showing bird her bare love tube then after a few minutes Tina lowered her skirt and zipped up her hoody and walked away leaving a happy and smiling bird sat on the fallen tree trunk The next day Tina was in the woods again and went deep into the dense part of the wood and saw bird with another Indian boy who she found out was two years younger than what she was as she spoke with the two boys bird said can we have some fun please, Tina smiled and undid her hoody the boys stared at Tina’s naked ample boobs and when bird reached out and touched her boobs Tina did not stop him and soon both boys were massaging Tina’s boobs, after ten minutes Tina stopped them and after doing her hoody up left them, after a few minutes Tina saw the older boy again he was on his own Tina saw the boy had his six inch erect dick out so she lowered her zip and sat on the ground the boy went to Tina and started to rub her boobs and after a few minutes Tina stopped him bent forward took his dick in her mouth and started to suck it the boy stood enjoying being sucked by a white girl and after a few minutes squirted his cum into her mouth, Tina swallowed the cum and when the boy stood back Tina saw bird with his two inch erection out she smiled and after a minute was sucking birds dick and with in a couple of minutes Tina felt bird dry cum both boys went off feeling happy and knowing that not all the white local people were racist and against them. Tina stood and after zipping her hoody up walked towards her home on the out skirts of the woods thinking at least those two are happy.

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