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Fight for Existence: The Boom (Chapter 1)

Note: The story is completely frictional, don’t take it personal.

Deep down there lived a completely different Universe named Dhruva. The land on Dhruva divided into three pieces: one continuous block from north-west corner to south east corner covering 5/8th land, 1/8th land between south east corner and deep south is covered all sides with gigantic ocean leaving a short cross-section join between main land, the last piece of land is broken from main land with water surrounding all sides and active volcanos on it. Eight corners signifies eight kingdoms with major emperor residing in main land.

In the thick forests of south east corner, Vemana along with wife Pavitra hiding after losing his south-east kingdom in deception to his cousin. Usually like very downtime, Pavitra lighting divas in house, Vemana sat outside staring at full moon thinking deep about his past and future. In moments, a light glooming in size appeared in front as if moon is falling from sky. Vemana started shivering and call out to his wife with pitch low voice. Golden chariot driven by three men and in the back seat number of naked girls who sat as if they are wrapping something stopped close to Vemana. Rich fair skinned guy slowly getting on his legs while the ladies disappeared as ornaments, while three charioteers turned into golden covering for his private parts. It’s “Lord of pleasure, richness: Kamarupa”. Pavitra came close to Vemana, put her hand over his shoulder, both bowed for lord.

Lord: “Delighted my son! Delighted for your truthfulness and the way you devoted to me. Here to please you with presents”

Vemana: “Your presence is hard earned, nothing there to receive nor give but agony of deception still lies in my heart. Nothing I can do being childless or with my body. All I can say we are done”

Lord begins with laughter: “Still isn’t done, if you are ready to pay for it, you can get it”

Vemana: “Pay…….. A lean impotent loser has nothing in his hand, deva.”

Lord: “You got one” staring at Pavitra

Vemana: “Deva, she stood all this time with me, I can’t afford this cost for my poor life”

Pavitra: “Till my life ends, he will remain my sole lover”

Lord: “Good to hear, you both will remain together until your last breath by hearts. For your lifetime devotion to your husband, your body will remain same forever and will receive pleasure from many.” Turning towards Vemana side “Every man to capacity ( except you, sons she bore, divine persons ) who enters house where she stays will bed with her. She bears kids when you both want after their pleasure”

Vemana: “Deva, I don’t know whether to be joyness and cry for being punished”

Lord: “You will realize the worth when things start working in your favor, you both will live long”

Soon Lord disappeared. Both had good dinner. Pavitra fell asleep. Vemana still confused by boom that he got and at same time thinking about his future back as it was in past. Next day was quite normal for them, in afternoon like usually they both had great talk about their future and kids. That evening as sun going down, sky turned pitch dark with heavy clouds surrounding and windblow than normal. While both helping each other for cooking that night’s supper, they heard someone calling. Vemana went out to look, there are 9 sages ( one very elder 80 year old guy, 3 decent mid aged guys, 4 youngsters ) bowed their head. Elderly one group started speaking “my dear son! We are on our way to main city, today the weather seems to be very bad, if you don’t mind we stay here for few days and leave once the weather is perfect for journey. Look at our youngsters and take a decision”. Vemana replied “its great pleasure to host you guru dev, get in”

Pavitra greeted them and served them food. Then she put off divas, all went for good sleep. Vemana woke up hearing thunderstorms and he noticed Pavitra was not beside him. He saw light from another room, slowly moved near the room. He stood in shock, suddenly he felt someone put hand over his shoulder. Elderly sage saying its neither the mistake of your wife nor theirs, its your boom and they are here to bless you.

Pavitra laid straight freely on mat with her blouse untied and those three mid aged sages are around her. One sucking her right boob, other sucking her other boob and third guy kissing her. Pavitra never experienced such pleasure in lifetime realising her body temptations. Her nipples erect hard that she doesn’t want to let those two guys stop licking her boobs. One on the left, had his tongue wide out slowly passing down from boobs to navel. He kissed her navel spot, slurping her navel. She couldn’t control her body fluids, put her hand over his head try to stop but he isn’t. The one who is kissing her moved to left side and took hold her boobs while right guy followed the first person. Both guys who are licking her navel, untied her langa and pulled her saree down. Fair clean pussy with pink lips shining with juices was awaiting for their attention. Vemana who is peeping into room stared with her eyes and mouth wide open. Those two guys licking her pussy as if they aren’t satisfied for years, third guy joined them. All three took turns to have better taste of her.

Pavitra was full in trance with them forgot that she is married woman and her husband is around. Those three guys stood up around her, she sat on knees with mouth open in excitement. Vemana saw Dhothis of sages falling down and exposing their bare backs towards him. In her entire life, she got first view of boned dicks, she didn’t give a time, she went forwards and took in her mouth. With full of excitement, she took turn of those dicks. All three guys are chubby brown hairy guys who fathered those four youngsters. She is their second lady. Pavitra is slim fair lady with structure that attracts every man who appears way younger to her age. One guy went back to her, raised her from knees to doggy position. She is feeling the pleasure while he is rubbing his dick on pussy to make slow passage into it and expecting him to enter. When he entered, she gave a loud noise. Other two guys went aside.

Pavitra now realised her husband was at entrance, she tried to diffuse herself. The guy who entered her banging her hard. He started spanking her butts. His fat brown dick doing great magic in her pussy, she couldn’t let him out nor continue. The session continued to greater extent until both the guy groaned loudly releasing cum inside her and squirted with immense pleasure. The drips of mixed fluids flowing out of her pussy on the floor in moments turned into kid. Vemana shocked watching that, the guy took kid in his hand and walked towards him. Meanwhile other guy laid Pavitra straight then he got on top of her and slowly entered his dick into her. He fucked like the first one until he cummed in her, then they got second kid from drips of mixed fluids flown out of her pussy. Similarly third guy finished with third kid. All had their kids in hand and came towards Vemana naked. They all together handed kids to Vemana saying that you are blessed with your heirs. Pavitra walked towards her husbands, she bent over him and rolled her tears of sorry. Vemana leaned his head towards her saying they are cute and ours. He kissed her and asked those youngsters to take kids into another room.

You did alot of sacrifice in your life my dear, you have to get things which I couldn’t give you. He took her hands and put over those sage’s dick. Then, he walked out of room. Unlike the time he heard from Lord, Vemana enjoying sounds of moaning that is coming from room. He thanked lord for gift he got. Slowly he fell asleep.

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