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Finding Comfort – Dirty Sex Tales

Suzi smoothed down her skirt and tried to focus but was finding it a little difficult after the amount of prosecco she had consumed with her next door neighbour Kelly. Looking at the bottle she noticed it was just about empty and ready to join the other empty bottle in the waste bin when Kelly appeared at the doorway brandishing a fresh cold bottle.

“Where were we,” she exclaimed in her broad north east accent as she twisted the cork out of the prosecco with a pop. “I remember… we were talking about sex, well at least I was.” Then she dissolved into giggles as she sloshed the prosecco into their glasses.

The two women had known each other for years since they moved into neighbouring houses in a very respectable village in the London commuter belt, but they had become firm friends when their respective husbands left them within a few weeks of each other. Both women were now closer to 50 than 40 and with their children away at university they both had their large houses from the divorce settlements pretty much to themselves. Since that momentous change in both of their lives they popped into each other’s houses like it was their second home, and would often spend an evening in each other’s company consuming prosecco and generally putting the world to rights.

Kelly always was the smaller one of the pair with her short straight blonde hair that fell to the nape of her neck and as a fitness fanatic she would often be seen pounding the pavement to keep her 5’4” figure in shape, and Kelly was very proud that she was still a size 8. Suzi was a couple of inches taller than Kelly with brown hair that fell to her shoulders in a tumble of curls, and by her own admission Suzi knew she could do to lose a few pounds but still felt she was in pretty good shape, though nothing like Kelly’s trim figure. She always felt her best assets were here 38dd and was convinced that men wanted the curves that went with it.

“Sex,” said Kelly again, rolling the word round her mouth, “that’s the real secret to staying in shape, lots and lots of sex.”

Suzi looked at Kelly and laughed as she said, “sex with whom, may I ask, haven’t seen a string of men at your door or maybe you sneak them in.”

“Who said anything about men?” said Kelly quietly looking at her best friend intently.

“Have you turned… you know…” stammered Suzi, wondering if her friend was about to make a pass and also wondering in her slightly tipsy state if she would decline as it had been over 3 years since she had last had sex. In fact the only orgasms she had were from her fingers under the covers in darkness and shame, recalling how the nuns at school would tell the girls they would go to hell for touching, but the urge was sometimes just too much.

“Lesbian?” giggled Kelly then went on “wondering if I was going to lick your pussy as you lick mine.” Suzi blushed bright red as Kelly laughed and went on, “looking at your face not sure you would say no but rest assured I still love cock.”

Kelly always had a way of saying things that would shock Suzi in a delightful way. Suzi’s posh private education had not prepared for the more down to earth working class lass who married well but despite their differences they enjoyed each other’s company. Suzi was sexually naïve with her ex-husband Roger, being the only man, she had ever slept with. Her married sex life then was once a week in darkness and conducted in silence with the occasional grunt or apology if Roger thought he was being too vigorous. Kelly on the other hand made it quite clear she had a ‘bit of a dark past’ before she married and Suzi had learnt more about sex from Kelly than she had ever known before. In fact, Kelly had hinted she may have been more than just friends with other women in the past, whereas Suzi hadn’t seen another woman naked since school. Before Suzi could question her further, Kelly clicked on the TV so they could watch the latest ‘romcom’ they had agreed on earlier in the day.

As the third bottle of prosecco finished along with the film, which wasn’t half as good as the pair had hoped, Suzi’s mind drifted back to Kelly’s earlier comment about sex. Being much more open due to the alcohol lowering her inhibitions and giving her a degree of bravery, Suzi looked at Kelly and said, “so where are you getting this lots of sex you boasted about earlier?”

“Roger,” said Kelly quietly staring at Suzi whose mind started to whir at a hundred miles an hour.

Suzi tried to think who Roger was… the gardener… her personal trainer… had her ex-husband returned in secret and was now fucking her best friend? Then she remembered that Kelly had said it wasn’t a guy and slowly it dawned on her who Roger was. “Oh, you mean your Roger,” Suzi said open mouthed as the full realisation of what Kelly had said hit her. Roger was a 3-year-old black lab that went running with Kelly most days and would often be seen bouncing around Kelly’s back garden. Kelly had called him Roger as she said it reminded her of Suzi’s ex-husband, “a bit clumsy and would often bound about with his tongue hanging out,”

“Shocked?” said Kelly studying her friend’s face, waiting for her reaction.

