Finding Virgins – Part 2

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Little Julie

The end of my 8th-grade year was only a bit over 2 months away and so was the end of my Middle School years. Cindy had been the first virgin I had a few months before. Lots of thought were on my mind as I would enter high school next year. For one I would now be one of those on the lowest rung. In my favor, I had banged one of the biggest school sluts what would be a Senior next year. Chris was a friend of my brother’s girlfriend. When I was in 7th grade she took my virginity at a party my brother had. Her date had not shown up and she was horny. I was the only unattached male around. We fucked a couple more times after that, Chris taught me a lot about having sex. How it was best to get a handjob or blowjob first so the sex would last longer. Before Cindy, I was curious about what it would be like to pop a girl’s cherry. After Cindy, it was all I could think about.

I knew there would still be lots of virgins in High School. I would have guessed at least 80% of the girls in the 6th to 8th grade were still virgins figuring there were about 600-700 female students that meant less than 140 had been popped and it might have been much lower. Lots of girls didn’t want others to know if they were Virgins or not.

For the guys, the number that had been to bed with a girl was higher but not as high as some might claim. I’d guess for every guy that said he had fucked, 25% were full of shit. More than likely 80% of the guys in the middle school were also virgins. Of the girls that had lost it in middle school, the average one had been with 2 or 3 guys by the end of 8th grade. Once a girl has been with one guy the next one if he knows about it kind of expects it. Of course, some of the girls once they get a taste of sex also want more and there is less stopping them from having sex with the next guy.

Spring was finally here with most of the snow gone by the end of March. For some, this meant riding a bike to school. One day on my way home I noticed someone up ahead with a bike on its side. It was a girl that I had seen around the school but had never talked to. I stopped and asked her if she needed help. The chain had come off and she could not even get it unstuck to push the bike home. I said let me take a look. I managed after a bit of time to get it unstuck and then got it replaced back on. I noticed it was still loose but told her she should have her dad fix it better when she got home. She thank me and said her name was Julie, she gave me a hug and then rode off. I noticed that she was a very small girl and she really felt like she had no breasts at all when she hugged me. She got on her bike and started off again but the chain came off soon after and I caught up. She said she might as well just walk the bike so I asked if I could walk with her. We talked and she told me she was in the 7th grade but would be 14 in August.

She told me they had just moved there in November and she had previously lived in Iowa. She also told me her dad worked a desk job and she didn’t know if he knew how to fix a bike He usually hired people to fix stuff around the house. I told her we could stop at my house and I could take a look at it.

Once at my house in no time, I had moved the back wheel to adjust the chain and she gave it a try. The bike worked and again she gave me another hug.

Before she headed home I asked what she was doing on Friday night and if she would like to go to a movie or something. She said she’d see me in school and let me know. I didn’t run into again at school until Friday morning. Julie asked if I still wanted to do something that night. I said yes you name it. She said some other friends of hers that were all 7th graders were going to a movie and wanted to know if I’d go with her. I said sure.

About 6pm that evening her mother picked me up to bring us to the mall for the movie and said she would be back after to pick us up. We were to meet some friends of hers there. After we got out she told me her friends couldn’t make it so it would be just the two of us. We’d make up a story that they didn’t show or had already been picked up after the movie. We sat close as we could with the chair arms in the way but I put my arm around her and she leaned into me the entire movie. We also held hands for a while. After the movie, her mom picked us up. When they dropped us off she thanked me for the evening and secretly passed me a note.

She had written it beforehand but obviously wanted to see how the evening went before passing it to me. In the note, she asked if she could come over sometime so we could hang out. and to call her but not to say anything on the phone because her mom sometimes listened in to phone conversations. The next day I called and we talked about the movie the night before and school stuff. She then said she had to go see a friend and do some homework and that her friend lived in an apartment and gave the street name. She also said see you later as she hung up the phone. I figure it might be a hint to meet her at the apartment building. I waited for about half an hour or so and was about to give up when she came riding around the corner on her bike. I asked her what she wanted to do and she said how about going to the park. We got to the park a few blocks away and locked her bike up. There are some walking trails along a small creek along a wooded area. We went for a walk holding hands. Julie told me how overprotective her mother was and how she could not go on a date along with boys, only in a group.