Suzi was in total shock as she blurted out, “but he’s a dog… and a it’s wrong … if it is even possible…” her words trailed away as she found herself imagining what it would be like to be fucked like a bitch and at the same time recoiling against the enormity of the act. A million questions formed on Suzi’s lips as Kelly’s loud laugh filled the room.

“You daft cow,” Kelly snorted, “do you really think I would fuck a dog?” Suzi just stared at her as she went on,”I bought myself a new dildo, which is what you should do.”

The conversation then turned to the usual topic of Kelly telling Suzi she should buy a dildo and all the pleasures that go with it. Much to Kelly’s delight Suzi was getting redder and redder as Kelly got more graphic about its use. Suzi had never owned a dildo and wouldn’t really know how to get one, and although Kelly had offered a few times Suzi was too embarrassed at the thought of her friend knowing what she might be doing with it.

After saying a cheery drunken goodbye to Kelly, Suzi swayed next door and with her mind still turning sat in front of her PC. Kelly had said she was joking, thought Suzi, but was she? Could these things happen? With that typed into her browser window, ‘women sex dogs.’ Over the next hour Suzi discovered that not only was it possible, it was a lot more common than she had thought, and to her surprise, and also shock, found the pictures & descriptions arousing. When Suzi eventually found videos the whole thing became very real as she watched a woman on screen being fucked by a black lab very similar to Roger as her moans of orgasms echoed from the speakers.

Clicking the PC off Suzi climbed into bed and for once didn’t bother folding her clothes neatly and putting the dirty ones in the laundry, but instead discarded them on the floor and crawled into bed. As she closed her eyes the video returned to her mind but in her vision instead of it being a porn model it has morphed into her friend Kelly being fucked. Then in a flash the vision changed and she could see herself under the dog and touching herself Suzi bought herself to a shuddering climax


Over the next few days Suzi’s thoughts kept drifting back to Kelly’s words, she had said she was joking but was that just to cover up what she thought was a bad reaction from her friend. The more Suzi thought about it, the more she was concerned that perhaps she had damaged their friendship as Kelly had hardly spoken to her since that night. Spotting Kelly returning from her run Suzi decided she would pop round for a cup of tea and a chat and make sure the air was clear between them.

Entering the kitchen from the open back door Suzi became a little alarmed as she heard her friend’s moans like she was in pain. Spotting her head on the floor poking out from behind the central island in the kitchen Suzi thought she had perhaps banged her head and collapsed. Rushing round Suzi went to cry out, “Kelly are you OK,” but the words died on her lips as she rounded the corner and took in the full scene.

Kelly was naked from the waist down and on her back was Roger, his paws gripping Kelly’s hips as he slammed in and out. Suzi’s cry caused Kelly to look up and stare at her friend, then a moan of pure pleasure escaped her lips as Roger’s cock drove in and out.

“Don’t hate me,” Kelly moaned through gritted teeth unable to move.

“I don’t hate you, I am jealous of you,” Suzi rasped in a hoarse and sexually charged voice.

Kelly moaned louder as she surrendered herself to Roger energetic ministrations and Suzi moved round to get a better view. She could see that the dog cock was angry and red and looked much thicker than she had seen, and would have guessed therefore longer.

“He looks so big,” Suzi said breathlessly spellbound by the spectacle before her.

“He is fucking marvellous,” groaned Kelly pushing back to meet Roger’s thrusts. Then moaning lewdly, “oh here comes the knot, fucking yes… yes… YESSSSSS”, the last word bounced round the kitchen.

“The what?” Suzi asked but her friend was too far gone to reply as the words tumbling from her mouth were unintelligible. Suzi was holding her breath as she watched her friend’s orgasm build then burst, and she exhaled with her, in a mighty breath as Kelly lifted her head and howled with pure lust.

Suzi had never seen another woman orgasm before and loved the way Kelly’s face rippled with effort and pleasure, her small breasts swinging underneath as the dog on her back held steady, panting and drooling. Suzi watched Kelly’s fingers appear between her thighs and start to rub her engorged clit causing another orgasm and then as Roger pulled away Suzi had a clear view of a ball of flesh being tugged from Kelly’s pussy. The knot was attached to a large, still dripping, red cock and Kelly’s pussy was open and puffy then spurts of seed fell onto the floor in a puddle between her thighs.

Suzi had never felt so turned on until that moment and without thinking reached out and touched her friend’s pussy causing Kelly to moan with pleasure as Suzi pushed 2 fingers deep in, then withdrew them studying the sticky mess that coated them.