It was all because of her older sister who was now in college. I asked why. Julie said her older sister had started to have sex when she was 13 like I am now and had been pregnant once but lost it to a miscarriage. Her mother was afraid the same thing would happen to Julie and even put her on the pill as a precaution but watched every move she made. I asked Julie if she had sex yet. She said no and asked me if I had. I told her yes. Julie asked me, with more than one girl? I told her yes more than one. She said how many girls have you been with? I thought about lying but told her the truth, that I had been with four girls. Julie asked if any of them were virgins. I told her only the last one I had been with and she broke it off because she said it was a mistake.

Julie said she thinks about sex a lot and how it will hurt the first time. Her sister told her to not do it with a guy that had not done it before. Her sister’s first time was with a virgin guy and it lasted only a few seconds and it was over. About this time we came to the tunnel in the park. It was dark inside and once inside I turned to her and pulled her close to me and leaned down and french kissed her. I also grabbed her ass and she didn’t try and stop my advance. We started to walk about with my arm around her holding her close. I figured with the way our conversation had gone and how she responded to my kiss and ass grab I would just come out and ask.

“Do you want me to be your first”. Julie said, “I think so”. She said I think I’m ready, I think about sex a lot. She said her sister told her lots of stories in the past year about how good sex was. She also told her no matter how romantic it sounds to lose your virginity to a guy that was a virgin, don’t do it. You want your first time to be special, that lasts and something to remember. I asked her if she had any thoughts on when and where she would like to have sex for the first time. Our spring break was coming up next week and her parents both worked full time. She would only have her little brother around but could get him to go to a friend’s house. Still, she worried he might come home. I told her my parents would also be gone and I would have the house to myself. We decided Tuesday of the next week would work best. She would tell her brother to go to a friend’s house because he could not stay home alone and she needs to go to the library to work on a school project.

Tuesday came, my parents left for work and I called Julie. She sounded nervous on the phone. I asked her if she was really ready and she said yes. Just a little scared but she was coming over and would be there in about an hour or so.

I wanted everything to be right. I had some got some lube and put some older sheets on my bed that I could just throw away. I had some candles to make the room smell good and still give some light with the lights off and shades closed.

Julie arrived and we kissed at the door. She asked if we could watch TV first for a while and if I would holder her before we went up to my room. There really wasn’t much good on for daytime TV, we end up watching Brady Bunch reruns.

We talk about she was on the pill so we decided I would not use a condom and it would be ok for me to cum in her. It was kind of stupid of us to think she could not get pregnant, and not to have extra protection. She really wanted to feel the skin and skin and her sister told her what it felt like when a guy came inside you.

After about an hour or so of kissing and holding her close on the couch, Julie put her hand on my lap and would feel my hard cock. She looked at me and said, “I think I’m ready”.

We went upstairs to my room and I lit the candles and closed the shades. I told her it was best to give me a handjob or blowjob first so I can come once and then will last longer for her first time. I put a pillow on the floor asked her to get undressed. She unbuttoned her jeans and I did the same. We pulled them down to the floor and stepped out of them just watching each other. She undid the buttons on her shirt and I pulled my t-shirt over my head but placed in on the floor. She let her shirt drop behind her and stood there in her A-Cup bra and panties. I moved up to her and kissed her while undoing her bra from behind. I moved back and let her bra drop to the floor. I then pulled my short down with my now erect cock pointing out at her. She started to pull her panties down but I told her to wait and took her by the shoulders and told her to kneel on the pillow in front of me. Her head was just below my cock, I grabbed another pillow and had her put that under her knees also to bring her to about the right height. I told her to take my cock in her hand and I showed her how to stroke it. After a few strokes, I told her to open her mouth and let me put my cock in her mouth. She did. I told her to use her tongue on the underside of my cock while I slid it in and out of her mouth a little. Her mouth felt so warm. I tried to push a little too far in and she gaged a bit. I told her with practice she would be able to take it all the way in down her throat and to relax but we didn’t have to do that today. I could feel I was ready to cum and told her to try and swallow it. The first shot went in her mouth and she backed away. My second shot hit her on the chin and her chest. I stoked my cock and the rest shot out in a few spurts on her legs and on the pillow under her. I got a towel I had placed on the dresser and gave it to her. She spit some in it and wiped her chin, chest, and legs.