“Taste him,” Kelly rasped in a throaty voice having bent her head round to watch Suzi.

Suzi moaned around her own fingers as she sucked tasting the bitter dog seed mixed with her friend’s juices. Both tastes were a first for her as she had never tasted a male’s seed, not even her ex-husband’s nor had she tasted a woman’s juices, not even her own. The combination of taste and smell sent fireworks through Suzi’s brain and she had an overwhelming desire to taste more.

Flipping Kelly onto her back Suzi held Kelly’s knees apart and paused as she knelt between Kelly’s thighs staring down at the sticky mess oozing from her pussy.

“You sure?” Kelly said as she looked at Suzi.

“Have never been so sure in my life,” said Suzi, “I just want to fix this moment in my memory,” and with that dived in slurping and licking.

Roger had sat in the corner licking his balls and cock clean after an almost satisfactory mating with his usual human bitch, though being young could have done with a longer mating. Looking over he saw that the new human was hiding her head between his bitch’s thighs with her ass in the air, the scent coming from the pair was intoxicating so he wandered over to investigate further.

Suzi was trying to drive her tongue deeper into Kelly’s pussy when she felt the nudges from Roger’s nose, and before she had time to react felt his weight as he lifted up and tried to mount her. The only thing stopping Roger from achieving his goal were the thin cotton trousers that Suzi was wearing. The back of the thin material covering her ample ass was quickly soaked with Roger’s pre-cum as he thrust his rapidly hardening cock, becoming more agitated as he tried to find an opening.

Suzi lifted her head, her face covered in cum and juices, and moaned loudly, “Kelly he is trying to mount me”

“Let him,” Kelly replied panting from the effects of Suzi’s eager tongue, which compared to the few lesbian encounters she had enjoyed over the years, ranked as one of the most enthusiastic.

Breaking from her lickings Suzi leant her head on Kelly’s tummy to brace herself and reaching back on either side hooked her thumbs into her waistband. With a wiggle and a shuffle, she managed to pull them down to her knees along with her panties but progress was made difficult by Roger’s continuing attempts to mount. Eventually it was almost like Roger got the idea of what Suzi was trying to do as he moved away allowing Suzi to stand for a moment and step out of one leg. Before she could free her other leg Roger almost pushed her back to all fours.

Pushing her ass up in a wanton display of lust Suzi moaned loudly, “fuck me.” Roger clearly understood the command as he rose up and grabbed Suzi’s hips and tried to bury himself in his new bitch’s body.

Suzi could feel the cock sliding along her ass and whined in frustration as Roger kept missing his mark, but to her relief she felt Kelly reach under and guide Roger into her soaked pussy. A long guttural moan issued forth from Suzi’s lips as the only other cock, apart from her ex-husband’s, penetrated her flesh, and it was the only penetration she had experienced in 3 years. Suzi was unprepared for how big Roger was and how hot his cock felt as he drove home, and to her shock she orgasmed after just a few strokes. Roger was oblivious to Suzi’s orgasm and continued to fuck with a frenzy only his species can, causing orgasm after orgasm to flash through Suzi’s body.

Kelly watched in awe as she witnessed for the first time the true beauty of someone else being fucked and what made it doubly exciting was she knew exactly what Suzi was feeling. Kelly could see that Roger was now trying to knot and to help she leant forward and whispered in Suzi’s ear, “just relax,” but Suzi was too far gone to listen. Kelly felt under and started to rub Suzi’s clit bringing about another orgasm followed by the slight relaxation of her pussy afterwards. Roger sensed his opportunity and with a mighty thrust forced his knot inside ready to breed and Suzi’s scream seemed loud enough to be heard miles away as she writhed and jerked under Roger.

Once he was firmly lodged inside Roger swelled and locked before sending jets of hot seed into Suzi’s pussy as his knot throbbed and pulsed against her g-spot. Roger now lifted his leg and turned until ass to ass, causing his knot to rotate inside Suzi’s highly sensitive pussy. No words could describe the feelings rushing round Suzi’s body as she orgasmed for what seemed like the hundredth time before slipping into a semi stupor with Roger still lodged inside her.

It was a full 30 minutes later before Roger shrivelled enough to slip out of Suzi’s battered pussy leaving her face down on Kelly’s kitchen floor. Propping her friend up Kelly held a glass of water to Suzi’s lips and asked nervously, “are you OK?”

Suzi stared at her friend slightly out of focus, but with a huge soppy grin on her face as she said, “I want that every day for the rest of my life.”

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