After a fast cleanup, I asked if she was ready and she said: “I guess so”. I told her it would take a bit for me to get hard again but we needed to get her ready. I had her lay on my bed and I got next to her and kissed her as I removed her panties. I moved my hand between her legs and parted them a bit running my finger down her pussy lips. I parted them a bit and could feel her wetness. I kissed my way down her body and then used my tongue on her virgin hole. She responded with soft moans as she got more naturally lubed. I put a finger in her and she said it hurt. I could feel her tightness around my finger. She was a much smaller girl than Cindy and I hoped I could get my dick in such a tight hole. I spread her legs apart and got the lube for the table on the side of my bed. I put some lube in my hand and spread it around my dick. I moved between her legs and could feel her trembling a bit. I asked her if she was ready and she yes but please be gentle as you can.

I put my dick head her virgin hold entrance and tried to push in but couldn’t. I moved my dick up and down her slit to try and get some of the lube inside. It wasn’t working after what seemed like mins but was really only less than one. I got some more lube and using my fingers inserted one in her. She was really tight and I told her she need to relax a bit. After working my finger in a little bit and lubing her up some I tried again. This time the head of my dick started to enter her until I could feel it push against what felt like a wall. I knew it was her hymen and it felt a lot stronger than Cindy’s had. I pushed again and Julie said, “hurts”. I told Julie sorry but this is going to hurt a lot I think. I pushed as hard as I could and she kept saying, “hurts”. I could feel her cherry giving way as she cried in pain but she didn’t say stop. I could almost feel her tearing open as I pushed deeper in her until I was all the way in. I stopped once all the way in. Julie was crying and I asked her if she ok and was it ok for me to continue. She again said it hurts but yes, go slow. I started a slow in and out rhythm, not pulling out too far so she could get used to having a cock inside her.

I told her I was sorry it was hurting her so much but she would loosen up. I kept the slow and steady pace trying not to push too hard in all the way. I could tell she was in pain but also could hear some pleasure in her responses with her “oh god I cannot believe I’m getting fucked”.

She started to loosen up enough for me to pick up the pace a little. Her breathing picked up and she started to scream “oh god” I could tell she was having an orgasm and could not hold mine anymore as a pushed in as deep as I could and let my load go inside her. I layed on top of her for a bit and then slowly pulled my cock out. I looked at the red blood on my cock and the red blood and cum coming out of her just tapped hole. Again I told her I was sorry it was so painful for her. She said it was ok, that once I was in she figured her cherry was gone and no reason to stop without finishing. I helped her stand on her now wobbly legs. I told her she might want to shower or take a bath and clean up. She said a hot bath sounded nice. I left the door open so I could check on her. I cleaned up my bed and put the blood-stained sheets in a garbage bag. After about 20 mins or so she came out of the bathroom dried off and got dressed.

Julie said it felt like I was still inside her and it hurt some when she moved or bent over to put her socks on. She asked if she could call her sister and let her know because she couldn’t tell her about that from her home phone. I told her sure.

We went downstairs to call her sister. After a little small talk, she told her sister “guess what, I just had sex for the first time” She told her it hurt a lot and it was hard to get in at first. I only got her part of the conversation but she told her sister “he has been with four other girls but only the last one was a virgin too”. After a few more questions and answers Julie said “my sister wants to talk to you”

Julie’s Sister: ” So you popped my little sisters cherry”

Me: “Yes”

JS: ” I hope you aren’t going to fuck her and dump her”

Me: “No”

JS: “Good, I told her she should rest for a day or two but should fuck again soon so she gets looser” “I don’t want her to have to find another guy and become a slut too soon”

Me: “Ok, I want to have sex with her again too”

JS: “ok, let her know I’ll talk with her soon”

she hung up.

We had sex two more times that week during spring break and a few times until the end of the school year. She went to stay with her sister that summer right after school was out. Her sister called me about a week later and said Julie was breaking up with me and dating her boyfriend’s brother.

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